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Hacked Netflix App Now Works On Most Devices

Hooray for the amazing people at XDA, again. Thanks to their hard work we have a working version of the Netflix applicaton for most devices. The hack makes it so the application doesn’t check the Device ID, allowing for all the Netflix streaming goodness we have wanted all along. There are currently two versions: one which should work just fine for everyone, and another is for those who experience a crash after launching. Give the first a try and if you have issues, come back for the second. If you continue to have issues, contact the Devs at the forum.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Via: XDA

Cheers Terry!

  • IphoneRulez

    Just Get an Iphone and avoid all these problems people, maybe that way for once you can actually have a phone with an OS that actually works and not some over fragmented, inefficient, unstable at times OS that has become nothing more then the windows OS equivalent of the computer world (Ironically which is built on linux) Android in case you havent noticed is suffering the same fate of Windows OS, Too many different manufacturers building and designing leads to things not working properly (No Wonder Apple products just work) get a life losers and get a freaking iphone ( Netflix has always worked fine on all IOS Versions)

  • Asdf

    none of them work on the samsung galaxy note….

  • Works on Samsung Admire, Only flaw is that the upper part of the screen is distorted, but nothing that is too annoying.

  • Hommytoffman

    Link 1 totally worked for me on Droid 2 Global! May have device check issues for updates, but I’m confident I’ll survive without (or at least until I can get them legitimately). 

  • Kaelaamari91

    I have Droid Incredible 2 with verizon wireless, all i want is to be able to watch netflix without the terrible white screen.. i can hear audio and select numerous movies and tv shows. I looked in android market and there were dir ections on how to make it work and from research it says it worls with gingerbread update. Some please help get it working on incredible

  • Jerryjordan01

    Yes now I can watch netflix kn my evo 3d

  • Etheimer

    works on unrooted optimus s

  • Jsteele

    down loaded both mirrors neither one works for xoom. it tells me i need to upgrade to newest version then brings me to the market but there’s no newer version. It might me netflix company that needs to fix there side.

  • Kanicsar

    Neither apps will work with the droid r2d2

  • shaycay

    none of the links are working for my Droid X running new gingerbread OS. I can download and install, but it tells me i have to download the latest version for it to work and then it cant find it in the store. what the heck?

    • Lovely975

      I had installed the 1st link on my non rooted 2.2.1 droid x a week ago and it worked perfectly. A few days ago I tried using it and I got the same msg as you. It wont work anymore. The 2nd link doesn’t even download on my phone! This sux.

  • cooldude123

    works on my non rooted droid x

  • Anonymous

    Works great on non rooted droid x. wish I found this earlier but I’m glad its available. Thanks

  • 123456789

    I have LG OPTIMUS V WORKS OK but i have green line at the top and the colors are sometimes off any idea or help

  • Drifta360

    the first link actually worked on my mytouch 3G slide. Its not perfect at all, but at least I can watch my movies..

  • SomeoneFrom Hernando

    Awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been waiting for netflix to release this for over a year and a half.  Thanks for doing what they wouldn’t do.

  • Imagaymer

    Droid X (rooted) this works great! Best on WiFi but still works in good 3g coverage area so far.

  • Jeremycase00

    Anyone have luck getting this to work on DROID X running gingerbread 588 build

  • Codedninja

    Both hacks don’t work on LG Optimus T. Sucks :/

  • Claire

     Thank you! Thank you!  It is working on my rooted .OG 

  • Peterbiltking

    Link one works great on  non rooted DX, streaming  perfectly, 3G and WIFI.

  • Thunderguy32

    Just put it on my DX and it works great! I am not rooted, so it is pretty cool to have this work on my phone! Thanks guys!!!! 

  • MachineGun68

    OG rooted and works great. 

  • Anonymous

     Netflix working great on DroidX Rooted with the first version ginger bread release. With this leap in streaming goodness I wonder when we can expect a hack for Hulu Plus. Gotta even out the playing field with iphone! Anyways THANKS XDA!!!

  • Neither worked for my Fascinate. The first one closed every time I signed in, and the second one gives my error code 1005(unable to connect to Netflix server.) when I try to stream. Currently trying a reinstall to see if there is any change.

    • I’m getting same thing on my Fascinate.  First one crashes right after I enter my email / password.  Second one will do everything except play the movies.  Can search, browse, etc., but when you actually try to play the movie it gives the same error msg. 

  • BigRed4X15

    Has anyone had success getting Netflix on the Acer iconia or any honeycomb tablet for that matter?

  • SteveTango

    Works on my OG Droid, running Gingerbread stock build GPA13 and ChevyNo1 1.1Ghz overclock kernel. Only tried it on WiFi, but it looks amazing!

  • Lexi080506

    This doesn’t brick your phone or anything does it?

  • Treknologist

    Well, I’ve tried it on my TBolt as well with no luck.  Neither file works.  The first one attempts to stream and even starts but then goes back to the main page.  The second one doesn’t stream. 

  • motoisreallypissinmeoffl8tly

     im sure someone already asked but i dont have time to scroll thru 292 comments but when droid x gets the official update soon hopefully will the device check disabled apk. still work cuz ive been waiting for GB but if i cant use netflix after i do the ota i might as well stick to froyo and hope netflix releases an official droid x gb app soon

  • Droidzzz

    Why would I want to pay X amount of dollars per month when I can stream a ridiculous amount of shows and movies through TV Shows Stream and Movie Stream by  Loading Home?

    • Granted

      For me it’s because the quality is always consistent, the selection is outstanding and I have scruples, so watching and downloading illegally, just doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Jcpaltfuel

    For the Xoom can pull up account but can’t play movies


    Doesn’t fully work on Samsung 7″ Galaxy WiFi Tab. Although I can log in see everything that I see on the TV and do everything the same.
    It does load the video in full screen but the screen is black. The audio is fantastic some of the best I’ve heard on the Tab. All the menus work. If not for a black screen it would have been great.

  • Dallindie08

    Cool!  This works great on my Droid X….then again, so do most things!  Droid X FTW!

  • Anonymous


  • Xor

     works great on my droid x with gingerbread. pretty awesome thanks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Mindshatteringcreations

    Works on my Original Droid and love it. Thanks for the hack!

  • Ken

     I have the DroidX and the Netflix app works for me.  I used the version that does NOT check for device.

    • Frank

      i also have a DX how do youget it to download i have been trying 

  • Frank

    i went to download the app from above link #1 and i go to install and than it says application not installed anyone have any advice 

  • Anonymous


  • D790

    Anybody get to work on xoom? If so how?

  • Windopelli

    App installed on my Dell Streak7 wifi only, but will not play movies , appears to start but then cycles back to the Netflix que. 

  • Anonymous


  • Robinlullheartfire

    Phone Model: HTV Thunderbolt

    Version: Android 2.2.1
    -1st version did the same as all others- Dumped back to webpage after it looked like it was buffering in.
    -2nd version gave error of not being able to reach the server or something..

  • And this is why I love DL 🙂

  • guest

    works on my droidx 

  • Guest

     what kinda crap is this? no worky on droid2…

  • Chad59

    Cheers!!! soooo bad ass!!!!!! Thanks. Chad.

    • Chad59

       Sorry DroidX1 used link 1 Perfect o!!!!!