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Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle Teased on Android

Tease! PopCap‘s director of editorial and social media, Jeff Green, dropped the two pictures above on the world last night via Twitter to showcase two of their upcoming games for Android.  You may have heard of a little title called Plants vs. Zombies?  What about Peggle?  Both are wildly popular on just about every platform imaginable except for our favorite, but that’s about to change.  While no firm date was mentioned during this Twitter bonanza, Green did mention that the games won’t be ad-based or free, which means they’ll come at a price.  That doesn’t bother you though, does it?

Via:  Twitter 1, 2

Cheers EvantheGamer!

  • Depends on what the price is…

  • Want.

  • Kiriuskris


  • Kiriuskris


  • Jawshua

    Oh this is such good news I’ve been waiting for both of those games on Android for forever! It’s about time and it took forever! I have them both on every other device I own. My Imac, Xbox 360 and my iPod Touch 4G.

  • Roshizzle

    That’s the story of Android life, teased with all the good games. Cut the rope has been coming soon since October.

  • When these hit, I’m gonna need to buy 2 backup batteries in order to keep my phone alive.

  • Anonymous

    does not bother me, I want immediately!

  • devilsephiroth

    Tank hero got addicting for me. Droid x

  • Princesation

    Off topic but can some one help me out . I’m using cyan 6.1.2 on my og droid . Everytime I transfer a folder with files into my sd card , the folder is there but the files aren’t . Also , the additional packages that are needed to play some games can’t download . Is it a problem with the rom or is it my memory card ?

    • Vire

      You may want to go ask the people on CyanogenMod’s forums.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • I’ve been waiting for my frakkin’ Peggle! 😀 . Will Bookworm be coming too? Come, On, Popcap!!

  • Anonymous

    Only partially unrelated. I still want robot unicorn l. I have no space bar on the DX so I can’t play web based.

    • Anonymous

      D2 ftw

  • Carl

    I looove peggle! I play is on my computer all the time.

  • Now “when” is the question. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later…both PvZ and Peggle would make excellent additions to the family of Android games!