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Verizon Introducing $50 Unlimited Month-to-Month Talk and Text Plan? (Updated)

Not even a day after learning that Verizon plans to axe their 1-year contracts leaving you with just 2 talk and text plans (2-year or month-to-month), the photo above dropped into our inbox.  While it’s unclear how new this information is, what we do know is that this is a month-to-month (prepaid) plan for $50 that would give customers unlimited everything, well except for data.  Talk about attractive.  We should point out that there was talk of a plan similar to this back in the summer of 2010, but only as a test in certain regions.

I can tell you this – if they start to offer $50 prepaid plans along with $30 unlimited data per month, it would be hard for anyone to even consider sticking with a 2-year contract.  Sure, you don’t get the instant discount on a new device, but you also aren’t signing 2 years of your life away to your wireless carrier.

Update:  Another shot of this new Verizon Unleashed plan which looks like promo material:

We’ll be digging for more…

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • so disfar it…. but im so looking n i liked 🙂

  • Melange04

    thanks for the info.I no longeram interested in being held hostage.

  • Truitt60

    so what are some of the android phones do  verizon  offer with this plan?

  • Ginny

    Has anyone else notice that Verizon is charging .20 cents for all outgoing, and most importantly on all received INCOMING text messages that have a video or picture attached with the 50.00 plan? They state that the customer has unlimited text messages, but they are excluding any text messages that have attached pictures or movie clips. It is bad enough that they are excluding and charging customers in this plan for every time they use this popular text application, but it appears highly illegal to charge the receiver of this type of text a .20 cent receiver fee as well. Is this not double dipping? There are no applications available that allow customers in this plan to block any incoming text’s with attached videos or pictures which result in substantial added fees to their monthly bill.  This little clause in the 50.00 dollar a month plan appears to be a highly illegal billing practice. What other company would have the gall to charge someone a fee for an action that they did not initiate nor have any control over?

  • Fordyoncer

    can you purchase the $50 unlmtd. card and use t on an exstng eyephone? ha ha ha my “eyes” don’t worc

  • Anonymous

    This only works for basic phones, not smartphones.

  • A_bryson201991

    i would like to know how do i go by getting me one

  • Shelle_leigh

    Well i got the 50 dollar plan on the 30th of October and at first i had all the unlimited, including web. Now I don’t have the web and its only the 2nd of November. What’s ups with that?

  • Arikaragurl10



  • April

    i have tryed to sign up for this plan, and Verizon told me that i could only have this plan on one of the 3 phones they have for it! I have a Blackberry Bold 9650 and i couldnt hook it up, and when i called the day before they didnt tell me this!!!  Now i just have a Blackberry Bold, and Boost service!!!

  • can the andriod smart phone be on a prepaid plan? i need a good phone

  • Billy55992

    The new $50 unlimited talk and text plan for verizon starts 9/15/2011

  • Creatordtruth

    I use pagepluscellular.com for my unlimited talk and txt for only $44.95 a month.And i can use my old verizon cell for hand set!..no hidden fees and tax….only $44.95…TRY IT!..

  • Rieth Kelly

    Do they have 50$ unlimited yet?

  • Vineyardpassage

    One more thing, the plan is only now being offered in FL and southern CA as a test program, if they like it they might open it up to other areas and it could stop being offered to new customers anytime now but if you are using the Unleashed plan you will be allowed to continue using it even if they don’t offer the choice to new customers.

  • Vineyardpassage

    They offer 3 phones to choose from priced from about $40 to $100 and only those phones, no other phones or smart phones, total cost per month is $50 plus $3 sales tax = $53 with no contract, none of that additional 20% fees and taxes that a contract plan has tacked on.  Good plan if you can get by with just calls and texting and hopefully email too once they get that network problem fixed. 

  • Vineyardpassage

    I just got the $50 Unleashed service and like it except I can’t use the Yahoo.com tab to get my email as offered in the plan, everytime I log in it kicks back some Error reading, contacted the place I bought it and they said it was a network problem and that I would get a call within 24 hrs but it’s been 3 days and still no call so I called them and they found my file and said they would have to look into it for me. 

  • Sandratorgerson

    I know your services are really good,you guys have great single in all areas of the country.i hope you keep this 50 dollar unlimited plan for good or a least a while.

  • John Kirby

    What about GPS and Navagation

  • They’ve never referred to the Smartphone Data plans as Mobile Web plans. This looks like a feature phone only option. I’d be willing to bet you might see phones like the KinOne/Two on here and the rest of their slowly dying ‘feature phones’ like the Octane, Salute and Cosmos.

  • Anonymous

    the article reads that this won’t have data, but the picture says unlimited web… I’m confused… :/

    • DBK

      Mobile Web and Data are different things.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when vcast came out…..$15 unlimited data thru verizons’ mobile web (feature/dumb phones). I would imagine they are trying to bring that back with a different angle. Im guessing that if they can keep about 35% of their customers on that type of mobile web Verizon may dodge data congestion over its airways……

  • Anonymous

    c’mon seriously… Virgin mobile’s lg optimus V on a $25 month to month unlimited data/text with 300 minutes or unlimited everything for $60 a month. skype works, fring, works, Tikl works… who needs to talk for $25 a month?

  • Anonymous

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  • these plans exist in Australia, i.e. AU$45 unlimited everything except data but the $45 includes 1gb of data and then you can buy bolt ons, oh and you can tether for no additional charge

  • “mobile web does not provide full…”

  • Saifshaya

    that is an old advertisement mainly cause the verizon logo isnt verizonwireless anymore its verizon all of my advertisement and booklets show it like that

    • Saifshaya

      this is an avertisement for the areas that were offering the 50 dollar unlimited last summer

  • Anonymous

    They won’t be allowing smart phones on this plan for sure…why would they?

  • Knightcrusader

    I think I’ll stick to my family plan, its cheaper than this per line, and I get the unlimited smartphone data on all lines.

  • Anonymous

    But the promo says and unlimited web too?
    First of all….im pretty sure verizon definately wouldn’t offer a great device on this and if it is…maybe on rev a?
    Thats like boosts….but…i don’t see how they would make much if any money off that…

  • Anonymous

    Verizon announced that Opera Mini will be available on certain feature phones which will probably be available for this plan as opposed to the built in browsers on Brew phones which are terrible for the most part.

  • Anonymous

    PEOPLE WE ARE TALKING ABT VERIZON! that looks toooooooo gooood to be true!

  • Anonymous

    “Mobile to Mobile calling (with Verizon Wireless Customers)”

    That sounds like a catch to me.

    • then it says anytime minutes, unlimited

      • Anonymous

        Wow. Don’t I feel stupid.

  • JP

    Can you use a postpaid Verizon smartphone on a prepaid Verizon plan? When you look at their website for prepaid phones, it’s only a subset of all the current smartphones, and they had a “prepaid” note on their description?

  • Anonymous

    $50 unlimited plan!!! + $30 unlimited data!!!


  • Cer

    $50 unlimited talk, text and web. Plus $10 for smartphones, plus $10 for LTE, plus $10 just because. That sounds more like it.

    • Anonymous

      Thats still just $80 wise guy. Or can you not afford that either?

      • Cer

        I can afford that. The point was the likely deceptive nature of the new
        program, like Sprint’s essentially nonexistent 69.99 plan, not the end of
        the day cost.

        And the point is that for plenty of people, yes, $30 is more than they can afford. But thanks, nice to see you care about the majority of Verizon’s customers.

      • Sweetheart140b

        its not a matter of afford or not afford verizon know that there the best an if metro where to ever get there head out of their buts verzon would come down a lost.

      • Sophia13501

        $80.00 isn’t the issue…the issue is that they keep tacking on more hidden costs, just tell me the bottlom line up front instead of making it sound soo good when in reality it’s not!!

        • AJ

          I’m not sure where everyone thinks that it’s more than 50 a month (unless you add more to this plan) Because my husband and I have this phone plan and we pay 53$ every mo. and it is great!!  

  • Anonymous

    It does say Mobile Web is included in both the screenshots you posted Kellex…

    With data that is a hell of a deal. Which leads me to believe it isn’t true. If T-Mobile or Sprint can’t get an unlimited minutes, text, and data plan for $50 you think Verizon is going to? If this is real, it won’t be for smartphones, or at least not smartphones anyone cares about.

    Without data and decent phones I couldn’t care less about this. Who uses minutes? I have 450 minutes and I struggle to reach to 100 a month. And with Google Voice I don’t use much text either, I have the 200 message plan and I get like 5 texts a month on my actual number, I only have it just in case.

    Get me a month to month or year contract at max plan that comes with at least 3GB of data for $60 or less a month and I’ll consider it. Or a kick ass true successor to the DROID. Without that, I’ll probably go with Sprint and the Nexus S 4G or Evo 3D. Worse coverage and WiMax sucks, but at least I’m not being charged an arm and a leg for it and Sprint is decent in everywhere I normally go.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try, Verizon, but Sprint has unlimited talk, text, and data for $69.99. If you eliminate 1 year contracts, that’s where I’m going. Granted the unlimited voice is only for mobile numbers, but I probably use 100 minutes total each month talking to landlines. They give you 450 minutes for that.

    • Anonymous

      it’s $80 now if you have any smartphone

    • have you seen their data speeds? i tried watching a youtube video on my friends Evo….yikes

  • BigDaddyEllison

    They are going the way of part of the rest of the world (aka not USA) where it is a monthly contract and non-subsidized phones. That would be awesome. I wouldn’t mind paying $800 for the phone if I could pay $50 per month for true unlimited. It would make sense for them as well because the voice and SMS cost nearly nothing and without subsidizzing phones, data is all they really have to cover for on going cost.

  • Anonymous

    It says Talk, Text and Web is unlimited, sign me up!

  • OG

    would corporate discounts work with this?

  • Jroc869

    hell with the way people are dumping there devices after just a few months, you can get one cheap on craigslist and just do prepaid.

  • Anonymous

    $80/month for unlimited talk, text, and web would be huge

    • $50 a month is even better

  • Ron Paul 2012

    after verizon realize they’re not making enough money of this plan they’ll change it to $70 or more

  • Jim Dandy

    Its the same price as boost mobile.

  • John

    Doubt this shit will come to fruition

  • Anonymous

    Mobile web is for the shitty phones look on their site mobile web is different than the data plan you need for smartphones.

    • and on the bottom it tells you that in the picture. we can’t just assume that theyre going to offer an unlimited data add on for smartphones to this.

  • BDizzle

    Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a “no smartphone” clause in that plan. Considering Android and Blackberry phones require at least some data package, that seems likely, at least to me.

    • Anonymous

      Carriers are doing their best to phase out feature phones. It would surprise me to see them launch a new prepaid plan like this just for crappy flip phones. 🙂

      • hkklife

        My prediction is that VZW will keep a handful of “crappy” dumbphones (candybar, flip, and similar messaging phones for tenny-boppers) around solely for use under this promotion. Heck, those cheap-o handsets don’t even have 3.5mm headphone jacks. Everything else will be a smartphone and directed to a more costly plan w/ tiered data.

        For someone who wants their prepaid Android fix on a budget, Virgin will still probably be the way to go.

        • Ms.Carmen Diva

          i wasn’t aware people still used teenybopper in 2011.

        • lemon99

          Well my friends just got one and they say it works great and the phone is nice

      • BDizzle

        Only reason it strikes me as something not for smartphones is that it DOES include mobile web, just not “data”. Dunno..I hope its for ‘errbody though, it’d sure save a few people I know a little bit of cash.

        • only for feature phones. i hope they would make the unlimited data for smartphones an option

    • Killershade

      This is simply not going to happen. The smartphones are replacing the dumbphones. The old-timers that want to stick to their landlines and one button phones (which Verizon will probably keep 2 of, one for women and one for men) will and the rest of us will have the smartphones.

    • april


  • Anonymous

    Data should be included in the $50. T-Mobile and AT&T already offer Unlimited everything prepaid for $50. In SoCal at least you can also get MetroPCS (which has horrible coverage though) for $40 unlimited everything and they offer 4G Android devices (of course their 4G is nothing cmoopared to Verizon’s LTE). But all prepaid phones have a lower priority on cell phone towers. D:

    Also you can get Virgin Mobile for $25 month 300 min, unlimited text and data and get either the Samsung Intercept or LG Optimus V.

    • Anonymous

      I see Metro ads here saying 4G LTE. makes me wonder.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a trap!

        • Anonymous


      • MetroPCS does not have 3G, only 1G and 4G LTE. Speed tests of their LTE shows it to be around 3G speeds. They are supposedly planning to phase out CDMA and go exclusively with LTE and voice over LTE, but even Verizon says the same thing. I will believe that when I see it.

        So yes, it is a trap. ha ha.

    • Anonymous

      AT&T’s unlimited talk and text plan is $60 and does not include data.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah I guess, you’re right. Boost Mobile is $50 unlimited everything though I’m pretty sure. And I know there’s one through Wal-Mart called Straight Talk that’s $45 unlimited everything, but all their phones are wack. But Boost offers Android phones. If I went prepaid I would go Virgin though.

    • The biggest difference between Verizon and other carriers (In my opinion at least) is the hardware they offer. They seem to be getting more android phones, and generally more phones that are actually worth putting time and money into.

      If I could have bought my Droid 2 on another network, I probably would have. Simply to save myself some money on the plan. Wireless phone contracts are ridiculously high priced, and they are getting worse (limiting data, throttling data, and overall more money for no extra features.) If I could get a decent phone on a cheaper network, I would do it in a second.

      But don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t go bottom of the line network either, (Like Cricket that we have here) because I like being able to make phone calls on my phone.

  • Mr.Joe

    I really want to raise an eyebrow at this. Not in interest but in questionably.

  • there will be a catch. vzw hasnt made enough billions screwing their customers yet, let alone give them something worth while

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely go this route if it is the real deal. Right now, I am on about as cheap of a plan as I see fit, about $94 a month all said and done. Saving $14 a month over $24 months = $336. Even if I don’t get the phone for $200 subsidized pricing and end up paying $600 for it, I am only out an additional $64 over two years. To me, that’s worth it to NOT be locked into any contracts.

  • Graywolfscv

    Verizon offered this a while back as test market. My GF has prepaid and signed up for it. Only problem is if you want Data, you have to use one of the other plans, since this one doesn’t support data usage.

    • PriorVZWEmployee

      That makes sense. I use to work for VZW and I can see them only doing this on basic phones. If they did it to smartphones as well, it wouldnt fit who they are. They won’t do anything to benefit the customer….

  • If you want Unlimited Data, that will require a contract. There will be no Unlimited Data with a cost effective month to month plan. Verizon is no where near that progressive.

    • Anonymous

      They currently offer $30 unlimited data for prepaid customers.

      • PriorVZWEmployee

        With a $5 more per month plan than the contractual plans though 😉 I use to work for VZW so trust me, this isn’t being done for the benefit of the customer. They are trying to match ATT go phone pricing. Virgin and Boost are better bang for the buck right now.

        • Jroc869

          they might not be intentionally doing it for the customers, but the customers win in this scenario. this is what competition does, thats why im so against the att/t-mo deal

  • Unlimited data is going away, this will be the hook….

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused. The pic makes it seem like it’s 50 dollar unlimitied everything (web included) but the article is phrased to seem as though that’s just talk and text, and the web would be an additional 30 bucks. I’m leaning towards the 80 dollar a month interpretation, just cause 50 would be insanely cheap. Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the same boat, very confused?

    • Anonymous

      web is different than the smartphone data plan you need.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, I think I see now. So the “Mobile Web” is only applicable to dumphones, and smartphone customers would have to pay the premium $30 to go with this new plan (should it be released at all)? So it’s $80 unlimited everything…This sounds like a much worse deal now, I knew that $50 was too good to be true though. I’m sticking with Virgin Moible.

  • Taco

    Finally some decent news … if it pans out to be true that is.

  • Interested

    Sign me up!

  • Anonymous

    Im all over this. Hooorah!

  • Anonymous

    If that happens id do it.

  • sexy. this is a very very attractive offer if it goes down.

  • tbaybe

    wow thats a good deal!