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Angry Birds Rio Update Lands Next Week

Another Angry Birds update is on the way, this time for the Rio edition.  Since it’s May now, the new set of levels will be made available just as the game hinted towards back at release.  No idea what the theme will focus on, but going off of the previous two playable levels, we’ll likely see some new animals to attack.  The announcement was made via Facebook:

Squawk! Hold on to your hats, people: the first update for Angry Birds Rio lands next week! Get ready for more marmoset-mauling action and more juicy secrets to discover. Did you already find all the Golden Pineapples and Bananas?

And we’re just guessing here, but since the game was originally launched through Amazon, we’ll assume it’ll hit that market first.  But, there is an ad-spammed version in the regular Android Market that will likely see it as well, so just keep an eye for both.

Via:  Facebook

  • Cuteoffline

    i just cant wait for the new lvls .. when this is the main question

  • Raven

    Well, unfortunately for me, I have not been able to update a single app from the Amazon Appstore yet. When I go to Update Available I currently see 5 Apps to Update, but as soon as I tap Install for any of them I get:
    The application Appstore
    (process com.amazon.venezia)
    has stopped unexpectedly.
    Please try again.

    I have found reports of others having this same problem, but have yet to find a solution. Anyone else have this problem? This is really going to make me Angry if I can’t update my Birds!

  • Anonymous
  • what a cute game it is

  • Matt Carter

    I have noticed though while the amazon app store has had some good apps , the ones you get from there take weeks to get the update through, the update for AB seasons didnt show as an update for me until 2 weeks later or so.

  • tjhrulz

    Just saying all the updates hit the android market first

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • MK17


  • Prime7

    If it follows the movie, they should be roaming about town, trying to get to the festival, in this one.

  • fillyo

    This game is stupid, who cares.

    • Well, ya know…thats just, like, your opinion…man.

  • I liked the RIO game a lot better than the others. I can’t wait for the new levels!

  • Angry Birds Rio is so cute =)

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it may be a beach theme.

  • I seriously never play Angry Birds anymore but my girlfriend always takes my Thunderbolt or Xoom to play it.