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First Real DROID Bionic Pictures Make Appearance?

Yesterday’s news was all about the DROID3 and those 3 tutorial videos that it popped up in – today, it might become DROID Bionic leak day.  Are these the first real (non-render) pictures of the phone?  It sure appears that way.

You’ve all heard of this device by now after cancellation rumors which were followed up by a confirmation of delay from Motorola.  The phone itself has been the most anticipated phone on Verizon or really any carrier that I can remember over the last year and rightfully so.  What we do know is that it’ll sport a dual-core processor (likely an OMAP now), 4G LTE, front camera and qHD screen, but since it has been pushed back to undergo “enhancements” we don’t know much else.  Unless of course these pictures are of a real Bionic and then we can gather at least a couple of additional specs.

We’re seeing a definite front facing camera, new version of Blur (new icons and contact widget), an 8MP camera on the back (1080p recording), web-top capabilities, two separate speakers on the back, and a 4G LTE radio that should make everyone happy.  If this is indeed the Bionic, sign me up now.

There are two odd things here that we were expecting to see and wanted to toss them out while we dig for further confirmation on whether or not this really is the new Bionic.  We had heard a month or two back that it would include a hump as seen on the DROIDX, but with sleeker styling – this phone doesn’t appear to have a hump.  We were also told that it would sport a 12MP camera and this only has an 8MP.  It’s a sexy device, but we’re not ready to bet the world on this being it.   

The backside of the device:

A comparison to the previously leaked render of the device:


Closer look at that new 8MP shooter that can record 1080p video:

Via:  IT168MobileGearz

  • The hump is actually there the whole time! It was just hard to see =p

  • Droiddoes

    yep thats her

  • Anonymous

    When will it launch?  More details and more fact than fiction: The Droid Bionic it’s about time http://exm.nr/iIYLgl

  • Diamond Perry11

    It looks juss like the droid 2 butt w/a front facin camera on the left….nice stylong :(. A little disappointing.

  • Looks like they changed it from the almost Samsung-esque original design to a Droid X with capacitive buttons.

  • Djstar2k2

    the crazy thing is its a simple way to figure this all out.  take the droid 3 release half your u.s. shipment blurred and have vanilla.  then see which sells the most,which customers respond to,which r returned more and go from there.  im sure which software u put on it aint costly.  but im sure mr moto feels there too big to fail

  • Tyler Vallely

    Obviously it’s not the Droid 3.  If you look at the newer pictures it clearly shows there is no physical keybaord.  I will bet you all $100 the phone pictured above is not the Droid 3.  I think this could be the Bionic or the Targa. Like if you agree.

  • Tyler Vallely

    I’d bet this is the Targa. The Bionic would have to be more amazing than this. 🙂

    • AFAIK, the Bionic was having issues and went back to the shop for a do-over.  Targa is the code name for “Droid Bionic, take two.”

  • Anonymous

    Blur is starting to look really nice. Too bad my droid x will never get updated ever again.

  • Collin

    Does it have an unlocked/unlockable bootloader?

  • More High-Res pics on a chinese language site:


  • Mysterion

    That is gonna be my next phone

  • droid 3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yeah, Idk if I will get it, it’s just so late that it’s lost alot of appeal

  • The camera hump is still there, I can see the subtle gradient in the pics. front looks just like a DX without hard keys, and it has that qHD screen…. this isnt going to be my next phone either. damnit I really want a Nexus S LTE on Verizon with no bloatware and a 1280×720 4.5 inch screen PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • Coriolis

    It seems a bit small, is that still a 4.3″ screen?

  • Ccav913

    it reminds me of my old lg dare

  • Mgpickup

    Is this going to be a world phone? If not then Verizon forces us to make tradeoffs between global capability and 4g capability …if so forced then how can Verizon claim to have a flagship phone? Stupid mistake.

    • Coriolis

      I want to know if it is going to be a world phone as well.

  • Am I the only one that actually kind of likes the fact that it looks a bit like the OG Droid? If I wanted something that looks like the iphone, well, I would buy a Samsung because I would never sell my soul to Steve Jobs. But, I for one, Like the Moto industrial “ugly” design.

  • Is it me or do the front images kinda show a hump like the droid 3?

  • Mcrutchf

    I was definitely feeling the old design and shape a lot better. This looks a little like og droid mixed with samsung

  • OH LOOK THE NEW BIONIC!!! or is it the Droid 3 or is it the Droid X.. or is it the Droid X2… come on Motorola!!! If you wanted to make the same phone over and over again like apple, at least name it the same thing. This phone looks like the same old shit we’ve been getting. How am i supposed to get excited when I’ve already had a phone that looks just like this for almost 2 years? Can someone please give me some styling effort into their phones? The original Bionic was nice. I mean come on.. can i at least get it in white? Silver? Something at least to make me feel like i’m carrying a new phone? I’m beyond disappointed by this.

  • Jim Dandy

    No pressure Motorola :p

  • i want…Motorola has a year and a half to make a kickass phone if not i see myself going HTC or Sony.
    i love my R2D2 but there are SOOOO much better stuff now.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, it has everything the spec junkies are waiting for. I will still wait to see if the SG2 carries an LTE radio before making this jump. God knows VZW will sell this for $400.

  • Mr. Joe


    CABBAGE!!!!   CABBAGE!!!!

  • We got a Droid 2 Global just after Droid 2 last year.  Maybe this year we get Droid 3 4G just after Droid 3??

  • Anonymous

    this makes me very happy about my thunderbolt purchase 

  • Anonymous

    oh god Blur is hideous