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HTC Merge Finally Launches Tomorrow on Verizon (Updated)

We just received word that tomorrow is finally the day…the day that the HTC Merge becomes officially real on Verizon’s network.  You all know this device – the one that popped up oh, 18 times during Q4 of 2010, was rumored to be getting an LTE radio and other random upgrades, but never ever made it to store shelves.  Well, tomorrow is looking like the day.  And no, it hasn’t been upgraded, is still flooded with Bing and an 800MHz processor.  It does have global capabilities and that sexy keyboard though.  Still, does anyone still want one of these?  

Updated:  It’s definitely looking like it’s launching tomorrow, although it appears as if it’s only going to 3rd party retailers and not corporate stores.

Cheers ___!

  • Martino

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  • Fred19

    This phone is HOT


  • jason17

     This is a great smartphone!


  • A friend of mine gave me this link. Pretty nice article. I love HTC.

  • Hans

    I have got a HTC for over 5 years now and I’m still very happy with it! Greetings afvallen in een week from Holland.

  • Michael Blommaert

    I’m always satisfied with what HTC has to offer. I use their stuff for over 5 years now and I never had nothing to complain about. When I was stuck in afvallen in een week it came in handy!

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  • Thomasdavid

    cant wait 4 betta fone. its 2 good and luring me in

  • Anthonym152

    So where the hell can I get it in atl georgia?

  • Anonymous

    The keyboard is sexy but it’s a decent smartphone. Could be good for people who want a capable but not over the line smartphone.

  • Draggerlane

    Why would they release this piece of crap. the spec on it are like two year old technogy. I just don’t get verizon why they would release a out of date phone no one is going to buy it.

    • You should do a little research before you post. The technogy on this phone isn’t even a year old. It’s 2nd gen 800MHZ Processor. 

  • Lolthisismyname

    Wow! The HTC Merge! Awesome!

    …or it would be awesome if this was released last year.

  • Rain_king46

    HTC releasing a new 3G phone with an 800Mhz processor NOW is like if Dell suddenly released a new Pentium 2 running Windows XP.

  • Anonymous


    whats it all aboooot?

  • Anonymous


    Looks pretty but nahhhh

  • Don’t get this phone, it is made from herpes. Is that what you want touching your face? herpes?

  • Anonymous

    For free on a 2-year it might attract some buyers who don’t care for 4G, or any other recent tech.

  • Michael Rothwell

    Bing? Pass.

  • Anonymous


  • Been waiting for this phone for a long time, just about to give up and hope for HTC 7 Pro release but where in this promo page does it mention anything about Verizon?

  • Well my buddy was looking at this phone cause he likes the keyboard a lot. Its his first smart phone. Everywhere ive called to check they dont have it.

    • Corporate stores or 3rd party stores like wireless zone?

      • 3rd Party “Premium Retailers” It is only 9 am so maybe ill try later. He wants something decently cheap but also with a slider keyboard. He has the droid 2 ordered but really likes the merge style keyboard.

      • MichaelWZ

        I work at wireless zone, I don’t think we will be getting based on the fact that we haven’t had a training on the phone. Typically when new phones drop in our store, we will get a training a week or two before the phone is released.

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand why verizon phones are not all global capable, i have and htc thunderbolt wich is useless to me now cause i have relocated to the dominican republic for a couple of months.

    • Anonymous

      might be worth it to check around ebay or other sites for a used D2G or DP (I think it’s global ready too)

  • Hwalker27296

    Wrong again no phone I don’t think any phone has been released on the date you said

  • This doesn’t still come with BING, does it? I would actually consider it unless it is BING’d.

    • , is still flooded with Bing and an 800MHz processor.”

  • Anonymous
  • BULL3T

    im sick of VZW and there Bloatware. My D1 may be 2 years old but im content with it. Its the best phone ive ever had, never been replaced and its been overclocked to 1 Gig for over a year with no sign of letting up. it runs Gingerbread just fine. the only way i will upgrade is when Big Red brings in a Stock Vanilla Android device into the fold, or if my D1 dies.

  • trd84soup

    other than this and the Droid 3, anything else coming out with a QWERTY? I’m not fond of touch screen typing on my DX even though I’ve had it since launch =/