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Angry Birds Seasons Updated In The Android Market, Includes Summer Pignic Levels

We told you to grab your towels and tanning lotion yesterday, and here it is. Rovio has just released the newest installment to Angry Birds Seasons in the Android Market, and may I say that it’s “pigtastic”? I think I’ll stop right there. 30 new levels of destroying pig fortresses. 

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Cheers Mark!

  • Rickkane

    Anyone having issues with adblocking not working since the update?

    • Granted

      Are you just turning off your data stream like with the Airplane feature, or is there some cool workaround i haven’t seen yet? Actually I don’t need it, I forgot I downloaded it when it was free on Amazon, so it was an ad-free version. But if still be interested to hear some sneaky trick to get rid of the ads?

  • Granted

    I don’t need tanning lotion to abuse myself, that is what God invented spit for. And as for towels…. also not needed, I’m planet conscious and I recycle.

  • DBK

    Too bad I haven’t been able to get the recent Angry Birds updates to install, or I would be all over this one. Oh well……

  • Is this updated everyday…everyday there is news about angry birds…don’t know why so many people like it….repetitive

  • Pope Wilson

    That’s the second time I’ve lost all my levels on an update. The install fails time and time again.. so I backup the data from the current version, uninstall the game and reinstall clean with the update… but then the data doesn’t restore and I’m left with a star-less slate.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is cool.

    But in two days, the game I’ve been most looking forward to ever since I heard that it was making its way to Android several months back, Cut…The…Rope!

    Seriously, pretty exciting time to be an Android addict!

  • Mneighbo

    Only one level is available. You have to wait til the next day to get the next one. Lame.

  • DAN

    amazon needs to step its game up with these updates

    • hkklife

      Yup, they’ve lagged on every single Angry Birds (and all other games/app  updates too) new release since AB Rio debuted there several months ago. 

      What I normally do (including today) is to DL the ad-supported version from Android Market and then let it overwrite my purchased ad-free Amazon version.  Then when Amazon finally gets around to posting the update, I download that and overwrite the ad-supported version.  Still a minor PITA though.

      This kind of sluggishness makes a little bit hesitant to get too excited over Amazon’s rumored tablets coming later this year…
      As far as the “one level per day” I think they are just trying to stretch out the time between releases on the free versions. They did a similar trick with Seasons in December and counted down the days until Chrismtas like an Advent calendar.  I’d honesty pay a few bucks for a hundred new levels or a huge AB compilation or something.  I don’t play AB like I used to but it’s still a fantastic time waster. 

      • Granted

        Yeah but they constantly give us free apps, who cares if you have to wait a little longer to throw some birds at some filthy pigs a little longer. People are never happy, always something to complain about. They could give you all Rovio’s net worth and someone would go, well I want hump all the board of directors wives too… what gives?! God! I never get anything cool!

  • The Amazon App Store version isn’t released yet :/

  • It just crashes with the first level? No summer birds caw caw!

  • Sep

    They’re fun to play when I’m waiting around for something. It’s always nice to get new content.

  • Sep

    They’re fun to play when I’m waiting around for something. It’s always nice to get new content.

  • OMG downloading now! Angry Birds is the best game ever!

  • OMG downloading now! Angry Birds is the best game ever!

  • Aaron Birnbaum

    Not all of the levels are enabled, they are making them available one a day, like they did in December. Only one is playable atm.

    • Well that’s a drag….and stupid lol

      • Anonymous

        It’s the best way for me to focus on this game, otherwise I get bored with it

    • Agreed, I definitely play Angry Birds for longer than it takes to beat a single level.  That’s like 30 sec of enjoyment/day! hahaha

      • Granted

        Ahhh, it’s nice to see gratitude in a sea a spoiled children.

  • 0mie

    It’s not fun playing anymore, I beat the game within 1hr of dL it and 3 stars on all levels. They need more innovation or make it harder and better physics. 

    • Well aren’t you just special.

    • Donnie

      I don’t think physics is the problem Stephen Hawking is great at physics, but he can’t play Angry Birds for shit.

      • Mike

        No, physics is definitely not the reason Stephen Hawking can’t play Angry Birds well. But I think his reason is different than the reason it’s challenging for most of us around here. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Are people really still playing Angry Birds? I got tired of it a while ago. To each his own, I guess. 

    • You don’t get to be the most downloaded game of all time for mobile if no one is playing you. There’s a scary AB cult somewhere I’m sure 😛

      • Anonymous

        Haha you’re probably right. 

      • Granted

        Yeah they probably kidnap and kill birds and then throw their corpses at some pigs at their local farm. Until old Henry comes out with his shotgun and starts shooting at the dumbass nerds and they start screaming “This isn’t part of this level! You’re cheating! I’m telling my mommy!” And then Henry gets a lucky shot and blows one of their heads off and he mounts the dorks melon on his wall and feeds the rest of his body to his pigs. And the circle of life is completed.

  • First again!!!