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Wireless Charging Battery Cover for HTC Thunderbolt Hits FCC

This is most definitely the accessory for the HTC Thunderbolt that I have been impatiently waiting for.  I want to see what all the wireless charging (Qi) goodness is all about, but for whatever reason the battery cover for the Thunderbolt has remained unavailable.  In fact, I have a Energizer Qi charging pad sitting on my desk and staring right at me with sad Panda eyes because it can’t get any love from a phone.  Today’s stop off at the FCC is at least a sign that it’s still coming though.  We can’t say as much for the multimedia dock…

Via:  FCC, Wireless Goodness

  • Anonymous

    It is nice to have wireless chargeable battery with its gadget. It is useful in every condition. It saves lots of time in comparison to wired charge.

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  • The_steven

    Hackable to work with the Inspire?  Hmmm…..

  • The_steven

    Hackable to work with the Inspire?  Hmmm…..

  • Michael Fuchs

     Finally something useful Verizon

  • George


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Wmsco51

    You know you would think that out of 450 million android phone customers we have a android dock not that little flat piece thang but like you know plug phone in and has speakers like portable radios,steros and alarm clocks to plug your android device in and charge as well. This is a no brainer sooo what are the manufactures waiting for???

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the new update has rebooting as a built in feature to save even more juice. Like a super task killer on steroids. Top that with the down tine spent booting every two hours and you might get a few extra hours of battery life per

  • Anonymous

    Yay, yet another 1/4″ to add to the already enormous phone. No thanks. Will be selling my Tbolt soon.

    • Forgeeking

      u mad? no for-gees 4 u lolz 

      • Anonymous

        I am happy…. replaced my wifes incredible for the Tbolt… happy that I just kept my x. Have a feeling might have this phone quite a while. Even looking 1yr out, don’t see anything worth making a change for.

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  • Ron

    Does anyone actually believe this will help? If you shook it all day it would probably only save you 10 min.

  • Why bother with wireless charging OR that nasty, over-sized battery cover?  

    When I started hating the stock HTC TB 1400mah battery, I got a couple of 1700mah (slim, factory sized) batteries and a sweet wall-charger from this place:


    On recent trip to Vegas I was using the HTC TB as my digital camera and the longer life batteries worked perfectly.  When one got low on juice, I just swapped batteries and keep on going till back in the hotel room where they both got recharged (plug in the phone and pop other batt in wall charge depicted above).

    •  The extended really isnt that bad. I prefer to last upwards to days without charge.


      • Very cool.  With the 1700mah batteries, I can go a full day.   Now that I’ve been back from Vegas for a few weeks, I’m no longer hot-swapping batteries unless I don’t have time for a full-recharge.  At a minimum, HTC needs to beef their 1400mah units to a 1700+ rating.  Nashville is all 4G, which is a thirsty beast, but I love the speed!

        • Jahallmark99

           Do you REALLY believe that some no-name, knock-off battery company can make a higher capacity battery in same size as top phone manufacturers? Ever consider that they are just marking it as higher capacity?

    • Leo J.

      Thanks for this info, just purchased a battery… 

  • Anonymous

     I don’t really understand the point of wireless charging. It isn’t THAT much easier than plugging the phone in anyways. Also, isn’t it best to let it charge all the way up from no charge at all? In that case, you’re going to have the phone charging for a few solid hours anyways, what’s the point of saving 5 seconds to plug it in?

    • Granted

      Congratulations! Ding ding ding! You won a prize! Your prize is knowing that you’re intelligent!! Yay!

      Charging pads are the dumbest crap I’ve ever seen… the only reason kellex advertisers this shit, is because they send him free promo items like this and in return he promises to advertise on this site, while trying to make it seem “cool” and something you just have to have. There is no objectivity in these lame promotions what so ever. That’s why you never see him review a product and rate it poorly. Everybody likes something that is free, and all these companies aren’t going to continue to give him free stuff if he doesn’t give it a good review.

      No integrity. I promise you, one day the new, cool thing, that you have to buy, will be an Apple product, most likely an iPhone. Just wait and see, the website name will change to something stupid that incorporates all smart phones.

  • Anonymous

     Has a hump = won’t fit in the car dock = won’t buy

  • Anonymous

     Are these ever actually worth getting? 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they will push them as efficient and greener than a normal charger…

      • Granted

        Haha! Damn right they will. Anything to part the fools and their money.