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Twitter Introduces New Photo Sharing Feature, Headed to Official Android App “Soon”


Twitter is sure making the best of June 1st with a couple of major announcements.  This morning they introduced the “Follow” button which websites can embed on their sites to allow for quick follows from readers rather than through that ugly blue bird button we have over to the right that no one uses.  Expect us to toss it into the fold in the next couple of weeks.

The other things they introduced are a new version of search as well as a photo sharing feature.  The new Twitter search will actually give you real results including videos and photos –  the photo sharing feature will allow readers to upload and tweet photos without having to leave Twitter.  It should be available in the coming weeks on the web and in their official mobile apps “soon.”  Twitter will use Photobucket as its photo host.

And in case anyone was wondering, the song is Brett Dennen – Sydney.

Via:  Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Wow…..wonderful idea,I like your service and your work.


  • Still waiting on official support for push notifications.

  • So whats the correct term for twitter pic?  

    Twit pic?


    Tweak (Tweet + Pik)?

    Just wondering….

    • Nathan Patel


    • DBK

      lol I vote for TweetShot  🙂

  • Pete

    When they roll this out are they going to make the official app suck less?  I used to use it since I couldn’t delete it and it served my needs.  But I swear it keeps getting worse and worse.  On the last update it removed the unread message count that showed up in the notification bar, and it stopped remembering where you were in the timeline.  That feature only recently came about anyway, but after the last update it worked sporadically.  Not to mention since it’s original inception we’ve lost the unique animations that showed that an app didn’t have to look like shit on Android and orange-highlights on hyperlinks stopped working, too.  I’ve since gone back to Tweetdeck.  

  • Anonymous

    whats the point in hyping up the app details when it’s nowhere near release? HYPEBEASTS

  • Anonymous

    if a picture’s worth a thousand words, does that mean you can only send 1/10 of a picture?  😛

  • Anonymous

    I must be missing something… they changed their button from a blue square with a bird to a blue rectangle that says follow and call it a big announcement

    Bunch O’ Maniacs .. new cereal from idiots r us

  • Haz

    Great song!

  • great, now you can see girls post twitties without leaving twitter!

  • great, now you can see girls post twitties without leaving twitter!

    • Nathan Patel


  • Anonymous

    They should get Rep Weiner to test it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    They should get Rep Weiner to test it 🙂

  • Every one should listen to Brett Dennen’s new album Loverboy. 

    Props for the feature and bigger props for the song choice

  • Kianjudah


  • Anonymous

    It’s about time, Twitter