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Gingerbread for the DROID X Arrives, Reminds us of the DROID BIONIC

Our buddies over at MyDroidWorld got a hold of something that should excite all of the DROID X readers in the world.  Who’s ready for Gingerbread (Android 2.3) with the brand new version of Blur that we showed you all at CES?  I know, I know, you all hate MotoBlur.  But try your hardest to at least attempt to trust me when I say that the new version that was featured on the DROID BIONIC, was actually not bad.  It no longer looks like it was made for toddlers, has some really nice new shortcuts within apps/menus, and will likely be a strong competitor with HTC’s Sense for best skin.

We’ve dropped our BIONIC video walk-through below to give you some live action of the new Blur, but be sure to follow that up with the gallery directly after to see actual Gingerbread DX shots.  And now we’ll all attempt to wait patiently for MDW to release a build to rooted users.    

YouTube Preview Image

Via: MyDroidWorld

  • I wish gingerbread will come out for d2 soon

  • Tpx Nug
  • Looks good, I’ll probably get it!

  • rudyy

    can’t really tell much about the os itself from some images.
    i can tell there is too much white; like others, i prefer darker themes.
    of course, this post is months after this was written, and team black hat has released its version of gingerbread, which i have not tried. (actually, i messed up its installation, had to sbf, and then decided to flash liberty 2.0, which i really like. it has so many themes.
    i might try gb when it’s released ota, but i imagine it will have more blur and bloatware than before; imagine that, a madden football game on the phone of someone who has no use for football (me).

  • Booboolala2000

    decided to go with the TBolt, loved my DX, but HTC seems to do a better job with Android OS. This thing is lightning (lol) quick and not only with LTE, the OS runs so much smoother than my DX. I will take Sense over Blur any day. Hope they get a easier root method out for it though.

  • ez451

    is there any place i can get that wallpaper, without the “my droid world” logo across it?