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DROID3 Is Released With A Locked Bootloader According To Motorola Forum Manager

This is it everyone, the biggest question surrounding every new Android release it seems – and it’s not favorable. The Motorola Forum Manager has just announced that the DROID3 bootloader is locked, just like most previous Motorola devices. This unfortunately will not be a device like the XOOM, with its lockable and unlockable bootloader. Not to say we actually thought it would release with it unlocked, but we definitely hoped Moto finally started listening to their screaming consumers.

This isn’t the end though, the DROIDX and the DROID Incredible 2 are just now seeing CyanogenMod, so who knows. We have the best developer community constantly working on these phones, so don’t lose hope just yet.

Is this a shock to everyone or is this just the same thing, different device?

*Note (from K) – Before everyone gets too nasty up in these comments, let’s stop for a minute and let some devs get a hold of this thing.  There are actually very few devices in the world that are unlockable/relockable (Nexus phones and the XOOM), so this isn’t all that surprising.  What we have to find out now is how locked down this thing really is.  Like Tato said above, our devs managed to get past the DX bootloader, so I’m sure they’ll do whatever they can to make some magic happen here.

Also, remember that Motorola said that their new bootloader policy wouldn’t go into effect until “late 2011, where carriers and operators will allow it.”  We’re technically still in mid-2011…or something.

Via: Motorola Forums

Cheers Rick!

  • CyberPete

    Here’s a question. About what percent of people buying this phone do you think actually give a $hit whether the bootloader is locked?  Yeah, I care. but the overwhelming majority of buyers wouldn’t even know what you were talking about if asked.  So, don’t buy it. I’m not going to, primarily for that reason.  Motorola’s decision not ours. I’m not angry and pissed off at Motorola for making this decision. I’m sure it’s driven somewhat by the fact that Verizon doesn’t want us to steal tethering, a product that they legitimately sell, and that I (and probably many of you) currently get for free, against Verizon’s rules that they put on the network and spectrum that they own.

  • Aesirx

    The DroidX bootloader has NOT been unlocked. CM uses a workaround to load custom software using the standard Moto kernel. If the Droid Bionic has a bootloader locked like the Droid X, I will not buy it, and there’s a very good chance Verizon will lose me as a customer.

    Its time to hit these companies where it hurts. No more paying for devices we can never truly own.

  • Anonymous

    My Google Reader has been full of these “Droid 3 Shipping with Locked Bootloader” articles for two days.  C’mon people, we all know that if the device is manufactured by Motorola, it will ship with a locked bootloader. I’d bet that the original Droid was the last phone Motorola will ship that it’s locked.

  • JeffL0320

    They’ll start listening when people stop buying their phones.  I wonder how long it would take them to change their minds if everyone boycotted the BIONIC.

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  • 1 more reason to NOT get the Droid 3. Motorola’s done a fantastic job of destroying nearly all the goodwill it earned from users

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  • Stephen

    we do realize that we are only talking about a cell phone here, right people?

  • Jeez, people, get real.   The development cycle for these things is 6-10 months.  They didn’t announce a change in policy until this phone was well in development.    You don’t change fundamental things like that mid-development.  

  • Michaelvandeven

    with the speed at which the mobile world moves, i fail to see how motorola can wait until the end of 2011 to make this change.  just DO IT, already.

  • Anonymous

    So Moto is wondering why their sales are down, their products are missing the mark and other Android brands are climbing.  Its called unlocked bootloaders.  Sure a lot of users don’t know what it is, won’t use it but for that large portion that do and will you are pissing us off.

    HTC is doing it, Samsung is doing it and they are doing it on Verizon so go play in traffic or get it done.  Your call Moto.

  • Lord_20_bucks

    What ever happened with the tbolt being unlocked. Off topic I know

  • Llilsoccakid724

    I love Moto hardware, but I refuse to support a company that was such little respect for its customers. It takes a lot for me to not choose my favorite phone, but every phone bought from them will keep the hopes of an unlocked bootloader farther and farther away.

  • virtual

    As if the SGS2 needed help looking more attractive than the Bionic, it looks like that’s what will happen when Moto locks the Bionic too…

  • So i ordered my droid 3 before lunch time!!! getting it overnighted for tomorrow by 3pm!!! so excited! I had the OG droid since day 1 and now im getting the droid 3 on day 1. or is it day 2 if i get it friday? 

    lockedbootlegger just means i get to enjoy my phone, then in a few days i get to unleash the power thanks to the sweet devs!

    • Anonymous

      Amen brother!

  • Anonymous

    So I have a Xoom, and I can unlock the bootloader, so what! I still have to root it and then install a custom ROM! 99.9% of the idiots who cry, bitch and moan about locked bootloaders couldn’t do a damn thing different to their phone without a DEVELOPER to write a stable custom ROM! So what does this say?? you whiners are just wanting to sound cool, and or just love to complain about everything! Get a life!

  • Anonymous

    Locked and Blur are the buzz-words of Haters. Here is an
    idea, start your own phone company and build your own perfect phone and sell it
    to the world and get rich! Otherwise, shut up already! I have had a lot of fun
    playing with my DX and flashing custom roms like Liberty, etc. and flashing
    cool themes too. I bought the Droid3 this morning and I am excited to play with
    it. Like all Android’s it will be rooted within days most likely. Then I
    can start removing what I want as far as apps go, and I am sure in a matter of
    time some AWESOME developer will take on making rom’s and such. Call me names
    and yell and scream if you must. I personally like these forums for the camaraderie that
    comes from users of like devices, NOT for yelling and screaming and getting
    pissed off! But whatever, sometimes I laugh at it, sometimes
    it makes me mad. I really like Droid-Life.com and I am here to stay!

  • Anonymous

    Bionic, schmionic. Motorola and all their goofy schiznit needs to be beaten with a stick, just like a redheaded stepchild. Never forget what got you here Motorola. 

    Now, if HTC could somehow manage to increase the battery life on their devices, now that’s what I’m talking about.

  • kurttrail

    So who is willing to bet that the Bionic will ship with an unlockable bootloader?


  • Anonymous

    Here’s the deal – ALL PHONES ARE LOCKED. Everyone of them has come locked. The Original Droid was locked. The Thunderbolt was locked. Devices like the Xoom and Nexus phones are also locked. The difference between them and phones like the DX and DX2 are that those locked bootloaders weren’t locked well. So developers were able to get past it easily. The bootloaders for each of the Moto phones post-OG Droid were encrypted – meaning it was incredibly difficult to get past it. We don’t know if the bootloader on the D3 is locked down tight like the DX or if it’s relatively easy to get past like the D1. And let’s not start slitting our wrists over something said by a forum moderator. Who knows how much he actually knows about the device.

  • J Dub

    Or you stick with Verizon cause you like the fact they have great coverage. I only have a cell phone so I need it to work everywhere. I pay for that service. I am not gonna jump around carriers for a certain phone. Chances are I would get fed up with not being able to use its features all the places I want. Hell, AT&T doesn’t even have my house covered with 3G yet they sure have a huge billboard .5 miles down the road advertising how their 3G coverage is so awesome in my area.

  • J Dub

    Well I was really hoping for news that this would be like the Xoom. Officially not going to take a look at this phone. Look at how many devs there are still for the D1. There are very few for the DX and D2. I will continue to wait for something worthy of the open developement Android.

  • Anonymous

    Checked out the DX2 to see about this whole pentile screen thing.

    All I can say is, if the Bionic final revision still includes the Pentile screen, I’ll be waiting for the newer Samsung Phone.  Went to droid-life.com on both my DX and Floor Demo DX2, and just a quick glance at the pink banner going across the screen, you can already notice the graininess.  Now, the blacks on the DX2 were nicer than they were on my DX.

    Was considering the Droid3 or the Bionic, but having second thoughts now.  As I said before, the hardware under the hood is quite nice, but why ruin the phones with such a sub-par screen!?  Moto could have done better.

    The screen on the Droid Charge was really nice, really puts the screen on the DX2 to shame.

    • Nick A Mathews

      The google’s official phones (nexus S and nexus one) also have pentile screens. I keep thinking there must be multiple reasons as to why pentile is taking up such a following among the android manufacturing community. 

      • Anonymous

        The Specific Pentile screen on the DX2 and D3 is different in arrangement than they were on the Samsung.  It uses a while pixe (RGBW)l for the fourth pixel instead of Samsung’s RGBG.

        I believe the Droid Charge screen is also different from the previous Samsung Screens, it no longer has blueish hue.

  • Nick A Mathews

    I pre-ordered my OG Droid which means today is the day I’m available for upgrade. Releasing the Droid 3 today was (at least in my opinion) a ploy to get people like me to move to the next droid asap. Motorola is hoping that I’ll be so eager to have a new phone that I will jump right on there droid 3 bandwagon regardless of it’s software.

    You know what? 

    I think I’m going to get the incredible 2. Motorola will stop making shitty devices if we stop buying them. If you buy it (and still figure out how to break their security), how are they supposed to know that’s why you bought the phone? The money tells them “HEY THEY MUST REALLY LIKE ALL THIS BLUR CRAP! PILE IT ON BOYS!” If droid3 comes out with a whimper instead of the BANG they expected, they might consider that it’s not worth slaughtering android with their craptastic app library. 


    I really hope that the Bionic has also a locked bootloader to make all the net geeks furious,
    Seriously rooting is so OG Droid, rooting was cool when you wanted adobe flash and LWPs first.

  • derkk

    When are you guys going to realize that locked boot loaders are a product of Verizon and not Motorola. VZ requires these things and I doubt that will change.  What will test this is HTC saying “no more locked boot loaders period”.  If HTC can launch unlocked bootloaders on VZ and Moto can’t?  Then we know it’s moto, but I guess we’ll see. 

    But it’s Vz who’s notorious about locking things down, not Moto.

  • derkk

    When are you guys going to realize that locked boot loaders are a product of Verizon and not Motorola. VZ requires these things and I doubt that will change.  What will test this is HTC saying “no more locked boot loaders period”.  If HTC can launch unlocked bootloaders on VZ and Moto can’t?  Then we know it’s moto, but I guess we’ll see. 

    But it’s Vz who’s notorious about locking things down, not Moto.

    • Jeff

      Im sorry but that makes no sense, you say its verizon that requires it but then go on to say that if HTC gets away with it then its not verizon…sounds like you you have your facts straight…

      It is not just that verizon is locking them down because then why are all other moto devices locked on every other carrier??? You cant say its the carriers there either because the nexus devices came out unlocked/relockable on other carriers. I dont understand why this is so hard for people to understand

    • Anonymous

      If its vzw why are all Motos locked down? Enough with the its vzw bs Samsung lg and htc all are unlocked on verizon it is all moto not Verizon!

  • no shock here…definitely not purchasing a motorola product any time soon.

  • Stelv81

    Go to the support forum and tell them you are returning your device if you plan on doing so, so they can know that they are pissing customers off https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/53563?start=45&tstart=0

  • RW-1

    No Kellex, we don’t have to hold off on being nasty, you’re obtuse to believe they would release it unlocked…

    The final nail in the moto coffin will be the bionic with a locked down loader, and it won;t make any difference if moto says it can be unlocked, because they won’t do it. It just isn’t going to happen because Jha is a tool and in bed with VZ.

    I’ll give moto the chance to prove me wrong as always, release the bionic unlocked. I dare you.

    Suffice it to say I’m confident that dare will not be met.

    Sad state of affairs, and lol’s post is correct, NO ONE has cracked or bypassed the bootloader, it has been partial replacement successes, however each boot it has to be bypassed again, it’s a band aid at best, and not true AOSP or ROM with custom kernels.

  • lol thisismyname

    Nobody has gotten past the Droid X bootloader. What happened was people were able to load partial custom ROMs via bootstrapping but you cannot replace the kernel and you cannot upgrade to a new version that is not based on something from Motorola. That means if your device gets EOL’ed (like the Droid 2) and Motorola stops putting out updates, you’re stuck on Froyo or Gingerbread or whatever they last thing they developed was.

  • Rizzidy

    F Motorola