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DROID3 Poses Again, This Time With Keyboard Showing

The DROID3 made a surprise public appearance this morning and apparently wasn’t done.  A lot of of us were wondering how its keyboard would look under what appears to be a much thinner top piece.  I think it’s safe to say that we now know.  Five rows of fun, with an HDMI port just below it on the side.  Slap a stock Google Experience on this phone with a 4″ qHD screen and you  could have yourselves a major player here.  

Via:  Howard Forums

Cheers @EggoEspada!

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    It’s got an all-new qHD resolution 4-inch touchscreen, world roaming
    capabilities, and a beautifully designed 5-row QWERTY keyboard.

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    The Droid 3 is noticeably heavy, even for a phone with a 4-inch screen.
    It weighs in at 6.49 ounces, more than both of the old Droids. Motorola
    refers to the Droid 3 as the thinnest phone with a physical keyboard,

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