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Monday Poll: DROID Bionic with LTE or Galaxy S II without?

The battle of the summer phones on Verizon appears to have been narrowed down to just two as of today:  the DROID Bionic by Motorola and the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both have out of this world specs like dual-core processors, 1GB of RAM and the latest version of Android, but there still could be a thing or two that would make you choose one over the other.

The Bionic has been the most anticipated and talked about Verizon phone that we’ve seen in a while, but we can almost guarantee (unless something wild happens) that it will have a locked bootloader, not-so-hot PenTile screen, and MotoBlur.  The Galaxy S II on the other hand will have a slightly smaller yet much more vibrant screen along with an unlocked bootloader, but may not come with a 4G LTE radio.  We’re just wondering if LTE in this case would be a killer to you?  Is an unlocked device with an amazing screen worth passing up on just because it won’t run on Verizon’s LTE network?

*Note – Most of the specs and bootloader/LTE talk in this poll are our guesses and opinions on what these phones will likely ship with.  There have been no official announcements as to whether or not these phones will be locked down or if the Galaxy S II will have LTE.

DROID Bionic with LTE or Galaxy S II without?

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  • 121GW

    My next phone will be 4G LTE.  Period.  If both phones have LTE then this will be a VERY hard decision since I really like both Motorola and Samsung hardware.  If Samsung comes out 3G, then my decision becomes very easy.

  • 121GW

    My next phone will be 4G LTE.  Period.  If both phones have LTE then this will be a VERY hard decision since I really like both Motorola and Samsung hardware.  If Samsung comes out 3G, then my decision becomes very easy.

  • Tim Menzel

    This is the first place I’ve read about the qHD screen being displeasing.

    My thoughts had been BIONIC if it’s out before the 7th (which it now almost certainly won’t be).
    Now I’m seriously considering the Galaxy SII

  • Wcked

    well moto said they will unlock bootloader on all future phones, going with droid

  • Wcked

    well moto said they will unlock bootloader on all future phones, going with droid

    • Anonymous

      supposedly in November for the droid 3 and bionic.

  • Obi5683

    SAMOLED+ > PenTile qHD

  • wp7 will be my next os, none of these

  • Greg J.

    According to http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Function_id5535/fullspecs the Galaxy S II WILL be 4G… if it does… SOLD!

  • Anonymous

    LTE is simply the biggest “spec” feature currently out there.  It is great tethering my thunderbolt to say a ipad2.  I cant’ live without LTE any more than I can go back to dial up internet and that’s what going back to 3g would be like.

  • Ioannis Stasinopoulos

    I will go to my VZW store in the area that has 4G and test REAL speed browsing, not speedtest figures. I’ll put them side-by-side and load the websites I usually go to. If LTE is as much faster as it is being discussed, I don’t see how I can choose a customizable, but older design phone over the bionic. And no the battery life will not affect my decision.

    • Anonymous

      it is so much faster I have the thunderbolt and it loads pages so much faster than my 3g phones used to. I at first thought I would be alright without LTE but after using it for awhile there is no way I would get a phone without lte no matter how great the specs.

  • Anonymous

    No LTE, no purchasy.  I’ll keep my thunderbolt until a Galaxy III with LTE comes out.

  • Gobby

    Ill switch carriers for a better phone

  • Dave

    I’m not eligible for an upgrade till next March so I’ll be passing up both. Hopefully by that time HTC will have their dual core LTE offering on the table. 

  • Machineheadg2r

    Neither.  PadFone all the way.

    My upgrade is due next month but I really don’t want a fone that doesn’t have 4g so the Samsung is out.

    I am disappointed in Motorola.  When I got my droid I always laughed at the crappy iPhone screen.  Then Apple came out with retina display and Motorola decides to take steps backwards with this Pentile crap.  5 more years we will back to gray scale lcds.  Its kinda like how they say moto blur is our savior yet we are not allowed to speak its name.

  • James Nillie Bob

    is this a trick question?

  • Anonymous

    If gs2 does not have LTE then I will go with the bionic. I wont get stuck with a 3g only phone since I am in a 4g area and it just doesnt make sense to go with a 3g phone especially who knows with if they will continue to support them with updates or try and get people to go to a 4g phone.

  • Anonymous

    SGS2 for me, although I probably won’t get it through Verizon if they gimp it as much as they did the Fascinate. I don’t have LTE in VA, and Verizon hasn’t announced when I would be getting any so LTE to me is a non issue.  I figure that by 2013 LTE will be everywhere and issues with battery life and size regarding it should be fixed.  And I could always go for a year upgrade in case LTE improves faster than I think it will.

  • I picked neither, because I prefer HTC to Motorola or Samsung, and I’m quite happy with the Thunderbolt.

    That said, after experiencing Verizon’s 4G speeds, if you’re in an LTE market and you opt for a 3G phone, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  Even if you don’t like any of the LTE phones on the market so far, you’re still better of waiting for one that you do than locking yourself into a device you might like without it.

  • Lance_rhoads

    Got sick of waiting for the bonic so I bought the thunderbolt

  • Sirus804

    Waiting for Tegra 3 phones… Neither of these are up to date technology.

  • I don’t plan on getting either phone, but for arguments sake, lets say this is all 100% true. I would take the Galaxy II. Simply because it’s developer friendly. What’s the point of having an amazing (and expensive) phone when you can’t take full advantage of it and are working for the phone when it should be the other way around. I’m waiting for a Nexus or Droid1-type phone to (hopefully) hit Verizon that has an extremely large community behind it. This is the big reason I am hesitant to part ways with my ‘OG’ Droid. Although it is a good sign to see manufactures starting to utilize ‘us’ (developer community, ect..) and not looking at us as the enemy. I guess the “If you can’t beat’em, join’em” saying is starting to ease in.

  • MicroNix

    Anyone who has been following the Galaxy SII has read over the top reviews from all over the world on this phone.  In parts of the world it is even outselling the iPhone…something no other smart phone has been capable of.  Motorola’s Bionic has yet to be reviewed but given the marginal phones Moto has been putting out as of late, I’m not going to hold my breath.  And that is *IF* they can get the Bionic to market.  Samsung has already sold millions of the Galaxy SII’s and shows no signs of slowing down.  I’m looking for quality in this next phone coming from the D1.  I want a great camera (something the D1 sorely lacked) which the Galaxy SII has.  I want great screen quality (D1 was fine but the SII has a smokin screen).  I also want a great processor AND NO SCROLLING SLOWDOWNS (got that Moto?)  So if the Bionic is going to stutter, game over for it.  I don’t care if people blame it on blur or what, it had better be butter smooth after waiting forever for it!!

  • Cadillachanley

    once you have experienced LTE you will not want to go back and if you have ever had a Samsung phone and do not live in an area with a very strong signal you know you do not want a Samsung phone the display screens are beautiful but you have to go with Motorola reliability and LTE speed

  • Jsauveur

    samsung galaxy s II no 4g. what a waste.

  • I’m not a new phone every 3 months guy like  a lot of people here are. I get it free for work. So it’s once a year or year in a half i can convince the powers that they need to buy me a new phone. Therefore, if a phone doesn’t have 4g then i’m not buying it, since 6 months from now I assume every phone will be 4g .  I wonder if phones like the Samsung mentioned above, and the Droid 3 are releasing these phones now with 3g, so 2 months from now they come out with an “upgraded” 4g version and get the early adopters to buy the newer phones. I also wonder if non-techy people will care about these phones not having 4g capabilities.