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Wednesday Poll: Interested in 3D on your Android smartphone yet?

For some reason, device manufacturers decided that 3D technology in smartphones is the new hotness, but we’re wondering how many of you are actually excited about it?  We now have 3D devices from LG and HTC (both phones and tablets) on the way this summer, all of which look like phenomenal devices on paper.  But from the responses we’re getting on Twitter though, the idea of having 3D technology on your phone or tablet isn’t overwhelmingly in favor.  Is this something you have to have in your next device?  Is it one giant gimmick?  We asked about this back in January; view the results here.  Let’s see if anyone has changed their mind.

Interested in 3D technology on a mobile device?

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  • droidlover

    Despite what people think about the 3D i think its fantastic ! It steps up the heat for competitors and i’m only making this argument because people tried to make not having a front facing camera a big deal! I was on that wagon when arguing against the evo and iphone 4 being a droid x owner lol

    Can that relate 3d display vs f.f.c to a new urge?

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  • The idea of having 3D on a phone is absolutely amazing, IF it works. My guess is it won’t work too well when it first comes out. Like all things that are new to phones, it will take some time for them to perfect it.

  • Rchadcook

    I bet those who vote no have recently bought the phone of there dreams…lol….there is always.gonna be a better phone out there..technology is awesome…..sorry thunderbolters…ur phone is already dated…

  • china man

    gahh. i hate all this 3d stuff!

  • Instead of 3d why not focus a bit more with batteries it wont kill them right.

  • Instead of 3d why not focus a bit more with batteries it wont kill them right.

  • seph

    Everybody talking about battery life.ppl should read small print first. Those phones have included car battery and backpack to carry in package deal.

  • Anonymous

    If this was a Verizon phone the poll question would have been phrased differently. That’s Verizon Life for you.

    • DBK

      Some of them are. And could that be phrased differently? It’s a simple question.

      I guess haters are gonna hate.

  • Uh-huh1

    thank goodness not everyone is as excited, that just means when it comes out I can take my time going over there to get it for myself… no wait at all!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Verizon…Got your $90 early termination fee right here.

  • Krweby

    Change it to are we interested in the lock screen you might get a different answer.

  • dustin

    Do I have to walk around with those blue and red glasses?

    I may start doing that anyway just to be different.