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Hacked Netflix App Now Works On Most Devices

Hooray for the amazing people at XDA, again. Thanks to their hard work we have a working version of the Netflix applicaton for most devices. The hack makes it so the application doesn’t check the Device ID, allowing for all the Netflix streaming goodness we have wanted all along. There are currently two versions: one which should work just fine for everyone, and another is for those who experience a crash after launching. Give the first a try and if you have issues, come back for the second. If you continue to have issues, contact the Devs at the forum.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Via: XDA

Cheers Terry!

  • IphoneRulez

    Just Get an Iphone and avoid all these problems people, maybe that way for once you can actually have a phone with an OS that actually works and not some over fragmented, inefficient, unstable at times OS that has become nothing more then the windows OS equivalent of the computer world (Ironically which is built on linux) Android in case you havent noticed is suffering the same fate of Windows OS, Too many different manufacturers building and designing leads to things not working properly (No Wonder Apple products just work) get a life losers and get a freaking iphone ( Netflix has always worked fine on all IOS Versions)

  • Asdf

    none of them work on the samsung galaxy note….

  • Works on Samsung Admire, Only flaw is that the upper part of the screen is distorted, but nothing that is too annoying.

  • Hommytoffman

    Link 1 totally worked for me on Droid 2 Global! May have device check issues for updates, but I’m confident I’ll survive without (or at least until I can get them legitimately). 

  • Kaelaamari91

    I have Droid Incredible 2 with verizon wireless, all i want is to be able to watch netflix without the terrible white screen.. i can hear audio and select numerous movies and tv shows. I looked in android market and there were dir ections on how to make it work and from research it says it worls with gingerbread update. Some please help get it working on incredible

  • Jerryjordan01

    Yes now I can watch netflix kn my evo 3d

  • Etheimer

    works on unrooted optimus s

  • Jsteele

    down loaded both mirrors neither one works for xoom. it tells me i need to upgrade to newest version then brings me to the market but there’s no newer version. It might me netflix company that needs to fix there side.

  • Kanicsar

    Neither apps will work with the droid r2d2

  • shaycay

    none of the links are working for my Droid X running new gingerbread OS. I can download and install, but it tells me i have to download the latest version for it to work and then it cant find it in the store. what the heck?

    • Lovely975

      I had installed the 1st link on my non rooted 2.2.1 droid x a week ago and it worked perfectly. A few days ago I tried using it and I got the same msg as you. It wont work anymore. The 2nd link doesn’t even download on my phone! This sux.

  • cooldude123

    works on my non rooted droid x

  • Anonymous

    Works great on non rooted droid x. wish I found this earlier but I’m glad its available. Thanks

  • 123456789

    I have LG OPTIMUS V WORKS OK but i have green line at the top and the colors are sometimes off any idea or help

  • Drifta360

    the first link actually worked on my mytouch 3G slide. Its not perfect at all, but at least I can watch my movies..

  • SomeoneFrom Hernando

    Awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been waiting for netflix to release this for over a year and a half.  Thanks for doing what they wouldn’t do.

  • Imagaymer

    Droid X (rooted) this works great! Best on WiFi but still works in good 3g coverage area so far.

  • Jeremycase00

    Anyone have luck getting this to work on DROID X running gingerbread 588 build

  • Codedninja

    Both hacks don’t work on LG Optimus T. Sucks :/

  • Claire

     Thank you! Thank you!  It is working on my rooted .OG 

  • Peterbiltking

    Link one works great on  non rooted DX, streaming  perfectly, 3G and WIFI.

  • Thunderguy32

    Just put it on my DX and it works great! I am not rooted, so it is pretty cool to have this work on my phone! Thanks guys!!!! 

  • MachineGun68

    OG rooted and works great. 

  • Anonymous

     Netflix working great on DroidX Rooted with the first version ginger bread release. With this leap in streaming goodness I wonder when we can expect a hack for Hulu Plus. Gotta even out the playing field with iphone! Anyways THANKS XDA!!!

  • Neither worked for my Fascinate. The first one closed every time I signed in, and the second one gives my error code 1005(unable to connect to Netflix server.) when I try to stream. Currently trying a reinstall to see if there is any change.

    • I’m getting same thing on my Fascinate.  First one crashes right after I enter my email / password.  Second one will do everything except play the movies.  Can search, browse, etc., but when you actually try to play the movie it gives the same error msg. 

  • BigRed4X15

    Has anyone had success getting Netflix on the Acer iconia or any honeycomb tablet for that matter?

  • SteveTango

    Works on my OG Droid, running Gingerbread stock build GPA13 and ChevyNo1 1.1Ghz overclock kernel. Only tried it on WiFi, but it looks amazing!

  • Lexi080506

    This doesn’t brick your phone or anything does it?

  • Treknologist

    Well, I’ve tried it on my TBolt as well with no luck.  Neither file works.  The first one attempts to stream and even starts but then goes back to the main page.  The second one doesn’t stream. 

  • motoisreallypissinmeoffl8tly

     im sure someone already asked but i dont have time to scroll thru 292 comments but when droid x gets the official update soon hopefully will the device check disabled apk. still work cuz ive been waiting for GB but if i cant use netflix after i do the ota i might as well stick to froyo and hope netflix releases an official droid x gb app soon

  • Droidzzz

    Why would I want to pay X amount of dollars per month when I can stream a ridiculous amount of shows and movies through TV Shows Stream and Movie Stream by  Loading Home?

    • Granted

      For me it’s because the quality is always consistent, the selection is outstanding and I have scruples, so watching and downloading illegally, just doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Jcpaltfuel

    For the Xoom can pull up account but can’t play movies


    Doesn’t fully work on Samsung 7″ Galaxy WiFi Tab. Although I can log in see everything that I see on the TV and do everything the same.
    It does load the video in full screen but the screen is black. The audio is fantastic some of the best I’ve heard on the Tab. All the menus work. If not for a black screen it would have been great.

  • Dallindie08

    Cool!  This works great on my Droid X….then again, so do most things!  Droid X FTW!

  • Anonymous


  • Xor

     works great on my droid x with gingerbread. pretty awesome thanks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Mindshatteringcreations

    Works on my Original Droid and love it. Thanks for the hack!

  • Ken

     I have the DroidX and the Netflix app works for me.  I used the version that does NOT check for device.

    • Frank

      i also have a DX how do youget it to download i have been trying 

  • Frank

    i went to download the app from above link #1 and i go to install and than it says application not installed anyone have any advice 

  • Anonymous


  • D790

    Anybody get to work on xoom? If so how?

  • Windopelli

    App installed on my Dell Streak7 wifi only, but will not play movies , appears to start but then cycles back to the Netflix que. 

  • Anonymous


  • Robinlullheartfire

    Phone Model: HTV Thunderbolt

    Version: Android 2.2.1
    -1st version did the same as all others- Dumped back to webpage after it looked like it was buffering in.
    -2nd version gave error of not being able to reach the server or something..

  • And this is why I love DL 🙂

  • guest

    works on my droidx 

  • Guest

     what kinda crap is this? no worky on droid2…

  • Chad59

    Cheers!!! soooo bad ass!!!!!! Thanks. Chad.

    • Chad59

       Sorry DroidX1 used link 1 Perfect o!!!!!

  • Ron

    no go on the droid charge

  • Svbiker

    used modded netflix apk on coby 7024 tablet, logged into my netflix account and am now wathing netflix 

  • Anonymous

     I already tried it on my Droid Charge and Inspire 4G, on my Droid Charge I get a “Netflix can’t be reached”, and on my Inspire 4G I get audio but a blank white screen.  The only device I’ve been able to successfully get it to work is my Viewsonic gTablet running Cyanogenmod 7.0.3.

  • This was what was about to push me over the edge to update my Original Droid but then this comes out days later and there you have it, Netflix on my completely stock Droid!
    This thing is the little engine that could.


     I get sound but no pic. Thunderbolt bamf gingerbread.

  • Maurice97322

    it works on the nexus s 4g !!!

  • JayBird

    The file on link2 works on my original Droid running Liquid Gingerbread.
    On my Xoom it says can’t connect to server .. will try again when I have WiFi access for that .. 

  • Surfminded

    Does not work on thunderbolt.

  • Cant reach Netflix service error on Motorola xoom

  • Ff1198

    works great on DX!!!!  🙂

    • Jbrown

      I can’t download it on dx. Do I need to be rooted?

  • Anonymous

    “Most Devices” seemingly does not include Honeycomb devices.

    • Devices that run Honeycomb generally aren’t “most devices” 😉 

  • Anonymous

    does the download work for the droid 2? liberty 2.01 ?

  • Jjacobs003

    How about the nerds stop campairing penis sizes and just talk about why netflix is only working on some phones as this was the point of he artical.

  • D790

    Works on my og Droid but not on xoom any body have any luck on the xoom if so please help

  • Evan

     Still does not work on the Droid X running .588 GB non rooted. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Evan

      Tried both links too 

    • Stuart

      yep, no luck 

    • Anonymous

       I have my droid x running .558 gb as well and it worked for me. 


    Link 1 works on my stock OG Droid. thx
    Took a few tries to get it to DL, but finally got it.
    Works amazingly well.

  • JAYBallR

    Works on Droid X on 2.2. Running rubix focused rom with big dx theme.

  • Andy Stetson

    Works on my R2Droid2 running Liberty 2.01.  Crashed on first load (asked for correct date/time), reopened the app and worked great!

  • Andy Stetson

    Works on my R2Droid2 running Liberty 2.01.  Crashed on first load (asked for correct date/time), reopened the app and worked great!

  • NowWhat

    none of us will be able to use this app to its full potential now that big red is limiting data

    • Charliann

      Couldn’t connect to data stream on Motorola Xoom tablet Wi-Fi, even though it ignored the type of device on Netflix. And I just started up my subscription again…. drat!

      • daniel

        Same here

    • motoisreallypissinmeoffl8ly

       they are not limiting data yet for phones they always limited tethering data i believe but even when they switch to tiered you will be grandfathered into 29.99 unlimited as long as you keep renewing your contract and dont try and go to att or something and come back as a new customer cuz then you will be stuck with tiered options

  • For the people who think they got real 4G  go to this web page and read up! Will kinda deflate your balloon some!   http://forwardtechnologies.com/index.php/2010/06/the-myth-of-4g/

  • For the people who think they got real 4G  go to this web page and read up! Will kinda deflate your balloon some!   http://forwardtechnologies.com/index.php/2010/06/the-myth-of-4g/

  •  The 2nd one works on my Samsung Galaxy S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  The 2nd one works on my Samsung Galaxy S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frank

    It says content not installed

  • Booboolala2000

    Not on my TBolt or Charge. Gets close though.

  • Booboolala2000

    Not on my TBolt or Charge. Gets close though.

  • Bluefatalis

    Works perfect on my Droid x but I tried it on my xoom and it says it can’t reach the Netflix service

  • Bluefatalis

    Works perfect on my Droid x but I tried it on my xoom and it says it can’t reach the Netflix service

  • Ckdg888

     any netflix for xoom?

  • Ckdg888

     any netflix for xoom?

  • Xxstormuxx

    Doesnt work on my xoom

  •  Runs great on my DX running liberty rom. 

  • frank

    HHow do I get it to install on my phone I have a DX

    • Just go to droid life on your phones browser hit the first link. After its done downloading hit install and then you’ll be able to open it.  

    • Just go to droid life on your phones browser hit the first link. After its done downloading hit install and then you’ll be able to open it.  

  • Devon

     doesnt work on my droid incredible 2. any help?

  • Roberto Taylor

     Works great on my Nook Color running CM7!!! 😀

  • djembeman

    Download link 1 installed on my wife’s stock unrooted LG Ally, but all of the videos play in black and white. It’s pretty great that it contacted the Netflix servers and could actually stream, but I think the phone just couldn’t handle it. This may be good news for other Froyo 2.2 devices that have more power.

  • Anonymous

     Installed! First link works fine. Rooted Droid 2 with Froyo Fission ROM

  • Anonymous

     running stock 2.2.340.MB18810 updated flash player on Droid X NON rooted  works Flawless

  • Works great on DX, but no luck for my Xoom! 

  • Gryphon1911

    Installed on stock Droid x and works great. App installs on moto xoom but gets “cannot reach streaming server” message

  • Anonymous

    Works great on my OG Droid (BB Rooted), but of course, not on my Thunderbolt WTF Netflix!?!?!?!

  • it works but does not play video on my droid x using gingerbread.

  • Jenevheve

    Doesn’t work on my vibrant running froyo. Could login and manage queue, but error out when I select something to play

  • Jacobpomrenkeps3

    Works on my thunderbolt

  •  The first link didn’t crash on me, but when I went to watch a video/movie, it wouldn’t load…Droid X gingerbread rooted

  • Jfleenor

    Thanks, it works on my Droid X with Froyo and Liberty V1.5

  •  LG Optimus V. works perfect. 

  • Dazz1996

    Will this work on the 3g wifi xoom?

  •  I have a stock OG Droid and the first link works perfectly. Works just as well as Netflix works on my kids Ipod touchs. This is great!!!!!!!

  • BULL3T

    Download 1 works great on my OG Droid Running Peter Alfonso’s Stock Rooted FRG83G, also works on my Girlfriends stock unrooted Droid X 2.2.1

  • Slythefox

    Worked great on my Droid X non rooted running froyo.

  • daniel

    Installed on my Motorola xoom without a glitch. It’s complaining it can’t reach the Netflix server but that may be a diff all together. I will confirm later.

    Am I missing something here or does the app only give access to the instant queue?

    I love my xoom!

  • Stuart

    Can access menus, will go to play movie, and then…black 🙁

    Droid X, stock 2.3.3 w/ GB .588

    Wish I’d never installed that GB leak!

  • Working like a charm on my stock DX!!!! 

  • DmcCook

    Does not work on Rooted Droid 2……again 

  • Heyhh

     Droid X with Liberty 1.5 FTW!!!! Thanks!!

  • Booboolala2000

    Link 2 gets you up to your que but connection error right after you select a movie. Charge here.

  • Ruizfam07

    Get errors when I attempt to play Netflix movie on my Acer iconia tab a500

  • Jfrisbie15

    The first one is working on my original Droid but it is in fast foward or something like that it sounds like the chipmunks are the voices for every movie. I tried the the second one and it doesn’t work in the streaming part. Anyone else having trouble.

    • Masterchiefb117

       I recommend flashing gingerbread. Youll be able to use netflix app from market place natively, without the modded apk here. Works on all Gingerbread OG droids. Hope this helps.

  • Hellsquid

     not working

    • Masterchiefb117

      What are you using it on?

  • blacknight123

     anyone notice on the OG droid that the download 1 version of the app makes the video play in fast forward? 

    • Masterchiefb117

       Yeah i tried it on mine and get the same effect. I told a couple of ppl to flash gingerbread on OG Droid and there able to get them to work with market netflix apk. Try it yourself.

  • Skyskioc

    Works perfect on my Droid X rooted running Liberty 2.0.1 using Download 1. Thanks to all at XDA.  

  •  Yesss!!!! It worked!!! Finally I can run Netflix on my X (2.2). My fiance always makes fun of me saying her Incredible is better than mine because she can play it. lol

  • Jaylundgreen

     Works perfect for me!  Droid X.  Rooted.  Official Froyo release 2.3.340.  Android version 2.2.1  This is awesome.  


  •  Works great on OG Droid, and the Droid X…….but there is no love for my Incredible 2. 🙁

  •  Thunderbolt=No Work=Why Did I Buy This Thing?

    • i first tried it on lightning rom 3.3.1.and failed, but with cm7 alpha works very well, didnt really want to switch to cm7 just yet, but I WANT NEFLIX lol 

      •  I played with it and eventually got it working, now I’m getting a notification and videos wont play “DRM Required”  

  • D790

    Works on my non rooted og droid but no luck on xoom anybody have any luk

  • Final Echelon

    This is all that is awesome on the internets! Thank you to those responsible!

    DX/Liberty 2

  • Alex W.

    Doesn’t work on a Stock Transformer. :-(.

  • Joseph Pojunis

     Doesn’t work on stock 2.2.2 Droid X2

  • Anonymous


  • Dave Klesser

    Tried both links. Neither works on my droid x running .588 GB not rooted 🙁

  • Stargate

     Running awesome on Droid Incredible. Great on WiFi and on a strong 3G signal!

    • Masterchiefb117

      I hope you didnt download these files to run on Droid Incredible. It runs on stock apk from market place w/o mods or hacks.

    • Chris

       yea im sure the official netflix app on the android market also runs awesome on the droid incredible

  •  Doesn’t work on Tegra 2 processors. I can log in and go thru the movies and my Queue but when I tap on play I get this Error (Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists please visit netflix.com. (1005)). It works fine on my DX1. I have the Atrix & XOOM. Has anyone tried it on any of these devices?

  • Chris


  • Masterchiefb117

    So on my OG Droid, runs on Gingerbread with stock app. My Droid X runs on disabled device check as well as the mod apk file on Froyo. My other Droid X runs stock apk from market place on Gingerbread. Have not ran into problems…. yet…. but will post as I go along.  Oh and keep in mind, if you have a netflix app installed already, uninstall it first, then reinstall. Will get rid of not completing installation.

    • Masterchiefb117

      Oh and the OG Droid as well as Droid X both running Gingerbread are rooted..”Duh of course it is” but ppl always ask so taking away the middle man question 🙂

  • FrederickBecker

    I have two friends running it on their stock DROIDX phones…I had them try it even though I thought it would only work on rooted and/or ROMMED phones.
    Yes, kudos to XDA!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This new version of Netflix(first link) actually works on my rooted Droid X perfectly and extremely clear, too!

    Seriously, XDA are really some of the best Android devs around. They’re awesome!

    Thanks, Tim, Kellex, XDA, Droid-Life, everywhere! This is awesome!

    Full Netflix on my Droid X at last!

  • amenemhat1

    Sweet! Running Netflix on 2 of my og Moto Droids. Equipped with CM7.0.3, SetCPU to 800MHz and is running like a champ! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • New_Guy

      Isn’t it funny how the OG still seems to be keeping pace with the so called “super phones”of the world? Can anyone argue that this is the greatest android phone ever invented :)! 

      • Anonymous

         I do not have mine anymore, (using a Droid X) but it is still a good phone.

        It is still keeping up with these (next-gen) phones.

        Funny how the Droid Charge and HTC Thunderbolts bring this “amazing” 4G, (which still isn’t true 4G) yet they can’t manage to play Netflix, unlike the phone that started it all.

    • TC

      LOL I have to say that I am loving my OG Droid, running Ultimate Droid 3.3.1 rom which is a GB build 2.3.3. Using LauncherPro and all sorts of goodies suggested by DroidLife articles.  And now Netflix working great streaming movies to my phone as well…I just laugh at my girlfriends i*hone as I do so many different things with my Droid that she can’t.  For me nothing yet beats the OG, and even when the Bionic comes out, I will have to think hard about ponying up the dough for a supposedly better phone until I see that someone has completely rooted one and it can be fully customizable.
      Long live the OG Droid!! 

  • ThePaintPirate

     Not working on Droid Inc2, just a white screen with audio.

  • Gegedaddy

    First link works on my Droidx .  Happy Day

  •  Doesn’t work on the thunderbolt, or the fascinate.  Bummer

  • kidding? download the first link. Click open. Click install. type in UN
     and PW 

  • Larry

    works on my non-rooted DroidX running 2.2.1

  • Tferrell7368

     ok Im a newbie Someone please walk me thru this I have a 100% stock DX , OG Droid,  and a Netflix account I really want this Help

    • Tferrell7368

      Also have a Asus Transformer on the way!!!! can/how do i do that one? 

      • Masterchiefb117

        I’ve tried on the transformer. No go so far. Get who’re screen with audio. Tried second link, doesn’t work right either. Just happy to get my droid x’s up and running.

    • Jim Dandy

      Download the first one. Install through notification bar. Sign in. Enjoy the streaming goodness XD

      • Tferrell7368

        SWEET Thanks Jim and the Hacker that got it going! 

  •  This is why I love DROID LIFE!!!!! OG DROID + NETFLIX= heaven!!!!! If u download real hdmi on the droid x could i stream this on my flat screen?

  • Joelsgotmial

    Download 1 rockin on my Droid X…Nice! Thanks to the XDA!

  • Anonymous

    i can confirm netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk (download 1) to work on my Droid X but neither work on my wifi xoom

  • Anonymous

    i can confirm netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk (download 1) to work on my Droid X but neither work on my wifi xoom

  •  Works on my wife’s Droid X but not on my ThunderBolt. 🙁

  • Beezy

     Working on stock rooted Droid X!

  • Chris

     something i find funny is that it took a big and major company months to release a netflix app on android and after months of waiting its only available on 5 out of 100+ android devices. it took a group of people from a website (XDA) like a week or 2 to make the same app available on more devices. maybe netflix should just take the apk from the XDA website and improve it since its already working on more devices

    • They don’t want it working on more devices because it doesn’t protect their DRM

      • Chris

        you have a link that shows that netflix actually said that? because thats a really bad excuse especially since thunderbolt and droidx 2 aren’t supported and they are 2 of the best verizon phones to use netflix on for many reasons

        •  What I’m saying is, the reason it’s taking them so long is some kind of trouble with getting the DRM to work properly on other devices…I think the issue is any device with a skin on it, basically. And no, I don’t have a link because I don’t have the patience right now to dig through a week’s worth of RSS feed (400-500 articles) and find it. 

          So yes, the folks over at XDA got it working (and I am appreciative, as always, of their work) but Netflix isn’t going to consider it a success or give them credit, because the midset of hacking an app to work on officially non-supported devices doesn’t mesh well with the mindset of DRM.

          • Chris

             o yea i know about that.i personally think its stupid and as a paying netflix subscriber im glad someone hacked their app to make it available on more devices. if netflix cant give me what i want so i can use what im paying for then i want someone else with experience to do it for them.now if XDA can get it working on thunderbolt i’ll b happy.

  • Jeremy Hawco

    Won’t work on my droid x running liberty gb any advice?

  • Kelly

    First one worked for me! OG droid

  • Anonymous


  • shopdroid

    app runs on Transformer, but every time I click to play something, I get “can’t connect to netflix service. 

  • Mattyb1085

     Works great on non rooted moto atrix. only issue is a small green bar on the bottom of the screen during streaming. i used sideload wonder machine. super easy.

    • MikeD

      Same green bar on my rooted atrix.  Seems to move some of the red in the image up about the same hight as the bar too.  But a semi-translucent bar and a slight discoloration aren’t show stoppers. 

  • Adilshahabaaz

    Hey I’m using galaxy ace… The app opens up correctly but then displays an error message as ‘ please make sure that your devices time & date settings are updated to the current date.’
    But the settings are already upto date. What else shall I do?

    •  Did that to me too on my OG Droid so I closed the app, restarted my phone and it works great for me now. 

  •  With both of these the app won’t even install. I get application not installed and a little pink cross.
    Droid 2

  • Anonymous

     BTW works great on my Droid X.

  • Vnvjeep

    Can someone at xda please modify this apk so that it feeds a fake build.prop to it, so this can work on the Xoom? Please?

  • Goldfngrnc

     I tried both downloads,the first one works great on my stock OG Droid,this is great!

    • What rom are you on? 

      • chris

        works on mine without root 

  • silentmage

     Still no go for the fascinate. We get screwed every time

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     *sigh*  I have two devices (TB and Xoom) and Netflix will not work on either…

  • JDWhite

     This didn’t work for me on my Incredible but it is now available in the Android Market (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.netflix.mediaclient)

  • Donstpete

    Link 1 working perfectly on THE Droid. Nothin but love for ya….. 

  • First one works great on my OG Droid. Never thought that it would make it to the OG but thanks to the Dev’s it dead. Great work. 

  • Theflyingswami

    Awesome. First link works on my D2 (not global). Second link crashed when loading movies. Thanks a ton to all involved.

    • Theflyingswami

      I should mention, running Liberty 2.0.1

  • azsev

    Doesnt work on my stock xoom.

    • Finire

      Yep, no go on my Xoom too. It loads perfectly, but when you try to watch something you can’t reach there service. 

      I’m guessing while they have a phone type check in the app, they might also have a android version check on there end too… 

  • CONFIRMED working on OG Moto Droid

  • Bekka

    Link 1 works great on dx!

  • Kamee Mitchell

    I have DX with Android Version 2.3.3 & I tried both links & my phone can’t install them Why?

    • Bharath

       I had the same issue, uninstall the previous version and then install.

    • Knemchak

      Did not install on my DX until I uninstalled the old one.  Works great.

  • Anthony

    works on my OG Droid running PE 4.2, loving it!

  • Peterg75

    Droid 2 global- app installs logs in can browse see my queue, but doesn’t play. Starts to play then cuts out.

    • slanidracula


    • Craigg

       I have the same issue on my Droid 2 Global.

    • Justin Fincher

       I have the same issue, with both versions of the app.

  • Steve

     Video begins to load but seizes to allow playback on my Droid 2 (non-rooted). The app works in all other regards, but the lack of playback capability is bumming me out.

  • Anonymous

     logs in just fine and can browse and search no problem, but when u try to watch something its just a white screen on everything

    T-Mobile G2

  • Dave4100

    This fix works on the thunderbolt if you have the CM7 test 4 rom installed.  Thats the only Rom that it seems to work on for the Tbolt.

  • mbw

    Crashes on my galaxy tab 7.

  • Daniel Archibald33

     make it work for the HTC Thunderbolt. First link installs fine and it starts to play a movie but then quits and I get needs license messages. second link won’t work either

  • Greg

     Works on OG Droid!  So happy!

    • Synergy

       Is it rooted? Where did you get the Netflix apk?

  • Anonymous

     Stock rooted DX working great. Thanks XDA Devs…you guys rock!

  • First one crashes on login and second one gives me an error message saying cant reach service on my Droid charge. Maybe the app isnt built for 4G yet?  

    • Cee_em_jay


  • Chris

     neither works on stock thunderbolt. i dont get how the mobile cell phone with the biggest screen and the fastest processor and a kickstand still doesn’t have netflix support when phones like the incredible 1 have had official netflix support for over a week. maybe netflix needs new management that actually knows what they are doing.

    • There is a problem in our stagefright driver that cyanogen fixed. Look for it in roms soon

    • guest

      Sorry to break it to ya but the thundbolt has neither the biggest screen or the fastest cpu.

      • Chris

         then what verizon phone has a bigger screen and faster cpu?

        • Droid X2 

          • Chris

            true. good point. i guess i wasnt specific enough on the type of phone i prefer. droidx 2 is 3g only with motoblur. 2 reasons why i dont care about the droidx 2. yes its bigger and faster since its newer but i meant the thunderbolt has the biggest screen and fasest cpu for a 4g phone with HTC sense. unless theres a bigger and faster phone that i forgot about?

          • Anonymous

             It’s the phone with the biggest screen and the fastest processor that’s called the HTC Thunderbolt™

          • New_Guy

            There is a reason why it’s called the “Thunderbolt”! Since the DX2 is a 3g phone, a dual core processor means very little when it comes to streaming movies over the internet compared to the aforementioned monster. Especially when the T-Bolt can record 15 – 20 Mbps download speeds. I concur with the original comment…

          • Anonymous

            im pretty sure cpu does account for some of this speed
            it does on computers so i dont see why it wouldnt on a phone 

          •  more like 5 to 6 Mbps this is NOT real 4G

          • wrong

            my thunderbolt can pull 16 Mbps easy from my dorm room… not bad for 4g that “isn’t real” eh?

          •  i just wanna make the box go smaller

          • Jon

            LMFAO. me too

          • Jon

            LMFAO. me too

          • Anonymous

             I get 20mbps download and 9mbps upload consistently on my TB here in Huntersville, NC

          • Longbocp

            I average 20 in Cincinnati, OH

          •  There Are no real 4G phones thru any service!  Not Verizon Sprint or AT&T  None of them are true 4G

          • Cmtermin8or

            4g means 4th generation a.k.a. new. Lte on ATT and Verizon is 3g speeded up. Like the spped boost of the old 56k modems with earthlink. There will be a definitive cap. Sprint uses wimax. It is new true 4g being microwave techknowledgy. It is hella expensive but wimax + can bring speeds twice as fast as cable internet. That is why comcast put its foot in with clearwire. And yes, we are talking 160mbps download. I think that is 4 or even 5g. 🙂

          • Dj7486

            This isn’t correct at all… wimax is inferior to LTE and lte is true 4g. Att doesn’t have it yet Verizon does. Att uses hspa+ and eventually lte. Hspa + is just boosted 3g. Do your proper research first. Lte is 700 MHz and a whole new spectrum capable twice as fast as wimax

      • Johnkepau

         i think its the EVO

      • Anonymous

        however you can’t argue that its a high end device 

      • Anonymous

        however you can’t argue that its a high end device 

    • Chris

      Then what Verizon phone does have the biggest screen and fastest cpu?

      • Anonymous

        The Droid 2 Global also has a faster processor than the thunderbolt.

      • Anonymous

         Chillax … I think we can at least all agree that at the moment Carriers and Hardware manufacturers need to get their heads out of their asses. The simple fact remains that the largest screen and fastest cpu and most RAM is not the same phone as the one with the fastest network capabilities. That’s a Fail sandwich no matter how you cut it. You can break it down to 3g vs 4g ( which not everyone has or utilizes) or proprietary gui battles (AOSP still destroys) but either way it will still be a while before any one phone truly has it all.

    • Anonymous


      It doesn’t have the biggest screen, like others said.
      Many phones have 4.3 inches, and I believe some will have 4.7, which is just too big.

      It also doesn’t have the fastest processor.

      • Chris

         then what verizon phone has a bigger screen and faster cpu

      • New_Guy

        The only thing that matters when discussing streaming movies over the internet and comparing phones is the network speeds. And the T-Bolt would destroy anything out there with its 4g LTE goodness dripping from every orifice. The fact is with the T-Bolt, Netflix movies would never buffer and could play in relatively high-def. Not to mention the T-Bolt also has DLNA support that could “Tony Stark” the image over to the big screen!

        C’mon son!!!

        • you can get the highest quality stream over 3g speeds, theres really no need for 4g speeds here, no phone has a 1080p screen after all

    • Ban88one

      Well not work on fascinate Qw

    • MatthewPoole27

      I have the Droid Charge, it it doesn’t work either.  I guess with my upgrade, I should of actually downgraded to get some better features huh.Smh

    • Dapino

       its not the fastest processor or the biggest screen. but the kickstand is nice.

    • I’m another one with a Stock TB. We bought 4 phones at the same time in my family. I’m not understanding how the HTC Droid Incredible was an initial Netflix release and it’s Big Brother Thunderbolt can’t even get out of the box working correctly. 

    • [email protected]

      Neither works on the. Incredible2 now what why pay for it when they r going up on price qnd can’t get it right

  • Deraj3518

    No go on thunderbolt or xomm says can’t reach nerflix service

  • not working on my Galaxy tab 10.1,,

  • steve0617

    Both failed on stock Thunderbolt. First apk said DRM required. Second one said couldn’t reach Netflix.

  • Sog805

     Awesome…works great on OG Droid!

  • OGdroid

     Both of em are working 100% on OG droid
    although the first one seems to run a tab bit slower in my opinion

    • Synergy

      Are you rooted? Where did you get the Netflix app apk?

  • Anonymous

     Doesnt work on Xoom or Tbolt… Not mine anyway

  •  Second link installed but wouldn’t play.  First link worked.  Droid X, Froyo, Liberty.  I had to manually uninstall a previous (not working) netflix attempt before these would take.

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded fine and logged in fine, but only audio.. screen is blank dinc2.. should I try the second download?

  •  Droidx GB. I am able to see my queue and add things; however, when I go to play something I get a black screen with movie controls. Nothing seems to be playing. Anyone else getting this?

    • Anonymous

      Same on my incredible 2.. have all the controls and plays the audio, but screen is blank.

    • have you tried using one of the previous Netflix apk’s that were posted here? My Netflix is working great on my Droidx w/ GB 4.5.595

      • Same on both versions. I am keeping both APK’s saved in case something changes, but right now I can only look around and update queue. I even tried skipping to another part of the show and I still get the black screen. The time bar isn’t moving either. 

        • both the versions on this post? or other versions previous posts? And not sure if it’ll work for you, but this is the netflix i got working. (link to my dropbox)


  •  Does not work on my Samsung Fascinate 🙁

  • Tuan!!

     Stock DX…. IT WORKs!! omg…. soo awesome!!

  • Worked on OG Droid!

    • Synergy

      Are you rooted? Where did you get the Netflix app apk?

  • BStacks

     Most devices…except for the HTCThunderbolt of course lol

    • Chris

       yea. except for the thunderbolt. the phone that netflix would look and work the best on doesnt have netflix support

      • neither does the Droid 2. But D2 does if you are on Gingerbread.

        its weird. 

      • Anonymous

         It would look far better on the Droid Charge, with its 4.3 inch SUPER DUPER amoled screen.

        And better on the Galaxy S phones.

  • Sparhawk2k

     Wow, that was easy on my Droid X. What is the point of all their work if that’s all we need to do…

  •  first one does work on xoom gives a sorry we could not reach the netflix service. message

    • Knightcrusader

       I got the same thing on my GTablet running Bottle of Smoke Alpha 3.2 (Honeycomb port)

      • second one doesnt work on xoom either 

  • Tom

    It won’t steal my login, eh?

  • Anonymous

    So far no luck on my xoom

  • Goatweed

    the first link is working great on my non-GB froyo Droid X – whoohoo! Many thanks!!

  •  i haven’t gotten streaming to work on my droid x, but it works great on my nook color. 


    you have to change your build.prop but it’s pretty easy 🙂

  •  Doesn’t work on my 2.2 Droid 2 Global.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried both and it says ” download unsuccessful. Content not supported by this phone ” droidx

    • Download to computer. Place on SD Card. Sideload from there 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        You are awesome Tim  😉  Thanks !!  

  • Sam Fusco

    Didn’t install on my thunderbolt. Dang.

    • palomosan

      I was able to install before but it didn’t work, I tried the one with the phone check disable with no luck. 

  • Greg

    Which link for the Thunderbolt. Thanks

    • Tek1231

      I tried both link this morning and neither worked for the TBolt.  Hopefully, someone has better luck than I did on it. 

      • New_Guy

        Didn’t work for mine either :(…

        • Ecffighter7232

          No luck on my thunderbolt either. Bamf remix 1.6.3

    • Fatal304

       Installed on my tbolt, but only get audio

  • The eight dollar a month question:  Does this work on the Xoom?

    • Lbcnate

      Yes this…?

    • Anonymous

      No luck on my Transformer as yet, both versions let me browse just fine but I get a “could not connect” error when I try to stream anything. 

      • Supposedly it doesn’t work on non-Qualcomm phones or devices. So it looks llike those of us with the XOOM are out of luck…

    •  it looks promising all the way up to the point where you press the play button and then you get a “cannot connet to netflix” error.

      • Kmonte61

        Working on my TBolt with CM7 test build 4.

        • Kmonte61

          But not working on my xoom.

          • bawboh

            Not working on my Acer tab either. Puh…

          • Greg G

             not workingn my xoom either

  • Anuraj Bhatt

    Thanks Kellex! 

    • I dont see Kellex’s name at the top….do you? 🙁

      just messing 😉 

      • DBK

        ALL HEIL THE TATO!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Do Kellex pay you? How can I write too?

      • Anonymous

        [grammarnazi]You’d have to learn your participles first.[/grammarnazi]

      • Start by using correct spelling.

      • Doodo

        First bit of advice, stay in school.