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Flash Player for Android Updated to Version

Another minor update just hit the Flash Player 10.1 on Android bringing us all to version  A “recent change” list and blog post from Adobe aren’t available yet, so we’ll just have to sit tight and see what’s going on here.  Maybe a fix  for the XOOM?  OK, that was a reach.

Cheers @mtkregs!

  • Leoraikou

    I don’t know where can i download flash player 10.1 for my android can someone tell me or give me a link

  • new hack to get hulu.com working as of February 8, 2011 due to Adobe updating desktop versions of flash player as well as Acrobat Reader:


  • Sskinner2000

    After the fastest update the once smooth video stream became extremely choppy. Druid pro.

  • Rupert

    What kind of phone do you have for being 11mb sn storage issue? Being the internal storage size of some phones almost 7gb I really can’t see this as an issue.
    In my case it works flawlessly on my milestone 2. It’s s pleasure to be able to see all internet content.

  • Michael

    I noticed this update really sped up pretty much all Flash content on my Evo.

    From what I’ve noticed, Flash content that isn’t a full blown desktop website works well, certainly enough to make it worth the download. There’s still plenty of room for improvement but innovation happens fast.. dual core phones, software updates.

    I’m sure it’s slow on some older devices, but I think looking forward it’s heading in the right direction. Interactive web on mobile has a long way to go in terms of Flash and HTML.

    I think mobile Flash will start to get interesting with tablets. We may start to see a lot of touch/tablet optimized Flash websites later this year which will be nice since you won’t need to download apps for things you can do on the web.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Really wished they used the Recent Changes section to actually list what the hell changed. Still downloaded it, but for all I know they are changing the version number and nothing else.

    I’m pretty mixed on Flash so far. On the DROID it is so unusuable it might as well not be there. It is everything Apple would like you think it is.

    On my Vibrant it is a lot more usuable, and sometimes even smooth, but overall still isn’t that great.

  • Jmkosmo

    On the Incredible, when I install the new update, I get a low app space error.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Scruggie

    i deleted flash off my droid..and wont be putting it back on until they allow it to be downloaded to sd. i did like it but not enough to take up that much space..just my mini-vent

    • It’s been on SD since even when it was in the beta versions on my Droid 1 by using the move to SD option in Titanium Backup. The only issue I have with flash is that flash videos seems to kill the browser’s process due to the lack of available memory.

  • jjg77

    I’ve only used Flash on my Droid a handful of times…bottom line…most Flash optimized content just isn’t practical for interfacing via touchscreen on a 4 inch screen. It’s great for Flash video…but even then…I’ve only used it a handful of times.

  • Anonymous

    Flash is still laggy on my OG D1.. OC’d to 800 mhz

  • Anon

    What would be nice here would be a massive reduction in size.

  • Snkbitten

    Maybe not that big a reach. The previous version specifically stated “do NOT install on Tegra2 platforms” and this one doesn’t.

    Very plausible that this is the “approved” version for Tegra2 platforms.

  • Maddgenius478

    Why no one mentions the vizio tablet or phone their both ANDROID???

    • Anonymous

      Grammar is good…

    • Anonymous

      You mean “there* both Android”.

      • Anonymous

        Lol if you are going to correct someone at least get it right it’s not there its they’re.

        • Maddgenius478


  • Anonymous

    Dear iFans,

    Don’t try this at home… 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Or on the go.

    • DBK

      Lol Awesome 🙂