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ViewSonic gTablet 10.1 at Woot Today for $279

Not Verizon or DROID-related, but it’s a cheap dual-core Android tablet that’s only available for one day from Woot.com.  The ViewSonic gTablet 10.1 running Android 2.2 can be had for just $279 plus $5 for shipping.  Not a bad deal right?  Before you get too crazy though, it’s my understanding that this tablet isn’t the most hacker-friendly. So if you were planning on grabbing it and then slapping Honeycomb on it, you might be out of luck.  Ignore all of that non-hacker-friendly business.  It appears as if this device is indeed friendly to the hackz, although some of them may not be as awesome or stable as you’d want them to be.  Apologies for the semi-bad info.  [more info]


Cheers Pops and everyone else!

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  • Dman27

    Woot is the best site ever, well 2nd to Droid-Life

  • Juan_ortega92

    Over 10,000 were sold on woot yesterday, I think droidlife had a alot to do with it because I’ve never heard of that website in my life

  • Adam Metzner

    I picked one up yesterday! Im like a kid waiting for santa right now.

  • Juan_ortega92

    just ordered my viewsonic g tablet!took me a while to make my decision but the thing has tegra 2, for 285$!! honeycomb will be on it garunteed!

  • Shopbuy11

    Bought one of these and cancelled my xoom pre-order at Costco. For less than half price, I can wait a few days for the Honeycomb hack.

    • It will be more than a few days, I promise you that.

  • Cazi

    oh well, bye bye xoom wifi for now.. for half price this will do, only feature i’m missing is the GPS. Has anyone tethered to your droid’s gps via bluetooth to make google maps navigation work?

  • cky2000

    I bought two a few months ago ($379) and still loving it and not regretting it at all. Yes!!!! totally hackable. Head over to XDA ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=841 ). The very talented devs. GoJimi, pershoot & Roebeet make it very easy to turn this tab in into an awesome piece of hardware. The IRC Channel: #tegratab is a very user-friendly community (one of the best) with ejhart, badfrog and many others to help you out….

  • KnightCrusader

    I have had mine since Black Friday last year, and this thing is a beast. Wish I could have gotten it for this price, but oh well, I guess I have to pay my early adopter tax in one way or another.

    I passed this link around at work and it resulted in 4 people buying one. Looks like I’m going to be holding a hacking workshop on it! lol

  • Anonymous

    Post updated! Hacker-friendly indeed! Our tablet hacking expert must have been thinking about another tablet. 😛 Buy away!

  • “Before you get too crazy though, it’s my understanding that this tablet isn’t the most hacker-friendly.”

    Wait…what? Are you kidding me? The G-tablet has more devs (Roebeet, gomji, pershoot) working on more ROMs (7 different ones at last count), than any Android tablet currently in existence. There is a full NVflash available, making the Tablet virtually unbrickable (there hasn’t been a single confirmed bricked tablet in the forum, despite people doing insane things to them). This post is so ridiculously uninformed it hurts my head.

    Read up: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=841

  • Eric

    Oh I am sorry Kellex not hacker friendly? Whats this then?


  • Anonymous

    ViewSonic gTablet > iPad

  • Bought one as soon as I saw it come up last night! Hopefully I can get a version of Honeycomb on it!

  • Dan

    Kellex you are quite wrong, this tablet is VERY hacker friendly. It is not locked down what so ever, and roots with Z4.

    XDA guys have done wonders when it comes to enchancing this tablet. Unfortently out of the box it is absolute garbage, mostly due to Viewsonics custom UI. However, within 20 mins with from CM7 or one of the many custom ROMS the thing is beaslty. I have averaged 2300 quadrants and couldn’t be happy…a truely great steal of a tablet

  • Got me one… was going to pick up a nook anyway for just $30 less and hack it. But why? when I can get this for only a little more…

  • WatersRules

    my broken record comment – it is very hackable and easy to mess with. Viewing angle… eh… but what do you expect for the price. I love mine.

  • GTabletOwner

    Actually the GTablet is very hacker friendly, and there’s a good size community at XDA. There’s no Honeycomb yet, but that’s because it hasn’t hit AOSP, and there was no luck just throwing XOOM roms on it. There are several gingerbread roms though, and it’s officially supported by Cyanogenmod.

  • Blake3371

    What are you talking about? The G-Tablet is very hacker-friendly! And it’s also the only tablet around that’s OFFICIALLY supported by CyanogenMod. A Honeycomb port is out of the question right now because you’d need the source code. But it’ll happen no problem. This is a great deal!

  • elite

    for 279 can u beat it? been looking for one forever, was gonna take the xoom plundge but for the money for basic browsing and couch potato usage …..seems like a deal…how late can u order?

  • DBK

    lol I love how that page rags on the ipad. That alone is worth a look. 🙂

  • loops

    Kellex you need to update this article because you can hack this think like crazy.

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t already have one I would pick it up. Hmmm, I wonder if I should return it to Office Depot and then order this one.

    • Anonymous

      OD will charge you a 15% restocking fee… just sayin’!

  • If I hadn’t just received my Notion Ink Adam last week, I would be all over this. The viewing angles suck, but you really can’t beat it for that price.

    • Just_In_Texas

      Hank, how is that Notion Ink Tab ? I got tired of waiting… so go the Xoom… but still curious

      • Well the viewing angles aren’t very good on it, but I can’t complain otherwise! I love having full sized USB and HDMI ports and the dual core and 1 gig of ram are great as well. NI’s Eden isn’t ready for prime time, but there are a couple of ROMs out there that are great. For $375 plus shipping, I am happy as I can be!

      • Gastripod

        I have my Adam, and I can honestly say that it is great except for the software. The entire Eden experience is junk. I stopped using it because I hated it so much. Then I took the time to install the EdenX rom (about 10 min) and it has been great. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t invest in the PixelQi version as it just isn’t sharp enough and desaturated. It’s not bad, but I value the image quality more than the outdoor mode. Good luck trying to buy one anyway. My friend ordered an Adam before I did and he still hasn’t received it. He ordered one of these G-Tabs today and is trying to cancel his order with NI.

  • read that there is a cheap tablet solution – sweet
    read that its dual core – nice
    read that its only $285 – meh
    [grabs credit card]
    read that I may not be able to “slap honeycomb on it” – F***!

    • Tesseract 3

      Haha same thing I was thinking.

      • Me and my wife both have one of these and have tried a few custom ROMs, including CyanogenMod.

        It’s very similar specs as the Motorola WiFi-only Xoom, but with a crappier LCD (Tegra 2, 512 MB DDR2, WiFi) and was VERY easy to hack. I have no idea where we got the idea it’s not hacker friendly in this article.

        I have it paired with my OG Droid and use an app that leeches its GPS for trips in the car. I bought mine at $425/ea and don’t regret it.

        • tommyz

          “I have it paired with my OG Droid and use an app that leeches its GPS for trips in the car.” Tell me more please.

    • Anonymous

      Once HC is on AOSP, it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll get ported to this tablet.

    • Anonymous

      Once HC is on AOSP, it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll get ported to this tablet.

  • Bryanb1

    What’s your thoughts on the display? Some say viewing angle stinks…..I’m wary of buying one with so much talk about this…

    • Anonymous

      The viewing angle on it does suck but I really like mine, very fast and has decent battery life.

  • User

    You’re a little late…been on sale like this for 16 hours.

  • The comments right on woot talk about how hacker friendly it is lol two buddies at work scooped this up earlier, looks like a solid device. Much better than Kellex is giving credit for it seems.

  • Balticzar

    Extremely hacker friendly. I highly recommend this to anyone. This is the third one I’m buying in a matter of two months. Sold the last two prematurely in anticipation of receiving my Notion Ink Adam. Well…the Adam has yet to come and I am giving up on it and moving forward with a credit card dispute.
    At any rate, the Viewsonic G Tablet is a solid device once it’s rooted and loaded with a custom rom.

  • Kellex, where in the world did you hear that it isn’t hacker friendly? That is 100% false.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, I have hacked 3 of ’em!

  • Forwarez00

    I would recommend this device, but one warning….IT HAS HORRIBLE VIEWING ANGLE. Unless you’re looking at it head on, it’s hard to view what’s on the screen. I bought it from Sears couple months ago and after a week returned it bc of its lack of viewing angle….otherwise…KICKASS tablet.

    • Mike

      Totally agree and the viewing angle alone is what made me get the Xoom.

      • Djdh

        Same here

  • poopular

    Must be a typo cause its probably the MOST hacker friendly!

  • saw this on woot last night…buddy at work is thinking about picking it up.

  • “it’s my understanding that this tablet isn’t the most hacker-friendly.” — Wrong. The is an active development going on at XDA. No Honeycomb (yet) but a couple of good Gingerbread roms. Also a version of the NotionInk firmware. This is a very solid device.

  • I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap tab. I have had this since december and with the VEGAn rom it is amazing!

    • jason

      I agree! super easy to hack and super fast and battery lasts forever. I can easily watch 2 movies or more on one charge!