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Verizon Looks to End 3G Service, Go All 4G LTE By 2013?

Let’s hope they plan on investing in some battery technology as well then. Earlier today, Tony Melone, the man responsible for the roll out of Verizons LTE network held a Q&A with reporters in Texas at the TIA conference. A few important things were said by Verizon’s CTO of Communications, the most important to us is that he is nudging at the end of 3G service altogether by the year 2013. Stating that all devices should have LTE capability by the end of 2012, and that in 2013 some devices might not even come with 3G radios depending on how the consumer market responds to the LTE deployment. Verizon has already told us that they want 4G across 2/3 of the US by 2013, so this makes sense. This also brings on the continued development of voLTE (voice over LTE). Back in February was the worlds first ever voLTE call and now we are nearing a time of nothing but.

How do you feel about the dawn of a new LTE era? No more 3G. Optimistic about the future?

Via:  GigaOM

  • Misterburns81

    Im glad im with cricket. I pay only 30 bucks a month while the rest is paying over a hundred bucks with contract services. And everything is unlimited!!!! People with Verizon and AT&T are getting ripped off!!!

    • ben7337

      Which plan on cricket has unlimited smartphone data, texting, and minutes for $30 a month? All I see is $50 and $60 a month for muve crap phones. They don’t even have a proper phone like a nexus device, or a high end android phone, or the iphone, and they don’t have 4g at the moment, and their 3g is mostly sprint’s coverage so you will likely see dial-up to super slow dsl speeds, streaming videos is probably not possible for you, not that you have a phone that can even do that if you’re only paying that much a month. I’m happier paying $30 a month to verizon for 700 mins and unlimited text and unlimited 4g lte data on a family plan, and if I ever lost it, I would go with voyager mobile who has unlimited everything for $39 a month, or tmobile’s $30 plan with 100 mins but 5GB of 4g data and unlimited texting, or maybe a straight talk plan if I got desperate.

  • Tyfighter15

    That would be great i would enjoy that only if verizon brought back their unlimited data plan.  Bc 4g is better than any home dsl package u can get.  But that is why they won’t get unlimited bc consumers like us could save on our monthly bill.  just get a phone to get on the internet and save 30 bucks to have dsl.  dsl speeds are in the 1Mb-10Mb range for download and upload.  4G has that nearly doubled in some instances.

  • One

    Why would I want to change my unlimited 3g plan for a restrictive 4g plan in the first place?!

  • Get the Droid 3 with 4G soon please!!!

  • end 3g i never even seen it i’m still on 1x in bloomington, md

  •  Verizon is being a bit to “optimistic” in regards to 4G.  One major issue with 4G is that it doesn’t have coverage density.  It won’t reach out to those that don’t live near major cities, or a tower in general.  Unless Verizon can figure out a way to blanket the country with towers, it won’t fly to well.

  • Chris

     how about getting 4g to work properly first? my 4g thunderbolt has been stuck on 1x for a while. not even 3g but 1x. I’m actually starting to miss my OG Droid. Even my moto razr or w/e phone i had before that would be acceptable right now.

  • Anonymous