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DROID Bionic Will Have Netflix Support at Launch (Updated: Removed From List)


We just wanted to reach out to Netflix and thank them for adding support to the one device we’ve been waiting all of 2011 for.  With it’s enormous 4.3″ screen, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4G LTE support, the DROID Bionic will make the perfect device to stream all of your addicting content from.  You just made Verizon’s most anticipated device ever, that much more attractive.  Thank you again, Netflix.

Oh, they added support for the DROID Charge and HTC Thunderbolt as well.  Yay.

Update:  As reader FragDroidX has pointed out, Netflix has now removed the DROID Bionic from the list:

*Note – the Bionic may be the “most anticipated” ever, but the Galaxy S II was just announced for the U.S.…yep.

Cheers JW and Rob!

  • Great, just in time for me to cancel my netflix subscription…. Double my monthly rate… blow me NETFLIX

  • cpkglp

    Nothing for the Epic4G…seems to install version 1.2.2….

  • Magman117

    About God damn time for the Thunderbolt. I might just keep them around now.

  • Magman117

    About God damn time for the Thunderbolt. I might just keep them around now.

    • Madcop144

      Not F@#king working!!!!!!!!!! Screw u Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jack Sanchez

        but it is working. maybe you don’t know how to operate an android phone? or maybe you aren’t smart enough to own a smart phone?

      • calm down… the app hasnt been update to version 1.3. that version supports the thunderbolt and charge. the market still has 1.2.2

  • the description of the app says 1.3 but the market online and the installed version once downloaded is 1.2.2… so basically they haven’t updated the app yet to work with the droid charge and thunderbolt. 

    • Today there’s another update and….. IT WORKS on my stock Thunderbolt!!   Woohoo… finally 😀

  • Abc

    Yeah ….does not work on the Droid Charge.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going back to bed.  Wake me up when its running on Honeycomb.  My Galaxy Tab 10.1 is naked without Netflix.

    • Jack Sanchez

      no thanks. i’ll let you sleep right through your dream of the release of honeycomb on the bionic. since its nothing more then a fantasy

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t looking for Honeycomb on the Bionic.  I’m looking for Netflix running on Honeycomb.  I want Netflix on my Galaxy Tab 10.2. 

    • you woke up for netflix cough loser cough

      • Anonymous

        HA!  That was a solid burn.  Good show, sir.

  • Lopezb1331

    Not working on my thunderbolt… I’m not rooted. I can pick a movie and it begins to load and just goes back to home screen

  • dr154

    Wonderful, just got the Droid X2 yesterday and wasn’t able to download Netflix and just a day l8r I’m able too, nice job Netflix and love too see more Bionic news popping up, my next phone!

  • Edward M Yang

    Market says my device (Droid 3) is compatible… But when I install and try to run a movie it locks up the phone and then crashes. The phone even locked up one attempt and rebooted itself. 

    • Jack Sanchez

      none of that matters. as long as it works on my 4g thunderbolt thats all thats important. thank you netflix

  • Michele

    Please give me your opinion!  Just got the Charge last week.  Should I take it back and wait on the Bionic? 

    Also, does anyone know how to “select all” or “check all” on the Charge?

  • This is something I would have cared about a month ago.

  • Noticed you can also download official netflix on Droid 2 now.. Woot! lol i already had latest version but still woot.

    • Jack Sanchez

      netflix was released for thunderbolt today. or yesterday. but i had working netflix on my thunderbolt for about 2 months. so its not that big of a deal if it was just released for tbolt

      • Ace87

        Are you running 2.2 or 2.3? I am stock and can’t get it to work.

  • Steiner789

    When I go to the Market website, it says that Netflix is “compatible with all my devices”.  One of those devices is an Asus Transformer; which is not listed in the approved list.  I cannot try it out until I get home tonight.  Is anyone else seeing this and has anyone else tried running it on a Transformer?

    I do have the app loaded on the transforer (ripped the apk file from my old Droid) but it never was able to stream movies before.

  • Rich

    HTC Thunderbolt running Netflix and it works…. how about that… and without android OS 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 non-rooted…

    Now if we can get an gingerbread update that would be great… 2.3.4 not that 2.3.3 crap…

    • Jack Sanchez

      but i have version 2.3.4 on my thunderbolt and had netflix on my tbolt for a few months. oh yea thats right. im rooted. oh well

  • Shynerjoe

    My dx2 works just fine but my wifes droid 2 plays and sounds like the chipmunks when audio plays. Not sure why it says droid 2 is supported and it took them forever shouldnt they have had time to.make sure it worked?

  • Joos519

    Why would anyone drop Netflix streaming so soon, the price changes don’t take effect till September 1st. 

  • Cory Lykins

    FINALLY! The Tbolt gets some love. Woo!

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  • Anonymous

    After Netflix raised their junk streaming to $8 I dropped it, so I don’t care about Netflix anymore.

  • Msturner79

    Yep closes every time after putting in username and password on Droid Charge.

  • Who cares that it supports the Bionic. I care more about when the dam phone will be released. Now with new info that SGII will be out in Aug is now making this phone look like crap.

    • Anonymous

      Please to be sharing SGII Info about Aug release…Or are you just talking about sprint’s version?

  • Anonymous

    I like Netflix, but if they keep bumping up rates, its just going to  make me wonder why am i paying for one month old movies that everybody already seen before me,  a whole year old episodes that everybody has already seen, thousands of low budget horror flicks in between good ones.. its nice to have but i dont understand Netflix greed.. When Xbox live TV comes out, im ditching this greedy service with ok movies.

  • Anonymous

    If the droid OG is listed….why wouldn’t every other phone after it be listed?

  • Anonymous

    nice one

  • Anonymous

    Netflix doesn’t work on the DROID 3 at all, the description lies.  You can see the app and download it fine. You can browse your collection fine.  If you try to play anything you get weird green blocky artifacts and sound errors and it locks up your phone.

    Tried on 3G and Wi-Fi, and even tried a factory reset (for a different issue) and nothing.  Netflix needs to step their game up because I’m hearing the same complaint from Thunderbolt and DROID Charge owners too.

  • Scott Dicks

    no go on thunderbolt either. The License Agreement in market says Netflix 1.3 but ver 1.2.2 installs……..hmmm….

    • DjunkD

      I know this might be speculation but i noticed this discrepancy too and maybe this is a clue that gingerbread is coming soon to the Thunderbolt…or then again maybe it means nothing but i just wanted to put that out there.

  • Rp780

    I would be excited but Netflix is no longer part of my life since the rate hike.

  • Tom Crews

    Doesn’t work on my Droid 3 either.  Plays audio and a mess of green blocks/noise on screen.  It also forced a reboot twice while attempting to play. 
    Was excited to see it listed as a supported device since upgrading from the OG Droid (which played Netflix fine) to the Droid 3.

  • Anonymous

    Good news, but is a 4.3″ screen really enormous?

  • Wareaglevi

    The one device people seem to be really waiting for is not on the list. Does this mean the Galaxy S II will not be available anytime soon through the U.S. cell companies?

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute…Moto’s releasing a phone w/more than 512GB RAM?

  • droidlvr

    I spoke with verizon rep from cedar rapids iowa, they said that the bionic is currently being outfitted with some type of DNA tracking capability. expect a release late in December

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, whatta tease….whatta tease, yea bitch. Sincerely, an HTC Thunderbolt owner.

  • Anonymous

    Talked with Benji Molina and he said that fastball was clocked at 95 mph. Oh, news flash. The Bionic nipple massage device will be out sometime after today and before you die. HaHa!

  • Rizzidy

    That list is a lie.  It doesn’t work on the Droid Charge.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto here, I just installed it, but when I sign in with my account info it just closes and goes back to the main Android screen 🙂

      • joshua weissman

        Same here it doesn’t work for me either on my Charge does the same thing. Call Netflix and they say it isn’t supported. I told him that’s not what the android market says, so Im still lost???

    • Anonymous

      Yeah still not working on D2

      • tjhrulz

        Works fine on my CM7 D2

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure there list only talks about stock phones.

          • tjhrulz

            But that is stock, stock android XD

          • Kevin

            I have stock D2, and it still doesn’t play on mine

          • tjhrulz

            clearly you did not get my sarcasm, when I said stock android that is not what the D2 comes with, it comes with motoblur and bloatware. Something my D2 lacks 

          • tjhrulz

            clearly you did not get my sarcasm, when I said stock android that is not what the D2 comes with, it comes with motoblur and bloatware. Something my D2 lacks 

          • Josh

            Also not working on Thunderbolt.

          • tjhrulz

            Maybe if you had CM7 it would, lol

    • I have a Charge too … and it doesn’t work.  🙁

    • It doesn’t seem to be working on my Droid 3 either.

    • Magicmilox

      This statement is a lie, streaming Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan right now on my Droid Charge.  KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Magicmilox

      This statement is a lie, streaming Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan right now on my Droid Charge.  KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Magicmilox

      This statement is a lie, streaming Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan right now on my Droid Charge.  KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work on my Thunderbolt…BAMF 1.8.6 Remix 

  • Zebulus Cen

    Spoke to Quasar on the planet Uranus and it said the phone is pushed backed to November 3212.  The teleportation node will be standard though.  Hope this Kat is wrong, I don’t want to settle for an Iphone 5

  • cen

    spoke to Verizon rep in Joliet Illinois today and was told the Bionic has been pushed to November, hope this Kat is wrong, i dont want to settle for the Droid 3 or X2

    • Dave

      All indicators and insiders are saying Sept 1st at the latest. Most Verizon reps know as much as anyone else who reads blogs and tech articles. 

  • Still doesn’t work on stock Thunderbolt

    • Still doesn’t work on stock D2

    • j2d2

      confirmed. stock TB, actually lets me resume a previously watched video for about 2 sec. everything else will not play whatsoever.

  • Enigma

    I thought that Bionic is a 4.5ners


    • Anonymous

      Won’t be the first time rumors were wrong (partially or completely).

  • j2d2

    i have been waiting for this post for what seems like an eternity!!! checking hourly!!! THANK YOU DL!!!!!!

    • j2d2


      • Anonymous

        Because it’s hardware is old and slow? Lol

        • j2d2

          slow in what way?

  • David Hayden

    Now we just need to know if that 1GB will be fully accessible to the Bionic when not using WebOS.

  • Hmm, a bit early for DL to be posting, but this is awesome, considering this is my next phone.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or did the Droid X2 sneak in there also?

  • Alex

    I hope Bionic Is released on Aug 4… Will it be 4G LTE?

  • Alex

    I hope Bionic Is released on Aug 4… Will it be 4G LTE?

    • David Hayden

      Yes. The Bionic is a 4G LTE phone.


    Just because the BIONIC will have Netflix, doesnt make their crappy streaming inventory worth paying for…. As far as I’m concerned, Netflix will fall victim to their own greed.

    • Anonymous

      Lets see, British classics as well as present day thrillers and comedies, every nickelodeon cartoon from the 1990’s, new miramax, stars, and lionsgate movies 90 days after release? What more do you want?

      • Anonymous

        Every single thing ever made!! But for real i love the instant, I use that more then DVD.Only thing i wanted is for them to add the xoom and sam’s 10.1 tab.

      • Jack Sanchez

        i’d like a bigger and better variaty of movies. Idk if i’m the only one having this problem but almost every single time when i want to watch a movie i go to netflix to watch it instantly. but almost every single time the movie is only available on dvd. so i’m forced to pick a random movie that i didn’t even want to see at the time and then wait a day or longer for the movie to be sent to my house. but by then i might not want to watch it still.

        • Brandon

          I did a 30 day free trial with them and canceled it for the same reason. 

        • Pcguru30

          thier watch it now selection for movies isn’t so great but thier television libary is awesome.. if there are tV shows that you’ve always wanted to catch up on netflix is the jam

        • RonsterWVU

          Well… instead of giving the cons, what would you say is your alternative? 
          Your post seems pretty useless if you are here to just bitch about how you can’t find a movie on Watch Instantly… 

        • Anonymous

          Did you look for anything other than Transformers?

      • tjhrulz

        The entire DVD library, but that won’t happen until pigs fly.

        I wonder if we push a pig of a cliff if it would speed up the process….

        • Cjreyes666

          Just be careful we don’t want some peta trolls on the forums aswell.

          • tjhrulz

            The People Eating Tasty Animals I doubt would mind us killing a pig for them.

    • trumpet444

      Greed? So its cheaper to rent everything you watch from say, redbox or blockbuster? Should their service be free? Should YOU set their prices? If its such a horrible deal, then cancel and stop bitching. I highly doubt theyll fail at all from necessarily inching up their prices. More and more people are streaming from netflix every day and more and more are doing so in HD. Bandwith is not cheap

      • kurttrail

        So you think a 60% price jump is just “inching up their prices?”

        And what does Netflicks price have to do with the Bandwidth used?

        • Anonymous

          Not saying I agree with the pricing but the second point should be fairly obvious.  They do have to pay for the their streaming servers to access the Internet.  The more users the more bandwidth they need to purchase to service those customers.

          • Anonymous

            And more contract fees for more streaming content. People should be asking my NBC/ComCast raised there content fees almost 1000%

          • T FOR TRUE

            Netflix accounts for about 20% of US bandwidth use.  Netflix is worth it just to watch trailer park boys and the office.  So funny.

    • Micah Snead

      Agreed. I really enjoy Netflix streaming but it’s far too limited to combine w/ one at a time DVDs for $20 a month.

    • RonsterWVU

      I have no idea what you are talking about…. Are you in a low signal area?
      The streaming service is perfect for me, here is an example. 

      I was watching Top Gear at my house, had to go pick up my fiance at the airport. 
      Stopped it on my desk top, and at the airport i had to wait another 30 min. Continued the steaming flawlessly on my Droid X. 
      I cant ask for anymore…

    • Anonymous

      Eh, I’m pretty happy with my streaming only account.

  • Really don’t see what makes this phone so special, its good but I won’t be surprised when it doesn’t meet the expectations

    • j2d2

      I agree, I don’t really see what the real need for a dual core processor is. Really that’s all I see that makes the Bionic stand out. It also has those ugly buttons on the front for blind people. I think anyone purchasing this phone probably knows how to locate the home, menu, back and search buttons. ugly.

      • I friend of mine recently changed his Atrix to Samsung Infuse and keep saying that Infuse is faster… Not to mention better screen and battery life. So, maybe two cores is not everything.

      • Granted

        I’m blind and I resemble that post.

    • Jack Sanchez

      its just a beast of a phone. its supposed to be fast and 4g and dual core. but i gurantee you the bionic will be forgotten about 2 months after release. like every other phone.

      • exactly, if it launched when it was original supposed to, nobody would even talk about it now

    • Anonymous

      Ever since the OG Droid I’ve had a hard time finding a phone that was actually lightning fast responsive. It seems no matter how much extra juice the manufacturers put into their phones, their custom UI’s still manage to put transitions in “slow-mo.” The Galaxy S2 is the first phone that I have been really excited for because it appears to have no lag whatsoever, exactly like a good phone should. I’m sure despite the heavy specs of the bionic, Blur will still get in the way and turn it into a mediocre phone.

  • Tesseract 3

    Really rockin the late night posts Kellex.