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Video: Motorola XOOM Gets Real Hands-on by ZDNet

Everyone at CES saw plenty of the Motorola XOOM, but few had the chance to actually get their hands on and do anything other than watch pre-loaded demo videos with it.  Even our hands-on with it was more of a hands-on from a distance take.  Of course, there was the full 10 minute demonstration at the Verizon keynote, but again, no one in the media really had an opportunity, that is until now.  The folks over at ZDNet were hanging out at a VZW 4G LTE luncheon yesterday and snuck in a solid minute’s worth of video with a rep before being reprimanded.  Damn this thing is pretty.  


Source:  ZDNet

Cheers ckeegan!

  • True

    Ipad pwnt !

  • True

    Ipad pwnt !

  • Great, Motorola xoom is awesome. I like this video, its great.

  • Anonymous

    For $800, you could buy a XOOM, which is dual-core and 10.1″, or you could buy a freaking quad-core, 15″ laptop. Windows will always be better for large screens than Android, and if they want to justify it with a thin and light form factor, they shouldn’t charge 160% of the price of the equivalent Apple device. I, for one, will be considering one of the new Archos tablets for well under than half the price.

  • Can the new 4G LTE devices wireless tether to the XOOM? {{-_-}}

  • Asd

    What kind of hands on is this?
    Most of the time tablet is out of picture.
    No functionality is explored also.
    useless hands on and that also for 1 min..

    • Michael Scrip

      There still might not be anything to show on it. It’s still pre-release software…

      Remember CES a couple weeks ago? All they showed was a video demo of the Xoom.

      And CES is supposed to be huge.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who wonders why someone would want this device, or any tablet for that matter, evidently hasn’t owned one or used one extensively. I have had an iPad since launch and am waiting franticly for this thing, as well as iPad 2. My iPad is so awesome to grab and surf the web with while watching TV or on the run, check email quick, check the weather, etc. I had a netbook before. When I got the iPad I stopped using the netbook…actually sold the damn thing. You seriously need some time with a tablet before you can make a judgement call. BTW, also have a Droid X. 4.3 inches of screen is nice, but not when I’m laying on my couch and trying to read something while watching TV…it’s just too small.

  • Anonymous


    • anthony

      Spam !

  • Manuel

    SO freakin’ excited for this!!! As a musician, I’m planning on using this in gigs and while practicing. Nobody can say that’s not better than printing and lugging around hundreds of pages of sheet music. Also, my ebook collection will be more accessible and readable than on my 3.2″ screen on my Eris! 😀

  • Seriously, I need this!

    I have been wanting an e-reader but have been holding out since my husband convinced me a tablet was a better way to go. That way I get my e-reader plus all of the awesomeness of a tablet!

  • Braainz

    Please change it so when I click on the picture associated with an article ( eg. The pic. of the Xoom ) it takes me to the full article, not a picture.

    • DBK

      Braainz (or lack thereof):

      Why? They already have a link to it in the article. Linking the picture to it would be redundant.

      • Braainz

        Wow Really? Cuz 95% of the time when you read the “preview” you end up scrolling past the link bar, and end up with the Pic still accessible.

  • Anonymous

    Should’ve loaded Angry Birds just because

  • Slick. Very slick. Could be the first true iPad competition so far.

  • Mike1825

    Did anyone notice the HTC Thunderbolt sitting on the table? I want one! Who is waiting for Dual Core instead?

  • Very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, Motorola. Just price it right, don’t get greedy…

  • DBK

    Sub-creatures! Xoom the Xoomerian, Xoom the i*ad Destructor, Xoomguus Xoomdrohar, the Honeycomb god has come!

  • Anonymous

    That thing looks responsive as hell.

  • Anonymous

    That thing looks responsive as hell.

  • Anonymous

    As I told Kellex, if they’re showing off the Xoom at a freaking Verizon LTE luncheon, it’s gotta be close to launch. I mean, the Verizon rep was flying through the UI, as if she’d been using it for a hell of a lot longer than 30 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    I want it just for wanting it sake.

  • HarryNutSack


    • EatMe

      I prefer…… Vi-JAY-JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LinuxLover

    Looks like a winner as soon as apps start coming out. Was interested in maybe an iPad, but I just hate Apple’s stance against Flash. Let us, the users, decide!

  • It looks heavy – Its a Motorola peeps – Many will get it then bitch bootloader locked.

  • Call Me Crow

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I or any one else would need a tablet. Also, I have no imagination.

    PS: While I may not need one I most certainly WANT this one (points above). Xoom, xoom, xoom. . .(motomazda)

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy WHAT? The Xoom looks to be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    All this beautiful hardware and tablet GUI is pointless if the third parties don’t jump on to make apps for the bigger screen size. I won’t be getting one out the gate; I’ll wait til I see a good number of apps supporting the size. Then I’ll sell off my iPad.

    • Anonymous

      Just a curious question, why get rid of your ipad, are there things about it your not happy with? I am a comparison shopper and you can’t beat true life feedback?

      • Anonymous

        1. I don’t like the fact that there’s no true file management system with iPad. It exists partially with limited iTunes syncing. Personally I don’t like how iTunes is required to use a computer; the same way its also required to use a phone (iPhone). It doesn’t make full sense to use a music program in order to use a device, know what I mean?
        2. I also can’t stand typing on this thing. There’s absolute certainty there will be many keyboards to choose from with Android. I’m really looking forward to Swype on a tablet.
        3. Also I’m entrenched in Google services: Gmail, Maps, YouTube, etc. And no one that does it better than Google’s own Android.
        4. NVIDIA seems to putting their full devotion into the Android platform. Tetra 2 chips along with TegraZone will surely encourage and foster complex, great games. But for now, perhaps the clearest advantage that iPad has right now are the games. iOS clearly has a better library of games and more third party support. And that’s enough of a reason for me to stay with the iPad for the time being.

        If NVIDIA Tegra really takes off and third party apps extend their support to Android tablets, that will sway my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your great response, very informative and well said. I appreciate your candor.

  • Wow…the XOOM is freaking insanely awesome!

    Gets me more and more excited with every new video of the incredible tablet!

  • Nathanbull33

    I guess I’m the only one on this planet that has ZERO interest in a tablet. What does it do that my phone can’t or future phone will be able to do? Besides doing it with a bigger screen. Just can’t justify the money I guess.

    • Maybe you’re like me and not getting a new phone till your two year upgrade is ready. I’m buying a tablet because I wont be buying a phone for a while.

      • PersianDeity

        tablets aren’t for everyone, just like a V12 Dodge Viper… If you don’t see a need for all that power for only two people to feel at once… you are not the target audience… do you also go to Ferrari’s website and say… hmm… million dollar sports car? for what? where are my kids going to sit?… probably not…

        This is for someone who can see how a bigger screen can get them something… For instance, even on the pathetic Samsung Galaxy Tab, its big enough to fit both the inbox and the current e-mail on the screen at a comfortable enough size to carry in a single hand without feeling any strain in the hand… if you’re going to be doing a LOT of e-mail from a device, it fits in any man’s dress suit pocket and, like I said, fits the need of the constant e-mailer…

        the ZOOM has a much larger screen, designed for movies, pictures and so-forth… Showing someone a picture of a house on a 10.1″ screen (as a realtor) makes MUCH more sense than showing it on a 3.8″ phone screen… Not to mention, lighter, turns on faster, has built in 3G4G and can, for the most part, replace a laptop if all the person is doing is browsing the web to show off houses and check e-mail…

        the tablet is not for everyone, neither is a escavator for someone who lives in an apartment… they just don’t need to dig a swimming pool… if you don’t see the desire for it, great, don’t buy one… but just because YOU can’t see YOU using one effectively, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t for someone else…

    • I’m with ya. No desire whatsoever. My DX works just fine if I’m sitting on the couch.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but the screen size is the difference. I certainly can’t view a full letter-sized pdf on my phone screen without scrolling, and I certainly can’t expect my clients to sign documents on my phone screen. All depends on what you’ll use it for, I guess.

      • Manaox

        You need to see the whole document at once? If your crazy enough to make them sign documents on the XOOM, then why not your phone? I’m thinking your trying really hard to justify this when what you really need is a printer/scanner combo.

        • Anonymous

          Uh, yeah, it’s kind of nice to be able to see a piece of paper all at once. You know, my eyes have kind of gotten used to that throughout my life. Maybe you just like scrolling. Why would clients signing on-screen be crazy though? Can’t say I understand that. What’s the difference between that, and scanning in a piece of paper with their signature? Not to mention the fact that you sign your name on a screen practically everytime you buy something anymore.

          I do have a printer/combo, by the way, but how could that be considered portable in any way? I’m not trying to justify anything, I’ve been wanting to go that route for a LONG time.

          • yeah he pretty much failed on what he was trying to say. you’ve got your reasons to want it and that’s all that matters.

          • yeah he pretty much failed on what he was trying to say. you’ve got your reasons to want it and that’s all that matters.

    • Manaox

      Same. I can get a AMD fusion based netbook/laptop hybrid running windows 7 for cheaper with WAY more functionality then Android, cheaper, and about as much battery life. I’m very satisfied with the Droid X with close to this functionality already.

    • Chris

      Realistically, nothing. There’s not really anything you can do on a tablet that you couldn’t do on a phone. So if you are perfectly content with browsing on a 4″ or smaller screen on your couch, then don’t get a tablet. I don’t have a problem with my Milestone, but I definitely like to use my tablet when at home over my phone. It’s just easier.

    • Nope you’re not alone.

    • Joker

      Its not going to be a phone os tho that is the difference with this device it is goinng to ship with an os that is built specifically for tablets. The galaxy tab has a phone os on it so I could understand your argument there but this peice of tech will have its own os therefore making it more capable of more things. Those things I have no clue but apps in general will look better and perform better the ideas will be endless. It is the first tablet that whenn you pick it up it wont feel like a phone but more like a computer

  • DroidzFX

    damn that static display is so interactive

    • Anonymous

      Too bad it’s just vapor.

      • jason w.s.

        lolol, i know right? This “so called” xoom tablet is all just rumors and speculation at this point (according to apple)

        • DroidzFX

          Honeycomb is code for Hologram thats just a projection

  • This will be mine

  • James Murphy


    Also, cool tablet or whatever.