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Mystery Honeycomb Tablet Appears in New Verizon Ad (Updated)

It’s definitely not a XOOM or the new Galaxy Tab 10.1, so what is it?  It very well could be nothing, and just a place holding device that would allow them to put together an ad without paying out to Motorola or Samsung?  Odd, really.  The Verizon coverage bar that they quickly show looks like something straight out of a iDevice, but it’s definitely running Honeycomb.  You guys tell me.

Update:  Oh!  And the video is now set to private…and I was an idiot and didn’t grab a screenshot of the front which clearly showed the Honeycomb lock screen and opening home screen.

Update 2:  It looks like a Motorola device.  Has an identical speaker to a XOOM, but the device is too upright to actually be it.  The camera is also different and the device lacks the Motorola “M” in the middle.  Again, this could just be some random place holder, but there are rumors of a new XOOM being worked on.  Kal-el here we come?  Ok, let’s not go that far.  Keep the  guesses coming!

Does Verizon have a new tablet to announce that it has been keeping from us?   

  • Mneighbo

    Just a commercial. Nothing new I bet

  • Anonymous

    To me it looks similar to the HTC tablets. If you look at the HTC View/Flyer it has a similar backplate and camera placement. This could be the HTC Puccini as it also shares the form-factor curves edges to the Tablet shown in the video. The Puccini is HTC’s new 10″ Tablet coming this Fall.

  • Anonymous

    To me it looks similar to the HTC tablets. If you look at the HTC View/Flyer it has a similar backplate and camera placement. This could be the HTC Puccini as it also shares the form-factor curves edges to the Tablet shown in the video. The Puccini is HTC’s new 10″ Tablet coming this Fall.

  • Video is working again.

  • Nicholas Tino

    Vid is back up! Definitely not a known tablet, none of the current tablets have a camera/top design like that while in portrait orientation.  I agree with those thinking it could be XOOM2, possibly an Ice Cream Sandwich launch device? (fingers crossed it has Kal-el)

  • Nicholas Tino

    no one downloaded the vid?

  • amazons android tablet?

  • Amazon Android Tablet.

  • Neomavryk

    Think you will find that is the new Lenovo consumer unit that they havent announced yet. Saw one last week and it looks very similar. If the guy who posted this can confirm that the front looked identicle to an ipad with the border etc, but the corners where more curved then im certain it is. Oh and if it is, its flippin fast.

  • Chrome Youtube Downloader… try it.

  • yep. she’s hot and she looks like Rose McGowan

  • Anonymous

    Why would you post a video that doesn’t play?

  • I received an email today from Verizon/Youtube and noticed it to be Xoom like, but in profile. It definitely was the honeycomb lock screen.

  • It’s an Acer

  • XOOM 2?

  • Anonymous

    I bet the house that that is the Motorola Xoom 2…notice the backing on it it’s exactly like the backing on the original Xoom.that’s what gives it away..!!!

  • Ryan

    Nexus T aka Nexus 4g with “monstrous display”

  • It looks like MOTOROLA might FINALLY have 4g for the Xoom and they are “re-launching” (advertising) it? Call me crazy, but if they ever do get 4g on it, they should announce the HELL out of it.

  • Xoom2… the fact one was coming was leaked last month.

    • Anonymous

      yep i bet the house that that is a Xoom 2.. notice the backing on it is just like the backing on the original Xoom!!

  • Anonymous

    There is definitely a new tablet coming out…it may be imminent considering the xoom’s price was cut!  Usually price adjustments mean something in the longrun….

  • Anonymous

    In the pic, you can almost make out the 4G LTE logo under the Verizon logo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s gotta be the 7in or 8.9in maybe. About a month after the XOOM came out, Motorola said that they were going to have a whole family of XOOM products in different sizes.

  • RW-1

    If it’s a moto pad, she’s thinking:

    “What a fracking moron I am for buying this next generation POS!   WHY WHY WHY did I think I’d get a quad core, lots of RAM, and no Blur to bog down the Ice Cream OS that Google released for it … If I could, I’d club Sanjay Jha like a rouge artic seal hunter …”

  • J_B_News_2_0

    its prolly the Xoom 2 they prolly took off the M logo off the back just to piss people off and keep guessing what it is

  • slappynutz

    look at the pic she doesn’t seem impressed by it…

  • slappynutz

    look at the pic she doesn’t seem impressed by it…

  • Anonymous

    From the picture (if it is a real tablet) it looks to be designed more for portrait use like the ipad

  • Lolitsnoah

    it almost looks like the ipad, but yeah it just looks like an ad device, nothing real. Like how they put stock froyo on a droid x in a photo ad.

  • kinda looks like the cisco which wouldn’t surprise me since verizon has been trying to dip itself in company ink…

  • MFG

    Looks like a generic commercial tablet. Idk, I think it’s just something they made for the ad. It’s so bland looking and only “Verizon” is visible on the back.

  • It could be XOOM 2 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How about they release some more phones rather than all these tablets

  • caseyisajim

    She looks bored.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    In SoCal they have been showing a business specific commercial with a VZW branded tablet for weeks. They show it, front and back, in the commercial.

  • Xoom 2

  • Pretty sure its just a XOOM dummy,

    But i haven’t seen the video so idk.

    • caseyisajim

      Nope, the camera is in the wrong place.


      • Its a Dummy. They’re never accurate. Hell the one at my VZW store looks more like an iPad than the actual XOOM.

  • Je49424

    that would be so sweet if it was the hp touchpad! Call me crazy but selling my vzw Xoom to get the Hp touchpad

    • hkklife

      Again, it cannot be the HP Touchpad b/c that device doesn’t have a rear camera (only front-facing).  I really think this is either a Moto or some generic mockup unit done just for the commercial.

  • Anonymous

    forget the tablet…who’s the girl?? lol.

    • Knightcrusader

      That’s what I want to know!

  • She’s got a purty mouth..

  • Looks very similar to the Xoom’s backing. Gonna say a Xoom2 maybe?

    • Anonymous


  • dat lips

  • Anonymous

    PASS. I’ll stick with my Xoom. It’s awesome.

  • Kevoskee

    It’s the Vtab: Verizon bloat, high 4g pricing, runs honeycomb with pre installed Apple videos. Due out later this summer

    • Thanks for clarifying Kevoskee. Will check that out now. Sounds horrible though 😉

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a Xoom, but made primarily for portrait position.

  • Davros

    2 words, Youtube Downloader 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Did you download it?! If you did that would be pro

  • Oh, btw, did anyone else notice the nice lips.  And what tablet, I didn’t see one.

  • riiiight


  • skyyaa

    Well from the screenshot, the backing is pretty much exactly like the Xoom’s, just moved around to accommodate portrait mode as the default and perhaps not 16:9.  Will the Xoom 2 be a 4:3 device?

  • Yeah, now way Apple would make a device that wasn’t shined and chromed to the max. This looks like the doing of Moto or HTC.

  • Purple_duckk

    Who cares about the tablet.  That chick is a real boner factory.

    • Seriously?  I think she kinda looks like a tranny.  Unless that is your thing…more power to you.

      • Purple_duckk

        You sound like a sexless virgin.

        • Anonymous

          as oppose to a sexfull virgin? 

          • Anonymous

            All of you need to get out of your mother’s basement.

        • Sometimes I wish I was a sexless virgin.  I’m married with 5 damn kids.

      • 1 other sexless virgin liked this

      • Anonymous

        if she is a tranny, sign me up. she could root my device, if ya know what i mean…

      • Anonymous

        Why does she have an adams apple?

      • Anonymous

        Know how I know you’re gay?

    • Anonymous

      Really, this is what we are going to like to the top?

  • If it’s an actual device I would guess it’s Verizons version of the new HTC tablet by the looks of it.

    • Anonymous

      It its the puccini!

    • too big for that. The flyer is almost half that size, unless thats a small girl.

  • This video is private #notwinning

  • Anonymous

    It does look like an iDevice. No wonder the woman looks so disappointed in the picture 

    • Guest

      hahahahaha damn!  beat me to it!  I was gonna say “whatever it is, she doesn’t look too happy with it”

    • Anonymous

      iDevices are known for being only 3.7 inches long, after all.

      • DSx

        Size doesn’t matter, friend….. or does it? that would be a problem for me!!!

  • GJB

    “This video is private.”

  • Anonymous

    maybe hp touchpad nothing to get excited over

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s running Honeycomb.  

      • The very beginning of the video says ‘Screen Images Simulated’ so it really could be anything. We all know how smart marketing teams are when it comes to these kinds of details.

        • hkklife

          Even without the Honeycomb, it cannot be the TouchPad as that device only has a front-facing camera.  HP didn’t see fit to install a rear camera.   My guess is that it’s a future Moto tablet (basically a cost-reduced Xoom sequel) or something we have not seen any sign of thus far like a Lenovo or future LG tablet for VZW. 

          • Anonymous

            without that honeycomb simulated screen it could be a 2nd gen touchpad

      • Anonymous

        Well then second guess is amazon tablet

  • Drew Dennis

    Says video is private.

  • video says it’s private…  🙁