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Verizon Waiving $35 Activation Fee on Month-to-Month Motorola XOOM Data Plans?

There has been a lot of talk about the lack of a $35 activation fee on the new iPad 2 from Verizon when we all know that customers looking to grab a Motorola XOOM are being forced to pay  one.  Doesn’t seem all that fair, right?  Well Verizon it appears (at least their indirect retailers), is trying to cool the situation by waiving that activation fee for the time being.  Customers who pick up the XOOM and its real tablet operating system will see a $35 activation fee on their bill, but right next to it will be a credit cancelling it out.  Thanks Verizon.

Cheers Stealth Voodoo!

  • I reall;y dont need this as i have a wireless Connection….

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  • Called VZW today to ask if ipad 2 was in stock and first thing they said before I got any word out was “vzw, would you be interested in learning more about MOTO Xoom today?” and I said “oh well you obviously have plenty of Xoom in stock!” and he chuckles..

    What does that say about Xoom vs. ipad 2 when it comes to tablets? Stop fooling yourselves thinking Xoom is better. If you’re going to spend that much money on a tablet, might as well get a reliable, and fully functional tablet that you know you can count on and get your money’s worth! And no, it’s not that these people who invest on the ipad 2 are following the Apple trend, but its due to their knowledge of what the best tablet is in the market today!

    I say this over and over again, iOS slowly but steadily improves over time, Android is just continuous trial and error. Remember this people and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    • Superfoot

      Hey, just because you’re iPad 2 has high def cameras… er… wait no…
      Just because you’re iPad 2 has got a super high rez screen… um… hmm… ok
      Just because you’re iPad 2 isn’t tied to any ball & chain software package… I… hrmph…

      • IPadsucks

        or just because his iPad2 has a microSD card slot …
        or just because his iPad2 has a usb port …
        or just because his iPad2 don’t need some stupid software to copy music & pics …
        or just because his iPad2 has software that was ACTUALLY made for it and not a phone …

        oh wait … haha … yeah NEVERMIND!!!

  • Mii

    THANKS A BUNCH !! Even though i technically got my xoom about 2 weeks ago, when i called verizon and asked they looked over my bill and took off the 35$ fee.

  • kr

    When I went to get my xoom at costco on the 12th, when they select month to month, it is completely zeroed out for activation. No idea if this shows up as a fee and credit on the bill, but that’s how it looked to me.

  • That’s all well and good but what about people like me who already paid the activation fee on a month to month contract? That’s enough money for halfway decent weekend of drinking beer.

  • Mecevans

    Now If they could move the xoom from the very back to the front of the store…

  • Anonymous

    Do you think there is any chance early adopters can get a reimbursement?

    • Give them a call and just ask for a credit. I called yesterday and they took that, and a whole bunch of other fees off my bill.

  • Jon

    I think its kinda shady they aren’t doing this for 2-year customers like me. Unless they plan to charge you to go back on every time you need data.

    Also, especially if you are a Xoom user on a subsidized contract, don’t complain about the iPad price. Verizon is charging an the extra 130 for the MiFi puck. You don’t even get a legitimate Wifi+3G device.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i was a little shocked to see the 35 fee pop up on me too.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i was a little shocked to see the 35 fee pop up on me too.

    • Stealth Voodoo

      They changed it, so that all contract options apply. Just give them a call and see if they will credit it.

  • Wireless Fool

    We’ve been doing this at Costco since the 11th, but I believe the promotion ends the 15th.

  • Ray

    i never pay activation fees

    • me too, it’s usually as simple as asking “can you wave the activation fee? _____ has no activation fee”

  • NorCalDroid

    We bought them all from Motorola. And now there sold out of the 1000 units they made lol.

  • What I am more curious about is whether or not you’ll be charged an activation fee every time you start service back up through out the life of the device. If I were to get one with a cellular modem, I’d not keep service active all the time. So I’d be kind of pissed if I had to pay $35 activation every time I wanted to buy a month of cell service for it. There seems to be mixed information about that out there right now. This past weekend, I was told by the Costco sales guy that there is only one upfront activation fee when you first register it on the Verizon network. Sure would make me feel better though to see an official statement from VZW saying that was true.

    • My understanding is that if you stop service, you’re essentially cancelling your account (you can suspend, but only for 90 days at a time and only twice a year, with potentially a $15 service fee each time). My Costco wireless kiosk sales rep told me the same thing (no additional activation fees) but I was told by three different Verizon customer service reps that if I stop service and then restart later, there will be a $35 activation fee each time. It’s simply not a “pay-as-you-go” plan for the Xoom at this time.

      If this is incorrect, I’d love to hear it. I’m going to return the 3G version to Costco if there isn’t any true pay-as-you-go plan before my 90 days is up, and buying the wifi-only version.

  • JG

    who pays activation fees anyways lol. All you have to do is tell them “no” and you dont have to pay it. I feel sorry for the suckers who actually pay them the fee.

    • would be nice if this was actually true

      • JG

        i do it every time i get a new device or open a new line on my account…i tell them no activation or no sale…

        it probably helps to go to the same person every time, create a relationship like i do 😉

        • Basically the same story here, just ask and the fee is waived. I never pay it.

  • Poker_vol

    I’ve been to 3 Verizon stores in the past 10 days and none of them even have a Xoom demo in stock. Each have said that they have not received a single Xoom since they went on sale, for display or sale. The entire thing has been a debacle from the get-go, IMO.

    • Guest

      Not my experience. First Verizon store I went to had one sitting there for me to try. I suggest calling them first.

    • Anonymous

      I played with one at a BB store. They had the iPad2 (2 left). Everyone was looking at the iPad2. No-one even cared about the Xoom. I can’t blame them. The Xoom just sat there with all the other black tablets, while the salesperson was walking around with a white iPad2.

      Poor Xoom. It went from best of CES to a fumble in only a few weeks.