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Monday Poll: DROID Bionic with LTE or Galaxy S II without?

The battle of the summer phones on Verizon appears to have been narrowed down to just two as of today:  the DROID Bionic by Motorola and the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both have out of this world specs like dual-core processors, 1GB of RAM and the latest version of Android, but there still could be a thing or two that would make you choose one over the other.

The Bionic has been the most anticipated and talked about Verizon phone that we’ve seen in a while, but we can almost guarantee (unless something wild happens) that it will have a locked bootloader, not-so-hot PenTile screen, and MotoBlur.  The Galaxy S II on the other hand will have a slightly smaller yet much more vibrant screen along with an unlocked bootloader, but may not come with a 4G LTE radio.  We’re just wondering if LTE in this case would be a killer to you?  Is an unlocked device with an amazing screen worth passing up on just because it won’t run on Verizon’s LTE network?

*Note – Most of the specs and bootloader/LTE talk in this poll are our guesses and opinions on what these phones will likely ship with.  There have been no official announcements as to whether or not these phones will be locked down or if the Galaxy S II will have LTE.

DROID Bionic with LTE or Galaxy S II without?

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  • 121GW

    My next phone will be 4G LTE.  Period.  If both phones have LTE then this will be a VERY hard decision since I really like both Motorola and Samsung hardware.  If Samsung comes out 3G, then my decision becomes very easy.

  • 121GW

    My next phone will be 4G LTE.  Period.  If both phones have LTE then this will be a VERY hard decision since I really like both Motorola and Samsung hardware.  If Samsung comes out 3G, then my decision becomes very easy.

  • Tim Menzel

    This is the first place I’ve read about the qHD screen being displeasing.

    My thoughts had been BIONIC if it’s out before the 7th (which it now almost certainly won’t be).
    Now I’m seriously considering the Galaxy SII

  • Wcked

    well moto said they will unlock bootloader on all future phones, going with droid

  • Wcked

    well moto said they will unlock bootloader on all future phones, going with droid

    • Anonymous

      supposedly in November for the droid 3 and bionic.

  • Obi5683

    SAMOLED+ > PenTile qHD

  • wp7 will be my next os, none of these

  • Greg J.

    According to http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Function_id5535/fullspecs the Galaxy S II WILL be 4G… if it does… SOLD!

  • Anonymous

    LTE is simply the biggest “spec” feature currently out there.  It is great tethering my thunderbolt to say a ipad2.  I cant’ live without LTE any more than I can go back to dial up internet and that’s what going back to 3g would be like.

  • Ioannis Stasinopoulos

    I will go to my VZW store in the area that has 4G and test REAL speed browsing, not speedtest figures. I’ll put them side-by-side and load the websites I usually go to. If LTE is as much faster as it is being discussed, I don’t see how I can choose a customizable, but older design phone over the bionic. And no the battery life will not affect my decision.

    • Anonymous

      it is so much faster I have the thunderbolt and it loads pages so much faster than my 3g phones used to. I at first thought I would be alright without LTE but after using it for awhile there is no way I would get a phone without lte no matter how great the specs.

  • Anonymous

    No LTE, no purchasy.  I’ll keep my thunderbolt until a Galaxy III with LTE comes out.

  • Gobby

    Ill switch carriers for a better phone

  • Dave

    I’m not eligible for an upgrade till next March so I’ll be passing up both. Hopefully by that time HTC will have their dual core LTE offering on the table. 

  • Machineheadg2r

    Neither.  PadFone all the way.

    My upgrade is due next month but I really don’t want a fone that doesn’t have 4g so the Samsung is out.

    I am disappointed in Motorola.  When I got my droid I always laughed at the crappy iPhone screen.  Then Apple came out with retina display and Motorola decides to take steps backwards with this Pentile crap.  5 more years we will back to gray scale lcds.  Its kinda like how they say moto blur is our savior yet we are not allowed to speak its name.

  • James Nillie Bob

    is this a trick question?

  • Anonymous

    If gs2 does not have LTE then I will go with the bionic. I wont get stuck with a 3g only phone since I am in a 4g area and it just doesnt make sense to go with a 3g phone especially who knows with if they will continue to support them with updates or try and get people to go to a 4g phone.

  • Anonymous

    SGS2 for me, although I probably won’t get it through Verizon if they gimp it as much as they did the Fascinate. I don’t have LTE in VA, and Verizon hasn’t announced when I would be getting any so LTE to me is a non issue.  I figure that by 2013 LTE will be everywhere and issues with battery life and size regarding it should be fixed.  And I could always go for a year upgrade in case LTE improves faster than I think it will.

  • I picked neither, because I prefer HTC to Motorola or Samsung, and I’m quite happy with the Thunderbolt.

    That said, after experiencing Verizon’s 4G speeds, if you’re in an LTE market and you opt for a 3G phone, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  Even if you don’t like any of the LTE phones on the market so far, you’re still better of waiting for one that you do than locking yourself into a device you might like without it.

  • Lance_rhoads

    Got sick of waiting for the bonic so I bought the thunderbolt

  • Sirus804

    Waiting for Tegra 3 phones… Neither of these are up to date technology.

  • I don’t plan on getting either phone, but for arguments sake, lets say this is all 100% true. I would take the Galaxy II. Simply because it’s developer friendly. What’s the point of having an amazing (and expensive) phone when you can’t take full advantage of it and are working for the phone when it should be the other way around. I’m waiting for a Nexus or Droid1-type phone to (hopefully) hit Verizon that has an extremely large community behind it. This is the big reason I am hesitant to part ways with my ‘OG’ Droid. Although it is a good sign to see manufactures starting to utilize ‘us’ (developer community, ect..) and not looking at us as the enemy. I guess the “If you can’t beat’em, join’em” saying is starting to ease in.

  • MicroNix

    Anyone who has been following the Galaxy SII has read over the top reviews from all over the world on this phone.  In parts of the world it is even outselling the iPhone…something no other smart phone has been capable of.  Motorola’s Bionic has yet to be reviewed but given the marginal phones Moto has been putting out as of late, I’m not going to hold my breath.  And that is *IF* they can get the Bionic to market.  Samsung has already sold millions of the Galaxy SII’s and shows no signs of slowing down.  I’m looking for quality in this next phone coming from the D1.  I want a great camera (something the D1 sorely lacked) which the Galaxy SII has.  I want great screen quality (D1 was fine but the SII has a smokin screen).  I also want a great processor AND NO SCROLLING SLOWDOWNS (got that Moto?)  So if the Bionic is going to stutter, game over for it.  I don’t care if people blame it on blur or what, it had better be butter smooth after waiting forever for it!!

  • Cadillachanley

    once you have experienced LTE you will not want to go back and if you have ever had a Samsung phone and do not live in an area with a very strong signal you know you do not want a Samsung phone the display screens are beautiful but you have to go with Motorola reliability and LTE speed

  • Jsauveur

    samsung galaxy s II no 4g. what a waste.

  • I’m not a new phone every 3 months guy like  a lot of people here are. I get it free for work. So it’s once a year or year in a half i can convince the powers that they need to buy me a new phone. Therefore, if a phone doesn’t have 4g then i’m not buying it, since 6 months from now I assume every phone will be 4g .  I wonder if phones like the Samsung mentioned above, and the Droid 3 are releasing these phones now with 3g, so 2 months from now they come out with an “upgraded” 4g version and get the early adopters to buy the newer phones. I also wonder if non-techy people will care about these phones not having 4g capabilities.

  • Noway

    Y not just wait 2 more months after and get the nexus 3 which is sauppose to have the nvidia kal-el processor?

  • Anonymous


  • Guy68965

    Samsung might have played their cards right on the sgs2.  If i can get that beast of a phone and on day one root it, throw cm7 on it, that would be the ideal for me.  not sure that will happen, but hopefully some devs will have something going soon with Sammy’s kind gift to the cm team

  • Anonymous

    I want the Bionic the most, though both these phones are amazing. In the end though, I’ll probably skip both. I’ll wait till November/December for my upgrade and pick a 4G device to fit my needs then. Hopefully Motorola has something even better by the end of the year.

  • I know I’m probably in the minority, but LTE is something I’m looking for in a phone (even with the network issues), especially since I’m not willing to lock myself into a 2 year contract with older technology. If LTE wasn’t available in my area, it’d be a different matter. Motorola and their locking of bootloaders/skimping RAM just makes me not interested and I’m still not sure I trust Samsung to keep their phones up-to-date. 

    My OG Droid is in the “takes a licking, keeps on ticking” deal and I can use my Transformer if I want to play anything that the Droid can’t handle.

  • Droid Bionic ftw.

  • TouchWiz is awful, but nothing a little LPP can’t fix.
    The screen difference doesn’t mean all that much to me, besides that it signifies Moto continuing to cut corners, thus I vote S2

    • Dean2359

      I thought they were both 4.3`s?

      • I wasn’t talking about size….everyone has been making a big deal about qHD and Pentile today.

      • I wasn’t talking about size….everyone has been making a big deal about qHD and Pentile today.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of misinformation being spread here.

  • Anonymous

    Between a nearly wide open device (Samsung even sent the CM team a free device) with more power vs a slightly weaker locked down device?  Samsung please.

  • If the GS2 has LTE its a done deal to me, i will finally not upgrade to another Moto device. But I live in a highly populated area where all but one of the cities within a couple hours time has LTE. I’m confident it’s coming and if Verizon and Samsung don’t put an LTE radio in the GS2 then im sticking with Moto and getting the Bionic.

  • Order of importance.
    1. Unlocked bootloader
    2. Good 4.3″+ screen
    3. LTE
    4. Lots of internal storage and RAM

    Voted for the S2, see #1 (I know, not confirmed yet)

  • Nathan Patel

    This is a very good poll. SGS2 should win hands down. Android users should not stoop down to Motorola’s phones. That pentile screen is disheartening and who the hell wants a 4.5 inch phone? It will barely fit in a pocket and is no longer usable with one hand… Even if the SGS2 does not have 4G it is still the superior phone and the battery should last longer than 4 hours.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, keep pulling shit out of your ass.  The comparison picture with the Bionic next to the Defy looks a lot more like 4.3″, not 4.5″.  You have no idea what battery life will be, Motorola is typically pretty decent in that regard.

      • Give me the next perfect 5″ screen please.  Bluetooth for phone calls, and HDTV for games and movies.  What’s not to love?

        • Anonymous

          Dell Streak?

  • The bionic is way to freakin’ huge for me. My thunderbolt is serving me well so far, I honestly could not possibly think of a reason I would need all this dual core madness at the current time without an OS that supports it.

    I didn’t even buy a dual-core computer processor until programs that took advantage of it started to roll around, along with AMD’s dual core optimizing program which made it worth it. I jumped into that and was amazed at the performance of a AMD Athlon 64 4800 X2 and ramping up 200+ FPS is CS:S. There it had a purpose, there it had the opportunity to perform as intended.

    But on my phone? Why? Simply put I use my phone for some Angry birds and Plants vs zombies occasionally, loads faster than my girlfriends 4th Gen Ipod Touch along with playing smoother. Other than that my phone is used as a phone, a lot of texting, RSS reading, e-mail, some amazon/newegg use and to remote maintain wifi/security networks. If you are some crazy gamer or need to do tons of processor intensive things on your phone…I think you need to look into getting this crazy new thing called a computer.

    I’ve never even seen my phone start to lag or slow down, and if anything; further iterations of Android will be faster with less resource intensive tasks creating better performance as they optimize for the current generation of processors, besides the phone manufacturers bloated skin.

    More power is nice and all, but just not necessary at the time.

    • Android natively supports multi-core processors. As I understand it, this is an aspect of Linux that Android continues to enjoy.

  • I am a Motorola Fan but the Galaxy S II will win this battle. The amazing screen, unlocked bootloader, and how thin this device is enough to pull me away from Moto. I got a tasted of an unlocked bootloader with my GF’s Droid Inc. and it leaves me craving that for my next device. If the Bionic will be unlocked then not having that super amoled plus screen won’t matter as much…

  • I am a Motorola Fan but I’m gonna have to go with the Galaxy S2 in this case. The better screen, unlocked bootloader, and how thin the device is will be enough for me. The bootloader wasn’t really a problem for me on my Droid X untill I got a taste of what all is out there with my girlfriends Droid Inc. Unlocked bootloader on the Bionic and not having that super amoled plus screen won’t matter as much…

  • Anonymous

    I wish there was the evo 3d on verizon….

    • why??

      • Anonymous

        why not? if it had lte, it would rape everything on VZW.

  • Amenemhat1

    The no 4g is a killer for me. VZW announced that it will stop supporting 3g phones by the end of 2012. Don/t quote me, I think I read that here somewhere. But other than that  the Super AMOLED Plus is  a bonus. CM7 is calling already…

  • Booboolala2000

    Happy with my Droid Charge. Once it gets gingerbread. Should be soon enough.

  • Sparhawk2k

    Also depends on when they actually come out…

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I’m getting both. Assuming the Bionic comes out in mid-to-late summer, I’m getting one. But I’m sitting on four available upgrades at this time – two of which are currently smartphones. So I’ll probably replace my wife’s D1 with the SGS2 and then after a little time to compare, I’ll keep the one I like best (my wife won’t care either way).

  • Anonymous

    The Samsung is good but still expecting more, TouchWiz is not the ideal skin if i had to choose.  The Moto Bionic well, “Let’s just say will take a look when this thing ever comes out” Moto’s been hit or miss with me and it’s mostly been MISSING!!!

    Nice devices but nothing to really make me say “WOW, I have to have that device”

  • Anonymous

    The Samsung is good but still expecting more, TouchWiz is not the ideal skin if i had to choose.  The Moto Bionic well, “Let’s just say will take a look when this thing ever comes out” Moto’s been hit or miss with me and it’s mostly been MISSING!!!

    Nice devices but nothing to really make me say “WOW, I have to have that device”

  • Anonymous

    How about I stay with my Thunderbolt? 😀 rooted with 4G and lovin it.

  • Anonymous

    How about I stay with my Thunderbolt? 😀 rooted with 4G and lovin it.

  • JT

    Waiting for an unlocked phone with 4G LTE.  Until then, I’ll stick with my OG Droid.

    • WormDoes

      Ummmm, the Thunderbolt has had both for months. Feel free to keep waiting, though

      • JT

        I presumed it was understood that a dual core processor is essential, guess I need to add that decent battery life is also a must.

        • Anonymous

          exactly what I am waiting on

    • WormDoes

      Ummmm, the Thunderbolt has had both for months. Feel free to keep waiting, though

  • Anonymous

    @Kellex the poll should have SGS2 w/ LTE and SGS2 w/o LTE =) bc I am sure people will go for SGS2 over the Bionic if that phones has LTE as the Bionic w/ the qHD screen is going to be bad cheap screen from moto

  • WormDoes

    Not a troll and not looking to get flamed. Just curious why anyone would want the Bionic if it’s going to be locked down?

  • Rizzidy

    4G or nothing.

  • Rizzidy

    4G or nothing.

  • jeez man, more and more disappointing news. Looks like I might be waiting even longer to upgrade from my Motorola Droid as I still have not seen a suitable replacement come along….sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Ok. First of all you guys are acting like the Bionic wont be rootable. All Motorola stated was that it wont be unlocked. There are different levels of locked bootloaders. They can lock it and leave it unsigned. They can lock it but make it easily crackable. (original droid had a ‘locked’ bootloader too).

    They can easily “lock” it, to appease carrier requirements and then make it easy to get around it. With the recent love of the manufacturers to the developer community, im going with it being locked, but easily hacked option. So for the love of god, stop blindly assuming crap cause you see it ‘insta’ reported on some blogs.

    Two, have any of you SEEN the droidx2 screen…in person?? I bet a good 95% of the people bitching in the comments havent. Yet they bitch. Go look at the screen on the atrix. Its pretty good.  A friend has one and it is def better then my evo4g ‘regular’ screen. Im sure super omled+ is even better but its its all variying degrees of GOOD. One is more good then the other but they are still both on the GOOD side of the line. Stop acting like its crappy.

    In the end, What its going to come down to is tangable REAL stuff that determines which phone people choose. When the phones are released. LTE. Internal eMMC room. Screen size. Those are what people will base it off.

    Im kinda leaning in the Bionic side of the camp cause of its 4.5 inch screen and large eMMC. The lte is not an issue as i live in an area with no LTE or Wimax. The only thing that would prevent me from getting the bionic is if they used the Tegra2 after all and not the OMAP. Im sorry but the tegra2s video decode engine sucks. Cant play high def video well unless its using a base profile.

  • As of right now, if the S2 is LTE capable. That will be my upgrade.

    But you never know what surprises could come in the near future. 

    Lets hope that Motorola can see the threat that Samsung is, considering most of the OG owners are inching for an upgrade. 

    And from the lack luster selection we have seen lately, its not hard to tell who the two major contenders are here. 

    Heres hoping the both come out swinging!

    • Rizzidy


  • Anonymous

    No 4G in my ‘hood yet, and don’t know when it will hit, so the Bionic is out.  The D3 is looking like a 1/2-assed refresh, so that’s out.  Looks like my dream of a kickass phone w/ phys. kb on VZW is over.

    Samsung here I come!

  • Let me also say – if the VZW version of the Galaxy SII ships with LTE out of the box (or a promised upgrade), I’ll buy it on day one (if it’s a promised future update, I will wait until it’s actually updated before buying). Regardless, if it gets 4G LTE on Verizon, I’ll be grabbing it!

  • I see a lot of people pulling for the LTE. I understand the excitement, “OH MAN! 10MB DL!!!!” But what are you doing with your phone? Downloading torrents? Netflix streams in high quality over 3g, and so does YouTube, with no interruption. Plus, the LTE network is tiny right now. Look at this map FROM verizon (So it’s probably making it larger than it should be.) http://network4g.verizonwireless.com/#/coverage See those tiny yellow dots? That’s 4g coverage. It’s going to be AT LEAST another contract cycle before 4g becomes standard, as is with 3g. 

    I choose the Galaxy S because of this. I live in NC, nowhere near the 4g areas, and nowhere near the “expected” 4g areas. I do, however, live near a 3g tower. So I get perfect signal.

    Plus: Cyanogenmod! 😀

  • I have a Thunderbolt, and I am also sitting on two upgrades right now. Beyond that, I have 3 more upgrades on my account coming up in January 2012. I think that despite all this awesome dual-core goodness, these two phones just aren’t impressing me.

    The Bionic and all the Motorola drama of the past few months has me really hating Motorola in a deep way. So Motorola is not being considered (for me at least – many still haven’t taken enough punishment from Moto to give them up… I have no idea why they are still hanging on!)

    As for the Galaxy SII, it’s a damn attractive phone. Very thin, very awesome. However, the 4″ screen is a tad too small, and the lack of 4G IS a dealbreaker (for me).

    So, I am waiting for the next next big thing. I’m thinking Christmas time or later. Motorola is very unlikely to surpass the Bionic this year by releasing another mega-phone. I am honestly hoping the HTC successor to the Thunderbolt uses a quad-core processor, has 1-1.5GB of RAM (HTC is known for having beefy amounts of RAM in their phones lately), a 4.3″ or larger screen with TRUE qHD resolution (none of that pentile crap). Or, maybe Samsung’s Galaxy SIII will be around next year early on (I’m hoping for February-April timeline). And I’m hoping it’s out around Christmas time or a little later (January-March of 2012 would be ok by me). 

    Until then, I’m hanging on to my Thunderbolt. There’s nothing on the near-distant horizon that I can see that would be enough to draw me away from my 100% unlocked, CM7-loaded, 4G-enabled Thunderbolt. Say what you want about the battery life (it’s getting so much better these days – with the RC04 update and Imoseyon’s 3.1 kernel update on June 12th, I am getting 16-20 hours of battery life per charge – easily DOUBLE what I was getting on RC03 + dreamKernel), but the Thunderbolt really was way underestimated by so many.

  • Dash Speeds

    Probably the GSII. I live in Maine and go to school in upstate New York, the chances of us getting LTE within the next two years is pretty low and I’m fed up with Moto’s crap.

  • Mr. Joe

    Bionic Baby!

  • At this point I’m thinking it’s going to come down to which one comes out first.  My OG Droid screen is dieing.  I hope it lasts long enough so I don’t have to “settle” for a T-Bolt.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Bionic unless HTC announces a 1.2ghz dual core, LTE unlocked bootloader beast on or before release date.  

  • Rob Meyer

    How can anyone not justify trying to lock in unlimited 4g for the same price as 3g for the next two years. Even if you dont have the service around you just yet, you still have the option to wait and see what the next two years brings and calculate whether its worse to lock in a tiered plan or pay retail for your next super phone.

  • Rob Meyer

    How can anyone not justify trying to lock in unlimited 4g for the same price as 3g for the next two years. Even if you dont have the service around you just yet, you still have the option to wait and see what the next two years brings and calculate whether its worse to lock in a tiered plan or pay retail for your next super phone.

  • Azndan3

    I will never buy a phone with a locked bootloader.  I don’t care how “good” the new blur is, its about the principle of having the freedom to do whatever you want.  Also, I hate arrogant companies like motorola that think they can do whatever they want without regard to what their customers want.  

  • Azndan3

    I will never buy a phone with a locked bootloader.  I don’t care how “good” the new blur is, its about the principle of having the freedom to do whatever you want.  Also, I hate arrogant companies like motorola that think they can do whatever they want without regard to what their customers want.  

  • DroidX_Owner

    Well my upgrade is in November and 4G should be arriving in Tucson, AZ sometime this year so I belive I have to wait for a 4G phone.  Just not sure if Bionic is going to fit the bill though.

  • Spikepark

    HTC Sensation 4G on Verizon would top these both.  In case you forgot the specs on the Sensation:
    Processor- 1.2 GHz, dual coreScreen- 4.3″ qHD- 540 X 960HTC Sense- 3.0Video- 1080pAndroid GingerbreadBattery- 1520 mAhHDMI out portBluetooth- 3.0
    Let’s hope HTC decides to release a real phone on Verizon and not that Thunderbolt paperweight a few people bought.

    • Problem is watch Verizon release their version of the Sensation a year later with outdated specs just like the Thunderbolt.

      • I can see why you’d say that (because history repeats itself often, and because that’s what we’ve come to expect from VZW + HTC). However, I honestly, honestly believe the Thunderbolt shipped with outdated specs because of the 4G network. I think Verizon wanted to launch it earlier, but it just took too long to develop, so as newer dual-core phones started popping up on the horizon, the Thunderbolt began to look worse and worse, despite it actually being a good phone.

        But HTC isn’t the only one seeing problems getting 4G to work. It’s new technology for everyone. Proof of this point is the fact that Motorola has pushed back the Bionic until ??? – we still don’t have a release date, and we seem to have no real indication as to why (other than Motorola swapping out processors, trading the Tegra 2 for the OMAP4). Regardless, Motorola has had their bumps, and who is to say that when the phone is released that there won’t be battery life or signal problems with the Bionic that’ll need fixing with a maintenance release?

        If anyone is a hero here, it’s Samsung. Despite it’s kinda crappy specs, the Droid Charge is pretty much completely unlocked, and seems to get pretty decent battery life. It’s newly released compared to the Thunderbolt and though it doesn’t seem to be super-successful, I haven’t heard massive battery life complaints like we did with the Thunderbolt.HTC has hopefully learned what is necessary in terms of code and getting 4G to work on its phones while retaining good battery life. The MR2 update (mostly the new radio) for the Thunderbolt that was leaked has MASSIVE improvements for battery life and signal strength, so it looks like HTC is starting to get this figured out. We should assume that subsequent 4G phone releases from HTC on Verizon should be done more swiftly, meaning we should get a properly spec’d phone on-time (for once, lol).

        Still, I remain skeptical until I am proven right.

        • Accentpaintingvt

          Don’t forget that updates eat space and slow things down. I had the thunder bolt and thought it was junk. Battery was awefull even with two of them I had a hard time. I dropped it very lightly and the screen cracked ….what a joke. I open beer bottles with my x and think it is overall solid. The bionic seems to look like a gold phone and think the delays will help the entire build due to the extra time spent but will just have to see. I also get phones every six or so. I also think that paying all this money for service entitles me to new stuff.
          with my account I have five lines so I work it and don’t pay anything for them. I currently have five lines and zero contracts. I have worked it and will be getting the bionic for free baby!

    • Anonymous

      No.  These blow the Sensation away in specs.  The dual core snapdragon is slower than the OMAP4 and Exynos.  Both have more ram, a ton more memory, bigger batteries, NFC, 1080p recording, HDMI out, etc.

  • Sibuna


    I live in an area that wont see LTE for a few more years, i dont need it now

  • Anonymous

    If the 4.5″ screen on the BIONIC is true, I think I would go with the samsung. 4.5″ seems a little too big for a phone. I would prefer 4-4.3″.

  • Anonymous

    If the 4.5″ screen on the BIONIC is true, I think I would go with the samsung. 4.5″ seems a little too big for a phone. I would prefer 4-4.3″.

  • Anonymous

    I am so tempted by both, I might just pass on them all together and wait for something even better

  • Anonymous

    My choice would be a Verizon HTC Sensation with LTE.  Any chance of that??

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it, verizon hasn’t had a phone with everything I want for a long time.

  • Now we know Moto went back to make “enhancements” to the Bionic. Any possibility one of those is to not use the PenTile screen? If so then I will definitely go with the Bionic is the S2 does not have LTE. If the S2 does have LTE, well then crap I have no idea anymore.

  • ironick7

    While I love custom roms and kernels on my D1. I think that the Bionic will probably be powerful enough that I wont miss them.
    If Moto starts releasing unlockable devices in late 2011, like they claim, will they then unviel methods for unlocking pre-released devices?

  • The Galaxy S2 will own the Bionic…hands down.  Samsung GAVE atinm (a developer for CyanogenMod) a Galaxy S2.  Motorola can stick the blur and locked bootloaders where the sun don’t shine.

  • Double Post. Sorry

  • All i hear is that “I don’t care about LTE” on this website and that blows my mind. Maybe if you had a chance to play with LTE you’d be more excited for it. 

    DX 3G :

    800k-1.2mb = Down
    700k-900k = Up

    TB LTE :

    6mb-8mb = Down
    5mb-6mb = Up

    Those LTE numbers are on the low side. I’ve gotten up to 10mb down and 8mb up with my TB. 

    How is that not to be excited about? 

    • Amen.  Now that I’ve got 1700mAh batteries in my HTC TB, I can rock LTE all day.  Going back to 3G is not an option…

    • Anonymous

      I would definitely care about LTE if I lived anyway that had it, or would get it in the next year. I live in a small college town.

    • My wife has the Thunderbolt. We live, work, and play in an LTE area. I have never been able to get more than standard 3G speeds even with 4 bars of LTE (I get faster speeds and better connectivity with my rooted DInc). I got 11mbp down ONCE, in a Target by the entrance. I could not even get that speed right outside the door. Plus with all this cloud stuff that is coming out, data caps are going to hit rather quickly. I see no need for an LTE device yet. I give it 2 years. While the connectivity issues may be the phone, nothing out there has blown my socks off like the DInc did when it came out. Hit me with something like that again, maybe I’ll jump on the LTE bandwagon.

    • Sibuna

      i actually travel a lot for work, and other then 1 airport there is no LTE coverage in the places i go. and generally we drive for 8 hours there and back because its much cheaper then last min plane tickets. and on the route there are places where there is no data connection at all

  • Now that I’m addicted to LTE (streaming Pandora to car stereo) on HTC TB, I simply cannot go back to 3G.

    • EC8CH

      I’ve never had an issue streaming Pandora on 3G?

      • Awesome!  How quickly can you “skip” and get the next song playing?  Either there will is a bit of a delay, due to need for buffering, or the audio quality is tuned-down for 3G Pandora.  Just a guess.

        • EC8CH

          You can set the audio quality in the settings.  I’ll grant you there is probably a delay when you skip as the next song buffers, but my point is 4G isn’t really a must for audio streaming.  It’s more of a deal breaker if you intend to do a lot of video streaming.

          I’m not excusing the lack of 4G as a non issue, but for me most of my heavy data usage is on wifi anyway.

  • MotoBlur + Locked Bootloader = Total Fail.

  • Craigg

    I will buy the first of these two that is both LTE and a Global phone. If neither, then I’ll wait.

  • Stelv81

    It seems like Verizon is giving us phones with flaws on purpose. Every phone they have released since Spring has had some major flaw. Is this a ploy to make us buy phones at full retail price once the their is a phone with all around good specs?

  • JP

    Galaxy SII, because Samsung sent a dev device to the CyanogenMod guys; official endorsement of ROMs vs. locked Motorola bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    Normally I would pass on the SG S2 because of touchwiz, that little thumb sensor on the bottom, and Samsung’s notoriously AWFUL software upgrade history. But… Motorola keeps making publicity shout-outs just to soothe the masses while continuing to go down their own road (e.g., promising some compromise on the bootloader but failing to release an unlocked device, their insistence with Blur, …). All the while Samsung delivered the CyanMod team an S2, maybe will be unlocking this device, and signed the coalition to upgrade their software and limit fragmentation. So to me, Moto is going downhill and Sammy is going uphill. I’d rather be locked into the next two years with someone I thought was on the rise, not the fall.

    • Anonymous

      Leaks imply that the US GS2s will have the 4 standard Android buttons like the original US GS phones.  I also prefer touchwiz to blur.  Neither is great, but touchwiz is a very light skin and doesn’t leave much of a footprint on the phone.  Blur is notorious for making great hardware stutter.

      • Anonymous

        I hate to base decisions on cosmetics, but that (just having the 4 standard android buttons) will go a long way for me! Even if TouchWiz is crap and slows things down, I’d find it more bearable if my phone were unlocked.


    It must have LTE…even though the GS2 is probably the better phone spec-wise, that isn’t enough for me to ditch my Droid Incredible.  I could leave with the (-)’s of the Bionic temporarily, and simple buy the Verizon version of the HTC Sensation later.  I’m the type of person, when I want something bad enough, I’ll buy it regardless of price…I won’t wait for another upgrade option.

  • I’ve been wooed by HTC’s phones after their bootloader statement.  I still have MONTHS to go before getting a new phone, so … who knows what i’ll end up with! 🙂

    • ironick

      I believe moto has made the same statement. Both said late 2011.

  • J. Ridd

    If this were May 1st, it would be the Bionic hands down, but with all this talk about the Pentile screen and the locked bootloader… I am actually leaning towards the S2… I never thought I would even consider sammy over moto, but they are supporting the dev community and not locking up their phones, plus I think they are turning the ship on updates… they seem to be pushing them out at a rapid pace these days… Give the S2 LTE, and we may have new flagship, oh and call it the Droid SII while you are at it. 

    • Anonymous

      The good thing about Samsung unlocking the bootloader is we don’t have to wait on them for updates. Also, them giving one of the Cyanogen guys a free SII is totally awesome! I assume that means we can expect CM on the S2.

  • I’d take the GSII without LTE over any Moto phone but I’ll pass on both if the GSII doesn’t have LTE. I’ll wait for an HTC dual core LTE phone.

  • The eternal question for this summer. 4G wins though.

  • Mike Tarakjian

    3G speeds have been more than sufficient for me (and this is coming from a guy with a 35 mbps FiOS connection), and living with the locked bootloader on my Droid X has been pretty nightmarish (having come from an OG Droid). I’d say Samsung Galaxy S II all the way!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a Nexus 3 on Big Red… talk about dreaming.

  • Jwalz

    There’s no point in having LTE on a phone, its for tablets.  Give me the S2 because its battery will last more than 4 hours.

  • Anonymous

    Without 4G I was thinking Bionic, but then I remembered the most important part of a phone is the experience, not the specs.  For me the screen is a bigger part of that equation that the network speed, I used that every single time I touch the phone.  If the Bionic’s screen looks like crap compared to S2 I think I can put off 4G for a bit, especially since as a business customer I can still buy a 1-year contract I believe.

    • My account utilizes a corporate discount. I went into a Verizon today and confirmed that this does make you eligible for one year contracts, as do all business accounts. Always nice to have some good news 🙂

  • Interstellarmind

    SII’s not being on LTE will be a deal breaker for me.

    after using the tbolt, though, i will definitely make htc’s next dual-core, LTE phone my next phone

    …unless a phone + tablet option comes on the scene.

  • ADS

    Neither device IMO. Get us a device with the bets of both worlds ( unlocked w/dual-core & LTE) then we have a winner. Until then they might as well keep the dam things as far as I’m concerned. 

  • Anonymous

    Infantile radio technology that kills battery life, struggles with stability, etc.(all problems that will be fixed but still exist to still degree for the time being) vs a device that I can do w/e I want because the company wants you to do w/e I want…

    hell even with LTE out of the picture I’d still choose a device that wants to be MY device vs one I have to beat down to get it to do what I want….

    But with that said both are definitely great device… And before you flame me for the LTE or the bootloader comment… I’m aware that both are getting fixed… and frankly I’d rather wait for motorola to give me my phone back and as for LTE it’s still a young tech… and young tech rarely = good buy IMHO

  • Anonymous

    4G isn’t in my area so GS2

  • not unlocked = not interested.

  • Anonymous

    I want the SII, but I want LTE. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Carlin Brown

    I literally just looked this up on google (bionic vs galaxy s 2) this morning… shortly after that, this article was posted…. are you spying on me droid-life???

  • Mayze23

    Do any of Samsung’s android phones have froyo yet? All kidding aside they are the worst with updates.

  • The Bionic is definitely the Droid we are looking for.

  • Sammy has horrible reputation and updating their stuff. Even if unlocked, you can’t do much w/o drivers and proprietary files from Sammy.

    Moto has not shown must promise. Locked bootloaders and subpar hardware (4.5″ Pentile?)

    I am holding out for HTC to come up with something soon.  If VZW can’t deliver, hello Sprint??

  • j2d2

    Sticking with the Thunderbolt for now. It’s plenty fast so why would you need dual core? What we DO need is Netflix support now!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    not all that sure I care about LTE to be honest. I would likely go with the HTC, but I bet the HTC will be LTE anyway

  • FortitudineVincimus

    not all that sure I care about LTE to be honest. I would likely go with the HTC, but I bet the HTC will be LTE anyway

  • I’d take the Moto over Sammy.  Not for LTE cause anything over 2MB down is basically overkill for me.  Heck I can even survive on 2G if needed.  I just like the Bionic better out of these two choices.  I think speed is overrated.  Why do you need super fast internet to browse the web, download apps, play games, check email, FB, Twitter, etc.  Is it really a big difference from 2MB to 10MB to do those things?  I just don’t see it.  Sure you get your app downloaded in 5 seconds instead of 10, but is it really that important?  I’d rather have slower speeds with much better batter life.

    • Why?  Because you can never have enough SPEEEED.  I’d rather have 10x the speed and charge 3x a day then be stuck at 1g without charging for a week.  Shoot, I already HAVE chargers at home, at work, in the car – not to mention my nomadic battery backup!  I can rock the convention hall ahem, “Doing business by phone” all day long with that baby!

      4G Kal El or bust.

    • I never had 2M on 3G. More like 700k on average. That’s not fast at all.

  • GS2 = no 3g = bad
    Bionic = locked blootloader = bad
    Keeping my Tbolt until something better with 4g and an unlocked bootloader comes out.

  • GS2 = no 3g = bad
    Bionic = locked blootloader = bad
    Keeping my Tbolt until something better with 4g and an unlocked bootloader comes out.

    • Why would you even think of upgrading from a one month old phone, anyway? You certainly would not be allowed an early upgrade and would have to drop 500-600 dollars to update, and that would be a stupid move and a waste of money.

      • Rizzidy

        Not everyone is poor like you.

        • i’m not poor, I’m smart.

          • turk

            Then smart and poor are synonymous in this case

          • turk

            Then smart and poor are synonymous in this case

          • Nope

            you must work for the goverment..

          • Yeah SCREW 500 bucks! I hate money. I throw it away at every possible occasion for no reason.

        • Chris Norris

          Who cares how poor anyone is, it’s ridiculous to get a brand new phone just to upgrade so soon. Even if you are rich, there are better things to spend $500 on than a slight upgrade.

      • WormDoes

        Not for people who have disposable income and love Android.

        • I love Android, I still have my original motorola droid bought on launch day that I bought for $199. Think of the THOUSANDS of dollars wasted by people that upgrade every few months just to have the newest and coolest toy, it’s fine for them if they like to do that but I don’t think it’s worth it and can think of many better ways to spend that money.

          • Rizzidy

            Only a poor person would consider that “waste.”

          • Shut the hell up you idiot troll, I’m not poor.

          • person with money

            No, you’re poor. People with money don’t recognize things as wasted, only used. Only poor people think about wasting

          • Anonymous


          • turk

            that’s usually the intelligent thing to say in these situations

          • You sound like the guy that told me all i would think about was girls and cars if I were rich.

          • I see your point, but a couple of thoughts on this:

            By the time either one comes out early adopters who bought the Thunderbolt will have had it for 6-9 months, so it’s not a “one month old phone”

            Also, those people who do go for a newer phone will still be able to sell their Thunderbolts on ebay for $300 – $400 or so, so it’s not like you’re starting from scratch.

          • Good points, still, if I just bought a phone a month ago, I would not even be thinking about upgrading it for a long time.

          • finally…someone smart.

          • People who aren’t poor don’t use Ebay, they use trash cans.

          • i bought a droid x on launch for 200.  sold it when the thunderbolt came out for 300… bought a thunderbolt and will be continuing this cycle of purchases.

          • Ven727

            Me too. I bought my DX in October and sold it $300 and bought the Bolt on launch day.

      • WormDoes

        Not for people who have disposable income and love Android.

      • its called adding a line, brah.
        -or paying full retail
        -or verizon loopholes 😛

        but yeah, im swapping my t-bolt for the best dualcore 4g offering when it comes out (probably not bionic)

      • ag

        You can sell the old phone for $350 then its a $300 upgrade. The same as just buying a high end phone on contract. 

    • GS2 and 3g = bad
      Bionic with locked blootloader = really bad
      Keeping my Tbolt until something better with 4g and an unlocked bootloader comes out = shittyShould you had gotten the Droid Charge = probably
      Waiting until Nexus 3 comes out = priceless

    • i knew this would happen too so i bought the thunderbolt which is still at the moment a great phone and will continue to be if companies keep pumping out terrible phones..

  • Guessa

    Galaxy S II all day. Motorola pulled another RAZR with the OG Droid. They make one amazing, popular phone then totally drop the ball. SMH!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but the Droid X was a pretty popular phone, even with the locked bootloader and all. Tons of people bought it. But you’re right, nothing too special after that.

      • Droidican

        The fact is when the X came out most of us had no idea what the hell a bootloader was. Now thanks to them we know more about bootloaders that we’ll ever need to.

    • Anonymous

      why can’t the just rerelease a untouched og droid aside from the additions of lte and dual core

  • Raven

    Neither, Droid 3 FTW!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      ugh… I am so over physical keyboards. 

  • Kpurdu1

    Still rocking my original Droid and praying for the S2 to get LTE at this point.  Who cares about blur or touchwiz, ADW or Launcher pro can pretty much fix that.

    • Anonymous

      Custom ROMS will take care of the skins even better. So the Bionic is pretty much out of the question for me.

  • T Hall

    To me in all reality, it is the first one released that has 4G LTE.  I am sick of waiting so that is how I will be won over.

  • Don’t you all see how foolish you are? Ice Cream Sandwhich will get rid of the hardware buttons and all of these phones will be forever obsolete. Imagine having one of these with ICS and a useless menu button at the bottom (home and back would probably still work)

    • T Hall

      Are you kidding me?  So just because something in the future is going to be different these phones are obsolete?  Manufacturers will still be able to assign buttons even if ICS does not require them…

    • T Hall

      I am going to wait forever because soon there will be a phone that is in my brain.  All phones will be obsolete then so why would I want to buy one?

      • caseyisajim

        That would be awesome.  Then I could Bing my brain.

    • caseyisajim

      c’mon, that’s like saying VZ Navigator and CityID will be obsolete; that ain’t happenin any time soon, buddy.

  • tbaybe

    idk… not a fan of sammy phones… 

  • Jcorf

    I don’t like Samsung’s skin. Blur is better.

  • EC8CH

    I wonder what effect VZW’s inevitable tiered data pricing will have on the results of this poll? 

  • Donnydee

    ummm neither is available on verizon yet

  • viewthis66

    4G or nothing at this point.

  • NeutronBomb

    The galaxy S2 is my ideal phone but I can’t go back to 3g speeds. Especially since I use my phone to tether to my tablets. If samsung puts an LTE radio in this its bought. No second thought needed.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my thoughts.  If there’s LTE on the GS2, it’s no contest.  Otherwise I’d have to go with the Bionic.

      • Calvin Williams

        Agreed. Even with 3G, I will have to give it a lot of thought though. I don’t want a shitty pentile screen, a locked bootloader and motoblur. If they change all that I might actually get the Bionic 🙂

        • EC8CH

          If they changed all that it wouldn’t be a motorola phone anymore 😛

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely.  I like Motorola’s statements about unlocking their phones, but we have yet to see any proof of that happening in the near future.  If the Bionic is set to be unlocked, then it’s definitely my choice.  If the Bionic is going to have a locked boot loader (which is probably the case), a 4G GS2 would absolutely take the cake.

          With a locked boot loader on the Bionic, and no 4G on the GS2, I could only hope HTC can come up something worth buying (that has a battery life longer than 6 hours).  Hopefully though it won’t come to that.

          • Javis Sullivan

            CM7 has officially fixed battery life on the thunderbolt as of 3 days ago…just in case you are wondering…the kernel has it clocked at 1.8 Ghz and i’m at 50% after 12 hours of use

          • Anonymous

            Can u help me with throwing on that rom, I just rooted the tbolt for my sis

          • As far as I am concerned #Motorola is like a politician; whatever they say is what they think you want to hear. And everything they say is a lie.

    • MFG

      First and foremost is LTE. I will line up Day One for the GSII if it has a 4G radio. I almost don’t want the Bionic because it seems to be following the X2 and Atrix path when we really were hoping for something revolutionary. Moto seems to have gotten lazy and Samsung is really blazing a trail. Look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I really hope the GSII get’s LTE…pleaseeeeee.

    • EC8CH

      3G is fast enough for streaming music and general web browsing.  4G is really needed for video, so I could live with it not being on a phone, like you said it is a must for a tablet though.

      Once VZW drops tiered data pricing I wonder how attractive 4G speeds will be?

      • Splicer78

        That’s why SGII needs a LTE radio NOW so that we can get in on current unlimited plan and then be grandfathered along for the rest of our 4g lives

        • EC8CH

          I bet tiered data is introduced right before these phones are released 🙂

          • Joe

            I spoke to vz manger and was told that the plan changes are effective july 7. I also found out that they are getting the I-Phone 5 for sure.

      • masiv

        Was at a VZW store today and a sales rep told me that unlimited data will be grandfathered in for current 4G customers when tiered plans arrive.  Seemed like a pretty confident comment.  I questioned him on it and he reconfirmed.  

        If so, that has definitely sold me on a 4G phone soon

        • Anonymous

          They have no choice, they can’t just change your plan and up your rates or reduce minutes/data willy nilly; as long as you don’t change your plan you will always be grandfathered.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung Tab 10.1 is going to have LTE so I am going to assume the SGS2 will have LTE =) right?

    • Inkster09

      So when exactly is this bionic coming out again? Estimated i meant and don’t want to hear qaurter this and quarter that. Atleast like the week of?

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy S II every time.

    I love the screen, the battery, the processor – Everything about it. It’d be hard to sway me from the GS2.

    • Agreed. I will wait long enough to see that the SII will be rootable/flashable, if so, it will likely be my next upgrade. If not, the wait will continue.

  • Rain_king46

    Bionic mostly because the Moto devices seem to get better support from the dev community. 

    • EC8CH

      where have you been hanging out since the OGD?

    • With Samsung giving phones to developer to port ROMs like Cyanogenmod, easing up on their locked bootloader stance, and the impressive hardware Samsung has been packing into such a small, attractive package, this could change…

      I’m going with the Samsung Galaxy SII. Its just too impressive and Moto has been anything but.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t expect this to be the case going forward.  Moto locks down their devices and Samsung doesn’t.  Samsung has also build a good rep lately with devs quickly posting source to the public, even for some of the drivers.  I expect many of the major devs will be working on Sammy and HTC phones going forward until Moto changes their tune.