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Galaxy Tab Price Drops to $199 at Verizon on iPad 2 Launch Day

We just received word that the wifi-only Galaxy Tab could be launching the first week of April for $399, but the deals don’t stop there.  Verizon appears to have just lowered their GTab down to the ridiculously low price of $199.  Now, obviously that’s on a 2-year contract, but man, talk about cheap.  Sad thing is, they still probably won’t be able to move any even at that price.  If there was some sort of guarantee that this puppy would receive Honeycomb (or even Gingerbread for that matter), then maybe you  should consider one, but until then…tough call.

Cheers Spaniard!

  • Wow. That is a sick price. I’m going to take a look at it. James, Koowie.com

  • Anonymous

    Guarantee an upgrade? On a Samsung device? Bwahahahaha! Oh, now that’s some funny stuff there!

  • Shopbuy11

    Still overpriced, especially considering iPad 1 is $399. I would never buy an *Pad or *Pad2, but got to thank them for the price competition this time.

  • Myk3e

    If the price is $199 with 2 year contract for wi-fi only, what exactly am I under contract to Verizon for?

  • DatterBoy

    Anyone else here think that Verizon and wireless carriers are the ones holding back Android devices like the XOOM and the Gtab?

  • DatterBoy

    Full retail is 500? Sad. Contract should be 100-150 and full retail about 300 vs. your other market options today. If the XOOM is actually coming at 539 this offering is laughable at best.

  • Tat3rt0T

    VZW is too little too late with those prices. If they had not been so stupid and made those avail on a contract sooner, more might have been shipped.

  • Anonymous

    Now if only they had a reasonable data plan. $20 (for only 1GB!!!) x 24 months is still another $480 on top of your phone’s plan.

  • Kevoskee

    Verizon pants dropped too on Ipad 2 launch day also

  • Anonymous

    As both a XOOM and a Tab owner, I really think the Tab gets a bad rap. I really like both devices and after some time with Honeycomb, I think the Tab hold its own with Froyo. It’s obviously not the latest and greatest, but since I’ve owned it, my laptop hasn’t left my desk and my Kindle hasn’t… wait I don’t even know where it is. Was the Tab priced too high? Yes, it was, but I have no regrets about the purchase. I honestly believe that many people could still be happy with the Tab at this price. The majority of us gadget geeks look down on the Tab, but I think it deserves far more credit than it’s getting…

    • Anonymous

      Michael, has your Xoom replaced your laptop in regards to work functions?? Thats something I am wondering about when purchasing a Xoom. How happy are you with typing, work funtions/tasks and at work?? I know you stated that you leave your work laptop at the office but what can you suggest as possible improvements to take over a laptop for work and play in your opinion??

      • Anonymous

        My situation is somewhat unique. With the Bluetooth keyboard, I can do almost everything I need for work on my XOOM. When I actually go to work, I’m in a classroom most of the time or in meetings. I haven’t been in my office at work this semester. The office I actually use is at home. The XOOM works great for my needs: online class management, email, basic MS Office (Documents to Go), web-surfing, and reading/highlighting a lot of PDFs (RepliGo Reader), etc. About the only thing I need a PC for is statistical analysis software: SPSS, LISREL, and R. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears trying answer your question, and I hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve got more questions.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine a year from now when the Xoom 2 and all the other 3.x tablets are out and you have to think: “I still got a year to go on my Froyo Tab”. Ouch.

    • hkklife

      I would love to see a mildly revised 2nd-gen Galaxy Tab in the same formfactor, since I really like the feel of the current Tab. Or at the very least, drop the original Tab down to Nook Color pricing levels AND announce solid plans for a Gingerbread update in the near future.

      My wish list for a 2nd-gen 7″ Tab:

      -Gingerbread (if not Honeycomb)
      -Wi-fi ($300-$350ish) AND WWAN ($400ish) versions available at launch
      -Black rear panel instead of white
      -At least 512mb RAM + 1.2Ghz CPU
      -16GB (like the GSM Tabs) internal storage + microSD slot
      -Improved cameras (or at least the rear one)
      -Some kind of standard HDMI output like my DX
      -MICRO-USB connector for syncing and charging (no proprietary crap–my NC charges with any old Moto microUSB charger, so why do no other tablets?)
      -Battery life at least as good as the original Galaxy Tab
      -Full HID support over BT

  • wj

    Can you get month to month and stop!!!!

  • Branshaw09

    Anyone know if you can run honeycomb on rooted tab like you can on the nook?

  • Naren

    499 with out contract .. JUNK

  • My rooted Nook Color is doing just fine without a contract.

    • DBK

      Ditto. Loving my HoneyNook. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        i am rocking the rooted nook , as well.. how are you liking Honey?what speed card are you running that off ??

        • I’m on CM7 on my Nook. When HC source is pushed to AOSP, I’ll be all over that like a fly on… honey.

  • Anonymous

    All the more reason the wifi only version should have come in around $250.

    • HoneycombFTW

      Some group did a study asking people how much they would pay for tablets. They found that around $350 was the impulse buy. People see tablets priced at the ~$200 range as “cheap” and think there is something wrong with them, thus they expect $350 to $550.

  • Anonymous

    Now I can have a Xoom and a Tab? Sweet.

    • If you got a kno, streak and a droid, you could have the full spectrum of powers of two! Kno is twice the size of Xoom is twice the size of Tab is twice the size of Streak is twice the size of Droid. You’re bound to have the perfect device for anything!

      • Anonymous

        Does that thing run Android? It looks pretty sweet!