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Weatherbug for Honeycomb Hits Market

Since Accuweather fails at life as a widget on Android 3.0, it brings us great pleasure to inform you that Weatherbug for Honeycomb has been released and is available for free!  It has a widget (small one) that actually works, you can set up multiple cities to track, and the UI is a knock-off of Android 3.0 that we 100% approve of.  This is how you do a tablet app.  Oh, and you’ll also notice a barometer reading because the XOOM has one, unlike some other tablets.  

Download Link (free)

Cheers Kane!

  • Is the barometer accurate? Mine shows 29.63″, almost the same as in this screenshot. I’m in San Diego, so it’s not impossible that it’s accurate.. but it doesn’t seem to change..

  • All that real estate – What a waste of space?

  • Anonymous

    This has been out for a long time now. Yesterday it was updated to fix some of the bugs. Wish they could make the map load faster.

  • Ray

    how bout tango hitting the market for the Xoom today also

  • Anonymous

    Lol love ya kellex, but I’ve had it on my Xoom for over a week now… there was just an update a few hours ago, and I think for the first time it was actually PLACED in the “Tablet” category, but its not new! It is awesome though… 100% agree!

  • I would love to have a weather widget that looked like this but without the resource hog known as Weather Bug. Kinda wish Beautiful Widgets would look like this!

  • Uncle Paul

    I hate to say this but I see too much monochrome/black blue in honeycomb, they need to brighten/color it up a bit to appeal to a wider audience, this sci-fi space look is getting old and blah really quickly as if they are trying too hard. Its very cold and I dont think women or older people will dig it.

  • BigDaddyEllison

    WeatherBug became a serious resource hog a few months ago on my Droid after one of their upgrades. The next one made it worse, so there is no way I am putting it on my Xoom. The Beautiful Widgets weather widget seems to be running great on my Xoom so I am sticking with it.

  • Brian

    This killed my Xoom. Notification light started to blink then it kept rebooting. Force close on all sorts of items including swiping from one home screen to another. After I uninstalled everything went back to normal. Anyone else have issues?

  • person

    I don’t get why all these weather apps and widgets are so city-centric. Why should the flipbook widget be centered around multiple cities? I’d rather get current temp now, then flip through for hi/low/percip for today, tomorrow, etc. How often do I need to know the weather in multiple cities at once? At best, when I travel I would need to know the weather in a single other city, but even then that other city changes all the time.

  • Humvett

    wow u live in portland so do i it needs to stop raining so much lol

  • pauliewa

    Noone else hashad installed issues?

  • Trill

    This has actually been in the market since the xoom released you just had to search for it much like some of the other tablet apps like file station for tablets

  • Kkinderen

    The beta version was in the market for a week or so. Looked the same but it would glitch out at times. For instance, the widget would disappear. It seems to be working well now.

  • Anonymous

    I know some other people have said this, but I’ve had this on my Xoom since last week. It did update recently, but nothing changed about the UI. To be 100% clear, the UI that is pictured in this blog post is the exact same UI I’ve been using for a week on my Xoom. I don’t see anything different about it.

  • Lwvyruz

    why does your xoom have so much blue glow around the borders?

  • pauliewa

    Says unsuccessfully installed on mine. Anyone else?

  • Eric

    Oh wow a barometer! because we all need to know/care what the atmospheric pressure is. 🙂

    • Haha. Can you imagine someone in BestBuy looking at all the tablets and asking “do any of these have a barometer?”

      • Eric


    • Haha. Can you imagine someone in BestBuy looking at all the tablets and asking “do any of these have a barometer?”

  • Anonymous

    Old news. I installed this version about a week and a half ago. It was just updated last night with some bug fixes. Still very early beta. The widget keeps disappearing. It becomes invisible. But over all very nice app. Just needs to be polished.

    • Anonymous

      This app was just released today. You are thinking of the old version

  • Keeler

    Damn, I wish this were compatible with my Android phone! It would go perfect with my Honeycomb-themed PE OG Droid.

  • Cheers ME!

  • How is it that the android 2.2+ widget can look like ASS and 3.0 version look so good?! Can they share some of that design sexiness with the rest of us without a Zoom?

  • Leeiii

    old news. Had for my Xoom for about a week

    • reignreborn

      Are you sure? I’m pretty sure they updated this because if I remember right I first installed weatherbug when i got my xoom and it did not look like this. I could be wrong though

  • Joker

    This has ben on the market for awhile

    • LionStone

      Yes, but recently available for Honeycomb (tablet), which is great news!

  • LionStone

    Yes! WeatherBug rocks! I’ve been using this weather app since my BlackBerry and I’ve found it to be the sharpest one out there. I love the share feature to send a screen pic to someone, very useful.

  • reignreborn

    Just looking at the pics, it looks like they set the UI bar pretty high with this app. Hopefully other developers spend as much time on this as they did

  • Riverjao


  • Anonymous

    looks pretty nice…

  • I see the location and can’t help but think “the dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland”.

  • DroidzFX