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HTC CEO Officially Confirms The Unlocking Of Their Bootloaders

We have done it! HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has confirmed in a quote from the HTC facebook page that they will no longer be locking the bootloaders on their devices. This could be the first step to other companies following suit. We can only hope. Here’s the quote from Mr. Chou.

“There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience”

So there you have it. Expect a lot more news stemming from this shortly. Congratulations everyone who wanted this so badly.

Via: HTC’s Facebook

Cheers Everyone!


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  • James_Ever

    Did anyone read the recent tweet from Verizon about how they will support unlocked bootloaders like the HTC Thunderbolt, are you aware of this Kellex? If this stays true then Motorola you are out of excuses and can no longer name Verizon for locked bootloaders. Better get to cracking Motorola while you have the chance…

  • Now give us a way to unlock our existing devices.

  • Now give us a way to unlock our existing devices.

  • bye bye OGD, hello HTC

  • Rizzidy


    F Motorola.

  • texashorns88

    “Free at last!  Free at last!  Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

  • NICE! So how will that effect my Dinc2 though? Will there be some magic update that will unlock my bootloader; God, I hope so…

  • now for a LTE device for VZ equivalent to the Sensation.

    (I can dream, Can’t I?) 

  • it appears people have short memories. 🙂

    Motorola said earlier that later this year their phones would have a lockable unlockable bootloader like the xooms.  just wasnt as big of a as of now announcement.  Not that im sticking up for motorola just see a lot of well motorola your turn and in fact they were actaully first.   now there was some stuff regarding verzion saying that unlocked bootloaders couldnt be activated on their network but this has been corrected now.


    • BrianT

      Moto won’t be unlocking anything anytime soon. They have corporate agreements for bloatware. They won’t give up that revenue stream. And when they do unlock, it’ll be on their lower level devices that no one tinkers with anyway. Just waaaaiiiit. Moto is still in business despite the exec team running that company, not because they make any good decisions.

  • Anonymous

    … take that, moto! no false promises!

  • In related News:  HTC will no longer be releasing phones on Verizon

  • In related News:  HTC will no longer be releasing phones on Verizon

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. Verizon Support confirmed via twitter that phones with unlocked bootloaders would not be allowed on their network.

  • BrianT

    C’mon on NOW!!!! I’m a DX lover, pre-ordered it and have enjoyed it everyday since I ROOTED IT!  I bought the phone because I really thought they would either figure out how to unlock it, or Moto would come around. Neither’s going to happen.

    So, I’m putting MOTO in the penalty box. When I get my new phone this summer, it will not be a Moto product. And if everyone does as I’m doing, MOTO WILL CAVE in 6 mo.’s tops.  So c’mon everyone who reads this blog. Join the revolution. Buy an HTC product. Think of it as an investment in your longterm mobile technology experience. Say it with me!  THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE THEY WILL CAVE.

    We just gotta stand strong. This IS the moment to be heard. Spread the word to everyone you know, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MOTO. Let’s all watch their sales drop this summer and into the 4th quarter.  That bootloader will open faster than you can say abracadabra.

  • J Dub

    With more and more programs checking to see if you have root access and not functioning properly, the days of root will become numbered.

  • Trombone Dixie

    Will there be an update for the Thunderbolt to unlock the bootloader, or does this only concern future releases?

    • you unlock it when your root

      • No, a locked bootloader is different. My Droid X has a locked bootloader – but I’m rooted and even running a custom ROM, sort of.

  • My next phone is definitely an HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Moto

    I guess by know you’ve  heard the news from your major competitor HTC, and  how they are removing their locked bootloaders off of their devices because (like we here on DL warned you) WE DON”T WANT LOCKED DEVICES!!!!  Please LISTEN to your customers.

    Android Nation will know be heading over to HTC, See we told you 😛 

  • Anonymous

    You thank them by rewarding them with your business. If you continue to support Motorola and there locked boot loaders then your priorities are really screwed up. Just say no to Bionic!

  • Now just release the Evo 3D on VZW with LTE and FFC and Ill pay full retail.

  • Anonymous

    Super excited, and considering most people I know have had much better luck with their HTC phones I am pretty much hooked.

    Only thing that scares me now is that this leaves the carrier and the apps to do their own “locking”. If HTC would have left a locked boot loader that is fairly easily unlocked maybe the carrier and apps would have said it was good enough. Now this just lets Verizon step in where HTC left off… 🙁

  • because of this i will now buy an HTC phone. thank you everyone who wanted this and to HTC as well.

  • Rives

    What a brilliant PR move by HTC. “Hey, lets just open all our phones up from here on out”. Marketing gets ahold of the idea and spins it a bit. “Lets release a statement SAYING we are locking everything moving forward, absorb the outcry from the community, then release a statement saying “Hey, we listen to our customers…open bootloaders for all”. Response from the community “WE LOVE YOU HTC!!!” MasterTroll HTC…well played

  • Anonymous

    Holy… crap. I am SO happy with this!

    I have a feeling that HTC will have a very big part to play in the future of Droid now. And Motorola will continue to Blur… er… shoot themselves in the feet. Many times… With an AK-47.

  • Jyouhas

    Give us keys to inc2!

  • Anonymous


  • Jerry Bush

    Looks like I will be getting me an HTC device really soon and leaving my Motorola far behind me with fond but locked bootloader memories. I completely support the HTC move here way to lead from the front.

  • kiley481

    Does you suppose this mean new HTC phones?  Or do you think newly-manufactured Thunderbolts in the next few months might be unlocked?

    Can something like that be changed post-launch?

  • Beka

    My comment on the Moto FB page:

    HTC is unlocking their bootloaders.  What do you have to say about that Motorola?  Your hardware is fantastic, but you are officially “behind-the-game”.  I want my next phone to be Moto… but you’ll have to earn my loyalty.

  • Xeno43

    Byah! Now go release a dual core LTE phone for verizon so I can support you 😛

  • Why on earth companies feel that they can lock down products that people pay to own and then wonder why people get pissed off when they cant do something they want to the device is beyond me.

    Sony & Motorola are the worst. This HAS to become a thing of the past or else people will go, excuse my language, Ape S***! 

  • Anonymous

    Sweet… Knew I made a good choice with hTc!!

  • Now its time to take this back to Moto and Samsung!    We need a William Wallace to arise and lead us!!

    • Anonymous

      Samsung never locked its bootloaders to begin with.

      • Urugami

        I thought I remembered them saying that a month or two ago.  Thanks for saving me a search.

  • CB

    The real question is, does that mean the end of their phones on Big Red?  With LG / Sammy / Moto I don’t know if they’d be heartbroken to ditch HTC altogether…  Even so, I’d have to consider it at this point.  Awesome job HTC, hope you stick to it.

    • Gee

      Most likely not as BIG RED tend to put stipulations on phone that go to their network. It’s not always the manufacture that makes the final decision on locking hardware… 

      • Anonymous

        I’d imagine that vzw prefers them locked, although Samsung’s phones aren’t and vzw doesn’t seem to be forcing them.

        • Gee

          Well when you have an update schedule of every three years you have to offer something 

  • Dmiller2007

    So I’ll be sticking to HTC until we get confirmation from motorola on that unlockable bootloader. I hope they come through because I prefer their build quality, but if not, htc is an easy alternative.

  • If their new phone doesn’t require me to get an extended battery, I’ll think about it.

  • RoomTenONine

    If moto doesn’t follow suit, my next phone will be HTC on Verizon.  Plain and simple.  Shame because I really like moto’s hardware.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to post such a noob question, but what exactly does an unlocked bootloader mean? What can I do with an unlocked bootloader that a locked one doesn’t let me do?

    • Oteroa8

      You can apply unstable ROMs made by some dude in a basement that do things like void warranties and risk bricking your phone. Oh, they provide minor customization features that would otherwise be inaccessible. You can use them and barely notice a difference in your phones performance. But you will most likely notice the increased frequency of crashes and the painstaking procedure of applying the rom in the first place. Allows you to remove “Bloatware” which really doesn’t matter. Most of the procedures are not noob friendly. Fans of romming will argue and say the releases are more stable and that it’s easy. Question their motives.

      Also allows you to brag about how you customized your phone ad nauseum. Allows the degrading of companies like Motorola for not unlocking theirs.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you should just get an iphone.

        • Oteroa8

          No I’ve got a DX and it’s freaking great. I love the android platform. I’ve gone the rooting route. I’ve tried all the Roms. I’ve removed bloatware I’ve done it all. I’m actually running a gingerbread release right now.

          All I’ve found is that ROMs aren’t worth the headaches. It’s just a way for people to feel special. It really adds little extra to the phone.

          • Maybe you just have no idea what it is you are doing and it pisses you off.  I’ve rarely had issues with rooting my phone, rom changing, themeing, even building my own themes.  It allows me to enjoy my phone as much as I can because I like to change things up pretty much every week.  Some people like it, some people don’t.  Don’t cram your dislike down other peoples throats.  Droid Life was always about having freedom and doing what you want, not bitching about not needing the freedom.

          • Oteroa8

            i know exactly what I’m doing. and I found that the time taken in performing all that rewards enough to make it worth it.
            I didn’t cram anything. I just stated my dislike. Is my talking about not needing the freedom more than all of you bitching about needing it? no.

            It seems to me you are doing the exact same thing you are accusing me of.

            And you’ve never had any problems with themes and roms? Please you’ve had your fair share of crashes and you know it. you’re telling me all your modifications go off without a hitch? That’s BS. and please. Someone please list to me IN DETAIL the awesome modifications to your phone that allow you to “enjoy your phone to the fullest”

            I believe it’s more a love of tinkering rather than actually being able to pull anything major out of  the phone. Coupled with a little bit of “They don’t let us have it so we want it more”

          • i can gladly say that i’ve flashed plenty of ROM’s on my Incredible, and had no crashes. cheers! 🙂

          • Bgtony

            Bootloader envy? not even a little. There is nothing to do with the phone that I can’t do unrooted.
            I rock the gingerbread and launcher pro and I’m happy. add a little circle launcher and fancy widget. Good to go.

          • Bkcharter

            To start with, you have a droid x which is a pain in the butt to Rom because of Motorola. I had an original droid and if I ever had a problem which wasn’t often all I had to do was boot in to clockwork recovery and restore my backup or load a different rom. Never did it require a computer aided sbf to fix a problem or load a new Rom. Own an unlocked phone b4 you blather on

          • Bkcharter

            And while I’m at it, your post is offensive as it presumes that everyone must like what you like. just because it was too much of a headache for you and you didn’t really see the doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone. For many of us our phone is like an extension of who we are. I take great pleasure having something unique and thtat looks like me in my hands. I also like having access to the latestOS way b4 the manufacturer gives it to us. Sorry for the rant

          • Oteroa8

            My post is offensive? Someone is a little sensitive.

            i didn’t presume anything. I stated MY reasons why I think the whole bootloader issue is a waste of time. You are more than welcome to share your opposing view.

            If your phone is an extension of who you are…. may want to find some hobbies pal.

          • evileclipse

            Hahaha! I know you’re kidding right?

      • hater.

      • Anonymous


      • James Kernicky

        and you probably own an i*hone…

      • Rizzidy

        I completely agree.  There is no reason to trust the immature children that make most of the ROMs out there.  People will start listening when their bank account balances start to shrink.

      • Rizzidy

        I completely agree.  There is no reason to trust the immature children that make most of the ROMs out there.  People will start listening when their bank account balances start to shrink.

  • Oteroa8

    sweet! Now they can corner the very tiny market of people who actually care to root their phones.

  • Jake Hurtado

    He just confirmed my next phone is an HTC unless Moto changes as well.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me wonder how true the ” carrier pressure” excuse was in the first place. Because if true, you just won’t see HTC devices on VZW, much like you almost certainly won’t see a Nexus device.

  • Granted

    Well, looks like my next phone will be one of those brick phones that come in a bag.

    Oooh this is so exciting, I’m gonna put my bootloader in a heated up rotten cantaloupe and make it call me uncle Jeffey! My loader is so hard right now!

  • garrett

    wait a minute you spelled motorola wrong. 

  • Teng247

    looks like my next phones will be HTC’s until Moto can get their s#it together

  • GotSka81

    Man, and I was looking forward to the D3…now I have to wait for the next HTC device with a keyboard!

    • Knightcrusader

      I’m in the same boat.

  • Rocktoonz

    And this is why I did not buy a Moto Droid when I went looking for my first smartphone.  I knew HTC made quality devices, and this simply confirms that they actually listen to their customers and care what they think.  Looks like I made the right decision with my DInc!

  • Now if only HTC will make a phone with a hardware keyboard I can upgrade from my OG.

    • Knightcrusader

      They did – The Merge. However VZW seemed to not give a crap about it and are only letting 3rd party sellers carry it. Odd…

  • Djstar2k2

    i wonder if we can get moto not slurr up the droid 3

  • Gotta give HTC some love for this!

  • d-roids

    i reaaaalllllyyyyy like this move by HTC. essentially they’ve just attracted alotta new customers with this move. i jus hope this wont create any security risks in the future

  • d-roids

    i reaaaalllllyyyyy like this move by HTC. essentially they’ve just attracted alotta new customers with this move. i jus hope this wont create any security risks in the future

  • Anonymous

    Tthunderbolt is sounding nice right now for real

    • Knightcrusader

      I know, I have two upgrades on my plan and I am also thinking about a TB now, even though I had no interest before hand.

  • Thank god HTC is the one in a million company that listens to their consumers. This is one hell of a milestone. Me being more technologically inclined then any of my friends or anyone I talk to regularly I will now highly suggest anyone I know to get an HTC phone, even though I am the only rooted user among my friends and family. They won over more then just one customer then myself. HTC will be my next phone for sure, good thing I didn’t use my upgrade yet! Kudos HTC. Once you see your profits at the end of 2011 you will know you made the right decision.

  • Anonymous

    your move motorola

  • Anonymous

    HTC just took the lead in the battle of the OEM’s!!!  Yeah I am looking at you MOTO  Stop looking like some one just kicked your puppy,  And pick that jaw up off the ground Moto We told you to unlock your bootloaders, know your standing looking all stupid.

    You know HTC just made the move of the decade today!!  Yeah beat down again Moto, when will you learn and listen to your customer base??

  • Rolo72

    Looks like my next phone will be an HTC. Moto, you could have been so much more!

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    This is awesome.  I hope this pressures Motorola into making a similar announcement or my next phone might be an HTC.

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    This is awesome.  I hope this pressures Motorola into making a similar announcement or my next phone might be an HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Unless Moto follows suit, it looks like I’ll be switching to HTC next time I upgrade.

  • Coaster36

    Wait! WHAT??? They listened? Kellex you funny guy, you…

  • EC8CH

    Who wants to bet J*bs thinks this is the stupidest thing HTC could possibly do…

    Listen to your customers AND make your products more open… crazy

  • Anonymous

    More importantly than sending them your anger when you caught wind of them locking their devices, we ALL need to send them praise for this announcement.  Rooted, or bone stock, this means a LOT to the Android community.  Please understand this.  

  • *duplicate comment fail*

  • Felt like showing HTC a little love http://yfrog.com/h0s3xep

  • Mosskingpin

    Bye bye moto ……..

  • Stephen Daniels

    Is this going to be done as a s/w update to the existing phones like DInc2?

  • Tyler Cunning

    Motorola will you take this as HINT!

  • T-bolt looking more appealing over the Targa every day….

  • james

    HTC here I come. I really want to have stock android on my next phone but an unlocked bootloader is a must and this is great news. Sorry motorola the Droid X had potential but you just aren’t listening. To be honest though I just might consider leaving verizon to get what I want in a phone especially if they turn their noses up at the continued use of unlocked bootloaders from HTC. Motorola gives verizon WAY too much control over the final product.

  • james

    HTC here I come. I really want to have stock android on my next phone but an unlocked bootloader is a must and this is great news. Sorry motorola the Droid X had potential but you just aren’t listening. To be honest though I just might consider leaving verizon to get what I want in a phone especially if they turn their noses up at the continued use of unlocked bootloaders from HTC. Motorola gives verizon WAY too much control over the final product.

  • Davros

    Been wanting to get away from my DX for quite a while now. HTC, you will have a new customer very shortly.

  • Anonymous

    this is just fantactic. moto i love my OG DROID and will probably have it forever. you have lost me to HTC if you cant step your game up…period

  • Anonymous



    • Anonymous

      “I don’t know if you heard me counting, I did like one thousand”

  • Anonymous

    I love how the outrage and customer response was even greater towards Motorola…but not even that has been enough to get them to do anything. I doubt we’ll ever see the so called “solution” that Moto has for the locked bootloader issue.

  • EC8CH

    To celebrate I liked every single comment on this post.

    • Anonymous

      =) Good plan.

  • All this BS about people thrashing their phones beyond repair because of unlocked bootloaders has been just that.. a BS excuse. As long as you can’t thrash the bootloader itself, the phone is recoverable. All the manufacturers/carriers need to do is release a 1-click method to flash the phone back to stock by plugging it into a computer, then they can have their tech support lackies read a script on how to fix a “bricked” phone with a fresh flash. In fact, they can use that lame work around for anyone that has messed up their phone, even if not quite bricked. So the extra time they waste having to tell a person now and then that “bricked” their device how to reflash can be made up by telling the “not-so-bricked” problem phones the same thing. Evens out on their end, huge benefit on our end.

    • They should make it available to the public outside of having to search online for it, to give a half intelligent user the chance to recover the phone themselves without having to go to a store. And then give the techs the ability to flash the phones if the customer can’t. But in the real world, you go to the store, and get the phone replaced with another one while then they have to pay to ship it to their repair facility where they flash it and then send it to wherever the refurb units go and sit until the process restarts, all of which costing money.

      Like they used to be able to flash the older phones, why can’t you train them to flash the smart phones now too? It’s really not that hard……

  • HTC is awesome! I’m a loyal HTC buyer for life. (or until they lock the bootloaders again.. but hopefully they stick to it to the end..)

  • Craigg

    This is a step in the right direction. It’s just too bad that HTC doesn’t have any 4G LTE Global devices releasing soon….

    • If they had one that was LTE and dual-core, I’d be buying one tomorrow. Wish one had a keyboard too, though.

  • Kierralj

    Good for you guys 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m lookin at you Motorola.

  • Motorola? Hello? Hello?

    After this Droid X2 screen fiasco, I may just have to check out an HTC phone next. I swore by HTC when I was a Windows Mobile guy, even before their phones were known as HTC and were simply carrier-branded.

  • Well Moto’s facebook page has definitely blown up lmao

    • Funny how they locked down their wall from new posts. Didn’t lock down their own posts from comments though! >:-D

      • Oh snap, they just did that too!! LOLOLOLOL

        • not locked from what i see, i can still post on their fb if i want to and it looks like other people still are also.

  • Elvisofaces

    Looks like my next phone is going to be a HTC!!

  • Well… At this point it looks like my next phone will be an HTC 😛

  • ShaneBoddie

    So does this mean they will release the keys to the Inc2 and the Thunderbolt now? Or is it just new phones?

    • Anonymous

      They released the source code to the Inc2 the day after launch

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Jesus!

  • alamoBear

    Goodbye Moto!!!

  • Everybody flood Motorola on Facebook and and Twitter!

  • Anonymous

    We just hope they don’t announce tomorrow that their Facebook page was hacked…

  • WIN!

  • Timmah

    HTC is the new Apple. Only this time, the company was done right, AND listens to its customers.

  • Anonymous

    Check.  Your move, Moto.  

  • Trophynuts

    lol like P3 said. Basically HTC by saying this is pointing the finger at Carriers. HTC said they would leave the phones unlocked…..doesn’t mean the carrier can’t lock them

  • Anonymous

    Scott H Likes This

  • carbon28

    I will get negged for this comment I know but someone cliffnotes what the big deal is? Bootloader what is it?

    • SteveTango

      The difference between rooted and unrooted phones, between installing custom roms and having htc sense, between 1 GHz snapdragon and 1.4+ GHz overclocked snapdragon. The difference between a great phone, and a bitchin’ phone.

  • SteveTango

    Dear Motorola,
         Please pass this website along to your HR department,
         and see that the right course of action is taken. Thank you.
    – The Android Community

  • SteveTango

    Dear Motorola,
         Please pass this website along to your HR department,
         and see that the right course of action is taken. Thank you.
    – The Android Community

  • Anonymous

    *checks to make sure it’s not April 1st*


  • EC8CH

    Droid Life give away week and now this…

    Its a good day to be an android user.

  • As much as I like my OG Droid, my next phone will be an HTC if the company follows through on this promise.

    • Kaufkin

      +1 100%.  if they come out with an unlockable, dual core, vanilla w/ front camera, moto will loose their shirt.  now if only we could get Verizon to not lock it down again… *sigh*

  • EC8CH

    Today HTC isn’t quietly brilliant…

    It’s f*cking brilliant

    • Anonymous

      Nominated for post of the month.

    • ChrisI

      My name is Chris, and I have been following DL for about 6 months now, trying to keep up-to-date with phone tech. I currently have a VM Samsung Intercept, and have been keeping a close eye on the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2….reading as much as I can about both so when they come out I can decide which one I will move over to. SO, I’m not a developer, I know nothing of what a bootloader is or unlocking or flashing or any of that technical stuff. I was pretty set on the S2, but this HTC news is big. Not big for me, but for people like you guys. This seems like a large issue for HTC to give up, and it’s because you guys made it happen by speaking your voices and telling a major corporation what YOU want as customers. And HTC actually listened.That is a monumental accomplishment, and because HTC is a company that actually listens to the consumers of its products, I will now be getting the Sensation. Congrats to HTC for doing what was right, and congrats to you guys who challenged HTC to listen and respond to consumers. Consumers have the power when they realize they can band together and demand a change.   

      • Muddy B00ts

        you my friend, have made a wise decision.  I was exactly like you a little over a year ago, I had the original droid and heard the word “root” get thrown around a few times.  I visited a forum or two and I have been 100% addicted ever since.  This is the site where I got ALL my help because there are some seriously awesome/helpful people here.  If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, and don’t let the jerks get you down or call you a “noob”.

        • Anonymous

          I was the same way. It’s never cool to call someone a n00b. Unless they’re your friend and it’s to their face and you’re joking. Then next thing you say is… “Let’s get to it!”.

          Everyone starts somewhere. For me? It was here at DL.

      • Cb2000a

        Rooted and added GPA 15 to my OG and it breathed new life into it. Way to go HTC!  Now Moto are you going to do the right thing or lose customers? 

      • ramifications

        I would understand if you were changing from Motorola to HTC… But the galaxy S2 and all samsung phones have ALWAYS had unlocked bootloaders. So I don’t see why you would change to the Sensation for this reason.

        If for other reasons, then great, I support your decision! But this would be a lame reason to change from Samsung to HTC… 

        Just my two cents 🙂

        • ChrisI

          I did know that Sammie’s are unlocked, and that HTC’s weren’t. BUT, to me it shows that HTC as a company is willing to listen and respond to its customers when they say they want their products a certain way. Could you imagine the change we could affect if companies like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobil, the federal government decided they would start listening to the masses? That is a sign that HTC is understanding and appealing to its base, and that IS important to me. The unlocked bootloader isn’t really the point for me, it’s the adaptation of a mega-corporation enacting consumer-based changes for the BETTER. And for that, I will support them with a purchase. Also, I understand that Samsung has a pretty awful track record of system updates, and not many people seem to be too fond of TouchWiz.  

  • Jorge22f

    Moto who?

  • LIKE!

  • The350zWolf

    10^6 + for HTC!  Unless some radical news comes from Moto, my next set of phones will be from HTC!

  • David

    Hope your listening Moto

  • David

    Hope your listening Moto

  • Floyd

    If they make this retroactive to the Inc2. I can finally use my upgrade!

  • John

    Well I know who my next phone will be with

    • jason w.s.

      I know! Just imagine that first Dual-Core, UN-FRIGGIN-LOCKED Beast that HTC releases….Its gonna be a stunner……

      Givin me chills just thinkin about it. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Your move, Moto.

  • Hope Moto guys are trading this.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, this has absolutely blown my mind.  Really, Motorola has no excuses now if a company as big as htc  can do this.  There is of course room for shenanigans (ie htc can lock the bootloader at carrier request but offer unbranded phones for off contract prices) but it looks good.  Motorola needs to just admit they are going to bow to carrier demands unless Google forces them not to or actually do what they say they are going to do.

    Hopefully this takes effect before the Sensation or Evo 3D come out, because those were on my short upgrade list until this bootloader nonsense started.

  • A company that truly appreciates their end customer more than their distribution partners.  I have more respect for HTC for this decision than I have had for any major manufacturer in a long time.

  • *Chucks dueces to Motorola*

  • *Chucks dueces to Motorola*

  • *Chucks dueces to Motorola*

  • Muddy B00ts

    In the word of Lil’ John



      • Muddy B00ts

        Haha you may have the greatest avatar pic ever!  Spaceman Spiff got me through a lot of hard times growing up.

        • trumpet444

          and all the way into high school. love calvin and hobbes

    • EC8CH

      Honestly when I first saw this tweet I was like….


  • Anonymous

    Goodbye Moto

  • tjhrulz

    Is the end of the permanently locked bootloader phase finally upon us?

  • allan

    NNever been so glad to switch to a htc phones!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be buyimg more htc phone and just because of this. They have me a loyal customer!

    Now we just need a few people to stop abusing the warranty return and help htc out and don’t make them regret this decision. It’s our turn now.

  • Luckyr1981

    And the heavens rejoice!!!!

  • James Zino

    I posted this on the Moto facebook page! XD

    • Sonicmax2k2

      Nice! http://www.facebook.com/motorola/posts/175442339175583

      • they hide everything we post!

      • Anonymous

        i’m a FB rookie. why doesn’t it show on the main FB profile / wall thing? without Sonic’s link, i never would have seen it.

    • if only they follow in their footsteps.

  • Anonymous
  • This is great news.  It feels like being handed the keys to a brand new car.  While drunk.  

  • Great job, every one! Motorola next? Or do they want to be unpopular forever? Hmm.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Matt2783

    Never thought I’d hear this. I hope this really puts pressure on Moto to do the same… Until then, no Moto phones in my future.

  • Anonymous


    Also, your move, Moto.

    • Azndan3

      Who cares about motorola. The company that doesn’t listen to its customers loses all of its fan base.  I’m glad HTC wised up.

  • jason w.s.

    Guys, this a beautiful thing. Its so nice to see a big company listen to its customers for once. We can now only hope that Moto and the rest follow their lead. 

  • You would think more companies would turn to this. This is a big selling point for a large number of consumers. HTC is going to make bank off of this.. What are the negatives to an open bootloader? their are none…. HTC!

    • Lionel Y.

      by the way, what are the argument of motorola regarding the boot loader?
      some kind of security issue?

      • Moto hasn’t really put an arguement out there, they’ve been quiet about it.

        But whats likely is since Moto and Verizon have such a close relationship it was likely Verizon that pushed them to do it. Verizon doesn’t like it cause they have to pay for when you try to flash a rom and end up bricking your phone and returning to the store for them to replace it.

        Moto never went so far and to be able to block us from rooting devices like HTC. But at the same time for the amount we can do to a locked Moto device they might as well unlock it since there are plenty of ways to still brick the phone.

        Though at the same time the common person doesn’t know that you can sbf the device and get it working again……..

        • Anonymous

          Wow. This is completely wrong. Verizon doesn’t care about you bricking your phone. That rarely happens when rooting. Besides, if you brick your phone rooting it you have voided your warranty and Verizon will not be replacing it, you will be buying a new one. This Verizon likes a lot. What they do care about is that by rooting you can remove bloatware that Verizon makes money off of. Some companies pay Verizon to have one of their apps pre-installed. Verizon is also losing money because if you root you can install apps that allow you to tether your device for fee, a service Verizon charges $20 a month for. Also tethering increases bandwidth consumption which makes Verizon add more bandwidth which cost money. Rooting does cost Verizon a lot of money and I understand why they want to stop it. Am I happy about it? No, but I understand.

          • WindedBison

            rooting costs Verizon a lot of money? really? wow…just wow.

          • Anonymous

            Yes rooting costs Verizon money. It isn’t causing them to go bankrupt or anything but Verizon is a business and businesses want to maximize profit. If there is something out there that is providing a service for free that you charge money for and it cost you money to provide that service of course you’re going to try to stop it. Rooting is a real problem for Verizon because it’s cutting into their profits. Don’t get me wrong, I am rooted and I can’t imagine buying a phone I couldn’t root but you have to at least understand why Verizon is fighting rooting.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe, but I think they’re just being greedy. I agree that bloatware is one of their concerns (god forbid we uninstall the totally righteous Blockbuster app!), but charging $20 for tethering is rediculous. They’re basically bleeding customers to unlock something their devices do by default. They’re not “losing” any money. Last I checked, I’m already paying (plenty) for my bandwith use.

            Its just straight up greed.

          • Um….the only point i brought up about rooting is that HTC was able to block it via their bootloader while Moto has yet been able to. Its common sense that they don’t like you rooting the device cause they loose money. Trying to make yourself look smart by taking what i said and flipping it over to a new subject eh?

            Anyway. how the hell is one of the half retarded techs going to know when you walk in and say, “My phone won’t turn on.” that you bricked the phone and that it didn’t just take a crap for them to void your warranty. I know people that work at 2 different local Verizon stores and they have both told me that they know what rooting is and what to look for to identify it, but just don’t care cause Verizon doesn’t push them to crack down on people rooting.

            I know a whole bunch of people who bricked their non-Moto devices (as i said with a Moto, you SBF it and you’re golden again) and went to the Verizon store and got a replacement phone.

            And Verizon really doesn’t care about free wifi-tethering anymore since its blocked with Gingerbread, so once everyone is updated, its no more.

          • Cb2000a

            Wifi tethering works with GPA-15 (Gingerbread) on my OG Droid just fine.  It won’t matter at all when Verizon adopts tiered data plans this summer. 

  • HTC: Hack That Cell.  
    If they were RTC, it’d be perfect.  

  • Gabe


    HOLY COW AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a feeling that something was going to happen back when they were “revising” theit bootloader policy. This is amazing, and a huge step forward for the android community as a whole. If only Motorola would follow suit.

  • Too bad even though they won’t keep em locked, Verizon will force them too.

  • awesome! HTC will allays be one of my top choices when choosing phones!

  • Rangertrav

    Hopefully Moto will follow suit in time for the BIONIC.

    • Azndan3

      They won’t. 

  • Jay P

    I guess if they wanna sell phones to VERIZON they still will have to am I right.

  • BUH!   O_O

    GO HTC! 😀  

  • Anonymous

    HTC is the best!!

  • Epic win.

  • Luther19

    This is going to be wonderful. Now I can think about ditching Motorola…. finally.

  • Bigsike

    So long Motorola!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus Otero

    Liberty! Freedom! HTC!

  • Anonymous

    This had better be retroactive. If they say the Incredible 2 can be unlocked, I’ll get one in seconds.

    • Anonymous

      Already got one. Unlocking would make me an HTC fan for life.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola, your turn!!

  • Anonymous