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New Android Market Unveiled for 2.2+ Phones: New UI and Movie Rentals Included


A new Android Market was announced today which includes an entirely new UI (user interface) along with movie and book rentals.  This update will start to rolling out in the “coming weeks” and should go through automatically.  There likely be some tricks to get it to happen sooner once the rollout starts, but for now, we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with video overview that we’ve dropped below.

To summarize though, U.S. users will now be able to rent movies that can be streamed or downloaded to their devices, book purchasing is now included much like it has been on tablets, and the UI overhaul should make finding the best apps available even easier.  We sort of have mixed feelings on the new look (WP7?), but are eager to give it a run.  


Your thoughts?

Via:  Google Mobile

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Anonymous

    UGLYYYYYY. Hope they get a better designer for the next version.

  • RW-1

    I also see that looking thru this new market, it has marked apps that I installed thru Amazon as being “installed” though they won’t show up in the my apps list.

    That’s great, as you can see anything you have installed, avoid duplication in that reguard.

  • Anonymous

    I think Gogle should take the lead on Marketing/Commercials, this is exactly what i am talking about. Nice, short and direct to the consumer. Verizon would’ve had R2D2 trying to exdplain the market in bimps and beeps.

    Again Google is a lot better explaing to the consumer than Verizon about Android or the rest of the carriers for that point.

  • RW-1

    Theft is 90% of the web, why not for market UI’s as well? (WM7 look and feel)

    Installed just now, OG running CM7 latest nightly, running good, will evaluate.

    Interesting look, I suppose if we all don’t like it, submit feedback and it might get changed to something else.

    Anyone venture to think the main web site will change to reflect continuity as well?  🙂

  • Sketch2000

    Rented??? Purchased??? Screw you Google.

  • Garrett

    I always thought that WP7 looked pretty cool.

    As long as it’s not iOS crap then I’m good

  • palomosan

    just love it, google just continues to push the envelope.pp

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  • Anonymous

    Love the layout, still can’t imagine paying rental fee to watch on phone so I’ll have something to look forward to when i get a tablet or Google TV gets the market.

  • FEATURE: Recognizes apps that have been installed from the Amazon App Store

  • Yay!! 🙂

  • Yay!!!!! 🙂

  • shyner
  • Texastycoon15

    Head over to androidcentral…..I’m down loading movies as I type

  • Derek
  • Azilla
    • Azilla

      Works good

  • Anonymous

    Great… add this to the list of things my thunderbolt wants that will take WEEKS to get.

    – 9mm game
    – Skype With Video Chat
    – Sense 2.1- 3.0 [even though I’m running BAMF RC4].
    – Google Pool Party
    – New Market

  • Ive been Searching for the APP ? Can Someone Send Link Here

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Yea WP7 no doubt but its progress! I love change!! Keep it coming!

  • It looks great and works really well!! Great job Google!!

  • I hope this fixes the silliness of the Tablet version where you see the permissions of an app (already installed) and still have to agree to said permissions before updating, but yet, you have to go to the app’s market screen to see what actually changed.

  • Imabeast

    .That looks sick

  • Mr.Joe

    If anything this proves how good WP7 UI is.  

    Say what you want, but if Google is taking aspects of it you know it’s good.

    • Sean Lyons

      Refer to the next post. This is simply the best way to double the amount of icons on the screen without actually making them smaller. If Microsoft invented space efficiency then they can sue me for patent infringement for putting cabinets under my bed.

      • Mr.Joe

        I need to refer to Apple suing because of white screen and black letters?

        Anyways, say what you want to make you sleep at night.  This was obviously inspired by WP7 UI.  Which isn’t a bad thing.   

  • Anonymous

    Google better be careful.  I’m pretty sure Apple has a patent on the white screen with black letters on it that is seen at the end of the video.

    Seriously, big bump up for the market.  It should finally calm the critics who consistently compare it to Apple’s appstore.

    • Skytek65

      Yeah I think your right about apple having a patent on black letters on a screen 🙂 lol

  • WormDoes

    Ugly as shit, just like WP7

  • Looks like this is going to be another android app which doesn’t seem to comprehend that there is world and there are customers/users out side the USA.  Another one set to leave the rest of feeling pissed of again.

  • Guest

    so much better than the current market!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if root user will get this unlike Xoom rooted user experienced/ 

  • Mr Carteratl

    anyone have an apk of the new market?

  • shr1k3r

    yay, now i have to explain it all over again to my mom 🙂

    • Mr.Joe

      A sons work is never done ^_^;

    • Anonymous

      “The market was okay before, but now it’s just confusing. I should get the iphone!”

      • shr1k3r

        basically what she’ll say… just trying to explain how a mifi works was enough 

        • Anonymous

          My mom once proclaimed “Windows XP was easy, but windows 7 is confusing and impossible. It’s just too different. I’m getting a mac.”


          • Mr.Joe

            You tell her that’s a NO NO!

          • Mack

            I love android but to be honest I’m more than done with windows. Mac is so much more useful in my opinion.

  • Guillermo Gómez

    How I can update?

  • I don’t think it looks bad, looking forward to it!

  • Anonymous

    Android could use some UI overhaul.  If this trend continues, it will be for the better.

  • Inspired by windows phone 7? oO

    • T Hall

      That’s exactly what I thought it first looked like.  Oh well, looks good nonetheless.

    • I’ll admit it looks similar to WP7. It seems like they just decided a single item can be contained in half the screen width rather than taking up the full width. From there, they just stayed consistent in their layout, which led to a tiled look. This probably makes even more sense when translating to a tablet layout where you have an even greater width to utilize and one item taking up a whole row would waste space.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care about its looks as long as they fix search and make it easier to find apps.  https://plus.google.com/117230458394250799679/posts/ZuXZZzd93BX

  • Shamevertson

    Now, how do we force the update?

    • It’s not released yet. It will push to your device when it releases.

      • Texastycoon15

        Its @ android central.

  • kangaroo

    the UI is awesome!! I love it!

  • kangaroo

    the UI is awesome!! I love it!

  • Khaoszr

    Not able to see it on my CMDX. Just have market errors

  • Anonymous

    Kinda ugly… I hope the new look grows on me!

  • ugly

  • Carmen Diva

    I think it is kinda sad that this is a blatant rip off of Wp7 UI

    But as much as I love windows phone 7, i am happy that
    my Droid Charge and Xperia play will get this.

    Makes Android less unappealing UI wise

    • MFG

      Sliding from one screen to another is a blatant ripoff? So the Google Music app is a ripoff too? Ok. lol

    • MFG

      Sliding from one screen to another is a blatant ripoff? So the Google Music app is a ripoff too? Ok. lol

      • Carmen Diva

        Ummmm….are you blind?? Look at the UI and then look at the UI of Windows Phone 7….same exact thing

        I’m a windows AND android fangirl and even i can see this is Metro Ui for Android

  • Wyveryx

    cute, but i like the old version better…

  • Chaser457

    Hmmmm…too much like Windows…

  • Chaser457

    Hmmmm…too much like Windows…