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Motorola Mentions DROID Bionic and Set of “New Updates” on Twitter

We can take this new tweet by Motorola a couple of ways:  they could be talking about the previously announced enhancements to the DROID Bionic or this could have to do with revision 3 of the device that we first reported on yesterday.  We’re leaning towards our report that the device is now going through a final set of changes that could help it live up to everyone’s ultimate expectations.  It just seems too coincidental that multiple sources of ours over the weekend mentioned that changes were happening and that now Moto is bringing up a set of “new updates” just days later.

Anyone care to take a guess at what these revisions are?


Cheers @TheGhostBuster7!

  • Mrcheese24

    you know motorola has been tweeting this same thing for months right?

  • Tarsis Brito

    i expect so much from the droid bionic
    i dont care about vanilla android
    i feel with gingerbread the old motoblur on my droid x it is nice.
    for the bionic they need to have the greatest gingerbread 2.3.4
    12 megapixel cam
    6 front facing camara
    a nice design like the sensation not square like the droid x
    2.0 ghz
    2.0 gm ram
    64 gb internal storage
    64 preinstalled sd card
    water proof
    they need to make the new blur the best skin over sense
    slim like the droid x without the hub
    and lastly this phone needs to come soon
    i dont care so much about rooting anymore
    i am happy with stock 🙂

  • Bensoncd

    How about an AMOLED+ screen, 1G ram and an unlocked bootloader?  🙂

  • RW-1

    Goddamn …

    Jha!  You listening ?????


    Give us a display like we have on the OG!

    None of this qHD / Pentile $hit.
    You guys know how to make a display, why not SHOW it?  Again!


    Don’t cripple the goddamn thing, your own blur is the reason the things crawl.

    So here’s my deal, throw blur on it, but you better add 1GB additionally to cover it, so now your talking 3-4Gb for the phone.


    Geez …  Let’s toss a 2000 in there, I don’t care if it will be heavy.

    Either develop a better battery, or make the thing heavier with one of good capacity to cover what the thing is going to be doing. Plain and simple.

    It can be heavy if it LASTS, people will BUY it.

    We already know the OMAP’s kick butt, that category not needed.

    Bootloader, has been covered too.

  • Youllreachus

    – pentile
    + 10mp camera
    + better camera/video hardware. How does iphones 5mp camera kick the crap out of all others?) 
    +  2mp ffc
    +  2g ram
    + decent battery life

  • Anonymous


  • I love how just a couple of hours ago I walked into the Verizon store with my mom and we (mainly she) asked about the Bionic and the Rep said that it is not coming out at all. 

    I told him that Moto just announced a summer release date. He looked up on his computer and said that BACK IN APRIL that it says that it’s not coming out. 

    I laughed and said that I follow the blogs. Then I went on to set all the phones in the store to the droid-life website. 

    That will teach him. 

    • Waknatious

      Haaaahahaha [guiness] Brilliant! [/guiness]

    • Waknatious

      Haaaahahaha [guiness] Brilliant! [/guiness]

    • Jason Lee

      A month after I bought my Original Droid I took it in for support.  Poor support aside a sales men told me I was crazy for not having a screen protector on my phone.  I explained to the salesman that the phone had Gorilla glass … having no idea what that meant I explained it … to the VZ salesman ….

  • Anonymous


  • With how much this phone is hyped up, I can’t wait to laugh in everyone’s face when it’s a flop.

  • shr1k3r

    New screen and camera

  • Smr561

    I heard a report from CNN last winter that Steve Jobs is working on an iphone that charges by solar power.  Anyone heard if Moto is working on anything like this?

  • Anonymous

    Revise away MOTO, I got my D1 and Chevyno1’s SSGB5.4 ROM and I’m good right now. I can wait till MOTO gets it right. As far as Blur goes, the new blur is not so bad. On the Droid 3 it shows you can now bold italics and underline words, nice…..

  • MG

    Please Please PLEASE no Pentile Screen.  Then we’ll talk

  • Anonymous

    More RAM, please.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know what Moto is doing to make this device rellevent for the future not looking back at the Atrix or Thunderbolt but how will this device set it’s self apart from the like of new HTC, Samsung devices that will be coming out shortly!!!!!!

    All I have to say is “Don’t drink the Kool Aid” when it comes to Moto, too many hear heartaches!!