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Thursday Poll: Does MotoBlur affect your decision to buy a Motorola device?

Mentioning the word “MotoBlur” usually sparks a conversation that should be kept hidden from most children, but today we’ve decided to revisit the subject with a more direct and constructive approach.  One of our readers suggested this poll and we want you to really take the time to answer it and provide meaningful feedback in the comments.  Let’s all do our best to avoid the all-out trashing we’ve seen in the past, and instead focus on giving the folks at Motorola feedback that they could potentially use in their Android skin.  If you like it, we’d love to hear why.  If you don’t like it, tell Moto how they can improve it.  And if that means saying “get rid of it forever”, that’s fine, but say that directly without the extra garbage.  Sound good?

How does Moto Blur affect your decision to buy a Motorola device?

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Cheers EC8CH!

  • devguy

    I have to setup a Motoblur account to use my new MOTOROLA android phone…OK
    I have to use my email address as a user name…OK
    My email is not editable I can only cancel my account…WHAT!
    If I cancel my account I have to factory reset my phone…ARE YOU JOKING?!!!
    So if I need to change my email adress I loose ALL my settings..YEP!…WTF!


    Just when I though I had a real replacement for my iPhone.  Apple, I want to come home again

  • Anonymous

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  • Rizzidy

    Death to Blur!

  • Wfawcett

    I like my Droid X for the docs (car and multimedia) but the locked bootloader really makes me regret getting it. If HTC would do car docs like Moto does. I would buy HTC every time.

  • Tom

    Where is the “I have no problem with Blur, but I do have a problem with the locked bootloader, and that is why I won’t be getting another Motorola device”

  • m.

    I can’t find any other thread referencing this, but my chief reason for disliking MotoBlur or HTC Sense or any of these other UIs is that it slows updates, plain and simple. Even my friends who aren’t very tech savvy know when their Android version falls behind what’s hip and new, and when they don’t see updates reach their phones in a timely fashion they start looking back to other non-Android devices for their next phones. Older OS versions turn people off from Android, especially when they can’t install certain apps due to older versions.

    Most of the readers here can easily flash different ROMs onto their phones with up-to-date versions of the OS, but most average users can’t. The best idea I’ve seen in these comments is to make MotoBlur an installable app, that can be removed or disabled at the user’s discretion. Not only would that satisfy most users (who can get over the locked bootloaders) but it wouldn’t delay system updates by needing to be built into them before they are released.

  • tjhrulz

    I like MotoBlur so much it makes me want to buy a Motorola device. (2%, 118 Votes)

    we must have 118 Motorola employees on droid life

  • Raven

    Once again, despite the requests, this appears to have turned into mainly a “Blur sucks!” thread with no useful comments about why it sucks.

    I went from an OG Droid to a Droid 2 Global. Of course, the very first thing that I did was put on Launcher Pro, so I have not really experienced the full on Blur. The only thing that I have really hated so far is that it decided to add every single Facebook friend with a listed phone number (whom I will probably never call) into my Contacts. Other than that, what is it that people hate so much about Blur? Please, someone post some itemized reasons why Blur is so bad because I seem to be missing them.

  • Freygrimrod

    I actually have come to enjoy a few of the widgets… but not being able to turn it off… means I don’t own the device I paid for as far as I’m concerned same issue with the bootloader….

    • Freygrimrod

      oh and yes.. my prior phone had died and I broke down and bought a droidx… I enjoy it more than the EnV 2 but there is a little bit of dirt on my consumer soul for ever having given them my money for the bootloader…

  • Its really not that serious to me. I know some people think I’m not seeing the light but I really don’t care about this locked bootloader. Oh and motoblur, I think people exaggerate how horrible it is. I don’t really really want it , so I get LP. To my friends how don’t read tech blogs they are happy with the new blur. Sure Id like pure android , but thats Google fault. Even anarchists have standards….

  • Its really not that serious to me. I know some people think I’m not seeing the light but I really don’t care about this locked bootloader. Oh and motoblur, I think people exaggerate how horrible it is. I don’t really really want it , so I get LP. To my friends who don’t read tech blogs they are happy with the new blur. Sure Id like pure android , but thats Google fault. Even anarchists have standards….

  • Burl

    I have to say the one thing I like about blur is the three icon wide dock on the home screen. It makes for an easy to hit phone button. I can’t find any skin that has a widened dock like that. They all have the gingerbread style or 5 icons. The only problem is I don’t like the third icon (contacts) and I don’t like that it’s impossible to change.

    I took out all the facebook widgets and such. I don’t see how anyone can remember what’s on 7 home screens.

  • Sayersj629

    My take: Get rid of it all together or give us the ability to uninstall blur. But getting rid of it all together will mean faster OS updates for all of our phones since moto won’t have to test and rebuild blur every-time the dessert of the month club over at google puts out an OS update.

  • Dshel61

    What’s MotoBlur?

  • you should add another one that says yes to hardware no to motoblur, and no to locked bootloaders.

  • Djenks24

    As far as I’m concerned, they can put whatever they want on it as long as they leave the bootloader unlocked.

  • SomeDooD123

    I don’t like them because of their locked bootloader more than because of motoblur. Atleast with I can replace motoblur.

  • Jsutin

    1 simple fix.. buy launcherpro. Everyone i know that has a dx uses launcher pro or other home alternatives. I use none of the motoblur features. Neither does anyone i know.

  • wooper

    Blur is awful. Seriously terrible. The only thing worse than Blur is their locked bootloaders. Definitely going HTC ASAP.

  • Xdns2kx

    I like the moto phones sturdy build but dislike blur. OG droid is my fave phone to date.

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OGD here, I Either have a Rooted dev help Moto with the Blur and a function to turn it off if you want pure Vanilla. OR get rid of it. I don’t want people /consumers thinking Blur is Android with all of Blurs bugs and problems.

    Moto could take thier Blur and again with the help of devs like Cyanogen, turn Blur into a custom ROM that would allow for better customization if you want it or not. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Actually you can turn the way sense looks off but you cant turn it off in the apps…still it runs a lot better is nicer and now has so many cloud features….i would choose htc anyday….thunderbolt…. 🙂

  • Rschneidly76

    I feel that Blur is indeed to buggy…and my Droid 2 really lags sometimes and has to many little quirks, I dont know if this is due to Blur or not. My biggest complaint however has to be without a doubt all the facebook contacts…I do not nor do I need 400 hundred contacts from fb, most of them are listed under there user names anyway..when i go to look up someone info I dont expect to have to look up crazydoglover72 or some off thw wall name like that, besides only 3/4 or less actually have a number listed and most of them i have no desire to call anyway….and the ones i do i end up having multiple contacts for them anyway. I would love a way to turn that off. I dont want fb contacts…i just want the people and places that I choose to list as my contacts. Oh and I dont like the bloatware either. and i dont want to have to hide it with a dif home or launcher program. I just want the choice to remove the apps i dont want or need. on that note I probably wont switch to HTC or anyone else. they still skin there o.s. and I am really interested in the Droid Bionic, or maybe one of the qaud core phones by early next yr sometime hopefully.

  • Osiridean

    I’m fine with MotoBlur, but I think there should always be an option to turn it off. Same thing with Sense on the HTC devices.

  • I have a droid 2, which from what I’ve heard has an unofficial version of motoblur, what I can say is the motorola widgets that I use for social interface are wonderful and make my usage of my phone as a multipurpose device prime. I used to be one that didn’t leave home without my netbook but now I feel like I can go a day or two and still be in the loop with what my friends and fam are doing

  • techcruncher

    Do you need to make a motoblur account, or can I just login with my regular android account?

  • techcruncher

    Do you need to make a motoblur account, or can I just login with my regular android account?

  • Anonymous

    MotoBlur has some cool concepts, especially the Facebook integration, but it’s poorly executed. Their custom ROM adds so many ridiculous bugs to Android it almost turned me off from the platform all together as I’ve been using it. The worst part is that people will think these are Android bugs, and not Motorola ones.

    Also, why waste the battery, bandwidth, and annoyance of forcing users who want to use the Facebook sync to sync with ALL facebook friends and auto-import numbers from these people? I may have a bunch of friends on FB, but it doesn’t mean I need their number in my phone all the time.

  • Hello Moto can you hear us now?

  • Booboolala2000

    And by their website I mean the manufacturers not Verizon

  • Booboolala2000

    Yep. They will lose sales this time around I think. Slowwww updates, and locked bootloaders are ridiculous. Glad the Iphone came to VZW, hope it makes them get off their asses. Even if VZW doesn’t want an update on the phone, they will have to post it on their website. You have to keep your customers happy if you want them to buy again

  • Jmanin

    Had original Droid and loved it. Don’t really know much about Motoblur as I have Incredible and like Sense UI. Live MOTO’s hardware but hate the locked bootloader!

  • About the locked bootloaders, take it from htc. The G2 is pretty much unbrickable. The only way to change things is to root it very deliberately, and follow all the steps exactly. If you screw up, you have an unrooted device. If you really want custom ROMS on it, you can have them. If you accidentally found yourself in recovery mode, flashing your term paper to where the system apps used to be, you won’t kill it.
    I don’t usually recomend Motorola phones to people, partially its because there aren’t many high end ones here in canada, but mostly, its because Moto doesn’t want you to have the freedom to play with your device. If the bootloaders were unlockable, it wouldn’t matter that you still haven’t updated the milestone to Froyo. People who care could load gingerbread, people who don’t, won’t know the difference anyway. Happy customers.

  • I was really put off by videos of the atrix and bionic, it could just be a bad video, but the phone still looks stuttery, even with 2 cores pushing it around.
    Moto really needs to rewrite blur using strict mode (http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/12/new-gingerbread-api-strictmode.html), this is why gingerbread is so fast.
    The widgets look cluttered, even in press shots, The homescreens look really awful. If your marketing department can’t make your software look clean and user friendly, you have an issue. I dig the minimalist vibe they’re going for, but white and bright colours, and square edges don’t work. If the widgets were all semi-transparent, blur would probably look okay.
    Whenever people design things with teenagers in mind, they tend to make it look really childish and outdated. Newsflash: the younger generation doesn’t mind sexy and refined looking software on their socially connected hardware. I was showing off gingerbread on my milestone to some highschool students, they said it looked classy, subdued and refined; not boring and grown up, whatever that would mean. People have no issue with stuff thats designed for people that are ‘better’ than them. If you are going to use the same blur for your high-end and low end stuff, it might as well all be high end looking. It wouldn’t take away form the Atrix if the backflip’s overlay was just as sexy looking, the price tag separates them out anyway. It is a huge strike that the Atrix software looks like the backflip’s though, as the cheesy interface takes away form the otherwise high-end feel of the phone. Which would you rather hear a review say “the UI looks really sextastic for a phone that can be had for free on contract” or “The childish UI is really at odds with the sextastic harware”.
    The social part of blur is not as good as the native social networking already in android, it was cool and a good idea when the cliq came out, but now its old and unnecessary, ditch it and focus on adding value and features.
    Cyanogenmod is the most popular custom ROM out there, Theres more than 100,000 people using it. the features it adds are all things like
    -A scrolling power control in the notification bar
    -An entire menu of things that you can customize
    -Music controls and an extra slider on the lockscreen
    -A music app that lets you use gestures and see your live wallpaper

    These are mostly things that let you personalize your device and use it exactly your way, not give you proprietary new ways to use your phone. There isn’t cyano-facebook/twitter. There isn’t a version of google talk that can only talk to other cyanogen phones.
    The connected music player is a good example, it got leaked and a number of DL readers probably have it. It adds some very cool stuff, but I have a feeling most people use it for
    -making playlists and listening to them
    -listening to the radio
    Adding a whole bunch of social features is great for people who use them, but the novelty wears off for people who don’t use them. I already have dedicated and feature complete apps for soundhound and youtube, i don’t need buttons for them in my media player. the time spent adding this integration could have been used to make the layout better, or the coding more robust. “Leaked Moto Connected Music app is jam packed with nifty connected features” is not as good a headline as “Leaked Moto Music app makes i*hone’s i*od app look unsexy, thrown together and cheap”. It can be done, you just have to do it.
    Blur’s philosophy is kind of diametric to that of android. When you first turn on a nexus S, the centre homescreen has 4 app shortcuts and the google search bar on it, the other 4 screens are blank. Empty. Your phone is a clean slate waiting for you to make it yours. When you first turn on a DROID X, there are 7 homescreens, each filled with Blur widgets. A hasty count shows that 78% of the home real estate is taken. There isn’t even enough room to rearrange them to your preferences so you usually have to delete most of them and start over from a clean slate. The widgets are separated into motorola and android widgets, just to remind you that you are using a blur phone, you have to look in 2 places unless you know exactly what you are after, and it feels like you are fighting with your phone, like it doesn’t want you to make it yours.
    Blur is in a rough state, and to fix it you might have to start form scratch. It might be better to try and “differentiate” by offering plain, stock, unmolested android. No one else is doing it, and it would be refreshing.

  • shr1k3r

    I personally don’t like blur because its lagginess and it’s lockedness. However my Mom, a more average customer, doesn’t like the gray drab. She was quite jealous of the colorfulness in the touchwiz

  • The new Blur seen on the DBionic and the DX2 snapshots doesn’t look as bad as the current Blur. That said, it’s also plenty easy to hide with a custom launcher. The real issue (IMO) is the processing overhead Blur seems to have. Even on a new (or newly wiped) DX Blur never feels as snappy as stock Android, or even Sense (Touchwiz has this problem too in my experience). And putting a new launcher over that means you’re still paying the computing “tax” for having Blur installed. I think that’s where most of the resentment stems from.

    That said, as the phones get faster it’s entirely possible that it won’t really matter in another product cycle or so. Not that I want to encourage the practice of skins that slow down the UI, but I think realistically as we move into Tegra3+ land it really may no matter a whole lot.

    One think I think Blur really lacks is a central time/weather/organization widget. I’m sure they don’t want to seem like a Sense knock-off, but I think users really like to have a central data widget that says “this is the default home screen”. That’s why aftermarket widgets like Beautiful Widgets continue to sell so well. I think Motorola would be well served trying to come up with a well designed “main” widget, perhaps one with a novel look and incorporating some different choice in data to be exposed to the user.

  • Stephen D

    I have no problems with manufacturer skins. With root and LauncherPro, any one of them can be uninstalled. However, the locked bootloader affects my decision. Then it’s very difficult to root.

  • It’s not really Motoblur by itself, but a combination of factors. Like how crappy the quality of the last Motorola phone I owned was (it was a KRZR). Or the hard angles and generally brickish designs of the original Droid and the Droid X. Or the fact that I actually like Sense. Mostly, I’d say it’s my unbridled affection for HTC hardware that keeps me from buying Motorola phones. But Motoblur isn’t helping.

  • I don’t like Blur, but I don’t really care either way because it only stayed on my phone for a day or two. It’s the locked bootloader that gives me pause. I love my DX but probably won’t buy another Moto phone, as much as I love the hardware. (I’m aware my opinions aren’t groundbreaking, I just wanted to throw my two cents in.)

  • Anonymous

    Moto Blur is not why I won’t buy a motorola device… the locked bootloader is… on my OGD I could just flash w/e rom and be fine… and if something ever “broke” i was one usb cord, a computer and 5 nerve-racking minutes away from it being perfectly fine again… if they’d give us that back then we’d be able to simply flash a truly different rom completely seperate of motoblur

    • Tarsis Brito

      even with a custom rom you cant get rid of blur? so why do we flash roms on the first place. I mean i do not mind some blur like i always mentioned alarm, messaging social networking, gallery

  • Anonymous

    I have the OG Droid,
    I use LauncherPro on it,
    for my next device I want it to have HTC Sense,
    but if it doesn’t,
    I’ll just keep using LauncherPro.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Can’t upgrade yet

  • Anonymous

    The combination of MotoBlur and locked bootloaders makes Motorola devices completely unappealing to me

  • Kidheated

    Blur is garbage. When I say garbage, I mean = to a dirty diaper. Much of the way the skin functions just does not make any sense. I use a Droid Incredible and my brother has a Droid X and he tells me everyday how he wants to spike his phone against whatever hard surface he comes across. Just the simple task of adding an app to the Droid X home screen goes through too many additional selection panels and I stand there and am like “why?!” Forgive the terrible example, but HTC’s Sense just makes more sense. Moto needs to invest in user intuitive studies to understand how to make their devices better. When I read that Sanjay said that “We like Blur. We think its a good skin (or whatever).” I felt like polishing my sniper scope. My two thoughts were, “idiot” and “this guy definitely doesn’t read Droid-Life.”

  • Jroc869

    blur doesn’t bother be, I just slap launcher pro on any moto phone and ignore the rest.

  • regy augustin

    Blur is okay but could be better if it had some added customization, better Widgets and just learn from works with the other great ui’s

  • texashorns88

    Motorola is ignoring the very reason that the OG Droid became so popular and essentially lifted their company back into national relevance: It was really cool. Call it the “Facebook” factor if you want to, as coined in The Social Network, but the reason the OG Droid and early edition phones were/are still so cool is b/c of the unlocked bootloader and the ability to really embrace the hardware on our phones and give a big “F-U” to all the Jobby sheeple who never shut up about simpleton apps and phone use.

    Motorola locking the bootloader and forcing Blur on everyone has taken them from the company that really embraced their customers in helping them overtake “the man,” and has basically sold out as soon as they realized a modicum of success and flipped the tables on their customers now becoming “the man.” Blur isn’t just about Blur, it’s about locking bootloaders and FORCING Blur on us. The smartest thing Motorola can do is realize that there is nothing “cool” about locking bootloaders and forcing Blur on a consumer base that flocks to “cool” things. Wake up Moto, before you repeat history.

  • Christopher M Brannan

    I have a Droid 2 Global with Launcher Pro, which I immediately installed, as I already had it on my OG Droid that I upgraded from. I read all these negative comments about MOTO Blur, but I have the most vague idea of what it is. Are they the Motorola widgets that you can place on the stock home screen? I’ve spent maybe a total of five minutes on the stock home screen, so I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

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  • motoblur isnt an issue here in fact i like it but its the lockdown devices, i bought an android phone for a reason, if i wanted a phone locked down i would have bought an iphone

  • Scott

    I’d personally like to see Google lock down the android similar to Microsoft’s approach with WP7. Microsoft has said that they will not allow custom “skinning” of the WP7. Microsoft says this provides a consistent experience from phone to phone. I perfer the vanilla android UI rather than the “fat” that HTC and Moto lay on top an already great stock android UI. I feel like anything that HTC or Moto provide in Sense or Blur vastly enhances the stock build.