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Netflix Android Application Pulled from LG Revolution System Dump

The Netflix app has been pulled out of an LG Revolution system dump and should install on almost any device.  It definitely doesn’t let you stream movies at this time, but you can login and check your instant queue.  Once you press “Play” though, it switches to landscape and then returns back to your main screen.  And yes, it’ll install on the XOOM.  We’re hoping that it just needs the Netflix team to press the “Go” button for it to work.

Download:  Netflix.apk [mirror]

Install just as you would any other application.

Cheers Mr. Tato!

  • It’ll install on the XOOM.  We’re hoping that it just needs the Netflix team

  • Robsbot

    No good. Installed on rooted droid X, application works, AND IT EVEN STARTS TO STREAM THE MOVIE! I can tell because if I go into my queue it asks if I want to continue watching futurama. The issue is it detects your phone model and denies you once the movie / show starts. Somebody crack this ASAP.

  • Morlince

    Tried this app on my new Thunderbolt hoping the snapdragon would help it out… doesnt just return to the original screen says that it cant reach Netflix servers.

  • deep

    SPARTACUS!!!!!! is da Sh!t

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded on my DX but after Netflix load screen the whole screen is just white. Gonna try to uninstall and re install.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only person whos Droid opens the app and right after the Netflix red screen goes away it goes straight to a blinding white screen and stays there til i hit home?

    • Mihawkfan94

      Mine to

    • Ihawkfan94

      Mine to

  • Lorenzokellogg

    Well the videos. Not playing. So I assume this is coded for the snapdrag…..Dx apex rom

  • Discwog

    How the typical reader reads a post on droid-life.com

    Netflix … pulled …(from) LG Revolution sys… dump … install on … any device. ..stream movies…press “Play”…And yes, it’ll install…work.

    Download: Netflix.apk

    Install … any … application.
    Cheers Mr….

  • Cavillis

    can we PLEASE use some torrents instead of megafire/upload?

    at least as an option! 🙁

  • Sean27030

    I still don’t get the DRM argument… the DX came with a Blockbuster App.. and you can bet your bottom those vids were digitally protected… all be it that yes.. the app was atrocious, the cost of each vid was highway robery and the quality was that akin to verizon vcast clips when they first started up… so why netflix can’t get his working is beyond me.. the ipnoney is less capable from a hardware aspect but it can handle it…

  • MikeC

    This is a nice teaser, but I can’t wait to be able to stream videos like I can on my iPhone 4 Netflix App! It looks the same, but when you hit resume or play it goes to a loading screen, then it it just comes back to the main screen, I assume this is a beta or something in development.

  • Bones72

    I installed and took a look at it. Meh. If I can’t watch videos, it not offering any features that I need. The NetQ app gives me many more features for managing my account.

  • Jpv90

    Hi!! I was able to install it by the terminal, no rooting needed, just open in ur mac or pc and use de Android Developers kid => Adb install /location/Netflix.apk and done. But,I get this error: “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit netflic.com. (1011)”

    Help plz!

  • The specific error for anyone trouble shooting is this.

    “Sorry we could not reach the netflix service, Please try again later. If the problem persist please visit netflix.com (1005)”

  • Working on my droid inc… although when you play a movie it does get an error saying it could not reach the netflix service. I can however get to my account and browse around just fine with no issues.

  • Anonymous

    won’t netflix be on the thunderbolt?

  • Anonymous

    won’t netflix be on the thunderbolt?

  • It may not play videos quite yet but I love having an official app to manage my queue when away from home!

  • Rsvoboda72

    Ive been watching netflix on my droid for over a year, using a work around way and I love it. I never have any problems and its clear as day.

    • go on…

      • jimcapraro

        Are u using slingbox/slingplayer with xbox and xbox gold membership to stream netflix?

        • Unreadhyperion

          PlayOn is a good work around.

        • Rsvoboda72

          I am not using xbox through slingbox cause i use an HDMI cable with my xbox and you cant do it with slingbox yet

    • Rodys7

      explain work around

    • Rsvoboda72

      Ok I started with Slingbox cause watching tv on my x is awesome when your out, especially for sports. Then i put all my kids movies on a hard drive to preserve them and if you get the WDHDTV Live you can watch any videos you have on a hard drive on your tv. If you get the Slingbox pro you can connect the WDHDTV box to the slingbox. So now you can switch between tv and any video you have saved on your hard drive. Now the most important thing is if you get the wdhdtv LIVE it does netflix so now you can watch it on your phone. Its a pricey way of doing it slingbox=$200, wdhdtv live=$100, hard drive=$50 but when your done you turned your phone into an insane multi media phone.

  • “Netflix is using the Tegra 2 development platform to bring the Netflix experience to Android super phones and tablets. We’re working closely with NVIDIA to ensure Netflix takes full advantage of Tegra’s outstanding acceleration and security capabilities.” — Greg Peters, Vice President, Product Development at Netflix

    Source: Nvidia’s Blog – http://pressroom.nvidia.com/easyir/customrel.do?easyirid=A0D622CE9F579F09&version=live&prid=704926&releasejsp=release_157&xhtml=true

  • i almost had an orgasmic experience when i read the title

  • Kent Adams

    app installed on droid X just fine but…. like everyone else will not load videos – do we need to activate the droid x with Netflix – if so how?