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CM7 RC2 Released for Original DROID as Well

Yesterday, a new batch of CyanogenMod release candidates went out for devices like the Incredible, but it wasn’t until late last night that CM7 RC2 for the original DROID was released.  Built from the latest 2.3.3 source with a bunch of classic CM tweaks tossed in, this is your Gingerbread.  Well, there are other Android 2.3 ROMs out there, like this one from Pete, but you get what I’m saying.

Download links and installation info at the CM forums.

Cheers Kempf!

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  • Sdfg Ciefh

    not a good rom

    • digipimp


  • I just installed CM7 to my OG Droid yesterday. So far so good. I’ve tried UltimateDroid, GPA11-13, and PE5.0.2 and this is the 1st ROM that hasn’t randomly rebooted my phone. The only reboot issue I’ve had is that when I use the GPS for a while, the phone gets very hot and reboots. I can live with that for now, but we’ll see how much of a factor it is as I’m going on a road trip next week.

  • Anonymous

    When rooting Titanium Backup Pro is your friend. I know some people have had issues with it but I find that it works best if you use it to batch backup user apps (data included) and batch restore. DO NOT use it to back up system data. Once you restore old system data on a new ROM sometimes bad things happen.

    I used Titanium backup for my GF’s OG Droid when going to Bugless Beast and I’m going to use it again to make the jump to CM7 for her device. I used it last night to update my Vibrant from Nero v5 to Bionix 1.3.1. I was able to update the ROM using RM (ROM Manager) and restoring my apps and user data completely to the state they were in prior, using the Batch restore function in Titanium (the pro version will restore all apps and data automatically where the free version has to be done manually, not fun). All apps and data restored perfectly and all user data migrated just fine. Nothing skipped a beat. Hope this helps for anyone that’s new to rooting. For Vets, this is surely old hat.

  • ShannonT

    Man, you weren’t kidding about the GB task manager being aggressive. And I can tell you that’s MY issue with Exchange syncing – if my music is running, my emails don’t come in. Launch the email client, and it kills music, and lo, there are my emails. >.< Any memory settings that can be tweaked on this ROM to make this happen less often?

  • Anyone else have a problem with the contacts not showing up if you go to phone, and then go to contacts… The tabs aren’t showing up, and it’s very bothersome, not to be able to see my contacts 🙁

  • Regals666

    CM7 RC2 is in the rom manager now!

  • Anthonygatio

    i JUST rooted last night and used the new Project Elite ROM, any unbiased opinion as to which is better and what minimal differences there are? so far im loving the PE ROM, runs like a charm, battery life has been terrific and it looks excellent…

  • Anonymous

    Well glad to see everyone appreciates a few options when choosing a rom… if you don’t like the rom simply say so, no one cares what you personally hate a devolper get over yourself.
    On a better note I have been on the cm7 nightlies for a whole now and have really enjoyed them, and this is great news that the og is getting its first RC of CM7, I have grown some what stuck to them because of the theme changer they have built into the rom, running the honeybread alpha and it is actually pretty close to what honeycomb looks like with a few exceptions of course. I have not had a chance to test out any other gingerbread roms as I now have a XOOM, and it manages to use up any extra time I might have but I am sure they are all great!

  • Nickgalli66

    want to root 2.2.1 but dont have a pc. any ideas?

  • immadroid

    Was on PE 5.02 but now it’s back to CM7! A long time CM fan. I had been waiting for a great CM7 release like so. Been waiting for the DSP Manager to work properly on gingerbread and now it does! +1 for CM!

  • I have been using CM7 since about Christmas. The battery life is better than any ROM I have used ever. It has been great seeing this ROM grow into what it is today. Thanks to Cyanogen, Kouch, CVPCS and the rest of the Cyanogenmod team for making such a clean, fast ROM!!!

  • Chriscorp

    Another question that might get a lot of attention: GPA13 vs. CM7-RC2?

  • 2ceedz

    Once again, mentioning of GB for Droid. This is nice and all, but why not mention, that there has been a stable build of GB for DROID ERIS for over a month now. GINGER TAZZ. I realize that you have to keep up with the current devices, but with the delay of TBolt, some of us are still rocking the ERIS with our other DROIDs.

    Not one mention of GB on the ERIS here, which (IMHO) is NEWS, as the ERIS ‘shouldnt’ be able to run GB. I know this site is getting away from its ‘roots’, and although i still love it, i wish that since you give, Pete, Cyanogen, and Liberty alot of airtime here, the least you could do is mention that GB has been stable and out for over a month on the DROID ERIS.

    Maybe if the newer phone dev’s saw that, then they could figure out their issues on the newer phones. (As not many check the ERIS forums, unless we are stll rocking one).

    Love this site, just wish it got back to some of its roots, instead of ‘pandering to the masses and the companies’. Long Live Droid-Life, now PLEASE, start reporting on stuff we care about, and less on the ‘generic’ Moto or Verizon stuff. (Most of the Xoom coverage here should have waited until it got rooted, as last i checked this was a DROID site, not a Moto or Verizon sales site.)

    • Anonymous

      Ya this site has had a couple changes from the beginning, mainly the fact that back then it was the eries and og Droid, with the hype on the Droid x and incredible… since then many things have changed, it went from a basic blog that was on the second or third page of Google when you searched for the word Droid, now you can start to type it in and pretty much all the lastest ANDROID news will show up with all kinds of links to droid-life. Also I am sure KELLEX now has pretty much a full buisness that turns profits, as apposed to his once on the side blog… I remember when KELLEX would reach out to the readers to see if there was a way for him to get a hold of phones that were coming out, now he is invited to check out new products and tell his readers what he thinks about them. I do agree though that somethings might not need to be on the site but sometimes he has to do what he needs to to make his money, like those cool eco friendly headphones, not neccessarly a Droid thing but that small company reached out and kellex helped them out, who knows we might get a contest coming up for a few pairs. But as always if something really doesn’t interest you you don’t have to read the article.

  • Chriscorp

    When I clear cashe, do I also have to do a clear data/factory rest? I am hesitant to do that because I’m afraid it might wipe all my contacts, gmail sync, game data, apps, etc.

  • Chriscorp

    When I clear cashe, do I also have to do a clear data/factory rest? I am hesitant to do that because I’m afraid it might wipe all my contacts, gmail sync, game data, apps, etc.

    • 2ceedz

      Always best to clear data & cache (pete recommends 3 times for each). I will wipe your apps, but if your synced, it should redownload them (although data is lost), along with your contacts.

      Unless you back up your game info you will lose all that stuff. (Titanium used to work flawlessly, but with the newere roms, sometimes it doesnt play nicely).

    • Use MyBackup to back up your data. Google apps (Gmail, Calender, Contacts etc) will sync, but the rest will have to be restored, which is where MyBackup comes in. It backs up more data than Titanium Backup and in my humbled opinion is better.

  • Gnostic

    Flashed rom and installed everything I like. Ran a quick Quadrant bench, just to see. Scored a 659 in comparison to my last run on PE v.5.0.2 which scored a 859. Not that its dramatic difference, but the PE is much smoother and responsive. I do love CM’s customization features…but perhaps a different kernel would help? For now, it’s back to my PE backup.

  • I flashed to CM7 and added the google apps add on but now it won’t restore any of my apps. It keeps failing. It also say’s “Authentication Error – Google talk failed to login. If this is a Google Apps account, confirm that Chat service is enabled for this account” …

    Also it says, “Unsuccessful download”

    I can’t install any apps… any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      I would restore a previous rom that you know works and then go back into rom manager hit the menu button and clear out the download cash. Then go back to the cm7 RC and download it, make sure to hit the Google apps check box and let the rom install. If you have a wifi connection available I would recommended that sometimes when your phone is downloading something’s and it looses it data connection for a second it can corruption the file being downloaded, I have found this to be particullarly true if I am downloading though the browser.( I am assuming that you downloaded this in ROM Manager). Hope this helps

  • Gnostic

    Just installed new Cm7. Did clean install and no problems. Except I am not getting a 3g data signal….no matter what I do. Any suggestions?

    • Gnostic

      apparently just had to wait a while…maybe tower work is being done around here somewhere.

      • This hasn’t happened to me but other people have reported the same issue over on the CM forums. What they have been doing is just turning airplane mode on then off and it seemed to fix it.

  • I am really happy with Liquid Gingerbread, run really fast, and I have only had a few random reboots. I know LG uses parts of CM 7, so I probably wont switch to cm until release.

  • Riskaverse

    Pete’s latest GPA 13 is running so damn silky smooth for me with absolutely zero issues that I am hesitant to switch back to CM7 even though I do miss some of its customibility. Can anyone here confirm that CM7 is virtually flawless? No issues at all with audio or video? No random reboots? No lag? No Exchange Mail problems? (Some are reporting Exchange issues with GPA13 but not me.)

    • Anonymous

      No problems what so ever been on it for about 12 hrs now (the rc2) the only thing I can’t confirm is the exchange problems but from what it sounds like it might be more of a gb problem with being a little aggressive in closing background apps. Other than that perfect

  • I flashed to CM7 but now I don’t have any google products, not even the android market… how do I get these back?

    • Google apps have always had to be flashed separately from CM. You can usually get them from Rom Manager. If not, I’m sure they are available on Cyanogen’s website:


    • duckphan

      download them from the CM forums on the link above, just like you downloaded the Rom itself. It is google addons

      • This was exactly what I needed! Thank you.

      • New issue, it won’t restore any of my apps. It keeps failing. It also say’s “Authentication Error – Google talk failed to login. If this is a Google Apps account, confirm that Chat service is enabled for this account” …

        I can’t install any apps… any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    They see me ROMin’, they hatin’.
    They know that my bootloader is ridin’ dirty.

  • shr1k3r

    hey kellex, how do you like the rotary lock screen?

  • Damn. Kellex reports on CM7 for the OG and the haters come out of the woodwork. Hating on Pete, the OG Droid, and even Kellex himself.

    Seriously, get a life.

  • Porno

    Pete’s ROMs are nothing more than vanilla AOSP. He doesn’t do anything to the code. Any idiot can build AOSP.

    CyanogenMod 7 has TONS of customizations, enhancements, and improvements to the source code and it’s developed by actual PROGRAMMERS.

    Pete is not a programmer of any kind. Bugless beast .. pfft.. yeah, okay.

    • napes22

      At least Pete is providing something of value to the Droid community.

    • Me

      What have you contributed, Porno? I doubt you’ve even contributed good porn.

    • You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Otherwise, YOU would have provided 2.3 AOSP.

      Now go away.

    • Have you ever bothered to go to the site or flash one of his Roms? Have you ever even tried Bugless Beast? I am glad that you have a rom that suits your tastes, why don’t you let us choose what we want.

      I have a ton of respect for Pete. Frankly, I don’t know why you care so much, Mr. Hater

    • duckphan

      don’t hate on other people who spend time to do good work. Pete’s Roms have been favorites for a LONG time now. What have you produced? D-bag troll

    • Gnostic

      Are you a developer Porno?? I don’t believe I have seen anything from you…ever. STFU! Keep up the good work Pete, OG community still loves you.

  • Anonymous

    Why are things not showing up in Rom manager anymore ? there is a list of old out of date roms an links to ones that don’t work .. what happened ???

    • Anonymous

      Its at the very top of rom manager.. next to the other final roms. the folder that has the nightlies will not have the RC of CM7.

  • Anonymous

    Huh. Just when I’d finally lost hope that CM7 RC would come to my og, and I’d already wiped and moved on to Pete. I’ll check this out and compare. I thought I couldn’t live without CM’s features, but Pete’s run so much better…..

  • Soap

    Did anyone else have trouble with Titanium Backup using this? The CM ROM screwed up all of the backups made in it so that I couldn’t restore them on *any* ROM. I had to roll back to an older ROM (just to overwrite my backups) in order to restore them properly. Weird.

    I’ve for one have found Pete’s latest ROM to be superior in performance, but as always YMMV.

    • Porno

      LOL that’s funny considering Pete doesn’t modify the source code AT ALL.

      CM 7 is so far and away better than anything Pete has EVER put out it’s not even worth discussing.

      • That is your opinion. CM 7 is better for you, but that doesn’t mean that it is the best option for everyone.

        Yay openess!

      • Looks like we have a hater in the audience. Pete is well know, you are not. Enough said.

        • Yes but by your logic Cyanogenmod is better since it is more well known.

  • Stupid question coming up: Do you install the google apps add on just like your’re flashing a rom, but you do it AFTER flashing CM7 with a wipe?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, flash the ROM, then flash the GApps add-on.

  • Upgrade

    Damn ppl still use this dinosaur of a phone lol…guess mommy and daddy wouldn’t buy ya a new one yet lol

    • Porno

      My income is just under $200k per year. I still use the OG Droid. Your point?

      • DroidzFX

        Gay porn pays that much?

        thats what you get for dissing pete.

        • Wow yeah being a homophobic idiot on the internet really showed him.

          • DroidzFX

            and molesting cats is a normal practice…go cry to oprah

    • Anonymous

      The OG, Sean Connery Droid uploaded something to your mother last night.

    • Honestly, I was an early adopter of the OG, and there just hasn’t been any phone worth upgrading to IMO. Now when the Bionic comes out in June and I will be in my discounted upgrade cycle, I’ll upgrade to a dual core smartphone, the biggest notable step up in SmartPhone tech since OG. Especially when the laptop dock that is supposed to be available for Bionic, like the Atrix.

    • Anonymous

      As I type this to you on my brand new XOOM, I have yet to find a phone that offers me the an UNLOCKED, not one that is bypassable with a bootstrap app, bootloader and a vanillia Google experience… so which devices have made that list lets see there was the OG DROID, and then umm… well the XOOM would be the next one to fall into that catigory, and as of right now there is now current information about an unlocked vanillia android phone heading to verizon, but when it does i will be there to UPGRADE don’t you worry. And don’t tell me u have a Droid x right…

  • Mike L

    Been running the CM7 nightlies for a while now, still haven’t seen Google Music for the D1 while my buddies N1 has the option in Settings/Accounts. Is this just a D1 issue or am I the only unlucky one?

    • Anonymous

      You have to download the Honeycomb music apk–it doesn’t come with the Gingerbread ROMs. From what I’ve heard it does work on the D1, you just need the appropriate apk. Droid-life has posted that file for you to download in previous posts.

  • Heisdone

    Haha iPhone 5 will be out before thunderbolt allthat hype for nothing kellex…u idiot

    • fail.

    • napes22

      Did you read what you wrote before clicking submit? Some people are deserving of an IP ban from the internet.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha i wanna know what it said!

        • napes22

          He made a stupid comment and then made another stupid comment aimed at Kellex. :Shakes fist:

  • Cmendez

    Ehhh cyanogen is overrated, it’s all project elite.

    • Version 5 was buggy for me, as well as one of my friends. It was cool, though…

      • napes22

        The issues I had with PE 5 was Gingerbread itself. It’s very aggressive in the way it manages its memory and closes everything.

        • Anonymous

          I had this problem too, but with PEv5 you can lock certain apps in the memory so that they wont get killed.

          • napes22

            Do you use the stock messaging app, or something like Go SMS or Handcent? Even with locking the messaging apps in memory, I had issues receiving texts.

          • Anonymous

            I use Handcent. My issues were with it killing my music apps.

        • I have yet to find a Gingerbread ROM which continues to work ‘dependably’ with my company’s Exchange ActiveSync. Things always seem to start out fine, but quickly turn for the worse. I’m beginning to think it’s just Gingerbread in general, but would like to know if anyone else has experienced these issues across multiple ROMS too.

          Specifically, I’ve used Project Elite and Pete’s latest roms.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve had this issue with every GB rom including CM7 RC2. But, actually PE5.0.2 is the 1st one that I’ve gotten to work. They added a feature to lock up to 3 apps + home app into memory. With this feature, I lock the Email App (Work), GMail (personal), & Messaging App into memory and it works like a champ. I hope the CM team takes note of that and fixes that for either the next RC or the final release of CM7. I’ve been a big fan of CM for a while, but PE has impressed me and I’ll be sticking with it unless CM can fix this issue.

        • Anonymous

          I also had this problem with PE5…couldn’t send MMS if Hancent or Chomp were installed…once removed, I locked the stock messaging application, then installed Handcent…now (I think LOL) I’m receiving all my SMS texts and am able to send MMS…looks great

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I was running the CM7 Nightlies for the past few weeks but got annoyed that GB kept killing my music programs when I put them in the background. I switched to PEv5 per the recommendation of someone else for the “locking apps in memory” feature and the rom itself is pure awesomeness.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, totally off topic, but have you seen the news about how att is capping upload speeds on 4g android phones? that would really piss me off, if i was on att.whats even worse is the fact that the i*hone is faster even though it is older.

  • I much prefer Pete’s ROM’s. For some reason. CM has always been buggy on my OG Droid, but Pete’s ROM’s, especially his new Vanilla Gingerbread, are phenomenal!

    • Mike L

      I tried to ask this on Pete’s site but seemed to get skipped over. How is the battery life on GPA13 compared to CM7? I made the switch from BB v0.6.2 to CM7 after missing a ton of text messages (from what my friends said I wasn’t receiving at least 2/3rds of them) and some HORRIBLE battery life (2-3hrs on a full charge @ 125Mhz low – 800Mhz hi). I love Pete’s work but CM7 has been working well for me and I’m afraid of wasting my time with a full wipe and install just to have to switch back to CM.

      • David

        Battery life is great. Yours should not have been that bad on BB v.0.6.2 because I ran it at 1ghz and my battery would last a day and a half. Maybe check if you have any battery draining apps or something.

        • Mike L

          Damn! Now you’ve talked me into flashing Pete’s ROM LOL

  • PyroHoltz

    Haha, I just updated to Nightly #13 last night.

    Guess there is another update in my future very shortly.

  • So which one is better as far as speed, battery, and bugs? I tried PE and i just had so much problems with it . I love Pete’s and idk if i should try CM or not . Ive used CM before but i had some probloems with it too .

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried Liquid Smooth Roms GB V1.31?/ Very stable and silky smooth. I’ve had the same problems with PE as well with the buggyness and dropped signal etc..

    • JB

      I love Pete’s Roms

    • Just give it a try. If you nandroid beforehand, then what do you have to lose? That’s the beauty of Android.

  • Jay P