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Flash Player Gets An Update To Patch Security Vulnerabilities

Run to the Market and go get the newest Flash Player ( for your device. Security Bulletins were published by Adobe about (1) and (2) possible issues with previous versions of Flash, so here we are with the newest version addressing them. Here’s the release notes for 10.3. There is nothing listed under “recently changed” on the applications page, but we are certain it is for security fixes. Don’t hesitate to update.

Market Link

Cheers interstellarmind!

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  • I’m starting to think that Mr. Jobs may have been right about Adobe, their crap is apparently FULL of holes. Have to update Flash Player every other day.

  • duplicate post…

  • stupid question…what phone is that in the picture?

    • Anonymous

      You must be new here if you can’t recognize a Thunderbolt. Been in 90% of the past 3 months’ posts.

  • D.B.Evans

    Interesting … I install the update, shows that it completed successfully and that I have my installed apps show that I have 10.3 installed …

    But, if I check my installation on the adobe flash test page at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ – it shows that I’m using version 10,1,102,64 (Thunderbolt, using the stock browser).

    Anyone else seeing this on the test page?

    • Lakerzz

      Mine shows the updated version of Flash, Droid X

  • Alex9483

    Every time I hit the update on the market it tries to  download and after a while it stops and “download paused” pops up without me doing anything. I tried on and off wifi, but no luck. Anyone else having problems?
    Stock Tbolt on LTE.

  • I have the Flash Player Checked the Market Under MY APPS & clicked update

  • Is it just me or does that seem to be the only thing that these updates bring for flash

    • Guest

      What do you expect?  It’s a tool that provides functionality for programs to run.  It doesn’t provide any direct features to the end user.

      • Fair point. It just seems like a lot of these and all for security.

        • Mr.Joe

          Flash is used by so many people so vulnerabilities are created for it all the time.  

        • Mr.Joe

          Flash is used by so many people so vulnerabilities are created for it all the time.  

  • what the hell is flasher player?

    • Anonymous

      MY DICK

      • Mr.Joe

        OOO!  Me likey! 

      • Guest

        you’re a F U C K I N G   I D I O T