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HTC Merge Finally Launches Tomorrow on Verizon (Updated)

We just received word that tomorrow is finally the day…the day that the HTC Merge becomes officially real on Verizon’s network.  You all know this device – the one that popped up oh, 18 times during Q4 of 2010, was rumored to be getting an LTE radio and other random upgrades, but never ever made it to store shelves.  Well, tomorrow is looking like the day.  And no, it hasn’t been upgraded, is still flooded with Bing and an 800MHz processor.  It does have global capabilities and that sexy keyboard though.  Still, does anyone still want one of these?  

Updated:  It’s definitely looking like it’s launching tomorrow, although it appears as if it’s only going to 3rd party retailers and not corporate stores.

Cheers ___!

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  • Fred19

    This phone is HOT


  • jason17

     This is a great smartphone!


  • A friend of mine gave me this link. Pretty nice article. I love HTC.

  • Hans

    I have got a HTC for over 5 years now and I’m still very happy with it! Greetings afvallen in een week from Holland.

  • Michael Blommaert

    I’m always satisfied with what HTC has to offer. I use their stuff for over 5 years now and I never had nothing to complain about. When I was stuck in afvallen in een week it came in handy!

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  • Thomasdavid

    cant wait 4 betta fone. its 2 good and luring me in

  • Anthonym152

    So where the hell can I get it in atl georgia?

  • Anonymous

    The keyboard is sexy but it’s a decent smartphone. Could be good for people who want a capable but not over the line smartphone.

  • Draggerlane

    Why would they release this piece of crap. the spec on it are like two year old technogy. I just don’t get verizon why they would release a out of date phone no one is going to buy it.

    • You should do a little research before you post. The technogy on this phone isn’t even a year old. It’s 2nd gen 800MHZ Processor. 

  • Lolthisismyname

    Wow! The HTC Merge! Awesome!

    …or it would be awesome if this was released last year.

  • Rain_king46

    HTC releasing a new 3G phone with an 800Mhz processor NOW is like if Dell suddenly released a new Pentium 2 running Windows XP.

  • Anonymous


    whats it all aboooot?

  • Anonymous


    Looks pretty but nahhhh

  • Don’t get this phone, it is made from herpes. Is that what you want touching your face? herpes?

  • Anonymous

    For free on a 2-year it might attract some buyers who don’t care for 4G, or any other recent tech.

  • Michael Rothwell

    Bing? Pass.

  • Anonymous


  • Been waiting for this phone for a long time, just about to give up and hope for HTC 7 Pro release but where in this promo page does it mention anything about Verizon?

  • Well my buddy was looking at this phone cause he likes the keyboard a lot. Its his first smart phone. Everywhere ive called to check they dont have it.

    • Corporate stores or 3rd party stores like wireless zone?

      • 3rd Party “Premium Retailers” It is only 9 am so maybe ill try later. He wants something decently cheap but also with a slider keyboard. He has the droid 2 ordered but really likes the merge style keyboard.

      • MichaelWZ

        I work at wireless zone, I don’t think we will be getting based on the fact that we haven’t had a training on the phone. Typically when new phones drop in our store, we will get a training a week or two before the phone is released.

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand why verizon phones are not all global capable, i have and htc thunderbolt wich is useless to me now cause i have relocated to the dominican republic for a couple of months.

    • Anonymous

      might be worth it to check around ebay or other sites for a used D2G or DP (I think it’s global ready too)

  • Hwalker27296

    Wrong again no phone I don’t think any phone has been released on the date you said

  • This doesn’t still come with BING, does it? I would actually consider it unless it is BING’d.

    • , is still flooded with Bing and an 800MHz processor.”

  • Anonymous
  • BULL3T

    im sick of VZW and there Bloatware. My D1 may be 2 years old but im content with it. Its the best phone ive ever had, never been replaced and its been overclocked to 1 Gig for over a year with no sign of letting up. it runs Gingerbread just fine. the only way i will upgrade is when Big Red brings in a Stock Vanilla Android device into the fold, or if my D1 dies.

  • trd84soup

    other than this and the Droid 3, anything else coming out with a QWERTY? I’m not fond of touch screen typing on my DX even though I’ve had it since launch =/

  • No LTE. AND it’s got Bing. I was gonna get it with my early upgrade but hell no. Still holding out for Droid 3. {{-_-}}

  • Maybe verizon is releasing these lower spec phones because they are getting ready to announce something big!!
    I hope that is the case because i don’t want to have a not up to date phone. I have had an upgrade for 3 months because verizon doesn’t get any good phones!! Guess i have to keep waiting. :/

  • merge

    why the hell would anyone want this phone anymore? Sprint already has the Evo Shift 4G, which is what the HTC Merge SHOULD have been all along. this is ridiculous and pointless. Finally a phone on Verizon wireless with HTC’s perfect keyboard, yet wasted on this weak and featureless phone. How sad…

  • Anonymous

    If verizon would sell this for $300 off contract, I’d buy 2… yes… i joke about verizon selling anything cheap… Hardware looks beautiful.

    Processing, at least on the surface, is not the latest or greatest, bing is icky (but removable with root), and the absence of 4G makes it just feel antiquated with all the new goodies that are coming out, but honestly, if they’d make this identical phone with some beefed up specs and 4G, it’d be my phone no matter what the cost!

  • We need to see more quality basic android phones hit the market, just like this one. There are so many hold outs still out there afraid to take the plunge into android from their basic Texting phones, ect.

  • Mobrienjr

    yea, I will not be getting it….Love HTC keyboards, looks really similiar the touch pro 2, but come on 800 mhz processor…throw a droid label on it, make it a true google phone then we can talk

    • Thanks mobrienjr for your nice post. I am agreed with you and i think this technology helped us in many ways.

  • CaptainHowdy

    NIce entry level phone for new android users, or ones who just want a basic. My rule of thumb if it cost more than 200 its usually good android, less its not worth it.

    • hkklife

      Yup, I have a coworker who I talked from switching over to Android instead of iOS from her ancient Blackberry. She insists on a physical keyboard and must remain on VZW, and is counting on me to give the best possible handset recommendation. So now it’s really down to this, the D2 Global or the Droid Pro.

      D2G has a much faster CPU, bigger battery, more internal storage and a slightly higher res screen but it’s got that nasty Blur.

      The Merge has what looks to be a superior keyboard, a slightly larger LCD, and Sense. And it probably has a superior camera as well. Any recommendations one way or the other? Right now I would have to give the edge to the Merge. Decisions, decisions!

      • LionStone

        The Droid Pro would be a good transition from her Blackberry wrt the keyboard, but if she wants to have a bigger screen, then the Merge will be a better choice.

      •  What stone said. For what ever reason Motorola is known for having crappy physical kybds ( I know, I owned a droid) and it’s the same with D2G and Droid Pro. However, HTC has been known for their physical kybds and blur sucks compared to HTC Sense.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i dont even understand why with verizon having a lte network now that they’d even still be releasing 3g only phones??? if this was a lte phone i’d be all over it. i don’t even mind the 800mhz processor. the biggest thing for me at this point is the lte.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, at this point, LTE isn’t a concern for everybody. I know I couldn’t care less. The Droid 3 is looking to be 3G and I’m pretty sure that will be what replaces my OG Droid.

      • The Droid 3 HAS to be 4G. It wouldn’t make any sense around that time of year. Especially if it has a quad-core processor as rumored. {{-_-}}

        • Anonymous

          This is the first time I’m seeing anything about the Droid 3 being 4G and having a quad-core processor. In fact, are there even any quad core processors themselves rumored, let alone phones packing them?

          The Droid 3 will be released this summer from the looks of things.

        • The Droid 3 is not LTE. Lot’s of markets do not have LTE yet and Verizon and Motorola are having a lot of LTE growing pains, so it does make sense that they will be releasing 3g phones for quite a while still. Also, LTE, at least right now, is a battery destroyer. I’d rather have 3g speed and 3 hours more on my battery than LTE. I want the Droid 3 and 2 years later when there is an LTE phone with a keyboard and longer battery life, then I’m in.

  • Anonymous

    What I like: nice physical keyboard, rotating homescreen, phone is fairly attractive.

    What I don’t like: Bing!!, old-school tech, Bing!!, likely overpriced for what you get, Bing!!

    That being said, I’m sure it will be a great phone for the light data user who is mostly interested in texting. As for me, I’ll wait for something way better!

    • Stevarroo01,
      This is exactly what I was looking for a smartphone. Well with the exception of Bing, but who cares I can still downloand goole maps and GPS. Plus I am going to root the phone anyways.

  • Any news on the LG Revo launching tomorrow is what i’m worried about!

  • Draggerlane

    Whos going to buy this piece of junk last years technology.

  • Sprot

    I need the phys keyboard. But needs better specs! Looks gorgeous though

  • Buckgrad

    *snore* huh… what? You woke me up for that?? I don’t think so…

  • Why is that picture so pixilated?

  • chris

    no thanks. i’ll stick with my 4g LTE 1 ghz processor thunderbolt with a front facing camera. I do like that slide out keyboard though. and i’ve only been out of the country once within the 23 years i was born so i have no use for the global feature.

  • Lakerzz

    Is this just like the Evo Shift? If so, then I know its a pretty decent phone. My sister has the Shift, and it isn’t bad at all. (Awesome keyboard, too.) She also left her Blackberry for her Shift, and loving every minute of it, haha!!!!

    •  I compared the two and the only difference I can tell is the Evo Shift has 4G and Sense 2.0.

  • Anonymous

    i wanted one SOOOOO bad 5-6 months ago…now….not at all

  • Anonymous

    A day late and a dollar short.

  • it looks like a Touch Pro 2

  • Raptor007

    Ditch this phone and bring out the Droid Charge, DX2, Droid3 or just something actually worth buying.

  • For only 800MHz, small screen, Bing, and a slide-out keyboard; I am more than happy with my Incredible2….just need root access already to kill the bloatware! Not sure who would be dumb enough to pick one of these up with the Droid2 rocking a faster processor for a slider.

    • I will be, I don’t need a front facing camera or 4G, although 4G would have been nice on this phone. But this is exactly what I am looking for. A fast reliable smartphone with a physical kybd. I owned the original Droid, but the kybd sucked. And while the Droid 2 is a little faster than this phone the kybd sucks on it like the original droid.

  • Mark

    No, I don’t want one of these…want a Droid X2!

  • Why does this crap keep happening to keyboard phones? Why aren’t there any decent phones with hardware keyboards? The best one will be the Droid 3, and I don’t like any of the hardware keyboards on the Droids (or the bootloader on the second/third)

    • The keyboard on that thing looks perfect 🙁
      Verizon, I want a phone with EVERYTHING. I want it to have a ff camera, lte, duel core, a hardware keyboard, NFC, gingerbread, an awesome removable battery, and a gig of RAM. I DON’T CARE how thin and light it is, just give me a phone with everything on it and STOP giving us a ton of phones that have a few good features.

      • kayhankalkan

        thank you very muccchh

  • JJApple

    This with 4G and a faster processor is what the Thunderbolt should’ve been. Verizon is getting more and more disappointing with each new release. We need a Nexus phone so badly..

  • Anonymous

    I wanted this phone, until the nexus 3 announcement… now I will wait even go to at&t for the next nexus, hopefully it comes to verizon…only a stock droid 3 would make me reconsider

    • Anonymous

      Doubt any nexus will come to verizon because they cant handle not being able to load all their crapware on it thats why they didnt get the original nexus. Sadly I may be jumping ship also. Tmobile is looking better and better each passing month.

  • Sexy hardware… But those specs, combined with Bing are abysmal for 2011. Bing on an Android phone… Yeah right like anyone’s gonna buy it.

    • Anonymous

      As much as the bing bullshit disgusts me…..just look @ the fascinate sales figures & unfortunately u can see the “bing experience” will have no bearing on potential buyers

      • Anonymous

        not to forget vzw’s bombardment of the airwaves on the run-up to mother’s day. I couldn’t go 20 minutes without hearing a commercial for the fascinate. You’d think that maybe they’d push the newer (more expensive) phones. I haven’t seen anything for the Droid Charge recently, and it’s the same manufacturer…

  • wow the 3rd best phone of 2010……….

  • SoCalDan

    This is like a lame version of the EVO Shift 4G. How can Verizon expect to compete with poor offerings such as this?

  • SoCalDan

    This is like a lame version of the EVO Shift 4G. How can Verizon expect to compete with poor offerings such as this?

  • Anonymous

    Eh no thanks I will stick with my iPhone 4

  • billyNOTnice

    No offense, but why is verizon releasing these half ass phones… nobody wants a 2 year contract on 2 year old technology. That’s like car dealers releasing 2012 vehicles that are Carbureted. No I think i’ll renew with something that isn’t already outdated LOL

  • DanSke

    WTF is a 800MHz processor….*reads article for new phones of 2009* Oh…eh. Uh, yeahhhhh pass.

    • tanknspank


      • DanSke


        • tanknspank

          because I know this device will run just fine, even though it has an 800MHz processor? yeah, totally.

          • +1 Tank. If you actually did research, you’d know that even though it has an 800MHz processor, it was one of the fastest single-core processors availble.

          • DanSke

            Awesome, thanks for the History lesson. Now back to 2011…

          • tanknspank

            Thanks, I try 🙂

          • DanSke

            Well, by all means have at it Hoss, you clearly lack the mildest sense of any humor, obviously. You said it yourself “even though”. I’m sure it runs great, “even though” its processor is almost 2 years old.

          • tanknspank

            Even though this processor has only been in a phone for around half a year, give or take a few months?

          • Anonymous

            Sorry but wasn’t this phone revealed in august of last year on this very site?

            Sorry but when samsung is releasing dualcore 3g phones…this thing will only make sense if it comes in at a price point that replaces the ally.

          • It’s processor isn’t 2 years old. Hell, it’s not even 1 year old. The processor is the same as the one in the G2 and was first seen in the G2 which launched in August 2010.

          • DanSke

            Cool story. I’m more interested in things that are cutting edge. And I’m sure most agree this is not it and pushing this phone through just makes Verizon look even more outdated.

          • Anonymous

            What are you talking about? Its not two years old that’s the same chip in the g2 which can be overclocked to 1.4ghz..ignorance is bliss I suppose.

          • DanSke

            Awesome, so it can be cooked to the near boiling point just to be up to speed with what is currently on the market stock.

          • tanknspank

            Na, that would be the 1.9GHz it can also be overclocked to.

          • Anonymous

            Bro, just shutup I hadnt noticed that you had been owned two times already. But ill add to it… what’s currently on the market is the thunderbolt and the Droid charge for vzw.

            The processor found in the g2 is comparable to the Samsung galaxy s phones which is the exact same processor found in the charge. The thunderbolt has a chip that’s on par with the processor that’s in the g2 which is that exact same thing found in the merge.

          • DanSke

            Wow, you really got me with that one. Talk about major ownage!

            Seriously? The only jackasss is you….its just a phone. Get a life. My initial remark was out of humor, learn to have some.

          • Anonymous

            You would know that if you weren’t so focused on being a jackass.

          • DanSke

            You mad, bro?

          • Azndan3

            I was fine with you being an a-hole until you resorted to the childish trendy remark of “You mad, bro?” Can you come up with something more original please?

          • Angelrod111

            Really guys!? Really!?

  • Theflyingswami

    I’m in the market for a new VZW phone after accidentally destroying my OG Droid, but I have to say, the pickings are slim! The only phone with a physical keyboard available at the moment is the D2, but the Blur on that phone just ruins it!
    I’m tempted just to use insurance and just replace my O.G. Droid (only $50 less than upgrading to D2) and save my upgrade for a phone that’s got a keyboard but not Blurred all to hell.
    Wth are you doing, VZW!? Why are there NO vanilla Android phones available? So lame…

    • Anonymous

      because they need to load all their crapware on it thats why they didnt get a nexus because they cant take not loading it up with garbage nobody wants or uses.

      • Theflyingswami

        Seriously. But my OG Droid had pooware on it, so it’s not like they don’t have the ability to taint vanilla Android with their pooware without screwing up the user experience. But alas, apparently they feel compelled to completely break it with Blur.

        • Anonymous

          But with a nexus google doesnt allow the carriers to load anything on the phone.

          • and thats why verizon dont have one cause they cant stand nt too load crap on phnes

          • Mr. Joe

            If Sprint will take it I’m sure vzw will. Sprint puts that crappy Sprint ID on EVERYTHING.

          • Big red is the only of the 4 major carriers now that can’t run or doesn’t have a nexus S. Tmo has the first one and ATT can also use it on edge. Sprint has the Nexus S 4G now. What does big red have? Not vanilla

          • and thats why verizon dont have one cause they cant stand nt too load crap on phnes

          • NikonD300

            There must be some way we users can make life difficult for Verizon until they give in! A letter writing campaign? Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

        • JDub

          I dont remember any pooware coming on the og droid and if there was you could at least uninstall it.

          • Theflyingswami

            If I remember right, Amazon came pre-installed, something I do not use, and I don’t believe it could be uninstalled without rooting. Same with Google Goggles. I thought there was one or two others, but I can’t recall exactly what they were. Been awhile since I used stock on the O.G.

          • Mr. Joe

            Facebook, Twitter, and Visual voicemail.

          • The Droid came with Facebook. MAYBE amazon, im not 100% on it, but the others were added with updates.

          • The original Android OS version on the Droid had Facebook & Amazon MP3, Later Android OS updates added Twitter, Visual VM & Google Goggles, To top it off, Android Market inisists on trying to update these programs, even though I never use them and do not want the updates.

            Personally I do not mind Amazon MP3 or Facebook, but I would prefer to have the option of installing these on my own. It is not that hard to find them in the Market.

          • Not without root you can’t. And there are like 5 bloatware apps pre-installed on the droid 1.

            – Droid 1 owner.

        • Oh, its amusing

      • NikonD300

        Amen! I want a Verizon Nexus. Of course, will never happen.

    • Theflyingswami

      I lied about the only phone with a keyboard being the D2. There’s also the Droid Pro. Pro has an awesome Blackberry-ish keyboard, but the screen seems real tiny to me so I forgot about it immediately after toying with it.

      • LionStone

        yep, agreed, the screen killed it for me too…If the Merge would’ve come out at the end of last year, I probably would’ve gotten it. But it didn’t so it got passed up…it would’ve still got replaced by the T-Bolt anyway…

    • Emily

      Only problem is my broken Droid was replaced with a Droidtwo. Hopefully you don’t get downgraded like I did.Droid Two sucks.

      • Guest

        Really, Droid 2?  Was it the global version?  How long ago?

    • I have used the android version and found it very useful to me. Specially its features are amusing.

  • If you asked a week ago the answer would be yes, I can take it being a little bit underpowered. Unfortunately when it seemed like it was never going to be released I bought an Incredible. Don’t get me wrong, I love it with CyanogenMod but I do miss the keyboard on my Droid 2 a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys, this phone is not that bad. For the average user, I think it will be great. My G2 was terrific when I was on T-mobile!

  • Bing?! Gross…

  • Anonymous

    Oh goody! Another VZW phone that has “some” features but not most/all that people are clamoring for. This should lead the summer off perfectly!

    I am not quite sure what VZW is doing.

    Also one that was supposed to be released 6 months ago and bing’d to hell…yeah..no thank you. I feel bad for average consumer who wont know any better and think “oh goody! A Keyboard”

  • Timmah

    I wanted this in 2010. Not now.

  • Ckochinsky0125

    If it was lte maybe but who wants stuck in a 2 year contract without am lte phone

  • Mth2134

    Who let the hypebeast outta his cage? Bad hypebeast, bad. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Who cares!

  • Stephen D

    Far too late. Galaxy S2 is my next phone. So this comes out tomorrow, along with the Droid X2 and LG Revolution? Guess I have to go to the mall tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    The red headed step-phone

  • Emily

    If Verizon paid Peter Alphonso and ChevyNo1 to develop ROMs for this phone and it was given to me for free out of contract, then I’d want it.

    • tanknspank

      Asking for a little much don’t ya think? 😛 And I’d choose a maintainer for CyanogenMod, but whatever floats your boat lol

  • Hamholla

    Looks pretty but nahhhh. I’m waiting for that special somone 😉

    • Bobby V


      • DroydYeha

        locked bootloaders.. whats it all aboooot?

        I still want one but I’ve learned from my DX.. Let’s hope Moto gives in and unlocks!!!!

    • drinksprite

      droid 3!

  • I can’t wait to see them try and charge $200 for this!

    • Anonymous

      You’ll only have one day to wait. Why wouldn’t they. Any phone that has any “premium” specs will be priced accordingly (Droid Charge has LTE and SAMOLED+ 32g = extra $100, Thunderbolt has LTE = extra $50) This is a standard phone, price will be $200. If I’m wrong I’ll be surprised.

  • No thanks. I want an LTE phone with a keyboard. Too bad the Droid 3 isn’t LTE either.

    • Ryan

      droid 3 isnt lte? whered you get this information?

      • Complete rumors.

        • Ryan

          i hope it is just rumors. because droid 3 is exactly what im looking for, it just needs to be LTE

          • Anonymous

            all rumors, reliable and otherwise, have indicated that bionic and charge are the only 4g droids. droid x isn’t lte, would make sense that droid 3 isn’t either. sad, because i’d like it as a nice upgrade from the classic.

          • Id really like to see the droid3 as an LTE device since that would complete my perfect phone to replace my Droid2 with, but seeing as all the newer models of other existing phones have done nothing more then offer a mild refresh, while most of the new phones to the Droid lineup are getting LTE, I’m really not holding my breath. I’m still hoping though

          • Emily

            You do awesome ollies

  • aaa


    • Jeremy


  • The Dave