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Tip: DROID Charge Can Take Screenshots Without Root

Did you need another excuse to buy the DROID Charge tomorrow from Verizon?  How does having the ability to take screenshots without root sound?  Sure, it seems minor, but just browse the comments on a post we did for Screenshot ER yesterday and you’ll see that people are dying for this feature.  So, how does it work?  

It’s simply really.  All you have to do is hold down the Back button and press Home and it should snap one.  Doesn’t matter where you are on your phone, you can easily take screenshots without using a 3rd party root-required app.  Your screenshots can then be found in the ScreenCapture folder in your gallery.


Cheers Legion!

  • Doesn’t work with text messages. I hit the back button and home it just goes back to main messaging screen not the conversation that I wanted to take a screen shot of.

  • Luther Mireles III


  • kimmy

     attention!! *****     i have the droid increbile2 and i want to know how i take scrEen shotts ? can anyone help thank you (: !!!

  • Samantha

    I am trying to take a screenshot of a conversation in my text messages.  Every time I hold the back button to press the home button, so the shot will take … my screen goes back a screen, and then takes the picture.  Any tips on how to fix this and/or take a picture of your text conversations?  Thank you 🙂

    • Kat

      I have the same problem i hate it!

  • Anthony Friscia

    1 number 1 letter – 4G

  • Guesty

    I’ve got the Charge and it’s sick andd I love that it can take screenshots easy, but it’s kinda of a stupid way to do it because on half the screens (especially on browser/facebook) when you first start holding down back to start taking the screenshot, the screen actually goes back and then you take a screenshot halfway through switching or on the previous page

  • MustyStache

    Who gives a crap what phone someone has. If they like it, its a good thing they bought it for themselves. Why does a debate NEED to happen in every conversation about android and IOS. Choose one that suites you then move on. Stupid, pointless conversations.

  • Aternity J.

    Yeah, I was trying to take a screen shot of my texts to send to one of my other friends and I did exactly as demonstrated but it simply went back to my homepage.

  • Conniption

    lol i accidentaly took a screen picture and didn’t know how i had did it…thnk goodness i managed to find this page

  • Bill

    My fascinate does that since I got the 2.2 update. It is very annoying actually.

  • Anonymous

    I am using Screen Capture Shortcut on my Froyo-ified unrooted Fascinate and it works like a dream. Crisp, clear screenshots and very user-friendly. It’s free in the Android Market.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Does this phone have…….Bing?

  • Anonymous

    the OG Droid can do screenshots w/o root . . . if you’re wired to your computer 😉

  • Trdracer21

    White iPhone come out tommorow so does this and incredible 2 lol

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how my wife did but she captured her screen with her Fascinate 2.2 Froyo ED01. I think it maybe standard on Samsung phones?

    • Anonymous

      Yup I can do this now, no root.

  • Anonymous

    1 step further to make Android a bit more user-friendly 😀 Good move.

  • I still don’t understand why Android can’t do this yet without root and without the SDK.

    • Anonymous

      Because google didn’t think it was needed for people other than developers(that’s why it was in the SDK) and the way apps do it requires more or less hijacking the image being sent to the display(and that kind of action would be at the root level). All that samsung and lg have done is added it to the user level code.



    • Anonymous


      • DROID

        Yuck Fou

    • jason w.s.

      How old are you?

  • Blakestimac

    Actually, all Galaxy S devices can do this if they are running Android 2.2 or later.

  • Hamholla

    im trying this with my droid x now… XD


    This looks cool, but I can’t think of a time I would ever use it.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh….A good day for Droid.

  • Samsung left a sour taste in my mouth after having to wait so long to get Froyo on my Fascinate. So will this one not see Gingerbread. . . ever? no thanks to another Samsung phone. ( i rooted to get Froyo, but it’s the principle!! )

  • welcome to what apple has been able to do for what 3 years now ?

    • Octomobiki

      oh like there is nothing apple has been YEARS behind on right?

      • MeggieRey

        Right! Considerering iPhone hasn’t changed much of anything since the first one. Droid is constantly changing and updating. iPhone stays the same. Take iPhone compare to iPhone 4S what change do you have? Bigger RAM, Siri, few new & improved apps, and camera. That’s about it. Droid still has more apps on market than iPhone does, so far. but as soon as iPhone catches up, it will fall again and Droid will take the lead. Apple Co. constantly rises and falls in everything they do.

    • Except no one wants to take pictures of Apples ugly UI

      • EC8CH

        It isn’t necessarily ugly, it would just be boring.

        Who wants to see screenshot after screenshot of little square shortcuts.

    • EC8CH

      If iOS every gets the ability to run widgets I’ll find you and welcome you to 2008.

      • DanSke

        I second that. Who wants to stare at a god-awful app drawer screen. Oh, but wait…they will claim they are revolutionizing the industry (again) with (insert lame Apple name for a widget).

        • EC8CH


      • LinuxLover

        When Android gets original, high quality apps like iShred Live, and Amplitude, it’ll actually be where iPhone was 3 years ago. The fact is, Android is WAY behind in the apps department. Droid Life, Phandroid, Android Central, and other Android sites all mostly center their news around the latest ROMs, rooting, new devices, etc. because there is very little to report on the app scene. That’s something that puts Android in 2nd place, IMO.

        You can go on and on about widgets, beefier processors, more ports and whatever, but the fact is, you can simply do more on an iPhone, and that’s a major selling point. Just about any app you can think of that would be useful is most likely available on the iPhone and iPad – and a high quality app at that, but it’s a shot in the dark on Android. When you factor in the junk apps in the Android market, the Android platform actually has very little to be proud of on that front.

        I’m not condemning the Android platform. I’m just stating a fact. I might just get an Android, soon, because I like Google’s more open approach. However, let’s just be honest about the whole comparison here.

        I have no idea why some people come here just to bash the iPhone. It’s a competing device. So what? You don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s not like rooting for your hometown NFL team… I don’t go to Windows fan sites to bash MacOS because I’m a Windows user. Buy what works for you and don’t condemn someone else because they buy what they prefer.

        • EC8CH

          Because Android can side load apps, the business I work for is developing an app for our internal use that will interface with our business software allowing employees with company issued android phones to remotely access our inventory and directly charge time and travel expenses to jobs. This isn’t possible with iOS and it’s closed app system.

          But maybe playing a guitar through your i*hone is more important than getting work done.

          • LinuxLover

            No, it’s not, but I was just pointing out two very useful apps high quality apps that are available on the iPhone that are not on the Android because I’m aware of them. They are pretty nice apps when you want to jam. You can get a special cable that lets you plug your guitar into it and hear it on your earbuds and play right through your iPhone/iPod Touch with effects and everything. It’s pretty sweet, actually, if you’re into guitar. And that’s just a sampling of some great apps that are on the iPhone. It’s a very robust device that can do quite a bit with the array of apps available that range from very common to obscure uses.

            Yes, what you pointed out is definitely a benefit of the Android platform. Each platform has its advantages. Google’s own apps like Google Maps Navigation, the fact that Flash is available, and the shear openness of it all are strong selling points. Again, I wasn’t bashing Android. I’m just sick of fanboys acting like it’s yesterdays tech or something. Quite contrary. Apple is hard at work making it even better, and we can than Google for giving them some competition and pushing them to.

          • jason6g

            i agree with you and it is a shame that everyone is becoming more and more narrow minded. it used to just be the apple idiots that blindly proclaimed that apple was the *best* with NO substance. now i worry every time someone chimes in about how awesome their “droid” fascinate is. For me, i prefer android, but i only have maybe 10 apps on my phone. I totally see why apple is where they are with the overwhelming amount of content on them, and quite honestly, if they hickup’ed as much as an android phone, and the app selections were reversed, noone would buy an apple.

          • Ryan C

            Buy a guitar amp and use quality cables! You wouldn’t need a extra “special cable” that is only useful for that. You think that sounds good through a little 3.5 mm jack and little earbuds? You couldnt even use that to play for anyone.

        • Conniption

          I’m sorry to butt in here but REALLY? “I have no idea why some people come here just to bash…” It’s human nature man…people compare and contrast cars, homes, boats, EVERYTHING!  People compare things all the time and you’re gonna get your panties in a bunch over PHONES!? I’m sorry to be hypocritical here but don’t come onto a website and write a book just to talk crap to a bunch of people you don’t know.

        • GodHatesiPhags

          ” I have no idea why some people come here just to bash the iPhone. It’s a competing device. So what? You don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s not like rooting for your hometown NFL team… I don’t go to Windows fan sites to bash MacOS because I’m a Windows user. Buy what works for you and don’t condemn someone else because they buy what they prefer. ”  

          So you go to Droid fan sites to bash Android because you’re an iPhone user? 

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Mr.Jobs, we appreciate your input and visiting the site, have a great day! 

    • Whoisthis

      When did Apple let add an SD card slot and let you change your own battery? Oh.. it hasn’t? Still?

  • Mr.Joe

    The fascinate can do this also!

  • Anonymous

    Why do you need a screenshot for your cell phone?

    • It can come in handy when taking screenshots in video games like Pocket Legends.

    • Anonymous

      At first, I doubt it too.

      But I just realised it really is useful when I have some apps not working properly. A screenshot sent to dev can help him/her make a code modification in no time and get rid of my FCs 😀

    • Doug

      To guard yourself against false rape charges.

  • The G2X can do this too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That’s good to know mate 🙂 Thx4ur info. Any model else you know to have this feature?

      I really hope to see more Droids having this feature as many people are still not comfortable with rooting, me included ^^

  • Anonymous

    is anyone else considering trading in their thunderbolt for this? after having a fascinate for 6 months, the tb still feels too heavy to me, and i miss the samoled vibrancy.. but can i live with such an ugly phone? gotta decide fast, i got 4 more days to return my tb

    anyone know if any devs plan to support the droid charge?

    • yo

      I hated my TB and I am thinking about trying out this one one good thing was the big srceen tb had

      • why have you hated it so much? the weight? I’ve had the D1, D2, and now the TB, and I’m very happy with it. Despite the charging port placement & the kickstand in landscape, its great……

        • Anonymous

          ah, but you never had the pleasure of living with the samoled beauty, and the insane lightness of the fascinate.. you can’t miss what you never had 🙂

          • My stepdad has the Epic 4G and IMO the samoled screens seem to have a bluish tint to them. Anyone else think this?

          • Anonymous

            i didnt notice a blue tint, but the colors are certainly oversaturated. something that is a matter of preference.. but after living with the fascinate, the thunderbolt screen just feels washed out

          • Yeah maybe I just wasn’t used to it since I’ve used an OG Droid and Thunderbolt.

    • Chris

      I am. Already returned the TB and looking forward to tomorrow. I’m hoping this can hold me over till the fall when hopefully the offerings will be much more impressive.