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Download: New Android Market V2.2.11 (Updated)

We were just handed the brand spanking new version of the Android Market that is as-of-now, only running on unreleased phones to our knowledge.  This .apk will bring yours up to version 2.2.11, which I’m assuming fixes a security issue that we’ve known about for a couple of weeks now.  At least we’re hoping so, for the sake of application developers that have paid apps on the market.  Other than that, you probably won’t notice a difference.

Download:  Vending_2_2_11.apk (alt link)

Update:  For rooted users having issues installing the .apk, here is a .zip (alt link) which can be flashed in Clockwork.  MAKE A BACKUP!  Cheers Ronald Valdes!

Cheers that dude for the apk!

  • The Android Market has made applications more accessible in any given gadget. This new version of the Android Market is going to be the newest rave for techies. Applications would be easier to use and downloaded.

  • Shrinisahadev

    i tried both the option on my Motorola Milestone A853, root and apk methode none of the worked for me. Marked load and while downloading it gets error. application force close.

    Problem started after upgrading to CM7 and Android 2.3.4

  • Andersmiemietz

    Works like a dream ! Thx

  • Fine_12

    how to delete the downloads if you mistaken em?

  • RAza


  • Barlog

    I unrooted my DX after having a problem with a theme on liberty rom and I did a factory reset now my market is the really old one. How do I get my unrooted X to have the updated. 2.2.7 Market that I had before? HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • Lydon

    Auto updated droid x

    • Lydon

      Had this since dec

  • Davidukfl

    tried installing this manually and using the .zip file both methods i just end up getting force closes.

    cleared the data and cache but still doesn’t fix it. I ended just going back to 2.2.7.

    Droid X – Fission 2.5.7

  • Manuelg728

    Works good on gingerbread on d1

  • Manuelg728

    Works good on gingerbread on d1

  • Gmontano74

    Do you think this will fix the ‘error” code we get when updating apps that are moved to the SD card on the D1?

  • Anonymous

    i like the tabs in the older Market version for Comments & Related vs. this long scrolling version. way to go backwards in UI functionality!

  • Anonymous

    Works great :D! Thanks a lot!

  • Mmm121705

    I’ve had this version a while now

  • Anonymous



    Just put it on my EVO.

  • ReUnpack

    I don’t think I like this new market place. I installed after a back up of course. Then my navigation was not working and my voice search force closed every time. Restored my back up and im back to market 2.2.7 and everything works.

  • Rob

    I checked and this update is already on my Droid X that I got about 2 weeks ago.

  • my incredible already has this version. and its exactly the same anyway. great useless post kellex.

    • Anonymous

      Way 2 b a douche

  • Gmuney18

    Hey I’m having an issue. Every time I click on this link to flash, I reboot and do a backup but I don’t see the file that I’m suppose to download. Unless I’m looking for the wrong file name. Help please???

  • Not working using Cyanogenmod4Milestone CM6.1.2 flashing with Androidiani OpenRecovery. Tried several times. Didn’t even bother with the APK method

  • rocketdaddy

    Meh. Flashed the zip on CM 1.2 and it worked fine. I can’t see anything to make me like the new market. The main banner takes up too much space and app info is strung out on one endless page instead of in convenient tabs. Is there something behind the scenes that makes this worthwhile? ’cause if not, I’m going back.

    • rocketdaddy

      Derp. That was CM 6.2.

    • rocketdaddy

      CM 6.1.2. Should never get up before noon on Sunday.

  • Je49424

    well installing as .apk had a parsing error and then i installed the .zip posted above and turned Fascinate back on and i have no market. Running blackhole 2.4 DL05 on Samsung Fascinate. Used Root Explorer to see if the vending.apk was still in /system/app and it is but will not install.

  • pitchblack86

    All my apps are still installed, but go to new market and all say they are free or purchased. Installed gmail and said installed fine. Bizarre. Droid x

  • Is it worth it? I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on something that won’t benefit me.

  • pezjono

    Soooo…. What’s the security issue?

  • Djlowproz

    Help!!! okay trying the .zip version (renamed the file to update.zip) on my OG Droid 1 running lfy 1.96 boot into recovery and i keep getting installation aborted.

    • dont rename it!!! keep it the way it is, download it on your phone, boot into recovery, install .zip from SD card, choose .zip, then go to download folder, choose the file, click yes and then you’re done

    • dont rename it!!! keep it the way it is, download it on your phone, boot into recovery, install .zip from SD card, choose .zip, then go to download folder, choose the file, click yes and then you’re done

      • Daniel

        Wrong thread above. This worked exactly as will wrote. I use a Droid X

      • Djlowproz

        tried it didnt work

    • Daniel

      Worked great thanks!

  • Sunny2679

    i dont know how to do this at all, i dont deserve a droid…sniff..ill just wait.

  • Sexy_blode69

    II downloaded the zip, I am rooted on a droid 1. How do I flash it?

  • Mke236

    flashed the zip and BAM, spanking new market, hells yea! Thanks guys. Confirmed on Bugless/Gingerbread awesomness

  • CaptainHowdy

    My droid 2 seems to have updated it on its own…

  • Droid incredible running CM6.1 flashed the .zip perfectly! love the new market now that i finally have it!! thanks Kellex

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    doesn’t work on droid eris 2.1

    • Anonymous

      Kmir, lolol, your all over every forum! lol….. i see why you want the thunderbolt now 😉

      • Anonymous

        I need better hardware… 🙂

  • Pilotbluemike

    flashed perfectly.. running MIUI 11.7.1