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DROID Bionic Poses for New Photo, More Than Likely Headed for “Early September” Launch

Please ignore all references made to a release of the DROID Bionic on August 4 over the last day or three.  If it shows up miraculously next Thursday, then by all means that’s awesome – we just won’t be putting our money on it or talking about that day unless Verizon announces it.  We had been hearing 9/1 from a variety of sources over the last two weeks and should have stuck with that date.  According to a report received today along with this photo, Motorola reps are telling VZW folks that they should expect the device in “early September.”

And on a related note, our homie mentioned that the device definitely has the same screen as the DROIDX2 and DROID3, but for whatever reason there was far less ghosting.  He also said that the device was way lighter and more responsive than expected.  We’re guessing that has to do with the extra RAM and that sleek new design?  Yeah, I’m drooling a little bit too.

Apologies for the flip-flopping on dates…both 8/4 and 9/1 are flying at us from all sorts of angles.  But I’d say you can probably put those benjamins back in your pockets for at least a few more weeks.

Cheers Spaniard!

  • GigmanX

    Does it bother anyone that the home screens have been decreased from seven on the DX back to five with the new Blur on the Droid 3 and now the Bionic?

  • Babadush

    am I the only one who has realized this is not the droid bionic? it’s a droid 3. look at all the accessory pictures that came out. it’s an entirely different phone. I think people have been posting the droid 3 the entire time and think it’s a droid bionic.  

    • Anonymous

      It’s the bionic, the front camera is in a different position than the D3.

  • AK

    My buddy at Verizon Wireless in VA told me that it will going on sale Tuesday August 2nd. He is family so I believe him.

  • Billsfire1

    That’s not the Bionic. It is a slide phone, probably the D3. Just look at the bottom of the phone.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the bionic, the front camera is in a different position than the D3.

  • Dominick7777

    Uh weren’t they saying the Bionic was coming this SUMMER? Since when is September SUMMER? This blows.. Been waiting for this freaking phone just like I wanted for the disappointing Thunderbolt. That will be what 8 to 9 months since it was announced?? By the time this is out I can imagine other phones or tablets would be announced.. I’m now going to be looking at other phones as well..

  •  Meh, I don’t like Moto devices. HTC and Sammy all the way. I’m hoping for a SGS2. But is it me, or is that thing a Photon?

  • TheAndroid1

    That really looks like an AMOLED display, even though it is supposed to be the same.

  • Ted

    This picture looks just like my old Droid 2 Global at first glance.  

  • Stelv81

    Things Motorola is known for…bad cameras, laggy buggy software, encrypted bootloaders, ugly design, and now add bad screens to the mix. They are still better than Samsung IMO though.

    • Anonymous

      You need to read some reviews.  The SGS2 is on fire around the globe.  Great pics/video/screen/performance/software.  All this from a phone that has been out there in customers hands for almost 3 months.  Compare one side by side with a Bionic when they are both out in the US and see which one wins on just the display alone.

      I’m tired of bad cameras, laggy buggy software and bad screens.  There’s no excuse for it with today’s technology. 

  • Anonymous

    The pentile screen is going to have to prove itself to me to be better. i picked up a Droid 3 and could really notice the pentile when I opened some programs. I’m not sure if it is something I want to get used to.

    I would be all over it if it really substantially increased battery life but it seems it doesn’t.

  • Based on what you’ve written and what I see there, I’m going to say it looks like it possibly won’t be pentile, and that FFC looks like it can focus and isn’t a static sensor.

  • Anonymous

    A verizon representative called me last night to offer me a Droid 3 with a 2 year activation discount… As far as I knew my upgrade wasn’t untill June 2012. I was surprised but i followed up with: “I’m actually more interested in the Droid Bionic, When does that come out?” He responded with “Sir that phone is not due for retail for another 5 weeks…” I gave him many thanks, told him I would order it when it came out and hung up… I can rest better now knowing that piece of information…

  • saul ruiz

    just gonna wait for new nexus phone with ics now and get top of the line specs…whats another month or two of waiting lol

  • Anonymous

    If the Bionic comes out at the same time as the SGSII, sales are definitely going to take a hit.

  • david

    I guess we riot

  • Joesred

    I was just thinking….
    you know that online sign-up to get more info on the Droid Bionic …

    Anyone else think it was just Verizon’s way of trying to see if there was still interest in the unit?

  • Kfath1978

    I am seriously done w/ this….  I am going to ride out my contract w/ VZW (december) and head somewhere else.  

  • Justin

     how much is verizon gonna rape me for this beast even though my 2 year is up? i know the new every 2 is dead, but a 30 bone credit is a joke. i spend nearly $100 a month for my service!

  • daniel walsh


  • OG Droid

    Why can’t anyone take a picture of the F’ing phone from the side? Is it so much to ask to see if its slim or not?

  • JCastle482

    I had an OG and was holding out for a dual core 4G LTE phone, and had hoped taht the bionic was going to be it. A few weeks back I was given a DINC, so naturally I rooted it and installed Cyanogen and this thing is smooth, my only complaint is the bad battery life and thats with an extended battery (1750mAh)! But from what I have seen as far as the size, rumored specs, and countless delays I think I’ll hold off until the holidays. Way to go Motorola and Verizon, you have once again shot yourself in the foot. Hey Verizon be smart and get the next Nexus Phone out of the gate!!!!! 

  • Rayzkain

    Just read the the Sprint version of SGSII (Within) passed through FCC with Wimax 4g radio. Sooooooooooo, does that mean that Verizon’s will be. Guess Moto just screwed them selfs. So what would be better Sprint 4g Sammie or Verizon 3g Sammie, and who will jump.

  • Anonymous

    looks like i’m getting the SGS2 you had a long run droid bionic but september is just too far away

  • Dean2359

    Wow Moto,HUGE mistake. You had your chance to possibly grab all of us who have been waiting for you or the Samsung S2 cause we want something amazing but you screwed the pooch my friend. In my opinion you have dragged this to the point where most people are just fed up with you and your delays. We can only take so much and this endless teasing has just plain worn us out. Speaking for myself,I’ll be purchasing the Sammie,with or without LTE,nice if it had it but I leave it off on my T Bolt anyway cause it’s such a  battery hog.I’ve been a moto fan way back to my first phone,the Star Tac,which I cant part with btw,but now I’m tired of waiting. As the saying goes: Timing is Everything”

  • Ha! I can’t get over that first line! “Please ignore all the references…” 
    I wish it were that easy…

  • Ha! I can’t get over that first line! “Please ignore all the references…” 
    I wish it were that easy…

  • What I don’t seem to understand is why not at least give us a definitive specs sheet, so we can at least compare and contrast with phones such as Samsung Galaxy S II  (aka:  Function).  I really don’t understand what the secret is?  It is what it is, and whatever hardware specs it has it has.  If the specs are not equal or better than Samsung’s Galaxy S 2’s then state so either way, so people can move on.  After the longest wait ever for a phone all the way from the beginning of the year, it would be a shame that Motorola in their infinite wisdom wouldn’t have at least made an attempt to be on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S II.  i.e.  At least a dual core with each core pumping out 1.2GHz and 1GB or RAM.  After all this wait, if Motorola doesn’t produce these specs that the Galaxy S II has had internationally for the last 3 months, then it’s goodnight to Motorola.  They cannot even dream of competing, if the Bionic took them over 7 months to allegedly perfect and make competitive and their specs don’t even mirror a phone that has been out for 3 months already, then shame on Motorola.  ~  By the way I’m not anti – Moto.  I am a proud owner of an OG Droid.  I’m just tired of the games!!! We do live in the “information age.” Lets get on the ball Moto!!!

  • With all these delays it just makes me wonder if this phone will still be buggy at release time…If the SGII comes out before the Bionic, the Bionic sales will suffer. And I will have a decision to make.

  • With all these delays it just makes me wonder if this phone will still be buggy at release time…If the SGII comes out before the Bionic, the Bionic sales will suffer. And I will have a decision to make.

  • David Marzluf

    I will still be getting this phone
    samsung and HTC just dont cut it with me i am pissed but moto is the better manufacturer.
    I will have the bionic

    • Pcsolve88

      I agree. Motorola phones feel more solid and better built.

    • daniel walsh

      not true

      • Tank

        Yes it is

  • Anonymous

    Welp…Samsung Galaxy S II it is.  Thanks for helping me decide, Moto.

    • daniel walsh

      moto is @[email protected]:disqus 

  • daniel walsh


  • Jj69chev

    guess i might as well wait for the Prime now

    • daniel walsh

      i was always getting the prime

      • Wish I really believed that VZW was getting Prime.  Wish I really thought Prime was coming out this year. These things never come out when they say.  Waiting for the next best phone always ends up with you hearing about an even better phone before the one your waiting on is out.  I don’t think my OG will hold up much longer.

        • Well the Nexus phones have always been released at the end of the year, so it really doesn’t seem far fetched to think we will see it this year.  However, I can’t see Verizon getting the Nexus Prime, or at the very least, I certainly don’t see them being the first to get it.  I’m going to switch to whichever carrier gets it first.

  • Pcsolve88

    I can upgrade tomorrow and have been wanting to get the Bionic but will get the Droid3 instead. My wife will get my DROIDX because she hates her Fascinate. I have to agree. Samsung’s graphics are too cartoon looking and no notification light drive for a couple reasons.

    • Anonymous

       Send me your fascinate….I need something to hold me over 🙂

  • daniel walsh

    moto BLEW it and they suck @#$%

  • daniel walsh

    wow, its going to be released in septmeber.  announced in jan and released in sept. EPIC FAIL MOTOROLA AND VERIZON

    • Taylor78


  • Im still getting It I’ve waited to long!

    • daniel walsh

      get the sgs2

    • Me too. I feel pot committed at this point. I just can’t fold!

  • i think its time i switch to the sgs2, if it turns out the bionic is awesome I’ll just sell it and switch

  • L Latus

    Well that lip completely ruined the phone so it doesn’t matter when the release date is anymore.

    SGS2 it is.

  • Joesred

    hey wait a min…I think I call BS on this pic….
    All this time…Technology development….hype…or lack there of depending on how you look at it…and the wallpaper on this cutting edge phone is

    Live Wallpapers   ….   WATER?

  • OG Droid

    Cheers to Moto!! You just signed away your fate. SGS2 and i*hone, will ended up crushing this because of your stupid delays. I wanted this phone but to much BS now. Hey Sanja(or whatever his name is) have fun working in a call center in a few months when Moto goes under.

    • Anonymous

      “Thank you come again!”

  • digsoreos

    Was the picture of the Bionic taken by the DX2?

    • Nkmett15

      Definitely NOT a DX2…my X2 takes great pictures….most likely a D3….

      • digsoreos

        You’re lucky. My DX2 takes horrible pictures. Even in sunlight, outside, the pictures turn out grainy and washed out. Now, my old DX took great pictures. I guess Motorola changed to a lower quality camera for the DX. Perhaps there really was some benefit to the mechanical shutter after all?

  • Joos519

    F’ those Motorolla Cack Sackas!!!!  I can’t take looking at my cracked screen OG for another month.  Thunderbolt is the next best option for me.  To the Verizon store and away!!!!! 

  • Mayze23

    Meh the hype is over. Moto dropped the ball on this one. If the Galaxy S2 is 4g LTE moto will go the way of blackberry

  • Anonymous

    Bionic? What is that? Oh, its what the SGS2 whipes its 4$$ with. Got it…. cynic, I know 🙂 

  • Aj

    with the release date getting pushed back and pushed back, its just a sign this phone is just not as cool as its being hyped to be.

  • Joesred

     Motorola announced their upcoming BABY on Jan. 6, 2011.
    Let’s say they were 2 weeks late for their ahem…monthly.
    So assuming the first day of their last period was Dec. 23, 2010….add seven days…Making it Dec 30…then go back 3 months  Making the Due Date  
    September 30, 2011. 

    In this time frame a human being could be created and delivered into the world.

    Why do I get the feeling this is just a hysterical Motorola Pregnancy and they are just going to steal someone’s baby and call it their own.

    My son has been telling me the Samsung GII is the way to go.
    I will hate to tell him he is right.  (shaking head)

    • I love how you put that.  The fact that a human can be conceived, created, and born quicker then a phone can be released it hilarious.  +1 to you good sir.

    • Are you comparing Motorola to God? BLASHPEMY!

  • John

    Pentile screen and that ugly plastic bit for the radio on the bottom = no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does that pic look just like a Droid 2?

  • JD

    This is pushing it. My last “New Every Two” runs out mid september. Upon asking for an extension Verizon said, “Use it or lose it.”

    • impact

      When did your new every two originally come up?  I have been holding on to mine but didn’t know they would expire.  That would really make me mad.

      • JD

        They have a six month window. Mine upgrade was available on March 10th so I have until September 10th.

        • When I talked to my VZW rep they said upgrades don’t expire. Is an upgrade different than a new every two?

          • JD

            Upgrades allow you to access the lower price and they don’t expire because you are (or are almost) out of contract. New Every Two discounts are extra and they do expire 6 months after your upgrade date.