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Jumptap Releases OS Breakdown Of America

Who doesn’t love a good info-graphic from time to time? The newest graph, released by Jumptap, shows 48 U.S. States and how they rank up against each other in overall OS domination. Within their report, spanning 38 million users, Android ranked 1st at a cool 38%. While iOS wasn’t too far behind at an impressive 33%.

They entitled the top graph, “United States of Android”. Suiting, don’t you think? Other data recorded was Android users likely to interact with advertising depending on which which carrier (of the US’s main four) they were on. Verizon, T-mo, and Sprint all sat around 20%, while AT&T users only showed that 17% were interested in interacting with ads.

We can only imagine that these numbers will continue to grow in the same rate, and that the map will be covered in mostly yellow in just a few years. Hard to believe my state of Oregon is dominated by Blackberry. Ay caramba.

Check the rest of their report, here.

Via: Jumptap

  • Raven

    I also think this is getting a little out of date for my area.  Blackberry has definitely dominated the Dakotas in the past, but I think in 2011 Android has gained huge traction.  When I first got my OG Droid, I really started paying attention to what phones other people were using and back then the only other smart phones here were Blackberries, but since the beginning of this year I have been noticing a crazy higher percentage of Android phones and a few i*hones since they were introduced, but very few Blackberries anymore, mainly just corporate types who have them imposed by their companies.

  • EC8CH

    Resistance is Futile