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Google+ Introduced, A New Way to Share Your Social Life

Wow.  So Google just unveiled Google+ which looks to be one hell of an impressive social tool that may even stretch beyond what Facebook has been doing for the last few years.  Through this new service (which is invite-only at this time – sign up here), Google is preaching the idea that users want to have more control over what they are sharing and who can see it.  I would 100% agree to that.  We all have different pockets of friends, groups, drinking buddies, sports teams, etc. that don’t necessarily need to see everything in our lives.  With Google+, you get to pick and choose who sees what, and that’s a pretty big thing (check out this demo site).

The whole “project” has an impressive set of features such as +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Mobile and +Huddle that all come together to make this, at least to me, the next big phase in social networking and sharing.  I think the big struggle now is to figure out how we can pry all of our friends from Facebook and get them into using something new and fresh.  I guess we would also need to make sure they continue to purchase Android phones as well, until this launches on that other platform.

There are a whole set of videos to get you up to speed on each aspect of Google+ after the break, including a link to the mobile app.  Remember though, you have to receive an invite in order to use it.  

Introduction to Google+:


Google+ on Mobile: Market Link


Exploring Google Circles:


Exploring Google Sparks:


Exploring Google Hangouts:


Google Huddle:


Instant Upload:


You can read all there is to know about Google+ at the Google Blog.

Tell me what you guys think?  Is it too late for Google in the social-sphere?  Is this your next social network?

Cheers Tony and Mark!

  • ethan360
  • Shafj00
  • Amsnyda

    looks sweet

  • I’ve been using this service since last night, It will make me switch. I love it.

  • Spencer9663

    Okay I got an invite but everytime I click Learn More it says I am too young to use this feature. First of all I do not remember signing over my actual birth date and second is 17 too young to use a social network? >>





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  • Droider

    Jeez, just put the phone down and put the computers away and hang out face to face.

  • jb

    I think this will simply cause FB to pickup any worthwhile features and implement them before they have a chance to hit the masses via Google’s new platform.  There are just too many people who rely on FB.  Plus, requiring a gmail account will be the downfall of this platform.  Yes you need a gmail account for your droid based device, but there are still PLENTY of people who don’t have a droid based device and have no plans to open or use a gmail account.

    I don’t see this going anywhere.  But… I’d be happy to use it if/when it picks up steam!  I’d love to get the hell away from FB.

  • Anonymous

    I like this Circles thing, no more double facebook for family

  • I have Twitter, but I still don’t grab the concept of twitter, I think I need a crash course..  All it looks like to me is people posting their every move, with dumb things in front like @peterpan101 well ya know #littletiger aww came home today, went shopping @wholefoods too cool #Herpes..  I just don’t get it, to weird for me I guess.  following and followers?  I was taught to be a leader, not a Follower!   

  • I have Twitter, but I still don’t grab the concept of twitter, I think I need a crash course..  All it looks like to me is people posting their every move, with dumb things in front like @peterpan101 well ya know #littletiger aww came home today, went shopping @wholefoods too cool #Herpes..  I just don’t get it, to weird for me I guess.  following and followers?  I was taught to be a leader, not a Follower!   

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  • Goodbye Facebook.

  • Anonymous


  • Max

    thank god a social service that can kill crappy facebook the only thing is getting people to use this and making it cross platform for black berry (almost dead), iphone, and any other phones including android with already has the apps

  • Facebook is a nightmare. However, people don’t care about efficiency and features. They just go with the crowd

  • Anonymous

    I think this is really cool, people need to have more variety than just one mega Social Network. Facbook is a beast.  But, it’s time for another Social medium to come about.  

  • Anonymous


  • NoBottom

    I don’t see this killing FB as much as it kills RIM. This is like BBM on steroids. The masses do not need to take it on, but Android users now have a great messaging tool.

  • Guest

    i would be glad to change… but when i download it it wont install… dx 596 dex  i guess that wold be why

  • cucabueno

    I wonder if it’ll be necessary to make a sort of Facebook integration to get people qarmed up to it. I would leave Facebook in a second if most of my closest friends (I don’t really 1000 friends, do I?) Would jump on board. And since I’ve been rocking at converting anyone I know into Android, this will only add to it. Google – we’re with you.

  • Tom

    I really like this idea. As it stands, on Facebook, I’m always customizing my post options to keep unwanted eyes from viewing every little thing I do. Google is making all of that easier. And I’m all for it, especially since FB has horrible privacy issues.

    Here’s to getting an invitation soon. And I really hope this usurps Facebook…

  • The350zWolf

    This is really cool I’ll join Google+ as soon as I get an invite. I’ve been resisting facebook… I feel it is like the equivalent of microsoft of social media…evil empire!

  • Anonymous

    I think this will do very well, granted it wont kill FB but it will do well, I mean the Circles alone is a great feature, on FB you have your Friends but its not such a great idea to post somethings that you don’t want some of your Friends and Family to have on their walls, Circles is a great feature, as well as the Hangout, come on this will work. It will just take some time…

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry 🙁 as much as I love my droid x and thunderbolt, I’m not switching to a google social network. Their advertising network is turning into a joke and I really don’t like supporting a company that is involved in politics as deeply as they are. Bring on the hate… 😛

    • Droidfan

      It a free country.  For me, will join as soon as its available.

  • Fallsgable

    Just got my “official” invite… Friend works for google and. Invited me… WOOHOO

  • Could work. I’ll be testing it out. Myspace went down, why not Facebook? I mean, people already think it’s not that cool… at least my friends.

  • d-roids

    yea facebook was geting old real fast. once again google comes to the rescue

  • Kgballa

    here is what everyone is missing: google has 191 million gmailers and the numbers are growing exponentially. facebook is great for “Party Social Networking” where many people would love the idea for a “Smaller more intimate social networking” you dont have to convince all 100 people on facebook to switch over just 5-10 of your closest friends.. i think if anyone can catch facebook its google they’ve been building this for years with all they’re services this is no surprise. share a doc, no problem google docs, video youtube, pictures picassa, etc etc they already have millions now all those millions have to do is sign into one more service.. 

  • Cant attract FB users if its invite only – This will deter many folks right out of the gate as being snobbish

    • Anonymous

      sounds like that’s just for the testing phase. Gmail also started out invite only.

  • Yeah…  I have a Facebook account that I am active on.  I also have a Twitter acct. that I am not active on.  I pretty much just have a Twitter acct. so I can post bull sh!t here.  If Kellex or one of his compadres tell me to sign up I will.

  • I cant wait for this. I deactivated my facebook months ago because I dont like my private life so public, and have been waiting for something like this. Thanksfully its from a company I love and support, so I am excited to receive an invite or soon enough PUBLIC! WOO! 

  • Chimera

    I would love to see this take off, but I know from trying wave that it is really hard to get your friends to try something new, even if it is awesome. Hopefully Google will let this project live for more than one year. If nothing else it would be nice for Google + to wake up Facebook to the idea that people don’t want to share everything with everyone. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Perfect timing in my opinion. People are kinda burned out on Facebook. And its not very control able. This seems more specific and targeted, vs the randomness of Facebook. Will everyone sign up, no. But it will be worth it for the people that do. Plus, if they add in Google music integration kinda like wikitunes that would be kinda neat.

  • Anonymous

    This will be my only social network.

  • Shepherd Jared

    This will definitely be my next social site. Looks awesome. If i can get my friends on. How soon will they go fully live with it is the question. I want an invite but if i get one how long would I have to wait for my real friends to get on themselves.

  • Anonymous

    The only way this can take off is with full integration WITH Facebook and Twitter…Eventually Facebook will fade.

    Excuse me while I check my MySpace….

  • Anonymous

    Sick of FaceBook and its privacy opt in mentality, hope Google can do it better and squash FB

  • AndroFan

    Hopefully this fails just as hard as Google Buzz, and then Google (and everyone else) can stop this stupid shit.  Social media needs to die an immediate death.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Well making it invite only is definitely the only logical way to compete with Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    I bet the thrive would have no trouble getting 10k views on Google+

  • Mike Kilar

    As log as it links with my Picasa albums, i’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so this is googles equivalent to bbm, but better meshed with Facebook & Twitter right? If we can get people behind this instead of keeping it in BETA forever… it’ll be a FORCE. I hate telling my friends about stuff, and they can’t get hip because of needing an INVITE. [Cough* Google Music]

  • TeflonBilly

    Email sign up being flaky but got in on the 5 try.

  • I will try it as soon as it is available. I would like to see this catch on. Especially if we get video chat built right into the service. That could be the ting that gets people to cross over from Facebook. I don’t think If they can get people to try it I think it will greatly catch on. The issue with facebook is that it is so official now that it isn’t really much fun. Also if this has phone and video chat abilities it could combine facebook and skype for us all. Skype isn’t together at all and I doubt Microsoft will help things. A nice chat, VM, and social network that allows you to have your play site and official side. So my party pictures never have to be seen by anyone I have a professional relationship with. 

  • Craigg

    Why would anyone of sound mind want to post their life history on these types of sites. As if Google doesn’t already know enough about you…. Facebook and Twitter are already bad enough as they provide little privacy. Just ask Anthony Weiner how he feels about Twitter 😀

    • Stop doing shady stuff you don’t want anyone to know about then. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    this is what will keep apple in there place. i guess we can all guess what ios 6 will have now.

  • Matt Morgan

    This looks amazing…exactly what I am looking for…but how on earth will they entice the people not reading blogs like these to quit Facebook and get involved with this?  That is the hardest part…this looks amazing…but I fear it will just not get the legs it needs.

    • By word of mouth through geeks…err…people like us, of course.

      • Booboolala2000

        Kinda like the way Gmail, Android heck even the way Google itself got legs. Geeks like us.

    • Anonymous

      If they just put a small notification in gmail that says how many unread posts you have, that’ll do a lot. There’s a lot of gmail users out there. As long as people don’t have to create a separate account, it has a good shot at taking off.

  • John


    “Thank you for your interest. The form you are trying to access has either expired or reached its maximum registration limit.”

  • Anonymous

    Skynet v.2 aka Google

    Google Buzz part two

    • Kgballa

      google is irobot – friendly then evil
      Microsoft is skynet – always been evil
      Apple is the darkside – jobs is darth vader

  • i want!

  • sooooo anyone actually got an invite yet? 😉

  • Guest

    Too bad Google can’t put this much effort into their OS anymore. FroYo, and now GB have been lackluster.

    • Anonymous

      I respectfully disagree…Froyo was a big step forward. I have 2.2 while my wife is stuck on 2.1. It’s amazing how often this difference hinders her. For the few weeks I ran GB on my OG, I really appreciated it. If only my phone were powerful enough to smoothly handle it.

      • Calculatorwatch

        Wait till the new PE 6 comes out. I’m on the PE 6 beta and my OG is running at least as well as it did on Froyo, not having memory issues or anything.

        But yeah I agree, GB brought a lot of performance improvements and hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich will bring the interface improvements we’ve all (at least I have) been waiting for.

      • Idothtre

        amen to that.. even overclocked.. by the time you overclock it enough the battery is toast and she runs hot.. poor og droid.. back to froyo i went

  • mjal

    Hangouts looks awesome.  Just hope people actually sign up for it and use it.  I’m skeptical.

  • lottoo

    I’m so tired of facebook… I’ve been waiting for something like this for soo long. they need a commercial for this and I think it will take off. Get some airtime on ESPN, news channels.. it has the potential to take over, it just needs to be put into action FAST

    • Jason

      i agree! If they advertise Google+ now then by the time its ready people will already be excited to get on it. (that sounded dirty) I for one cant wait for either an invite or launch date this is what social networking should be all about. I left FB because i got tired of seeing drama and duck face pictures of friends but cant delete them cus its now the highest form of disrespect to so many people, its sad i know. This is why i just deleted it all together. Anyways i just hope this works out,

  • Anonymous

    I am all about this. Can’t wait until I can sign up. And I’m going to do my damnedest to pull my friends off Facebook.

  • GC14

    broken already…lol

  • Therandomidiot

    The next step towards Google’s world domination… however I keep getting an Internal Server Error and it won’t let me in.

  • chmcclellan

    Eh, Buzz couldnt do it, no sure this will.  The thing is, there are network effects.  Unless they can give lots of people some reason to switch (as I think you could argue Facebook did to MySpace) they are dead in the water.  Who wants to be the first of their friends on a social networking site?

  • Anonymous

    This is exciting. I quit Facebook a few months back because their privacy is a joke.

    • Freygrimrod

      Been facebook free for a little over a year?

  • That sign up link seems to be getting hammered.  Nothing but 500 errors when I submit my info.

    • Anonymous

      same here

    • John

      lol. ya surprised they can’t handle it…typically don’t see that happen to ’em.

    • tjhrulz

      No issues here try now maybe

    • Anonymous

      Got through afte 6 or 7 tries…

  • If Google would have come out with this a few years ago it might have taken off but with Facebook around I’m not so sure.

  • Dang.  This could be bigger than Google Wave.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, Wave never even made a splash.

  • facebook killer, activate

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been waiting for their major jump into the social space, now the hard part will be weening friends off of facebook. the auto-upload picture feature is enough to sign up even if you dont actually use google+ !

    • Ed

      Registration for invitation closed…

  • Sadly, at this point I’m not sure even something clearly better than Facebook would make people switch.

    • Anonymous

      The sad thing, you are probably right.  Facebook is a monster.

      • digsoreos

        The only thing that will do in Facebook is Facebook itself.

      • Calculatorwatch

        I literally have one friend on my Google talk/Gmail account. All my friends I communicate with through Facebook so I don’t need their emails. This looks awesome and I would love to use it, but I’m not gonna go around to all my friends and be like “Hey what’s your Gmail? Oh you don’t have one? You should make one and join this cool new social network.”

        • Exactly.  What Facebook has going for them is that everybody is already there… Kind of a chicken/egg scenario.

        • Anonymous

          You seriously have friends that don’t have a Gmail account? I don’t think I communicate with anyone who doesn’t have a Gmail (and gchat) address. I laugh whenever I see a yahoo or hotmail address.

          • Calculatorwatch

            Well I sure hope not I think it’s hilarious too, but that’s the point is that I don’t know what email they use and I don’t need to know. If I want to talk to them I’ll just use Facebook.

          • Anonymous

            I do a lot of group emailing through Facebook and I hate it. I just feel like I am feeding the monster more advertising information.

          • Tom

            I have never nor will ever use FB as my primary messaging protocol. The idea is horrendous to me. I do it for people that I will not likely contact that often or don’t want to contact that often. Otherwise I use text, email, phone, or messaging protocol (unfortunately my friends use primarily is AIM, and getting them to switch is not easy). Facebook for email is a joke, give me real email any day. If enough people switch over, I’m ditching FB. I hate it.

          • HaydenHawk

            Your last sentence is what is wrong with people these days.  “If I want to talk to them I’ll just use Facebook.”  Seriously?  What happened to actually talking to your friends?  This whole social network scene has gotten out of control.  It has good uses like sharing photos and group invites but it can never and SHOULD never replace actual human interaction. 

          • Calculatorwatch

            Haha I think that’s a bit of an overreaction. When I said talk to someone I meant more for long distance or incidental communication. Obviously Facebook is not my exclusive (or even primary) means of interaction, and truthfully the only people who I contact exclusively though Facebook are people that would be completely gone from my life if it wasn’t for social networking. You do have a point that people will get “addicted” to social networking and use it as a replacement for normal social behavior, but that’s really a use vs. abuse situation. For all us normal social networkers think of it not as replacing actual human interaction but rather leaving the normal human interaction alone and adding on top a level of virtual human interaction that would not otherwise exist.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed, not to mention that gmail is a prerequisite to setup your Droid

          • Anonymous

            aol ftw  😉

      • What about a major egregious, unforgivable Sony style security breach? That could do it. 

        *I am not suggesting anyone do this. Just wondering if that would compel people to leave Facebook. 

    • Most users of FB are first time Social Network users they do not want to change due to thought of the learning curve involved with a new social network. Yet only if they realized Technology gets better over time not more complicated.

      • Except that FB did in Myspace.  Same scenario as far as I can tell.  Better mouse trap, stinkier cheese.  Besides, Google will just push its next mind control OTA update and we’ll obey.  Oh wait.  That’s just in my delusions, sorry.

    • Anonymous

      Facebook will barely load up it’s so slow and buggy. Eff dat.