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Chart: DROID BIONIC vs. HTC Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 4

We just wanted to toss this chart out there to give you an idea of how to compare the i*hone 4 on Verizon to the top 4G LTE devices (DROID BIONIC and HTC Thunderbolt) that we should be seeing in just a few months.  Other than the fact that the i*hone won’t and can’t run on the new 4G LTE network from Big Red, there are some other big differences here that you should be focused on.  Actually, I’m not sure any are bigger than that fact, but we’ll continue on anyway.  

Screen size:  How could you not want one of the new screens that Motorola or HTC are putting out?  Super LCD and qHD might be two of the prettiest displays we’ve ever seen and take up almost an extra inch of real estate when compared to Apple’s current offering.

Storage:  With the i*hone, you are stuck with either 16GB or 32GB.  There is no room for expansion on their devices.  So if you go with the cheaper $199 16GB model and realize that’s not enough space for all your pr0n, then that’s just too bad.  With the Android options above, you get the choice of going all the way up to either 40GB or 48GB depending on the device.

Processor:  The DROID BIONIC is the only device of the three that sports the new dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA.  Apple’s doesn’t have one and we’re actually not sure that any of their products ever will.  Remember, they like to keep it in house and NVIDIA has already been spreading word of their Android support.

HDMI-out:  The BIONIC again is the only one of the 3 with this feature.  Who doesn’t want to have the option to connect their phone to their TV and show off those beautiful photos and videos they’ve taken to their friends?

RAM:  The Thunderbolt is the class leader on this one.  According to their official spec page, it’ll sport 768MB of RAM which will help make up for the lack of a dual-core processor.  Of course, it’s already running the newest Snapdragon, so peformance wasn’t going to be an issue anyway.

So, are you still willing to use that upgrade on a device that doesn’t really compare to the top two Verizon 4G LTE devices?  While we haven’t heard specific dates for either the BIONIC or Thunderbolt, we have been told “first half of 2011” and have at least a couple of tips pointing for a March release of at least one of them.  That’s only a month after the i*hone 4 hits VZW store shelves, can you wait another month?  You should.

  • Bucho2k

    Nothing compares to the iPhone 4. NOTHING. Way better OS and stability. The Android Market should be ashamed of their apps. “Droid Does Apps.” That’s a laugh right there. When was the last time anyone saw a tv ad focussed on the “Market?”

    I personally can not wait until the 3rd to pre order the iPhone. Finally, a great product on a reliable network. It’s a good thing I get an upgrade every year. The iPhone 4 will hold me over until one on the LTE network is available.

    February 10th will be the day I spike my Droid 1 off the ground, while shooting it in HD on the iPhone.

  • Rainey

    This is one of the most slanted things I’ve read. The iPhone screen is far superior, and it is the perfect size and I could not imagine wanting a bigger device. Google apps? No, but apple apps are far superior for the most part. And too bad the iPhone 4 won’t run on the handful of places with LTE. It’s a waste of space and battery power to have a 4g radio for most people right now.

    So, the choices are pieces of plastic with inferior displays and ugly ports and an os that leaves a little to be desired or a glass and stainless steel device that is focused in every way and offers a superior user experience.

  • Kdbrich

    weak. Iphone doesn’t have access to Google apps? Does that matter? LOL….does an iphone owner really want to use google apps?

  • Cloudxv

    Just an FYI The bionic has 512 MB DDR2 Ram…which I believe is faster than the 768 MB SDRam the thunderbolt has

  • Anon

    Could you update your chart with screen resolutions? Thanks.

  • Jump

    How about we compare the iPhone 4 to what the other phones would be like if there never was an iPhone? LOL!

  • Android 300,000

    Android DROID BIONIC and Android HTC Thunderbolt put iPhone4 to shame. Android is just getting started. It will be an Android decade!

  • Tecnofile

    Clearly just a hardware comparison, in which it is accurate. Unfortunately at the end of the day Apple’s iOS kills all other OS’ giving the iPhone top honors. Non Apple devices need to innovate and stop trying to immitate to ever have a chance of de-throaning the king.

  • Dctenorio

    None of this matters. The Android devices aren’t an iPhone, it’s as simple as that. Specs only matter when trying to discredit another device, but the simple truth is people don’t want an iPhone for its specs they want it because it has a simple and fun interface. It will also sync with all the iTunes songs they’ve purchase in the last xyears. And lastly, it’s a very nice device! I personally have the Droid Incredible and think it’s a great phone. I also have an iPod touch, iPad, Macbook Pro and a Thinkpad laptop. Apple computers are gaining alot of ground these days as well. I purchased the Macbook Pro for my wife at the same time I bought the Thinkpad, and the Macbook has had No issues with sw updates or speed but my Thinkpad has had several. Apple has such a solid product line because they control everything, whereas Android reminds me of Windows, they build the software and every manufacturer try’s to make it work on their platform which inevitably causes problems. I’ll probably keep my Droid until the 4g iPhone is released on Verizon, bottom line is you can’t beat up Apple as a company just because they are giving the consumers what they want.

  • We just published a fairly in-depth infographic comparing the Droid Bionic vs. iPhone 4 vs. Thunderbolt, check it out: http://skattertech.com/?p=14075

    Disclaimer: It’s my site.

  • LeeInMKE

    OK. Here’s my deal:

    I get the whole ‘I hate i*hone’ thing being this IS droid-life.com. I’m over it. I’m not interested in an i*hone. So…

    Question becomes, Bionic or Thunderbolt. I really like the way the TB looks, and do I really need dual-core? I mean really? Do I? Probably not. *shrug* No HDMI-out is a bit disappointing, but the comment about being able to use the TB as an external HD on my computer is an interesting thought.

    I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since November, and I’m really itching to dump (read: smash with a sledgehammer) my CrackBerry, so I don’t have to worry about buying out any contract or whatnot.

    Also, I live in an area that WILL be getting 4G this year so it’s not like I’ll be getting a 4G phone in 2011 that I won’t be able to utilize until 2013.

    Comments? Ideas? Help??

  • Diman

    This is very interesting!

  • Wayyago

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a rooted android phone user, have been for a very long time, and I’ll be switching to a jailbroken Verizon iPhone in the near future.

    1. Just because something looks good on paper doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience once the phone is in your hand.

    2. At the end of the day….the longevity of your phone will be determined by the quality of apps and accessories you can buy. iPhone surpasses android in both.

    If you want to get the most out of your money, get an iPhone and jailbreak it….no ifs, ands, or buts, reservations, restrictions, or excuses.

  • Jsdlkh

    the bionics ram is ddr2 not flash sooooooo

  • Why start selling 4G phones when 4G isn’t even nationwide yet? I would rather have a 3G iphone than pay a premium for a “4G” phone that only works in my city’s limits and then turns 3G outside of it.

    Right now, if I want to experience 4G, I will just keep my wifi radio on.

    4G is the future, just not mainstream yet.

  • Motoxer

    Lets face it. Apple will always be a step behind because Apple intentionally leaves out certain hardware features.
    Thats how they make their money! i-diots! They could have $lapped a 4G radio in the iphone for Verizon, but why when you can put out a 3g version for all you sheep to flock to (‘;
    Im surprised they actually put a flash for the camera on the thing! Only took 3 years…
    I think its pretty safe to say Android has a wayyyyyy larger following now than CrApple so don’t worry. Keep getting it broke off in your A$$ with your low end, non flash supporting small screen peice of trendy pocket candy, that you stand in line for hours to purchase like the sheep you are! While I’m rockin my duel core, 4G Android. Watching free Flash based content on the big screen in 1080 bitches!

  • Carlosdg23


  • Disciple

    I only skimmed the comments, so sorry if this has been one over already. The chart does not mention the fact that the bionic / atrix have DDR2, while the iPhone and the thunderbolt have (presumably) DDR1 or at least some sort of older technology.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the difference between a qhd screen and normal screen? Would somebody care to explain?

    • C Brownlee17

      Its all just branding made to make it sound fancy

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the difference between a qhd screen and normal screen? Would somebody care to explain?

  • point blank.. regardless.. the IPHONE sucks .. the phone is too restrictive.. and Android phones are much better…

  • Mrkylelovett

    Lets face it, whatever apple is doing now (i.e front facing camera 1080HD recording) Android will be doing… 6 months later, Android is great and all (I’ve owned all of them except the droid pro) but we are always playing the waiting game, or am I going to get the newst verison of google software, and that is crap, I like my android but apple is in the lead with software updates by a long shot.

    • Michael

      As always. Apple always seems to be the 1st in “pushing the envelope” and getting the next new technology, capability out in the market!

  • Balticzar

    Would it have killed HTC to put a damn HDMI-out port on the Thunderbolt? Now I have to figure out if I wanna go with the Bionic. I’d rather jump ship from Motorola (because of this blasted locked bootloader on my X) but now I have to consider sticking with them. I don’t use the HDMI-out port a whole lot on my X — but when I do — I’m so happy that it’s there. Comes in super handy.

  • Bob

    This could not be any more biased. Comparing specs like camera mp mean nothing when all Moto cameras look god awful, despite their 8mp spec.

    BIONIC runs great, and is in fact, the best Android phone coming out. It surprises me however, that no one cares that every LTE phone is the size of a brick due to the hardware needed to run on LTE. Also, despite the Tegra 2 being dual core, no one seems to care that the Apple OS runs more efficiently (try running ANY 3d game that has been released on both platforms, and you’ll see what I mean).

    I’m not an Apple fan boy by ANY means. In fact, I own a Droid X, and zero Apple products. I love the fact that I can root my device and install custom firmware. I do however, like reading legit, unbiased reviews that actually mean something.

    • Michael

      Why not just make the Galaxy tablet into a smartphone as well cause the phone sizes are catching up to the tablet!

  • Anonymous

    This blog post is pathetic. Comparing futures to a product thats been out for over 6 months. Slow news day or something?

    • Warren Peace

      Uh…..It’s comparing products that will be available at Verizon at the same time. NEWB!!!

    • Cgmartin33

      Um…the Verizon iphone is a “new product” being released the same time as the other “new products.” Write to Apple and ask them why they only changed the radio to CDMA…why not LTE? Also ask them why they couldn’t make something unique for their new carrier. Oh thats right…they only like to dump garbage on people every two years and act like its magical. This is a new phone in a six month old shell…you have Apple to thank for that idiot.

      • Michael

        Ask yourself why am I such a prick!!!!

  • Borbelytomi

    This is obviously a droid “fanboy” site, featuring articles boasting how good android is (loved by people, who can’t afford and/or simply resent apple products), just as there are apple “fanboy” sites, where articles are about how great apple products are (loved by people who are, or at least many are, envious of the more user-friendly and attractive software features of the droid). As such, this site is going to be criticized by the apple “fanboys” just as the apple-lover sites are criticized by droid “fanboys”… What’s the point in fighting? One small note, however: whatever we see on the market now is started by the iPhone (which is “such a crap”), and most features are direct copies from there or expansions of some features introduced by the iPhone, starting even just the basic concept of a phone being just a giant screen… same thing is going on with the iPad now… Seems to be a pattern here…

    • DBK

      Uh, the site is called Droid-Life. Ergo a Droid-oriented site. I’m guessing that’s too complicated a concept for you. Also, those who like openness and the ability to customize like Android, those who like being sheep and simplicity like crapple. And, fyi, Google was working on Android for a while before iOS came out. You see, your lord Mr. Jobs just likes to shove any old thing down your throat, polished or not. Google likes to perfect (in most cases) their product and make it’s code available before releasing it, so we can get the most out of it. Quality (Android) or pre-processed spam (iOS)? I go with quality every time.

      Oh, and go play in traffic.

  • Anonymous

    This info-graphic is a little misleading if you just go by numbers.

    Yes 4″+ screens are nice, but many people find them too ungainly for pockets. I’m definitely not one of them (being a decent sized male who doesn’t wear girl pants), but that can be an issue for some people. And yes SuperLCD and qHD screens are beautiful…only to be surpassed by the Retina Display which is still the highest resolution screen and DPI screen available on phones, and still the benchmark for screen quality 6+ months later.

    The expandability and ability to swap MicroSD cards is a nice feature of Android. I’ve personally been happy with the 16GB MicroSD card in my DROID and the 16GB of built in storage in my Vibrant, but this is definitely a good point of Android. On the other hand most people can fit all of their needed stuff in 16 or 32GB, MicroSD cards are slow and notorious for being a crapshoot quality wise (you can find tons and tons of SD cards that don’t match their class ratings for speed or that have bad sectors, or just generally don’t run right) and the storage on the iPhone can be used for anything. There’s a reason the size limit for apps on the Market is 50MB and the size limit in the App Store is much bigger (I’m not sure if there is a limit). If you’re running anything other than Froyo, any app above 10MB becomes something you have to seriously think about before downloading. And even running Froyo you’re reliant on the dev implementing apps2SD. For me personally, I would gladly take 32GB of storage that could be used for media and apps with no limit instead of 1-2GB of space for apps built in and removable storage that an app may or may not use.

    CPU is a clear win specwise, obviously Tegra 2 is better than the Hummingbird/A4 (the jury is still out on battery life, but it is the clear winner in performance). But specs don’t necessarily translate into actual quantifiable performance to the user. Despite current Android phones having better CPU and RAM specs than the iPhone 4, none of them run any faster. None of them run any apps or play any games that the iPhone 4 can’t (due to being too slow, not Apple’s tight fist over the App Store). Android doesn’t even run smoother than iOS on these higher spec’d phones. In fact, besides the very highest spec’d Android phones I would say even the 3GS with a 600MHz Cortex A8 (or is A7, I’m not sure) runs smoother and can play more demanding games/media. Optimization can go a long way to make up for pure specs, and that is one thing the iPhone excels in.

    You’re absolutely right on HDMI Out. There is nothing on iPhone that competes with that.

    The RAM argument is the same as the CPU argument. Specs don’t tell the full story. Same with the camera. Despite the iPhone only have a 5MP rear camera, it is the undisputed best smartphone camera available if you ignore Nokia (which most of the U.S does)

    • Bob

      Exactly how I feel.

  • Anonymous


  • Mesquitaismael

    My only concern is….with the iPhone I heard you will get unlimited data for $30, what about with the LTE phones….I do want the thunderbolt but I do like how fast the iPhone take pics…so far I have the droid 1 I’m ready for an upgrade…

    • DBK

      But i*hone isn’t 4G, so that’s only 3G pricing.

  • The iPhone isn’t a bad phone…. I would use iOS over Android, but the blog is interesting so what can I say. Regardless, VZW LTE market won’t even be in 20 different cities until the end of 2011 so duh? Obviously the iPhone 4 isn’t going to be LTE. You won’t be able to even use the Bionic or Thunderbolt if you live in rural areas like me. The iPhone 5 (or whatever it is to be named) will most likely be LTE capable.

  • Btorezc

    The iPhone 4 is a beautiful phone and a great phone at that. But to me, its kind of boring, all its good for is apps and stuff! I mean android could do the same thing plus more. Motorola is a bit laggy tho, but Samsung and HTC are the best phone companies every! Galaxy S is the best in my opinion!

  • Hogasswildmc

    I wish the guts of the Bionic were in the body of the Thunderbolt….anyone else feel that way?

  • skillet

    As a HUGE Droid fan, you guys are comparing “apples” (no pun intended) to “oranges”. The iPhone 4 has been out for a year! Compare what was available when the iPhone 4 came out and there’s a better comparison. You’re always gonna have somebody playing “follow the leader”, and each company will be playing leap frog. Now granted Apple was at the top of the totem pole for years, but now there are some serious competitors, and for me, to each their own…

    The iPhone won’t appeal to those who want freedom and the availability to do whatever they want, yet it provides a well executed design for people who want a phone that will work flawlessly (minus the antenna issue, but remember AT&T coverage sucks from the get-go). For those computer geeks (like me) who want to mod and have complete customization over their phone, they’ll get a Droid. I have noticed over the past few months that those with iPhones don’t care about the “tech” stuff like most of us. They just want a phone that operates flawlessly and will fit into their everyday life, whether they dock it into their car, computer, surround sound system, etc… (You have to admit, theres a lot more “iPhone integrating tech” for our lives than “Droid integrating tech”….)

    Now, when the iPhone 5 comes out, we’ll have a closer comparison for the Thunderbolt and Bionic, but who knows… there might be new Droids getting ready to launch…

  • Sheba

    I have owned a Droid for the last year & half…love it, but its no iPhone. First, the 4G is only available to certain areas (that’s a problem when travelling), second the iPhone is a good physical size. I don’t want to carry a PC Tablet around in my pocket! The Droids are just too big! Other than that, my only worry with the iPhone is the memory size, but that can be managed the same way I manage my iPod.

  • BeinDroid

    My this escalated quickly!


  • Ahmed pasha

    Suppose want to purchase through net how to purchase please provide the details

  • Chris G

    Honest truth is if its not world phone capable, I don’t want it.

  • Tarsis Brito

    love android love motorolla nobody can beat it not even htc which i feel are the second best original droid revolutionized the android

  • Washingtoniib

    And how does the TB win the ram class with more but you can’t forget the bionic has ddr2 ram which is much faster than that used in the TB their for it doesn’t need as much

  • Jake

    Exactly. Droid and HTC are clearly superior in performance If you have 4G available in your area. and if you don’t they will be limited by the same 3G signal that the I-Phone 4 has. A Ferrari looks great in the driveway but how often will you even be able to take it out of 2nd gear.

  • Justjdub

    the biggest selling point here is 4G vs 3G. and if your heavy into video or video calling that would be huge. but everyone needs to remember that 4G LTE is only available in very few places. so unless you live near a major city you probably don’t have it. and if your like me and live in a remote area you probably wont have it until 2013.

  • yte13

    If you hate it so much why do you keep on making these articles about the iphone. You lost respect from me Kellex… 🙁

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Kellex is being paid to do so.

  • Anonymous

    The USB connector on the Thunderbolt is much more important to me than the HDMI connector. To be able to treat the phone as a external drive on my computer is way more useful. And imagine connecting an external drave to the Thunderbolt!! Downloads to the drive off the Internet via 4G to 1TB of storage….

  • 4ghomie

    These phones aren’t really compared fairly. That’s like comparing my Windows laptop to my Macbook Pro. I own both and even though they have similar specs the performance is no where near equal and neither are the experiences. The software is the real big difference in the devices not the hardware. You should only compare devices with similar software for it to make any real sense. Or compare the software separately Why not throw in the Palm Pre 2, Blackberry Torch and some Windows Mobile 7 phone in there to be fair…

    Just in case you were wondering I posted this from my HTC Incredible too 😉

  • Tony_581

    I agree..sounds like someone is afraid of the iphone lol..im an android user myself..(droid 2 global)but at least I can recognize that the iphone is a good device.

  • Bgweave1ups

    Whats worth it more?…tegra 2…or more ram? After rooting which would I have more freedom, and ultimately more fun with?…hard decision lol

  • Bgweave1ups

    Really not sure which one id grab…been faithful towards Motorola, but the thunderbolt looks very tempting….for sure don’t want another locked down phone like my x.

  • Jawshua

    I’m still sold on the Bionic! I just don’t get having the iPhone on Verizon. All the other Verizon phones have so much freedom with a huge assortment of apps Apple would never allow on their system. Especially if someone switched to an iPhone from a Google based phone, that would be like have nice old democracy and then deciding to move to North Korea. I bet Kim Jong has an iPhone.

  • Usanabob

    You neglected to mention the LG and the Samsung, both of which compete strongly with those mentioned.
    I will be patient and see what is available when.