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Verizon Introducing $50 Unlimited Month-to-Month Talk and Text Plan? (Updated)

Not even a day after learning that Verizon plans to axe their 1-year contracts leaving you with just 2 talk and text plans (2-year or month-to-month), the photo above dropped into our inbox.  While it’s unclear how new this information is, what we do know is that this is a month-to-month (prepaid) plan for $50 that would give customers unlimited everything, well except for data.  Talk about attractive.  We should point out that there was talk of a plan similar to this back in the summer of 2010, but only as a test in certain regions.

I can tell you this – if they start to offer $50 prepaid plans along with $30 unlimited data per month, it would be hard for anyone to even consider sticking with a 2-year contract.  Sure, you don’t get the instant discount on a new device, but you also aren’t signing 2 years of your life away to your wireless carrier.

Update:  Another shot of this new Verizon Unleashed plan which looks like promo material:

We’ll be digging for more…

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • so disfar it…. but im so looking n i liked 🙂

  • Melange04

    thanks for the info.I no longeram interested in being held hostage.

  • Truitt60

    so what are some of the android phones do  verizon  offer with this plan?

  • Ginny

    Has anyone else notice that Verizon is charging .20 cents for all outgoing, and most importantly on all received INCOMING text messages that have a video or picture attached with the 50.00 plan? They state that the customer has unlimited text messages, but they are excluding any text messages that have attached pictures or movie clips. It is bad enough that they are excluding and charging customers in this plan for every time they use this popular text application, but it appears highly illegal to charge the receiver of this type of text a .20 cent receiver fee as well. Is this not double dipping? There are no applications available that allow customers in this plan to block any incoming text’s with attached videos or pictures which result in substantial added fees to their monthly bill.  This little clause in the 50.00 dollar a month plan appears to be a highly illegal billing practice. What other company would have the gall to charge someone a fee for an action that they did not initiate nor have any control over?

  • Fordyoncer

    can you purchase the $50 unlmtd. card and use t on an exstng eyephone? ha ha ha my “eyes” don’t worc

  • Anonymous

    This only works for basic phones, not smartphones.

  • A_bryson201991

    i would like to know how do i go by getting me one

  • Shelle_leigh

    Well i got the 50 dollar plan on the 30th of October and at first i had all the unlimited, including web. Now I don’t have the web and its only the 2nd of November. What’s ups with that?

  • Arikaragurl10



  • April

    i have tryed to sign up for this plan, and Verizon told me that i could only have this plan on one of the 3 phones they have for it! I have a Blackberry Bold 9650 and i couldnt hook it up, and when i called the day before they didnt tell me this!!!  Now i just have a Blackberry Bold, and Boost service!!!

  • can the andriod smart phone be on a prepaid plan? i need a good phone

  • Billy55992

    The new $50 unlimited talk and text plan for verizon starts 9/15/2011