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Need Cash for a Thunderbolt? Sell Your DROID Through eBay’s New Instant Sale

This email landed in my inbox yesterday and I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  Apparently, eBay is doing some extra promoting of their new “Instant Sale” where they are looking to get you out of your current phone in exchange for cash so you can buy something new.  The promo has i*hone on Verizon written all over it and is likely the reason they are spreading the word on it, but we all know you’d use the cash for a Thunderbolt, right?

All you have to do is head to the Instant Sale page, pick your current device and the condition it’s in, and an amount is spit out.  From there, you can accept instant offers from resellers, print out a free shipping label and then welcome in cash to your Paypal account.

Some of the offers I’m seeing:

  • DROID X – $200
  • DROID 2 – $181
  • DROID 1 – $162
  • DROID Incredible – $180
  • DROID Pro – $161
  • DROID 2 Global – $183
  • DROID Eris – $103

As far as I can tell, this thing is legit, but it is eBay.

Anyone actually tried this?

Cheers Nick!

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  • HI, 

    Its great article guys, I really liked it. 


  • Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my

  • Anonymous

    Gazelle’s offer
    Droid X – up to $209 higher
    Droid 2 – up to $189 higher
    Droid 1 – up to $126 lower
    Droid Incredible – up to $164 lower
    Droid Pro – up to $247 much higher
    Droid 2 Global – up to $253 much higher
    Droid Eris – up to $77 lower

  • JSK

    Ya Ill pass. I have both docks to sell as well, a spare battery, it comes with an invisible shield, etc. Ill just sell my stuff like I always do on my power seller account and get more than some “reseller” is going to give me.

  • Anonymous

    I might try this for my old i*hone 3GS. I upgraded my work phone to the i*hone 4 a little while back and have had 3GS sitting in its box since then. I have an OG Droid for my personal phone and I like it much better than the i*hone and I cannot wait to replace my OG Droid for the Thunderbolt.

  • bought a new DX on ebay for 230..
    including tax and shipping.. bout 1 month ago..
    now selling my OG.. for 142.. thank u 🙂

  • Guest

    1. Open another line on your account w/ Thunderbolt – $250. 2. Transfer your number to the new line. 3. Let your old line run out at $10/month – # months left x $10. (4.) Transfer old line to older crap phone, and sell replaced phone on Ebay.

    Cheapest way to upgrade.

  • It’ll give me $170 for my Nexus One! Only about $150 less than if I spent 5 minutes to make an eBay ad and sell it myself!

  • MikeC

    Oops, I guess I should say which phone I sold to them, a Droid X 🙂

  • MikeC

    I just sold mine to Gazelle.com for $241 🙂

  • Mike Franz

    You are better off selling it on your own on ebay. Back when the D-Inc came out i had a storm 2 and was able to sell it for close to $400 with some accessories. It really all depends how you butter up your listing. A lot of people will pay top price for a phone as long as it is below MSRP.

    My plan is to upgrade to a Bionic or whatever come June and dump my d-inc on ebay for close to 300. If you have an account search for your phone itself and see what the completed listings say. You’d be surprised how much you could potentially get.

  • Anonymous

    I would but i can get more just by selling it, going to go see if i can pre order tommorow and if so i might sell my droid x and buy it there or buy it on ebay.

  • Patrick

    What’s Android?
    Ha jk 🙂

  • Anonymous

    im trying to get over 300 for my dx via craigslist (with a ton of accessories, 4 batteries, car dock, desk dock, holsters…)
    i hope the price of 200 wont lower on ebay instant

  • Caveman419

    Only $80 for a Milestone though…only half as much.

    Does it matter if you are rooted or not?

  • SsjnimmaX

    and just an FYI… I went through Best Buys Trade-In program calculator and there only giving $162 for the whole works on a DX…

  • SsjnimmaX

    162 for D1 + 60 for Blackberry Storm 1 = 222 = nookcolor to purchase and install HoneyComb on that bad boy!! 😛

  • Honestly, I will never ditch my Droid OG. Why? Because I rooted it, and can then use it as a test device when I want to try something new and dangerous, but don’t want to do so with my new device. Plus, when I get a new phone, my OG Droid can still function as an awesome PMP and gaming device thanks to the emulators and such.

  • odiggz

    i’ll wait until the bionic too but ideally, i would want a droid bionic world phone

  • Yeah probably not.. One I have MADE my DX worth more to me than 200 dollars. Then you still have the balance to consider. Two, I’ll be waiting till dual core is in full affect..

  • Anonymous

    I would take $162 for my OG Droid, but I’m still not gonna pay like $600 more for a Thunderbolt.

    • axxis

      this is exactly what i was thinkin..

    • Professor X

      Actually, a few different VZW people (via Live Chat Support) said the best way to avoid paying retail is to add a line at the discount price, then just have VZ transfer your existing number and cancel your current phone. Of course you’d have to pay the termination fee.

      • Anonymous

        doesn’t this give you a new 2 yr contract?

        • Professor X

          You may choose a 1 or 2-year contract at the discounted price.

  • Dshudson


  • Anonymous

    Sell my Droid? Never!

    I’m going to be buried with it. My tombstone will read:

    Here lies Michael_NM. He lived a Droid Life. 🙂

    • Ha…clever!

    • Kevoskee

      Same here. The Droid OG made Android the craze it is today and I thank it for bringing me to Android and the family from Droid-Life. Never will sell it! And OG gets 1 dollar more than the Pro lol nice

    • EC8CH

      Two weeks after you are buried, your OG Droid’s reserve power supply will activate, it will burrow itself into you caucus and take control of your reanimated body. You will rise from the dead as “Android Micheal_NM” and you will lead the android army as they finally take control of the earth.

      • Now THAT would be a good pitch for a movie based on Androids taking over the world. I’d watch it.

      • Anonymous

        Ha! I’ll also practice saying: “Hasta la vista Mr. Jobs!” 😉

    • I would like to do the same.. but i need the cash for my tbolt hah

    • Anonymous

      Go Hawks!

    • Anonymous

      Go Hawks!

  • I find it interesting that the OG Droid gets more of a return than the DP.

    • EC8CH

      have you seen a droid pro…. craptastic plasticy screen

  • Leehblanc

    I’m liking the $180 for my MINT Droid Incredible, but I also have a case and a belt clip holster, so I guess I’ll got the traditional route.

  • Last night I finally took the leap of faith and installed my first ROM on my Droid X, Liberty 1.5.

    My DX now runs faster than it should, is extremely smooth when transitioning from screen to screen, from app to app, etc.

    So I think I’ll pass on selling my newly re-designed Droid X, thanks though! 🙂

    • Interstellarmind

      I use my DX for business… so I need to rely on it being stable 24/7 (that is, no FC closes, none of my apps don’t FC). i’m a pretty heavy user. is liberty rom (or any rom) the way to go? or should is stick with stock.

      again, my focus is on reliability and compatibility with ll my apps (i ahve about 2 gigs worth of apps)

    • Interstellarmind

      i’m a very heavy user. i use my dx for business and need it to be reliable 24/7 (that is, no Force closes, all my apps are compatible and work fine)… is liberty a good way to go? or any ROM for that matter?

      again, the focus is reliability on a rom (particularly liberty) vs stock rom. i have about 2gigs of apps, and i’d need them all…

      any advice would be appreciated! d-life forever!

      • Anonymous

        i, like EvanTheGamer, also just took the leap and went to libery 1.5. (i always used stock rooted)
        not only is it super fast, it has much less crashes and seems much more stable. im running it for about a week now. i stayed away from the overclocking because im nervous to fry the phone not knowing what settings to use…

  • haha it was only time after the bestbuy buyback program! GO EBAY!