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No HTC Thunderbolt this Week as Verizon Prepares for the iPad 2 Launch?

Probably shouldn’t mark this Thursday (March 10) on your calendar as the official release date for the HTC Thunderbolt, even though a lot of rumors suggested that it would finally be the day.  According to this pretty Verizon chart, it looks like they are throwing all of their time and planning into the iPad 2 launch which we all know is this Friday (March 11).  Yep.

We’ll now set our sites on St. Patty’s day which is March 17 (next Thursday).  Panda knows all.

Cheers money!

  • audirABbit

    Dear iVZW,
    Keep an eye out for my check that I owe you. It’s “coming soon”.
    Original VZW Droid User

  • anonymous

    i’m 200% positive that thunderbolt won’t come out on March 17th or any time soon. They will always say “oh here is another problem blah blah blah. ” I think that it won’t be releases until the end of April or even mid May. HTC surely has lost many of the potential buyers. Bad business decision jointly made by Verizon and HTC.

  • 030811

    Was holding out for the iphone but decided NOT. This will be my first smartphone. Droid X or keep waiting?

    • Anonymous

      Are you in an area that will be covered by 4G?

      • 030811

        yes. i am still using an old ENVY that shuts OFF mid-conversation. i was holding out for the iphone on verizon and now that they have it, i don’t want it! so do i keep waiting for the thunderbolt? the data price will be the deal breaker though. then what do i get the droid x? or incredible?

        • Anonymous

          Well, the Droid Bionic is down the line as well as the iPhone 5, come June. If I were you I would wait as long as possible just because the options get so much better. I have a Droid X and it is a great phone, but sometimes I want to chuck it at the wall. I’m sure there will be a few 3G devices as well around the same time.

          • 030811

            thanks for your reply. i feel like if i keep waiting for the “next best phone” i’ll be looking for a pay phone and change for one! gonna hold out as long as my envy lasts i guess, which i can’t imagine will be too much longer as it is three years old now. if the thunderbolt is over the $30 data mark the phones that follow probably will be too. if that’s the case, i think i’ll just get the droid x. any other advice/comments are appreciated.

          • Anonymous

            The only other thing I would worry about is the elimination of the unlimited data plan. The introduction of 4G is more than likely not going to include unlimited data and the elimination of unlimited 3G would soon follow. I know there were rumors that 4G would be initially available at the same price as 3G but I am wary of that. If you want to go with Android and don’t care about 4G then the Droid X is your best bet right now. Samsung has some nice devices but their ability to release updates is piss poor.

          • 030811

            i don’t think i care because i never had it so to me it will be lighting no matter what G it is! 🙂 so you think i should lock myself into the unlimited $30 plan now with the droid x then? im afraid to wait and i’m afraid NOT to wait. silly for a phone, but spending so much money to have it, you want the best one there is ya know? last question, i think, is it safe to buy the DX from someone other than verizon? are the prices to good to be true?

          • Anonymous

            You could probably get a good deal on ebay or something, not really sure though. I would suggest a 1 year contract though. If you get the phone through Verizon you will pay more but you will have the ability to upgrade in 10 months rather than 20 or 22 on a 2 year. If you are going to use a lot of data then you should probably lock in but if you are going to consume 2 GB or less then I would wait for the summer if you can.

  • Eighty-Five Forty-One

    I became eligible for my final “New Every Two” with Verizon on March 1. I am fed up with my Motorola Droid and can no longer stand the rumors and uncertainty about the release date of the Thunderbolt.

    Question: If I buy a phone on eBay and sell my Droid, will I still get to keep the “New Every Two” with Verizon?

    If so, I’m going to pass on the TB and use my upgrade in a few months on the Bionic.
    If not….FML

  • b Radford

    Verizon’s love affair with Apple is really pushing me off as a customer..

  • leathernuts

    Sorry guys and gals, been an android user on VZW since the original droid, then to incredile and then to Droid x. Never understood the whole iphone thing. Then I decided to give it a try when VZW released it. WOW, sorry, but android has a way to go. I dont understand why iOs can be so smooth and no one else can make their os as smooth. If I was VZW, I too would be promoting the stronger OS and likely better seller. Played with a xoom the other day in front of the salesman, screen kept freezing and blinking????? ANd thats going to compete against and ipad? I know youre all gonna say then get off this site, not needed, im a troll, what ever. I was you before the iphone release and no how the truth hurts. Fact is, the iphone is the standard of which all smartphones are measured against and likewise for the ipad.

  • HTCdreamer

    As it turns out I guess it really is your dream phone. Seems like I can only ever dream of owning it. The closer the Thunderbolt gets to to an April launch date the more I’m thinking I will cancel my pre-order and wait for the Bionic or the Iphone 5.

  • Cmrudy

    I am officially done with the Thunderbolt, Not for 300 dollars, not for St. Pattys Day, Not Now, Not Ever. I really want the Atrix, but AT&T is not an option. I think I am going to buy a Razr on Ebay and go retro for a while.

  • NicBee

    Thats it! I’ll buy the next phone after the Thunderbolt. This is BS…….

  • Donnydon

    Yeah no i would never leave Verizon for ATT. I left ATT for Verizon!

  • Pogo

    I now have an Atrix on AT&T.

    • DBK

      My condolences.

      • Pogo

        Your condolences aren’t needed but thank you anyway.

    • YesDroid

      I’m considering the same thing.

      • Eric

        Me too. I’m going to check out the Atrix tomorrow after work. I’m going to see how fast AT&T’s network is in my area. Would have been nice to have Verizon’s 4G since their 3G speeds here are sub 0.5 Mbps.

        • Kissalive90

          I wouldn’t go to AT&T for ANY phone. They are the worst carrier, bar none. I still cannot get over how angry people are over a “release” date that never officially happened. It would be different if VZW said “Thunderbolt strikes 2/14/11! Sorry we meant 2/24/11. Wait…wait, it will be out 2/28/11. So sorry, how’s 3/10/11 work you? Well, we’re thinking maybe 3/17/11 works better with that whole iPad thingy happening this Friday.”, but they didn’t. They haven’t release a launch date ever. If you want to get mad, get mad at BB reps spreading rumors and taking speculation from sites like this as gospel truth.

          I want this phone to come out just as much as everyone else, but I will not put the blame on VZW delaying a date that was never released. Wait patiently children. It’ll pay off in the end.

  • Anonymous

    because apple actually follows through

  • Mike Smith

    One thing that really irritates me more than anything is charging more for 4g. Same thing with charging for HD programming for television. When TV’s went from Black and White to Color there was not a higher charge for this. These companies today love to nickel and dime their customers and yet we complain and continue to take it. So it is our fault (the consumer) for wanting better service. Boycott it and they will be forced to lower costs. But we all know that won’t happen. So why complain.

  • android forums just posted a video up check it out and look at the lag on it

    • Anonymous

      But that doesn’t prescribe to the iPad 2 theory. It must be a fake.

  • Anonymous

    So here’s what we can do from here on out… Two months out of the year reserve them just for the i*junk and tablet i*junk that would be March and June… the rest of the year the other 98 million customers do not want to hear one word about their products. Please and Thank You Verizon…

    • Mike Smith

      Seriously…..I love Android phones but iJunk. One thing you need to realize is this. Apple products are not Junk. I have both an iPhone and Ipad along with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Imac. My iMac was bought 5 years ago when they started putting intel processors in them. By far runs faster than any windows PC I have ever built. By the way, the reason I am jumping away from the iPhone is the lack of widgets and the fact that iOS really hasn’t changed much from 2007. So I disagree with your iJunk statement. But being a Mac user, I have no doubt that Apple may be behind the delay on this phone. Not the iPad. It is different and in a different category.

      • Anonymous

        Typical fanboy response… “No real argument bring up PCs & Windows even though they had nothing to do with what they’re talking about.” Did you see at any time in my comment anything about their computer products, but since you brought it up I hope this does not shatter your world… But their laptops are made by a company called Quanta Computers they also make HPs, Sonys, Toshibas, Dells, and you’re beloved Macs.Not to mention Verizon has gotten by just fine without the i*junk just fine, was the point I was making. You can return to your “Apple World…” meow!

        • HolyGrail

          Says the other fanboy ^^ who doesn’t have a clue. No need to reply because I won’t respond to it anyway.

  • Donnydon

    if its not out on the 11th im getting the iphone 4 and then sell it for the iphone 5

  • Anonymous

    Why would they release it a week later, don’t they ‘have to’ wait 14+ or 30+ days to surpass any return period for the fruit product? Which makes it the 25th and assuming they only want to release on a thursday as is typical for non fruit devices, the 31 at the earliest…

    • Mike Smith

      No, iPad is not going to compete with the Thunderbolt. One is a tablet and one a phone. 14 days for returns now. But 30 days from the launch of the iPhone would be March 10th. iPad is not a competitor of the Thunderbolt and therefore has no bearing what so ever on the Thunderbolt.

  • DROIDxKid

    only way i will be happy with a march 17 release date.1) 200 dollar special for all the problems and aggravation caused from the delay 2) no separate or tiered 4g data 3) some type of official apology

    • DanSke

      Sh*t in one hand, wish in the other. See which one fills up first…

  • Cer

    Verizon is the new AT&T: Apple is #1, everyone else is #1,454,54

  • Turd

    Best Buy just called! They told me I can come in tomorrow morning and pick up my Thunderbolt……………………..marketing brochure, case, and screen protector!

    • Jboogie1289

      You fib teller!!! No they did not…… Did they? And what state are you in? Lol.

      • Turd

        Sure did! The phone won’t be out until October, but at least I’ll had time to read up on all the features and be ready to protect it from drops and scratches!

        • Jboogie1289

          Well at least you get to hold something “Thunderbolt” in your hand. Nice!!! By that time they’ll be releasing the “Lightning” aka the “Thunderbolt-2”.