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Download: Honeycomb SDK (Android 3.0) System Dump

The Android 3.0 Preview SDK system dump just popped into our inbox thanks to Mr. Peter Alfonso and we thought you might like to dig around in it for a couple of minutes.  The file is 64.7 MB and contains all of the apps, framework,  and goodies you’ve seen from the 52-picture gallery we posted this morning.

Download:  honeycombsdkdump.zip

Oh, and if you want a couple of wallpapers from the dump, then we’ve added them below.

You can thank Matt R. for these.  

  • jack


  • Cyber Dude


  • how to install..???

  • Silviu Tofan

    Can i download it from a tablet?
    Response in 5min

  • Ytmy128

    good job my frien…..

  • Aol5074

    when i try to upload the file it wont install of the sd card

  • Aol5074

    I can get it to work put on the sd card and starts to upload but then freezes

    • Aol5074


  • Hrahama

    is this android 3.0 honeycomb work in samsung galaxy tab GT-P1000

  • Andrew0600

    how do you install it?

  • alabasrto

    SDK ANDROID ultima version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WRP9RI2Y

  • Justin

    Doesn’t work on my ifone!

  • trumpet444

    id love to see honeycomb on my nook color one day

  • jung

    How to use it???

  • Plvaulter06

    I tried seeing if any of them would just work. I was also hoping that these files would change the antiqued TI OMAP in my OG Droid into the 1.2Ghz Tegra 2 3D, and maybe my pixels would do some multiplying a bit to bump the rez up to 1280×800.
    I deleting and replaced some of the the system .apk’s on my phone with a few of these system apk’s from the dump. I got a Parse error… go figure haha And it seems as if my phone didn’t sprout a Tegra or grow any more pixels :/

  • Ledabonbon

    Can u run some of the Apps from the file?

  • Erie215

    can we flash this?

  • chris

    it works perfectly on my Razor phone from 2005

  • Jjuanico73

    Sometimes the guy is nice enough to say what he’s posting and what to do with the file. Think he is busy with other things? Some of us are dumb and don’t know whether to rename this and run as an update.zip. Is that what your suppose to do with this?

    • Anonymous

      It’s just a file to tinker with. It’s not for flashing to your phone.

    • Anonymous

      it’s just a picture…

  • Anonymous

    OK, so my question may reveal how little I know about software and hardware integration… but I know that a lot of us have been waiting for hardware acceleration in the UI, which was announced as being in Honeycomb. I wonder if it will be possible for some of the devs like Cyanogen or others to adapt that aspect of the dump to work on our phones?

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I now have honeycomb on my motorola razr.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I now have honeycomb on my motorola razr.

    •  how 2 install this software,i don know??

  • Anonymous

    These wallpapers are sick!