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DROID Pro Update to Version 3.8.7 is Live!

The DROID Pro update that we uncovered last week which brings the device up to Blur version 3.8.7 along with a bunch of ActiveSync fixes and the VCAST appstore, is rolling out now.  Actually, it may have started rolling out yesterday, but the big push is happening today.

Via:  Twitter, Motorola Support

Cheers Nadeem and Christian!

  • Wilderh

    After I installed this my Droid Pro quit allowing me to install apps through the market. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Does anyone know if the activesync enhancements are coming to the rest of the Droid line?

  • Tabatt13

    Great device just got even better. Never got promoted properly by Motorola or Verizon. this Phone runs circles around RIM’s Blackberries. Also is Motorola ever makes a DROID Pro 2 I hope the include a trackpad. It works so much better on this style of phone.

    • Anonymous

      A trackpad of some sort would be a nice addition. It was originally supposed to have one on the back (which explains why many of the cases have a large square opening on the back), but that was pulled for some reason.

    • MILKnIT

      I’ve been with Tmobile and have been a BB user for years … Seeing Tmobile is selling out , I’ve been looking @ verizon and the Droid Pro. Tried it and felt comfortable with it within mins. My contract is over in Oct., would like 2 see a Droid Pro2 aswell with track pad, better cam, and front cam for face 2 face video… just a few quirks I have , but love the phone!

  • Anonymous

    This update has made an already great phone even better. Nearly all of the issues many were experiencing appear to have been addressed and fixed in this. I love this phone!

  • John Holmes

    I’m amazed that this is a real ad, given all the typo’s.

  • The350zWolf

    Wow, amazing how nobody cares about the Droid2 Global :^( Where is the support Moto????

  • Bobby

    PRO user and updated this morning. I’m seeing a huge performance increase. I’ve been a life long BB guy. LOVE my PRO.

  • This phone (or an updated model) with Gingerbread is “the Droid I am looking for” – to paraphrase a line from Star Wars. I am curious what phones will be on the market when my contract with VZW expires.

  • CaptainHowdy

    Does anyone actually have this device? Im yet to see anyone have one…

    • Anonymous

      ^ this

      I have YET to see one of these out in the wild.. am in NYC ever day.. see em all.. but never a Droid Pro….

      • fresh

        just buy the phone you like not what everyone else had….

        ….^^spoken like a true fool

    • Anonymous

      my better half has one since day one and loves it. She’s a big fan of portrait qwerty but thinks BB is way out dated, she had the DROID and was ecstatic when this came out. I always chuckle when she sends me screen shots, so tiny compared to my X. I have to say though her battery life is tremendous, and given X, 2 and Pro are really all the same hardware its a good deal.

  • Mr. Joe

    Just got it!

    There are some tiny changes to it also. Can’t wait for GB to hit this amazing device!

  • Anonymous

    Droid Pro is nice and all, but when are we getting the official Gingerbread update for the Droid X? I’m running the rooted and deodexed leak but I’m waiting for the official update!