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Google Videos Updated, Now Supports Playback On Froyo And Gingerbread Devices

Head on over to the Market, and update your Google Videos application. Besides a couple bug fixes, the new main feature is support for Froyo, and Gingerbread handsets. We will stick by our opinion that $2.99+ to rent a movie for 24 hours is completely ridiculous, but to each his own.

Speaking of which, we have a few people over on our Twitter, claiming that their Thunderbolts are getting the new Market pushed to them? Anyone else getting it on their devices?

Market Link

Cheers ___! 

  • Anonymous

    Now with Root Support, lol.

    I released this last week, so it’s the older Google Video, but it still works fine on all 2.2+ devices. This apk also works with Market Movie integration.

  • Anonymous

    Now with Root Support, lol

    I released this mod about a week ago, so it’s the older app, but it still plays fine on all 2.2+ device root or unrooted.

  • Photonmedia

    I got the new Market pushed out last weekend. Woke up Sunday am to find it.

  • Nik Rager

    What theme is that? The icons are beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I got the new market today on my tunda bow and I hate it. It sucks of Win7esqueness and I want the old one back.

  • James_Ever

    My Droid3 just got the market update today. I’m not feeling the new design of it personally. And 3 bucks for a movie for 24hrs is ridiculous unless travelling.

  • i got it on my htc incredible this morning @ 2am

  • what theme is that?

  • I got the new market a few days ago on my TBOLT~

  • My Thunderbolt got a new market like two weeks ago.

  • I have had the new market for a while now.

    Thanks to this site and some great devs, I have no idea what official android is doing these days.

  • J125w

    Yup my Incredible running CM7 got the new market about a week ago. I sure was surprised. Had no clue the market would automatically update like that.

  • Dazz1996

    my friends atrix 4g got the ota update today

  • Scott

    My Droid 1 received it yesterday.  I want the old one back, the new one is crazy slow, and I’m not paying that much to watch a movie. 

  • Greg

    $2.99 is better than trying to remember to take movies back to Redbox though.. just saying

  • Anonymous

    Got the new market on my Droid 3 a couple days ago. 

    Anyone else notice that the new market has a lot of bugs? I had it force close on me a couple times. Cleared the data on the market app, still some odd bugs. Hopefully Google will push an update with some bugfixes soon.

  • jandrewcol

    The new market on my Droid 2 showed up this morning.

  • Firelight

    New Market – yes via root and the apparently for that reason it also will not allow me to install Video on my DX either. Marketplace website said this is only compatible with my D1 – which I no longer have since it died a watery death in January.

  • I’ll admit that I used tried one of the Movies on my XOOM. It came back and said that the application does not support rooted devices. So I had to watch it through youtube.

  • Jeff327

    My TB got the new market about two weeks ago. 

  • RunningAaronDS

    Market was pushed to my Droid X.  I was shocked to see such a drastic change.

    $2.99 for a digital copy that lasts 24 hours is INSANE!!!  Why would they think that would fly? 

  • My Droid Charge got 2 o 3 days ago.

  • Romma1

    If the MHL porting worked on the Incredible 2, it may be worth it based on the fact that it costs a dollar to rent at redbox, but it costs about three dollars of gas to get it and return it the next day. Time and gas = money!

  • Yaw

    What theme is this? Someone plz.

  • Bob

    I have had the new market on my DInc for 2 weeks or so now…

  • Raven

    I also got force upgraded to the new Market on my Droid 2 Global 2
    nights ago.  I was reading the comments on the Flash update and suddenly the
    Market just closed.  Thinking I accidentally hit Back or something I
    relaunched it only to find the brand new Ad laden Market.  I would be
    really pissed about the gigantic movie Ad that has been showing on the
    top ever since if it wasn’t for the movie SuckerPunch, which I loved.

  • Anonymous

    Received new market on my x about a week and a half ago .

  • Sean Futach

    New market updated itself as soon as me and my wife connected our droid 3’s to wifi, I was so confused because I opened market to get an app, went out of it for a second and when I went back it had the new look.

  • i got the new market on my tb a about 3 days ago..  🙂

  • Zeadaplaya

    Old news is old. A+ for effort but it got updated to support Froyo and Gingerbread like a month ago.

  • Ottomango1


  • Laxmaster11

    Atrix 4G got it yesterday.

  • I’m sure this won’t matter to 90% of us readers as most of us are rooted and it won’t work anyways.

    • Anonymous

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      Lumiix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.41 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I

      will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when

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      • Adam Elghor

        how much do i have to pay to stop you from making comments here 

  • Eric Williams

    Just got new market on stock Droid X this morning for the first time. Now  3.0.27

  • Anonymous

    Weird, I have had new market and videos on my Droid X2 for like 2-3 weeks back when you mentioned it before.  It was a lifesaver on some recent flights too. Some advice…be sure not to download on Xoom for offline mode (or phone if you want to view on Xoom) because you can only download offline on one device.

    So even though your right to view it is still 30 days or 24 hours after start – it now becomes only that single copy this is true for.  Viewing on other devices or if you try to offline it on a different devicewill just get you a message that you already dl’d it elsewhere.  

  • Wsiembida

    I have had the new market for a while now

  • Rader023

    Can we mention on the article that there is supposedly no support for rooted phones. Would hate to see folks waste time and money renting movies.

  • Anonymous

    My droid charge got the new market by itself while i was downtown and my nookcolor got it while i was trying to open the market it closed and BAM, it was there. My old deactivated droid x got the market also and i didnt notice until today. My bros dinc2 didnt get it but he put on the leaked version

  • Peter Bartholomul

    does this work like the blockbuster bloatware app where u rent a movie and it downloadsonto your phone and then automatically deletes when the time expires? or does the google movies app actually make use of the 4g and let us stream the movie to our phone?

    • Anonymous

      You can stream or offline in 3g or 4g with this.  

      • Scott

        “offline” meaning you can actually download to your phone?

        • Anonymous

          Yep, so you can pull whole movie over in advance, instead of streaming. Great for watching movies on a flight, etc.

  • Sk102704

    I got it on my OG Droid yesterday…

  • My friend got it pushed to his X today 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the new market for a couple days now.  I wasn’t sure when it happened.

  • George

    Yes I’ve actually had it for about 2 weeks on OG droid. Wife has X2 she does not

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the new market on my bolt since the day you guys originally announced it.  Didn’t know my bolt was special.

    • Anonymous

      Ok I am not special, it popped onto both mine and the girls DX2 the same day of announcement here. 

  • You say $2.99 to rent a movie for 24 hours is ridiculous, but then you tell us to head on over to update our video app. Contradict yourself much?

    • If you use the app, then by all means you should update it. 

      But our opinion is that it seems a little overpriced 😛

  • Jordan Maziarka

    Suprisingly my dX and my moms droid Pro had the new market almost a week ago.

  • dean dobbs

    Droid X got it yesterday. Not sure I like it yet…

  • I would use it if LTE becomes available around my area and it gets as low as Red Box… 

  • Haven’t received it on my device yet, but then again I am running Liberty on my DX

  • Droid 3 new market confirmed

  • Droid 3 new market confirmed

  • DroidX_Owner

    My Droid X got it yesterday evening

  • Anonymous

    My wife (TBOLT) Got it a few days ago. #newmarket

  • Anonymous

    My Incredible got the new Market yesterday on the way home from work. Just showed up!

    • That’s what we like to hear 🙂

      • Larry M

        My Droid X got it yesterday too. Of course, thanks to DL I had already tried it out, but yesterday I finally got the official one. 🙂

        • Rmkeesler

          My original Droid got it yesterday as well.

      • Firemanprice

        My DX got it last week. I thought everyone got it so I didn’t make a deal out of it.