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Motorola Tells Customer to “Buy Elsewhere” if They Want Custom ROMs

Wow.  We know that Motorola has taken a strong stance against rooting and custom ROMs, but a remark that popped up this week from their YouTube account manager is somewhat shocking.  When the subject of avoiding the new Atrix 4G because of a potentially locked bootloader was brought up in the comments of one of their new ads, the response generated was not exactly positive and basically told anyone who is wanting to feel like the real owner of their device, to look “elsewhere.”

@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks. – motorola 2 days ago

Seriously, that’s how you represent yourself to current customers?  I understand that they have sold a bajillion phones over the last year, but man, this isn’t exactly the stuff we like to see from a company that thanks to an open mobile OS, has risen from the dead.  As one of the biggest Moto supporters on the planet, but also one that loves freedom, this sucks.  The Atrix and BIONIC are amazing devices and I’ll likely have at least one of them, but comments like these make it even easier to start focusing on the un-locked love that is HTC.  

And here is the video since we haven’t posted it at either site…

YouTube Preview Image

Thoughts anyone?  Does a “locked” phone really matter to you?

Source: YouTube
Via:  Android Central

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  • They retracted!

    That’s right BITS! Retract that! Retract the whole thing BITS!


  • Mcneilmoe

    hi moto . bye moto.. your loosing millions of customers now!

  • Thehandofnight

    Don’t worry Motorola, Your getting your wish from me. HTC phone’s are made better anyways.

  • Anonymous

    this made my choice on going with the Thunderbolt. im sure the Bionic will be rooted, but not a fan of company’s that squash customer freedom

  • It matters to me whilst I have a slow HTC Hero, the Dev’s over at VillainRom for example squeeze every last drop of performance out of the phone.

    This things got a 1ghz Dual Core CPU and 1GB Ram. It’s going to be fast enough!

  • MR

    Bye bye Motorola.
    The new firmwares are very important because Motorola (and a lot of companies) leave the devices in a old version.

  • Justin

    Its sad to hear a mega corporation spouting off like a teen in a chat forum.
    Just sad…

  • Wnclivin

    I have long since been with HTC for my WinMo phones. The Droid X is my first Android and first Motorola device. I thoroughly enjoy modifying the software on my devices as it drastically improves their performance and functions for my clients and me. PAY ATTENTION MOTOROLA: If you lock down the Bionic more than the X I will not buy another Moto device, and will recommend the same advice to my family, friends, clients, and patients. Let us have the freedom to enjoy the devices we purchase and own. There are other ways to handle losses related to warranty claims for bricked devices than locking things down so bad that everyone suffers.

  • Internauta_libre

    I will buy elsewhere, as they suggest 🙂

  • Catalin Hritcu

    In Europe tons of people bought the Milestone in good faith, thinking it’s an open Android phone, without knowing that the bootloader would be locked and the updates from Motorola be delayed forever (BTW we are still waiting for the much promised 2.2 upgrade, which came on the Droid in August!). The Droid and the Milestone are extremely similar devices, so how comes the Droid gets timely updates the Milestone doesn’t? How comes the Droid gets an unlocked bootloader, the Milestone a locked one? The reason is of course not technical, you knowingly chose to lock the bootloader down! The reason is also not “protecting users’ interests”, that’s *complete bullshit*! You mean that when you sold the Droid unlocked you weren’t protecting users’ interests? Did any Droid user complain about the bootloader not being locked up? Did any of the HTC users complain about *none* of the HTC phones being locked up?

  • Devaliere

    First they announced that the milestones will be upgrade in Q2 2010… then Q3, the Q1 2011 …
    I don’t care of froyo, i care to wait for nothing … i care big company to lyed to me to sell me their product (flash was on their marketing announcement when i bought it … more than a year ago … i am still dreaming about flash on my telephone).
    Each post on motorola europe is follow by more than 200 post of angry people … and we still don’t have any communication … Shame ..

  • Still a pretty damn good device…I mean seriously how awesome would it be if you could do all of that and still by as fluid or even better than a netbook.

  • i will say motorola is officially back since the RAZR days. YA YA I Know the droid but this is progress and will keep them alive

  • cedesmith

    kernel GPL v2 states:
    “By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software …”
    i think they are in breach of the GPL license