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Animated Notification Pulldowns Coming to a ROM and Theme Near You?


Animated notification pulldown menus…could this be the next big thing to obsess over in ROM and theme development?  We’re not 100% sure on that, but after seeing just a couple of them already in action, the ideas are starting to float through our brains.  DF forum member Alastrionia deserves credit for figuring this out by tweaking the systemui.apk, but now we look to our favorite themers (@bgill55 and @jsinlegacy) and ROM developers (@jrummy16 and @bigxie) to find creative ways to make this look extra hot.

What do you guys think – is this hokey or could it be brilliant?

Via:  DF, (2)

Cheers MrPicolas!

  • The idea of design is to make it easier on the eyes. (Whether you like it or not, doeasn’t make it good design)  And too many themers seem to not grasp that concept. Either way too much contrast or way too little. This mod does nothing but make it even more distracting to read what is in the pull down menu, on top of that, it looks like it runs like complete crap!

    With all that said, have fun you nerdy little hackers!

    • MBK

      what a moron, dumb as a rock about the whole concept. sorry if your feeble mind can’t distinguish what’s on top cause your eyes are distracted…lmao…too funny

      • Anonymous

        Wow, the idiots just keep breeding online…

  • Anonymous

    looks fugly

  • Custom Colonel

    looks kinda lame…much like Android.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good idea. Maybe not so much that matrix graphic but their are so many idea’s this could be useful for. I think it’s a solid addition when used in a thoughtful way. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the idea and current installment looks really cool i don’t know what’s up with all the hate…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If we had a back ground that was a weather forecast or something useful that would be cool.

  • Anonymous

    If we had a back ground that was a weather forecast or something useful that would be cool.

  • MBK

    The concept starting to sprout ideas…very simple one but cool…


  • David

    I think it rocks…. maybe not the matrix theme but the idea of it is kick ass

  • MBK

    Crappy vid camera, but better realtime speed…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf7lFsAkxFA

  • Anonymous

    That’s gonna lag like crazy, especially with a live wallpaper on you launcher!

  • Kierra

    Even though I dont root I truly do appreciate devs….but huh??? This is the kinda stuff people get hype over?? DO NOT WANT

  • MBK

    Okay I’m done…sorry you guys are gonna miss out, really wish I could get everyone to realize that this does not affect performance nor batt life, and for people to see it’s limitless potential…

    That’s your prerogative…. so anyways, Android on everyone…;)

  • Neat idea however do not like that it may be a battery hog.

  • Not appealing to me, that last thing I want is another useless feature slowing my phone down.

    • MBK

      I for one would like tthe idea of having my family’s pics on a slideshow on my pulldown….this is just a crude, hastely compiled version of the true potential….. and again…it Does Not slow down your Droid!

  • jojo4747

    It doesn’t slow performance, and doesn’t kill the status bar, its awesome. Using it mixed with synergy theme

  • Mr.Joe

    Slow as molasses.  

    • MBK

      what? the anim?..that’s because it only contains 7 images and duration was set higher to 200…
      If you claim this is making your Droid slow as molasses, then you got bigger problems on your Droid than this…lol

      • MBK

        Also, you have to remember that this video above was taken thru SDK video capture, so not representaive of actual animation…

      • MBK

        Also, you have to remember that this video above was taken thru SDK video capture, so not representaive of actual animation…

  • Lukeeee

    yo kellex.  I just got the Invite to Google Music the other day.  Just an FYI cuz i hadn’t heard about it recently.  It works great though.  Unreal

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  • FortitudineVincimus

    can you say Launcher Pro?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    can you say Launcher Pro?

  • I think this is an excellent way to drain your battery.

    • MBK


  • Performance is on par with crap.

  • MBK

    I put this one together in haste in just several minutes once Alastrionia (Barry) showed me his find, it was just a quick sample of what can now be done!… Several of us have been trying to find the proper coding to get this to work for a few months, and thanks to Barry it is now reality… the possiblities are endless on what we can put on there, picture slideshows, ‘any’ animations, ROM bootanimations, actual video clips, ennnndddllleeessssss.
    So those naysayers, you’re just jealous ‘you’ didn’t come up with it…lol…J/K so don’t get your bibs in a bunch. :p
    So we should be applauding Alastrionia for sharing this find with the Android community, not belittling the find…come on guys…. look at the overall ‘VISION’ of the idea…geeeezzzeee

    • Mrpicolas

      Don’t sweat it its got potential and its definitely cool

  • MODelCitizen

    I think thats pretty badass. im always looking for ways to make my phone more fun and visually appealing. hating on his is like hating on live wallpapers. yea it will drain some extra battery, but not THAT much if its done right plus, its not like you have the notifications pulled down for more than a few sec anyway. and i agree with Dirty Monster’s take on it something moving/rotating slowly would look nice.

    What I would REALLY like to see is animation/interaction in the actual notifications not just the pulldown background… someday 🙂

  • Its neat but I don’t know how much slower your devices would be.

    • Not at all. Or at least not noticeable amount. I have the rotating SS logo and it’s pretty damn cool.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm andy dancing or putting the mario live wallpaper in there…potential

  • RW-1

    bling that isn’t needed …

  • Ldrbuck1

    Been rockn one since last week when posted on DF. The look is ok and the concept is sweet, but the battery drain is more than desired. I think ths will replace the background notification pictures, but just like live wallpapers will fizzle out.

  • Patrick H

    How about animating the icons in the pull down bar? So like if you get a text, there is an animated icon there…rather than the whole bar being animated. Just a thought.

  • toroman

    Works great on my OG droid.
    As far as battery life i haven’t noticed any difference, I think it only runs when you pull the notification bar down.

    • Mattcrecelius


    • MBK

      exactly about only running when it’s actually pulled down (so many have no clue of the Android OS)….you watch movies on the Droids!! and still can have battery life left over for the whole day, and you think several pulls of this throughout the day is gonna jepordize your battery life??

  • I hope Vancouver loses only us should win championships

  • Charlesprutherford

    did we run out of ways to kill our batteries?

  • Nice idea. I am sure some good will come of this. But anything that looks like the Matrix is tacky. I am more of a performance person myself and will stick with a semi-transparent pulldown. But who knows what will develope from this.

  • Kirrinaka

    I am big on battery life and performance… However I would definitely use the matrix style pulldown window animation occasionally. I think this is pretty cool, even if haters are gonna hate.

  • EC8CH

    What a Joke…

    Android is just copying Apple’s magical Notification panel that they invented without copying anybody and added a crappy animated backgroud.


  • Alastrionia

    To those who say it’s a battery life wrecker, that will depend on the complexity of the images and the amount used.  Plus it’s on only when you have the pulldown open and active so unless you have that open 24/7 you’re not sucking up that much more juice.   Also I designed this around the Droid 1 and I can tell you that it’s smooth and crisp.  it’s all in the timings used.   This might not be the hottest thing around, but at least it’s different and opens up ideas. 

    • Mrpicolas

      I agree with you and for those hating on it how do you think things like launcherpro and ads got started with an idea

  • its nice but it seemed so skippy and slow, I would rock a motionless background on it though.

  • Instead of animations, I would much rather be able to choose a picture of my liking and have it there. Like a nice lil hiding spot lol

    • Jeremy Gentry

      LOL! a pop down picture to hide from your girlfriend/wife,…..I WONDER WHAT GUYS WILL PUT THERE?! HAHA

    • stu

      this can already be done if you are handy with ninjamorph and have root access

    • bustadroid

      You can do that if you choose with a theme from miui rom 😉

    • Anonymous

      Tim A Tato Ha I was just thinking that before i scrolled down in the comments.  Man you always ahead lol

    • Anonymous

      Actually, not only is this possible, it’s quite easy to do. Just replace the shade_bg.png within the systemUI.apk with image that you want. It takes about 2 minutes to complete.

  • I can see the OEMs making use of it in their UIs, but not much use in the custom ROMs.  Yeah it might look neat at first, but the key will be its performance and batter use effects.

    • Anonymous

      Like a glowing Droid eye or VZW logo? Yeah, I see OEMs doing something like that. And then we would be scrambling for a ROM that removed it. 😉

  • DirtyMonster

    I think it’d be cool with something extremely simple.
    I’m thinking the liberty eagle slowly rotating…
    Or a light “glisten” or “shine” effect.

  • Yeah Thats Probably The Ugliest “Theme” I’ve Ever Seen
    Pretty Cool Though.
    The Thing That Would Be Awesome Right There Would Be Either
    A) Time
    B) Weather
    Other Than That, Its Not That Awesome

  • Anonymous

    I want one that has smoke coming up through it

  • Colin

    It’s clever, but if it slows my phone down (or even just looks choppy) I’m not interested.

  • Anonymous

    you linked to jrummy’s twitter twice (got the feeling nobody will notice)

  • Anonymous

    Hah seeing lots of hate.  I don’t think anyone is calling this Matrix thing a work of art.  The real idea here is to see if someone can make something that actually looks nice.

    • Anonymous

      And not chug/kill the performance of the phone for such a simple add-on.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah maybe if you have weak ass phone. If you do you shouldn’t be trying this to begin with.

  • zack

    i feel like a dual core processor is a necessity with this new animation?

  • Just what I need, another source to drain my battery and kill my performance, maybe if it was made more subtle it might be ok, but honestly whats the point to animate something you look at a few times a day?

  • I’m sure that would crash my OG Droid

    • Wachatalknboutwillis

      Don’t hate on the OG Droid!  It’s a great machine.  Plus got netflix before a lot of others!  Hell ya for OG!

      • Anonymous

        Looks like all you read was “crash” and “og droid” before you started typing. go back and read it again. he has one. us OG droid owners ought not bicker like this. let’s all agree that, while great, it just can’t handle some of these new things. it’s about time to retire, in all honesty.

    • Wachatalknboutwillis

      Don’t hate on the OG Droid!  It’s a great machine.  Plus got netflix before a lot of others!  Hell ya for OG!

  • Jcorf

    Wouldn’t that be a real battery drainer?

  • Ill be interested once i see it working fluidly, not like a jumbled mess like that video shows.

    Also the blue looks terrible with the black liek that, very hard to read and is prob hard on the eyes

  • Ya I am not seeing a lot of use for this.  I am not a big fan of the animated backgrounds in the first place. The cool factor wears off after a while.

  • Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

    • Inkster09


    • tjhrulz

      Just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome

      • rick607

        It’s kinda like touching your tongue to a frozen flagpole.. you looked at it, thought about and did it anyways.

  • That would just wreck your battery life. and its not that appealing IMO. But I could see how others may like it.

    • Anonymous

       however, instead of the Matrix animation someone could include a weather animation – that will be awesome! IMO

  • Ken Krause

    I know the typical answer to “why?” is “because we can”, but I really have to ask, why?

    • Because we can 🙂

  • Meh, fun for first time but sure to slow down and eat extra battery!

  • Honolulu HI woooohoooo

  • Its VERY cool, yet someone will make it all tacky and lame, but it seems like it would kill a battery quickly…

  • Zeadaplaya

    haha figures, once apple catches up we pull ahead!

    • Dude this isnt really pulling ahead.

      • Anonymous

        Yes it is, since Apple’s interface offers zero customization. Go back under your bridge troll

        • Paulding

          Jeez dude, chill.  There is nothing there that warrants name-calling.

          • Anonymous

            Lol I see people do it all the time.. I’m only joking sorry

          • Don’t worry about them. Funny is funny not matter how you slice the cooking. And it was a serious trollololol statement made via Zeappie-do-da

    • Jack

      apple didn’t catch up yet and won’t for a while. Apple was just so far behind in technology that even a few minor updates like tabbed browsing, OTA updates, and notifications make it seem like they caught up to android. all of those features were available on android since the first phone was released in 2009. but tabbed browsing was around for computers even before android. and even my old phones i had before 2009 had a notification bar but not a pull down bar. i said they are so far behind because there are alot more features that are still not available on any apple products and won’t be for a while. but when and if apple decides to add more of the android features to iphones, google will already release more features to android phones.

  • Crazydog

    That looks terrible and tacky.