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Trillian is Today’s FREE App from Amazon

One of our favorite chatting apps, Trillian, is today’s free app from the Amazon Appstore.  Normally priced at a $4.99 (which is silly), I’d definitely recommend grabbing this one before the end of today.  Trillian connects to services like AIM, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and ICQ, which pretty much covers them all.

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Cheers Dave!

  • Well glad to know that One of our favorite chatting apps, Trillian, is today’s free app from the Amazon Appstore. Trillian connects to services like AIM, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and ICQ, which pretty much covers them all.Really great..Thanks for it..

  • God, I actually PAID the $5!! (*PROCEEDS TO KICK SELF IN REAR*) {{>_<}}

  • Pretty bummed that I missed this 🙁

  • Though its a free app for a day, but it isnt free after one day. And why should one pay almost 5$ for this app when we have some awesome chat apps like beluga and kik messenger.

    • Sp4rxx

      no one’s holding you down, so don’t get it. geesh

  • been stuck using the beta even though they stopped updating it, I’m glad Amazon decided to throw this as today’s free app, it’s a great chat program for my phone

  • Jawshua

    I’ve gotten used to using Ebuddy, it connects to all those plus it was free. Yeah that sounds expensive when there are free alternatives, but I’ll have to check it out. The interface is a huge selling point to me though, so it would have to out do Ebuddy.

  • Mr.Joe

    IM apps should be free to begin with.

    Just Sayin.

    • Nxus1ne


      • Mr. Joe

        Cause all other IM clients are FREE.

        • Anonymous

          Most other IM clients are developed by the companies that manage that particular messenger service….they have a reason to give it away for free. They are hoping to advertise to you, keep you within their software/websites, remind you of the brand, etc.

          Something like Trillian, you are paying a programmer for the fact that they researched all these separate infrastructures, coded the ability to communicate with them, created a usable UI, tied them all together, and packaged it for your F’ING MOBILE DEVICE.

          Your sense of entitlement disgusts me. If you want a free catch-all IM program, develop one yourself. Obviously you can do it in your sleep, they way you speak about it.

    • Anonymous

      Trillian is a bit more than just general IM. If you use Trillian on your computer, the smartphone versions sync up nicely and interact well. I guess it really comes down to how you use IM. If it’s just for general chat here and there, then free is the way to go. If it’s something you’re normally connected to, then having something that shifts from your computer to your phone automatically, and keeps your chat logs synced through the provider’s server, then paying some cash isn’t so bad.

  • Sherri64

    My “issue” is that even the free apps can’t be downloaded unless you have an Amazon Account, and the only way to get an Amazon Account is with a credit card! No card, no account, no “free” app!

    • JSK

      debit card works fine.

    • mmmmmhead

      do you have any maxed out visa gift cards or verizon rebate cards? mine worked.. 😉

  • ShopDroid

    Tried and uninstalled right away, crappy even for free, compared to Fring and others.

  • is there still no way to get amazon appstore apps, if your outside of the US?

    • jason6g

      ask a kind soul in the us to send you the apk’s =)

      but then again, most every american is unaware that there is more to the world past new jersey & california

      • chris

        huh? what?!?! The world ends at the ocean. what do you mean theres more to the world? Theres nothing else out there besides america.

        • Anonymous

          This is true. If you get on a boat going West from the shore of California, you’ll reach Boston in about 36 hours. For some reason going East from Boston takes 48 hours though…weird. I’m currently training to swim the trip for charity.

      • well, but that doesnt really help me with the updates 😛

        if I wanted the APKs, I could just “get it” off the internet……

  • I’ll be trying this since it’s free, but how does it compare to Meebo? Meebo has always been free and has as many features as any other chat app, but for some reason it closes itself sometimes.

    • its way better

      its probably the best multi-im client there is

      especially if u also use the desktop app for windows or mac

    • Papoose34328

      i like it a lot better than meebo. every time i was logged into meebo and the screen turned off, i would always get logged off and lose IM’s that people had sent me while I was logged off. I would have to log back in and ask people to resend what they said while i was offline.

  • There’s one thing that should be noted, Trillian does not work on Bugless Beasts GPA14. It sits at the sign in screen and never goes to the contact list. However it is fixed in the beta release of GPA15.

  • Illinipoke98

    Amazon’s app store has become the first button I push in the mornings now. Since we are talking messaging. Is there an app out there that can turn your phone into an SMS “server” of sorts? Forwarding text messages from your phone to another android device (and back) that does not have phone capabilities (like a wifi tablet?)

    I’d love to be able to recieve and send texts on my nook color, and figure there has to be something out there that you can install on both your tablet and phone that would make that possible.

    • Illinipoke98

      Hmmm, “first”? I guess thats not hard on a weekend.

      • Illinipoke98

        Bah NM I guess I wasn’t.

        • bladebarrier


    • Anonymous

      Illini I don’t think so. You have no phone number tied to the serial number on your Nook, so text messages can’t be routed to it. There might be some 3rd party solution that auto-forwards to e-mail or something.

      If you find it reply to this…I want to text from my Xoom.

      • Illinipoke98

        It should be possible to do it, but you would have to have the app on both your phone and tablet. The phone app would recieve the message and forward it to the reciever app on the tablet (via wifi), then vice versus, the tablet app would forward your reply to the phone app which would then use the phones telephony capabilities to forward it on the the other person. It may be slow and clunky, but I can’t see why that cant work. If you can tether your phones GPS signal to a tablet, I bet you could text messages.

  • Anonymous

    damn battery life is great. I bought it when it first came out. Uses push notifications on android 2.2+

  • Anonymous

    How about battery life with the thing?

    • there is also a mode called “suspending”
      when activated, it wont drain any batteries – but its still signed on, on the trillian-servers
      and if u wish, they can (push)mail you every time you get a message