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New Blockbuster App for the DROID Charge Also Hates Rooted Users, Blocks Movie Access

Just after Google I/O finished and Android 3.1 started popping up on XOOMs across the nation, we quickly realized that its newly announced movie service was not so root-friendly.  That’s right, Google or its contract with the movie industry, must have figured that since your device may be rooted, you planned on doing nothing but stealing from them and blocked your access.  So that XOOM you bought, which came with the ability to be unlocked, can no longer access all of its services unless you lock it up tight again.

It’s only getting better though.  The new Blockbuster app for the DROID Charge that became available this week, actually calls you out for being rooted and even proceeds to tell you that you will struggle to enjoy its content.  The app comes equipped with Widevine’s DRM software that has the ability to detect whether or not your device has been left untouched in the system department.  Oh and speaking of Widevine, did you know that Google owns them?  Who would have thought?

Welcome to the future of rooted users, my friends.

Cheers Cory!

  • Anonymous

    People won’t think this is a joke when Netflix does this.

  • Maxxmentum

    Figures BB is on the edge of extinction and its still giving me crap over rentals.  Long live netflix, or at least until the root blocking 😛

  • Maxxmentum

    Figures BB is on the edge of extinction and its still giving me crap over rentals.  Long live netflix, or at least until the root blocking 😛

  • Does this even matter? Everyone hate’s Blockbuster lol. And I’m glad to see them go bankrupt, just wish they’d stop trying to come back from the dead and stealing(suing) all of Netflix’s ideas.

  • Speaking as an ex blockbuster employee their online service especially in the streaming department is so minuscule that the lack of an app on rooted devices wouldn’t make a difference in the first place. Not to mention their pricing rates for their services aren’t worth it in comparison to netflix.

  • Anonymous

    <<< pulls droid2 out of box, turns on, gets root and removes blockbuster app.
    Did this months ago

  • So I can’t rent movies at blockbuster nor google if I am rooted? Netflix works they get my money! 

  • Oh no!!! You mean I won’t be able to pay to watch a movie on my phone?!?!?!    If only there were some other way other than this amazing Blockbuster app to get a Movie/TV show on my device!   <–Sarcasm

    Silly Blockbuster….

  • Matthew Warner

    People who really care to watch movies will just use another avenue….

  • Raven

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • Anonymous

    lmao BlockBuster all died out in the area where I live

  • It would be a shame if I ever actually intended to use a Blockbuster app on my phone…

  • Bs_thinker

    Why won’t blockbuster enhance my user experience and get off of my Droid X?  They are irrelevant and an anoyance.

  • Anonymous

    I might not root my tablet if I really want to watch video’s that bad. However I will never watch a full length feature on my mobile. I’m outdated like that.

  • Muddy B00ts

    Anybody who gets root immediately uses it to remove this apk.

  • *waits for a developer to trick widevine into thinking its not a rooted device.

    Amazon App store uses DRM and you can still download content while being rooted