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New HTC Verizon Device Appears, Is it a Tablet or the Incredible 2?

What on Earth is that?  One of the new buttonless HTC devices headed to Verizon has found a home on the internet, only we have no idea what it is.  The fact that it’s buttonless suggests that it could be one of their mini-tablets and will run Honeycomb, but since we know the Incredible 2 is in the works, we’re starting to wonder if this is it.  We had heard that the Inc2 would be a bigger screened version of the old one and since this mysterious device is sitting next to an old Incredible, maybe this is actually it?

Oh and when you see the back plate after the break, you’ll really jump on this notion.  

So, what are you thinking right now?

Via:  Mobile01Engadget

  • Pupnasty

    From what I can see, it looks like it will be rolling with a 4inch, my guess SuperAMOLED display, instead of a regular AMOLED display, and the “Butons” are capacitive, like the original incredible, and no, this is not a tablet, it is a phone. I also want to say it is sticking witht he 8MP camera with 720p video cause I am guessing aswell that the tech isnt there for 1080p yet (but I could be wrong, maybe in android 3.1?) Just some ideas…. And also, I am sure they will repalce “With HTC Sense” with “With Google”

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks super sleek, but why are DROIDs getting more and more rounded edges? What initially attracted me to the phones before I looked at the specs on VZW is their harsher, more square edges. The roundness takes away from their unique aesthetics …

  • Definitely the Incredible 2 considering the fact that it’s the same size as that Incredible right next to it

  • Anonymous

    This has to be the Inc2 if it was their tab wouldn’t the back of it say “with HTC Sensation” their newly coined terms for tabs, instead of “With HTC Sense” like the phone does.

  • Anonymous
  • Niemeyer2010

    Really liking this phone… My DROID X is… amazed (: CANNOT wait for more leakes!

  • It looks like a DI2 to me….

  • It looks like a DI2 to me….

  • M1ghtysauc3

    How does anyone not high think this is a tablet?