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DROID Charge Wireless Battery Cover Available Now, Still Nothing for the Thunderbolt

Purchased a DROID Charge (our review)?  Ready to experience the future of wireless charging (Qi)?  You can grab the inductive battery cover to attach to it now for $29.99 from Verizon’s accessory store.  Of course, you’ll also have to grab an Energizer mat or similar product to charge it on, but at least you have the option unlike Thunderbolt owners who have been waiting for three months now without word on it.  And not to hi-jack the post before it even gets going, but weren’t we supposed to see a multimedia dock from HTC as well?  Hmmm.  


Via:  Engadget

  • Devi8

    Honestly Where are the Accessories, gingerbread, or CM7 for the Thunderbolt… if the bionic runs as smooth as the Tbolt, but with better battery Life I’m gone.

  • I bought this two weeks ago at the Verizon store. It works well but none of the cases fit since it is a little bit thicker than the standard battery door.

  • I blame Verizon.  Seems like they only wanted to promote the Thunderbolt as a flagship phone until another LTE handset came along.

  • Booboolala2000

    Another reason I like my Droid Charge over the Thunderbolt that I gave to my mother. It actually has support.

  • Stillirisep

    Multimedia dock for the bolt? ha…who needs that…when you have a kickstand? lol….come on HTC!!!

  • Anonymous

    Accessories are the reason I went back to my DX from a thunderbolt… I had the car dock for my TB which was a joke compared to the DX car dock, and the multimedia dock I just got with that $20 offer is great for work

  • Anonymous


  • John C.

    I sure hope they have this for the DROID 3.

  • Dan

    How dare you expect things that should be expected

  • So glad I was able to sell my Thunderbolt.  I sold it in its original packaging on eBay with two batteries (the standard and a 1600 mAh), the official car dock, and a case for only $375 after putting it up twice at $400 to no bids.  The phone’s only been out for a month and a half.  It says a lot about it in my opinion.

  • Potterdood

    Just now available? I bought this cover like 3 weeks ago and the mat too from the Verizon corporate store I work at.

  • Anonymous

    Does it come with that sweet watermark on the cover?

  • David Butler

    any news on the gingerbread updat for the thunderbolt? isnt it supposed to be here sometime this month?

  • Hamholla

    It would have been alot cooler if the charge launched with this cover already installed. I mean it is called the charge afterall.

  • Didn’t the Incredible get constantly teased with an official dock as well? I just want a nice car mount for my Thunderbolt (unless I’m not looking in the right places and something awesome already exists?)

  • Risenequinox

    HTC Sucks anyway

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t say HTC sucks, just that all of the OEM’s are failing in one way or another.  These devices are being pushed out with all of the marketing and accessoires before the device is deployed and in a lot of times short fallings from the manufacture on items that don’t come out fast enough. What device do you own??.

      • Risenequinox


        • Anonymous

          Apple Really?? So you like being told what to do 😛

          • Risenequinox

            Well seeing as i’m a guest account that really wasn’t me who posted “Ipone” also spelled like a retard. I have A DX and i’m starting to get bored with it…

          • Anonymous

            Ha atleast you have a newer device than me, I love my OG but like you after
            all of the overclocking and rooting it’s starting to slow down a lot. I
            would like to see Moto come out with a Vanilla device with great specs and
            just leave the damn thing alone. Like the OG. but with the great features
            of the Atrix for example.

            I think that would really be a beast of a device.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah i feel you on that..

            This month i think i’m going to get the Xperia Play for the hell of it. Major plus is that it has Stock Android 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Quite a few people mentioned doing the samething like you just stated for
            the Vanilla Android,