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HTC Thunderbolt Equipment Guide Says “All Channel Launch” is March 17

There you go.  March 17th is indeed the day for the HTC Thunderbolt.  It’s a date we’ve known about for a few weeks now, but just needed to see something semi-official.  Everyone in Verizon knows it, there are trainings scheduled for today, so now we just sit and wait for the press release to come out.

Oh, and the “1 Mississippi…” commercial has returned…

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers ___ and brum08!

  • Simbar

    I bought one today, charge the battery fully and it drained dead after 1/2 hour. I charged it again., same thing happened again, and then again. I’m returning it tomorrow.

  • bob

    The Thunder is now on VZW site.

  • Dione Casey

    just seen the commercial lol not this weird girl saying 1 Mississippi

  • I’m most likely getting this phone but I’ll be damned if I get it the first day. The delays happened for a reason and I’m going to let the reviews of battery, signal, speed etc all come out before I blindly walk in there and trust this phone especially with HTC’s battery track record….

  • I was at Best Buy, and the rep there insisted it came with a “Dual-Core Processor”. I told her i read online it was supposed to have a “single-core” but she said at the training she went to the specs were “Dual-core”. I’m not sure what training she went to, or if she was just not paying attention at all, but I think she’s mistaking the Thunderbolt with the Atrix.. oh well.. Guess it’s still hard finding good help these days.. lol.. Oh, by the way! I really hope this really does come out Thursday!.. and not just some sick early April Fool’s Joke… 😉

  • Disciple

    How much (if any) is the price of the incredible going to go down once this is announced? $250 is a bit more than I think I would spend on this phone, but a $50 / free incredible would be pretty amazing.

  • clvbrowns453


  • Guest123

    Just made my appointment AT A VERIZON STORE to buy my thunderbolt on March 17th at 9 AM. Either I’m gonna be cussing someone out on Thursday or the day has finally come.

    • DrB

      I did the same thing.

  • Cinco

    Great site Kellex, I have a question for you/ and or anyone that knows what they are talking about… One of the only remaining selling points on this phone that has made it at launch is the voice/data at the same time. I was preaching this to a group of people, they all told me I was wrong, I said I was right…. then my friend walked up with his origional Droid and surfed the web while calling me, him and a few others said they have allways had that. I’m confused? Are we being duped with this as a groundbreaking feature for Verizon?

    • Fredy

      no, no other android phone or any phone can do that on verizon. I have an Incredible and tried to do that and it does not work. Also this could be the only phone that can do it on 3G. The other 4G phones could do it on 4G but that has never really been said, but the Stealth has done a VoLTE. Thats a call using 4G

    • clvbrowns453

      He was on Wifi.. If you are connected to Wifi, it will allow you to surf and make a call at the same time.
      I thought the same thing too until I figured that out.

      • Cinco

        hmmm. Okay, we were at a restraunt tho, and everyone said they could do it whenever, so that adds to my confusion. Also, do you know if it can do the google/gmail talk, chat, video etc… Or are they just pushing this thing out with the “capabilities” to use the LTE for front facing camera at some point in the future, like when this phone is old news?