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Widget: BobClockD3 brings the sexy

Earlier I had some people over on my RedWall review ask me what clock widget app I was using, so I thought I’d oblige that. This awesome clock is called the BobClockD3, and it comes to us from the fine people over at the XDA forums. The widget draws inspiration from the Korean-made Cowon D3 media player, which features a clock very similar to this one.

It’s available for free through a number of download links on the forum post. The one I’m personally using is a modified version of the original from user “lesa0208,” which has a number of color options available. However, you can only install one color at a time.

The .rar of the .apks can be found here (mirror for non-XDA members). Happy customizing!

Matt Demers is Droid Life’s app guy, and enjoys not having the top two rows of his home screen taken up by Beautiful Widgets.

You can find him on Twitter or by e-mail.

  • Peurifoyd

    Anyone else having trouble getting the file to open ? It downloads then says no application found to open the the file. Advice?

  • how do you open them i cant on my phone

  • Guest

    Um… Wow. That is really ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I really like Cowon mp3 players….the sound is fantastic.

  • chubbz

    When you said Oblige him it reminds me of the Inglorious Bastards haha

  • Icarus8304

    Where did you get the wallpaper and what is it called.

    • jason6g

      launcher pro’s gallery (if i am remembering correctly, if not theres a VERY similar one)

      • oz0ne

        Yes, LauncherPro’s gallery.

  • Goodfriday97

    can you post the .apk’s for them?
    whenever i go to go download it says that i do not have permission to go into xda forums.

    • just sign up.

    • jason6g

      Mirrored: mediafire.com/?t68k4uon60tn29t

      It is a rar file. XDA is WELL worth the effort to signup. Lots of great information, and lots of awesome apps and other goodies to download.

      • Thanks dude. Will update with this mirror.

  • Ok, im being dumb here, how do you install this one?

  • Anyone know where I can find that wallpaper in the screenshots?

  • Can’t wait to use these awesome widgets on my future xoom tablet…

  • Jbrez

    k how did u get this to work ??? i wont download at all on phone ..feeling dumb right now help want green one thanks

    • Anonymous

      Uh… it just worked on my DX. try to d/l on a computer, unearth and copy the green one to your sd card.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That is ugly.

  • Lakerzz
  • droid-life always showing good apps for us!

  • you missed a phone call btw

  • Skwerlii

    Like it quite a bit!
    Will install here in a bit.

  • Trooper

    Nice! Need a yellow one for Liberty!!

  • Mike

    I don’t really understand these clock widgets. Look in the top right corner. That’s enough for me and I can see it pretty much at all times.

    • Well for me mike my bar at the top isn’t always visible.. Usually hidden by default. Also large clock is great for a quick glance or an easy link to something like your calendar or alarms..

    • Or, like i’ve gone and done, you’ve removed the clock from the notification bar so that you can use and enjoy all these different clock widgets.

    • Or, like i’ve gone and done, you’ve removed the clock from the notification bar so that you can use and enjoy all these different clock widgets.