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Video: First Look at Plants vs. Zombies on Android

Last week, PopCap announced that it’s super popular iOS title Plants vs. Zombies, would finally make its way to Android before the end of the month courtesy of the Amazon Appstore .  We have a feeling that it could show up tomorrow, but just in case it doesn’t, we wanted to give you guys a quick preview of the game before it has been released to the public.

For those of you not familiar with PvZ, just think of it as another tower defense game only it involves zombies, plants and rednecks.  It’s pretty a pretty entertaining game to say the least.  We have a video walk-through of it below.  


Cheers 0mie!

  • I finished this game 3 times already. And it is an awesome game.

  • Smeckle

    Aaaaaaaand…it’s incompatible with the D1. It won’t even let me open the page on Amazon App Store, let alone download it and save the file for later when I eventually upgrade. Oh well…

  •  Am I the only one who thinks Protoss vs Zerg when seeing PvZ?

  •  Am I the only one who thinks Protoss vs Zerg when seeing PvZ?

  •  Wow you’re really bad at it.  Far far worse then even my father who absolutely sucks at games is.  Amazing :P.  

    Anyway look forward to it coming out it’s the only thing I’ve been really missing since I made my iPad to Xoom transition.

  •  is it just the video that is laggy or the game? not bashing just curious

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Love this game. Been playing this from Chrome Web Store & it’s great fun!

  • Eric

    Been playing it for a week now and I’m almost done with it. Great game but way to short. 

  • David

    What ever happened to cut the rope for android

  • Screw Popcap.  I am sad that everyone is drooling over some old ass game from a company that has turned its nose up to Android for years. They’ve been promising games for Android since the G1 days. They finally get around to putting out a game for us and everyone is going crazy.

    Screw Popcap. Screw the free advertising they get from Android sites for having once created an interesting game that’s finally being ported to Android.

    There are dozens of better games from developers that don’t get the free advertising that these jerks do, do a story on one of them rather than this crap.

    • Andrew Porretta

      Wow, hostile much? Its not THAT old of a game, you make it sound like Tetris and then make it sound like the G1 came out a decade ago haha.
      As someone who works for a developer myself I know that its not as easy to just port something over. Popcap has to look at the numbers and have the resources to dedicate to it. The sad truth is like you said, its not a new game but that’s exactly why it gets less attention since it came out on multiple other platforms that most users have access to already. Less people will buy a game they already have compared to the number of people that would buy a brand new game or a game ported to a platform segment that doesn’t overlap as much with the original platform. These factors addup to how much in resources is worth dedicating to a project as well as where it sits on the company’s timeline.
      As for the free advertisement lol this is a blog, people are going to be a bit biased and post about things they like with the news and a lot of bloggers like PvZ so….oh well *shrug*
      I personally wont be buying it since I’ve already played the hell out of the PC version

      • Yes, hostile much. I don’t believe their fame is deserved. It is that old of a game., 2009 is ‘old’ in my opinion for a game. They promised an Air port when flash and air came, that date passed.

        I feel the same way about Angry Birds as well. Sure they post updates and sure they have a well created game. They are getting free blog press rather than paid blog press while games that may be superior are lost because they don’t come from a big name developer. I get that this is a blog and the blog is trying to get its reader base what they believe the reader base wants, information about something popular.

        I suppose I’m in the minority of getting information that I can’t find elsewhere as easily from a place like this. Instead it’s like the site is a shill for advertising Angry Birds and Popcap crap. I still don’t find Plants vs Zombies to be that incredible of a game.

        In October 2010 Popcap released Bejeweled for Windows 7 Phone, when WP7 didn’t even have a phone in the market. Snubbing Android.

        I don’t see I should have some oath of wanting to support someone who snubs the platform. It goes to show that there are no morals. People may hate you for a second, but if you just give them their cake they won’t stand their ground on anything. Snub Android until it’s “popular” yet promise it for YEARS and I’ll do so right back at ya. There are plenty of developers that avidly have been supporting the platform for the many years Popcap claimed it would, I’ll support them.


        • Jake S

          I understand your issue here. totally agree. PopCap is wayyy too late. However, no reason to flame the comments. 

          •  That’s true, I think it just sent me over the top to check sites this morning for the news and see everyone raving about this.

        • One thing you have to keep in mind, Android games and apps are written in Java. It was probably easier to write in WP7 because WP7 uses XNA C# for their games. The only thing they had to do was port their XBOX Live Arcade version and optimize it for the phone. iOS also uses a completely different programming language. What people need to understand is that Developers HATE Java because it can be difficult to make games for.

          Your entitled to your opinion about PvZ not being that great of a game. But Pop Cap most certainly has worked their butt off to get where they are today and most certainly deserve the free advertising. Being a Game Developer is not easy (I am one). Deadlines get missed sometimes even multiple times, or projects start in one programming language or game engine and then get scrapped and move over to another. You have to understand that these developers do their best to bring a game to your platform of choice. Sometimes it’s out of the developers control. People think “Oh why is it taking so long?!?! It’s not that hard!” when in reality it can be.There’s a whole business side to the Game Industry that most people don’t see and never will. Sometimes its even that business side that holds things up aka another example of something out of the developers control.

        • Anonymous

           you can please ALL the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can NEVER please ALL the people ALL the time

          • elmer

            and I think you can NEVER please  Bigtex ANY of the time. 🙂

        • Anonymous

           you can please ALL the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can NEVER please ALL the people ALL the time

    • Anonymous

       Why don’t you go f’n be like a tree and leave?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     Will you give us the apk? Pleeeaaassseee? 🙂

    •  http://www.filesonic.com/file/984572444/Plants_vs_Zombies_HD_Android.apk

  •  You guys know that Kellen just googled “Plants vs Zombies Android APK” and downloaded the HD version, right? *sigh*

      •  It’s not working on my DX gets to the load screen then cuts back to my home screen

        • Anonymous

           i downloaded chuzzle when it was free, does the same thing on my OG Droid

        • Anonymous

           i downloaded chuzzle when it was free, does the same thing on my OG Droid

    • Anonymous

       Op. Well that’s easy. lol

    • Anonymous

       Um no.

      • Anonymous

        I actually think I heard that this game will go to the amazon app store on the 30th as their free app of the day. 

  • Sinistar83

    So I guess this won’t run on the OG Droid?  lol
    Can I download and tie it to my Amazon account so when I get a batter phone/tablet I can re-download since it’s tied to my account?
    Oh well, at least I’ll still have the Steam/PC version I can play for now. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that should actually work.

    •  it only runs on a tegra 2 device so unless your getting one, your SOL

      • Anonymous

        And how do you know this? Have you talked to Popcap and asked or something? If you didn’t, please don’t spread false rumors.

        Until Droid-Life and/or Popcap confirms this, it’s still up in the air.

    • Anonymous

       chuzzle didnt work on my OG droid…so this may not either…i’m curious about the re-downloading on a better phone bit though

  • Bunie

    why would you place your Sunflowers in the middle? You must be completely new to the game lol. they’re your source of income, you should put them as far back as possible, behind all your defences.

  • Glad to see it works on the Xoom. Surprised to see you posting so late Kellex. I really hope this comes out when they update the free app in about an hour!

  •  They gave you the game early AND you played it on a xoom? I loathe you.

    • They didn’t give him anything 😉 

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome. If PvZ doesn’t show up tonight at midnight, then I’m sure it’ll be tomorrow night at midnight.

    Hell yeah…have been waiting like forever for this one game on Android!

  • Stephen D

    I hope this is Amazon’s free app tomorrow. I love PvZ. Almost beat it on my computer, then when I went to play it one day, all my save data was gone. It just…deleted itself. So I stopped playing and have been waiting for the Android version.

  • Vargasman909


  • Anonymous

     Love this game!

  • Roberto Taylor

     Hopefully it comes out tomorrow… 

  • Crazydog

     So, is this different than the version I played on my PC/iPhone/iPad, besides those bushes?

    • Anonymous

       Doubt it…probably the same, but hey, PvZ on the go = Major win!

  • FirstDouche

    First and SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!

  •  sweet, thought I should check DL. And i was right! something new!